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Collinear laser spectroscopy at ISOLDE: new methods and highlights

R Neugart, J Billowes, M L Bissell, K Blaum, B Cheal, K T Flanagan, G Neyens, W Nörtershäuser, D T Yordanov
2017 Journal of Physics G: Nuclear and Particle Physics  
Schmidt et al -Precision Laser Spectroscopy Technique for Exotic Radioactive Beams at CERN-ISOLDE Xiaofei Yang and the COLLAPS and CRIS collaboration -This content was downloaded from IP address  ...  Yang et al -The nuclear magnetic moment of 208 Bi and its relevance for a test of bound-state strong-field QED S.  ...  Acknowledgments We gratefully acknowledge support by the German Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF) and the Max-Planck-Society, the Belgian Flemish Science Foundation (FWO), the KU Leuven Research  ... 
doi:10.1088/1361-6471/aa6642 fatcat:wq4s3ofudvdjror5fwje3kgmje

Optical measurements of ground-state properties of short-lived nuclei in resonance cells

H. J. Kluge
1985 Hyperfine Interactions  
The various variants of the cell technique and alternative methods as the resonance ionization spectroscopy related to the investigation of short-lived nuclei are described, and some results are discussed  ...  Hyperfine structure and isotope shift of radioactive Hg, Au and Cd isotopes have been determined by optical spectroscopy. In all cases the atoms were confined in a resonance cell.  ...  Conclusions Optical spectroscopy of radioactive isotopes in resonance cells has been proved to be a powerful technique for the determination of nuclear properties in long isotopic chains.  ... 
doi:10.1007/bf02354805 fatcat:g76qvqfzjffdjmguvyfzaoytha

Precision Laser Spectroscopy Technique for Exotic Radioactive Beams at CERN-ISOLDE

Xiaofei Yang
2018 Journal of Physics, Conference Series  
The combination of high-resolution laser spectroscopy techniques and radioactive ion beams has provided major input for nuclear physics studies in different regions of the nuclear chart by accessing nuclear  ...  intrinsic properties, such as spins, magnetic and quadrupole moments and charge radii of exotic nuclei.  ...  Certainly, several techniques can be applied for such measurement, for example in-source resonance ionization spectroscopy (RIS), collinear laser spectroscopy and spectroscopy of trapped atoms.  ... 
doi:10.1088/1742-6596/1024/1/012031 fatcat:nd7pkqzm3nfdhjix4wxgxxfx2i

Abnormal Haemoglobin Synthesis

1972 Nature  
such as nuclear magnetic resonance, Mossbauer spectroscopy and electron spin resonance.  ...  attending the recent International Symposium on Nuclear Quadrupole Resonance Spectroscopy at Queen Elizabeth College, London, between September 28 and 29 (about 120) is anything to go by.  ... 
doi:10.1038/239433b0 fatcat:gqyg5tyjenbt7o7afnvu5nl3s4

New Methods of Nuclear Quadrupole Resonance

V. S. Grechishkin
1990 Zeitschrift fur Naturforschung A-A Journal of Physical Sciences  
Two frequency NQR double resonance, 2. the influence of strong off-resonance combination of rf pulses on demagnetized state in NQR, 3. remote NQR.  ...  Adding the third d.c. pulse and detecting the signal S(t l9 t 2 ) at times r x and t 2 makes it possible to employ two-dimensional spectroscopy technique for spectra analysis.  ...  For these light nuclei nuclear quadrupole double resonance (DNQR) methods are preferable in which the sensitivity is enhanced due to the thermal contact of two spin-systems and indirect detection.  ... 
doi:10.1515/zna-1990-3-460 fatcat:u3xmgt465bdgji6ainpdp76nb4

Synchrotron Radiation-Based Nuclear Resonant Scattering: Applications To Bioinorganic Chemistry [chapter]

Yisong Guo, Yoshitaka Yoda, Xiaowei Zhang, Yuming Xiao, Stephen P. Cramer
2013 Mössbauer Spectroscopy  
NFS is a time-domain M€ ossbauer spectroscopy using synchrotron radiation (see Fig. 12 .1 for the comparison between conventional M€ ossbauer spectroscopy and NFS).  ...  This unique behavior, which is due to the energy differences of the sublevels of nuclear ground states and excited states caused by hyperfine interactions, is the basic process that leads to oscillations  ...  Different from conventional M€ ossbauer spectroscopy, which is an energy-domain technique, NFS is a time-domain technique-it monitors the change of the nuclear decay signal from the nuclear excited states  ... 
doi:10.1002/9781118714614.ch12 fatcat:lbc5njgfjvc7dbxzjg6cfcsmbe

Bulk and Nanocrystalline Cesium Lead-Halide Perovskites as Seen by Halide Magnetic Resonance

Laura Piveteau, Marcel Aebli, Nuri Yazdani, Marthe Millen, Lukas Korosec, Franziska Krieg, Bogdan M. Benin, Viktoriia Morad, Christophe Piveteau, Toni Shiroka, Aleix Comas-Vives, Christophe Copéret (+4 others)
2020 ACS Central Science  
Surprisingly, the suite of methods for the structural characterization of these materials does not commonly include nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy.  ...  The present study showcases both the utility and versatility of halide NMR and NQR (nuclear quadrupole resonance) for probing the structure and structural dynamics of CsPbX3 (X = Cl, Br, I), in both bulk  ...  (b) NMR and NQR are similar yet complementary spectroscopic techniques for studying nuclear-spin energy transitions.  ... 
doi:10.1021/acscentsci.0c00587 pmid:32724848 pmcid:PMC7379391 fatcat:dhmwxcugk5frnoic6yaswlphki

Magnetic resonance spectroscopy of an atomically thin material using a single-spin qubit

I. Lovchinsky, J. D. Sanchez-Yamagishi, E. K. Urbach, S. Choi, S. Fang, T. I. Andersen, K. Watanabe, T. Taniguchi, A. Bylinskii, E. Kaxiras, P. Kim, H. Park (+1 others)
2017 Science  
We demonstrate a method for probing the properties of 2D materials via nanometer-scale nuclear quadrupole resonance (NQR) spectroscopy using individual atom-like impurities in diamond. Co-  ...  However, the reduction of material dimensions to the atomic scale poses a challenge for traditional measurement and interfacing techniques that typically couple to macroscopic observables.  ...  quadrupole resonance (NQR) spectroscopy (5, 6) .  ... 
doi:10.1126/science.aal2538 pmid:28104795 fatcat:s3rxf5ojwvazji67wbbtryyiw4


Bekmurza Aitchanov, Anatoli Voronin, Janusz Partyka, Aitkul Aldibekova
2014 Informatyka Automatyka Pomiary w Gospodarce i Ochronie Środowiska  
In this work we show the possibility of using of nuclear magnetic resonance at low magnetic fields for the purpose of establishing a system of automated process of control and quality of dairy products  ...  Method and equipment of NMR spectroscopy The use of NMR spectroscopy is well known for controlling the manufacturing process [1] .  ...  Value of ν ref is a reference frequency, for example, the resonant frequency of tetramethylsilane (ТМS) for 1 Н and 13 С. In liquids the resonance signal typically has a width of 0,1 Hz.  ... 
doi:10.5604/20830157.1093195 fatcat:ttxyvih5sbhpzlmgqvogxv4y7q

Nuclear Quadrupole Resonance: The Present State and Further Development

J. A. S. Smith
1986 Zeitschrift fur Naturforschung A-A Journal of Physical Sciences  
The importance of nuclear electric quadrupole interactions in chemistry, both present and future, depends very much on their power to resolve problems in electronic structure and molecular dynamics.  ...  Fortunately, the subject, by its very nature, is "multinuclear"; even if the ground state of a given nucleus is non-quadrupolar, there often exist excited nuclear states which are, an example being  ...  studied by nuclear magnetic resonance techniques and quadrupolar splitting resolved in polycrystalline samples.  ... 
doi:10.1515/zna-1986-1-289 fatcat:mplawhztrrdmfi7r7nbl4qtsjm

Prague's Emission Fourier Transform Microwave Spectrometer - Design and Preliminary Results

V. Kabourek, P. Cerny, P. Piksa, T. Studecky, P. Kania, S. Urban
2013 Radioengineering  
The spectrometer is based on the Fabry-Perot resonator supplemented by a pulsed supersonic nozzle for adiabatic cooling of the sample.  ...  The spectrometer's high sensitivity and resolution are demonstrated by several examples.  ...  It gained financial support within the P206/10/2182 and P206/10/P481 research projects granted by the Czech Science Foundation and the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic.  ... 
doaj:e8a3cadd770a47a69cb2346af3b63d89 fatcat:34qahp3aijbsxa7jbd2hbwwuqm

HYSCORE on Photoexcited Triplet States

Claudia E. Tait, Patrik Neuhaus, Harry L. Anderson, Christiane R. Timmel, Donatella Carbonera, Marilena Di Valentin
2015 Applied Magnetic Resonance  
Primarily, the magnetic resonance methods are: Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR), Electron Paramagnetic Resonance (EPR), Nuclear Quadrupole Resonance (NQR), various implementations of double (and multiple  ...  These phenomena, the physical nature of which is of independent interest, provide the basis of radiospectroscopic methods for studying the structure of matter and physico-chemical processes in it.  ...  Specifications of the new compact EPR equipment and a list of applications are also presented. The last article of this special issue is devoted to nuclear quadrupole resonance (NQR): V. V.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s00723-014-0624-5 fatcat:oqc3skeznbauvk5sphajxc24c4

Structural analysis of Cu(II) ligation to the 5′-GMP nucleotide by pulse EPR spectroscopy

Maria Grazia Santangelo, Alfredo Medina-Molner, Arthur Schweiger, George Mitrikas, Bernhard Spingler
2007 Journal of Biological Inorganic Chemistry  
Pulse EPR methods like electron-nuclear double resonance and hyperfine sublevel correlation spectroscopy provide unique information about the electronic and geometric structure of this model system through  ...  an elaborate mapping of the hyperfine and nuclear quadrupole interactions between the unpaired electron of the Cu(II) ion and the magnetic nuclei of the nucleotide ligand.  ...  Sigel and C. Finazzo for stimulating discussions. We thank ETH and the Swiss National Science Foundation for financial support.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s00775-007-0230-1 pmid:17415596 fatcat:raioiz2lbnetrordmllv5bf47e

Iron porphyrins reinvistigated by new method: Mössbauer spectroscopy using synchrotron radiation

A. X. Trautwein, H. Winkler, S. Schwendy, H. Grünsteudel, W. Meyer-Klaucke, O. Leupold, H. D. Rüter, E. Gerdau, M. Haas, E. Realo, D. Mandon, R. Weiss
1998 Pure and Applied Chemistry  
This new technique complements the conventional nuclear resonance absorption, e.g.  ...  Nuclear resonant forward scattering (NFS) of synchrotron radiation represents Mossbauer spectroscopy in the time domain.  ...  ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS The collaborative work reported here was supported by the German Research Foundation (DFG), the Germaii Federal Ministry for Education, Science, Research and Technology (BMBF) and also  ... 
doi:10.1351/pac199870040917 fatcat:cdwaft6xjrhatnfrisifbblylq

Nuclear Quadrupole Resonance: A Step Forward

1972 Nature  
such as nuclear magnetic resonance, Mossbauer spectroscopy and electron spin resonance.  ...  attending the recent International Symposium on Nuclear Quadrupole Resonance Spectroscopy at Queen Elizabeth College, London, between September 28 and 29 (about 120) is anything to go by.  ... 
doi:10.1038/239433a0 fatcat:xenbpdblabdgbckx4p6abbgzim
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