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Transforming Out Timing Leaks, More or Less [chapter]

Heiko Mantel, Artem Starostin
2015 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
We experimentally evaluate program transformations for removing timing side-channel vulnerabilities wrt. security and overhead.  ...  Beyond clarification, our findings provide guidance for choosing a suitable transformation for removing timing side-channel vulnerabilities.  ...  For these three programs, conditional assignment removes timing side channels more effectively than the other transformations.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-319-24174-6_23 fatcat:fdcyvhhvebbbrmxlwxhzscvlym

Software model refactoring based on performance analysis: better working on software or performance side?

Davide Arcelli, Vittorio Cortellessa
2013 Electronic Proceedings in Theoretical Computer Science  
Thereafter, we raise the level of abstraction and we discuss the pros and cons of working on the software side and on the performance side.  ...  this paper, we compare two approaches that we have recently introduced for this goal: one based on the detection and solution of performance antipatterns, and another one based on bidirectional model transformations  ...  However, it looks easier (but likely less effective) to decide on the performance side than on the software side.  ... 
doi:10.4204/eptcs.108.3 fatcat:5aabq37cbrecdkyo4ihrtfkmhq

Control Flow Analysis for Recursion Removal [chapter]

Stefaan Himpe, Francky Catthoor, Geert Deconinck
2003 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
The only side-effects we assume not to happen are those side-effects that influence the call value graph.  ...  A side-effect is a computational effect caused by expression evaluation that persists after the evaluation is completed.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-540-39920-9_8 fatcat:rxmds74iqfeinhgsawmyfezlo4

Refactoring as Testability Transformation

Mark Harman
2011 2011 IEEE Fourth International Conference on Software Testing, Verification and Validation Workshops  
This paper 1 briefly reviews the theory of Testability Transformation and outlines its implications for and relationship to refactoring for testing.  ...  The paper introduces testability refactorings, a subclass of Testability Transformations and discusses possible examples of testability refactorings.  ...  Side effect-removal transformation can also act as a testability transformaton to assist with this problem. Side effect removal has also been suggested as an aid to program comprehension [39] .  ... 
doi:10.1109/icstw.2011.38 dblp:conf/icst/Harman11a fatcat:bs24zq2subfixholaa5zviqvea

Improving Element-Boundary Alignment in All-Hex Meshes of Thin-Walled Solids by Side-Face Identification [chapter]

Soji Yamakawa, Kenji Shimada
2013 Proceedings of the 21st International Meshing Roundtable  
By excluding such side faces, all-hex meshes created by the conformal transformation method better align with the boundary of the side faces and tend to exhibit better scaled Jacobian quality.  ...  This paper presents a new computational method for identifying side faces of thin-walled solids that can be excluded from the first step of conformal transformation from a tet mesh to an all-hex mesh.  ...  These faces can easily be identified as side faces if the fillet on the corners of the hole is removed.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-642-33573-0_30 dblp:conf/imr/YamakawaS12 fatcat:qrtow4f7wbetjev6fx2rhacaae

Page 999 of POWER Vol. 63, Issue 26 [page]

1926 POWER  
The gas which is drawn into the tank enters through the chemicals in the two containers, which the gas is remove oxygen and Tine } tavre equipme pi mounted on the side of a large transformer  ...  Fig. 1 shows the Inertaire equipment mounted on the side of a large transformer tank.  ... 

Rectification of Perspective Text Images on Rectangular Planes

Huy Phat Le, Kavitha Madhubalan, Guee-Sang Lee
2010 International Journal of Contents  
The Hough transform is used to detect the boundary lines of the rectangular object and a bilinear transformation is applied to restore the original image.  ...  The 2D images captured from such objects by a camera are often distorted, because of the effects of the perspective projection camera model.  ...  REMOVING NOISE IN THE EDGE IMAGE Because of the complex background, a lot of noise, which does not constitute the four sides of the rectangle, is produced.  ... 
doi:10.5392/ijoc.2010.6.4.001 fatcat:inen7mx3srhpzhctut6duytayi

Zero-Sequence Differential Current Protection Scheme for Converter Transformer Based on Waveform Correlation Analysis

Tao Zheng, Xinhui Yang, Xingchao Guo, Xingguo Wang, Chengqi Zhang
2020 Energies  
Through the analysis of the recovery inrush current generated by the external fault removal of the converter transformer, it is pointed out that the zero-sequence current caused by the recovery inrush  ...  On the other hand, when internal fault occurs, zero-sequence current waveforms on both sides differ from each other largely, and the correlation coefficient is negative.  ...  The new criterion can effectively solve the problem of the false differential current caused by external fault and its removal accompanied by CT saturation on one side, also can operate reliably in case  ... 
doi:10.3390/en13071814 fatcat:qjqtkzuombf2xhhmzrcqh6aoyy

Stochastic noise removal on partial discharge measurement for transformer insulation diagnosis

Jeffery C. Chan, Hui Ma, Tapan K. Saha, Chandima Ekanayake
2014 2014 IEEE PES General Meeting | Conference & Exposition  
This paper proposes an effective method, which adopts fractal dimension and entropy analyses to remove stochastic noise.  ...  A comparison with a wavelet transform-based noise removal method has also been made in the paper. Index Terms-De-noising, entropy, fractal dimension, partial discharge (PD), transformer.  ...  A comparison with a wavelet transform-based noise removal method has also been made in this section to justify the effectiveness of the proposed method.  ... 
doi:10.1109/pesgm.2014.6938913 fatcat:vw4jqwbn6rcxpiwl7qcoarvetu

Page 82 of Journal of Research and Practice in Information Technology Vol. 27, Issue 3 [page]

1995 Journal of Research and Practice in Information Technology  
Assignments to local variables are transformed by introducing an additional level of indirection in order to eliminate all side effects (Kranz, 1988).  ...  For a conditional, if the value of the test condition is known (T/ NIL) then either the consequent or the alternative could substitute for the conditional. — Removing side-effect-free primitive operations  ... 

Edge effect removal in Fourier ptychographic microscopy via perfect Fourier transformation (PFT) [article]

An Pan, Aiye Wang, Junfu Zheng, Yuting Gao, Caiwen Ma, Baoli Yao
2022 arXiv   pre-print
Herein, to remove the edge effect and improve the accuracy, two classes of opposite algorithms termed discrete cosine transform (DCT) and perfect Fourier transform (PFT) were reported respectively and  ...  And this artifact is caused by the aperiodic image extension of fast Fourier transform (FFT).  ...  In this letter, we reported two typical methods, termed discrete cosine transform (DCT) and perfect Fourier transform (PFT) to eliminate the edge effect in FPM.  ... 
arXiv:2009.03138v2 fatcat:b5nhpiltabannbudu5subwlhae

Image Transformation and Calibration Using System FOTOM

Lačezar Ličev, Radim Farana, Tomáš Fabián, Jan Král
2011 Acta Montanistica Slovaca  
Developed method also removes the object distortion and provides the rectangular view of the measured area.  ...  The described calibration is also capable of measurement of objects which are lying on the inner side of the cone-shapedcavities.  ...  Optical distortion removal The main purpose of this step is to reduce the negative influence of optical effects caused by the camera lens.  ... 
doaj:f480828bb5024f7093534264840a6738 fatcat:eyjrbyg6ljfebogupwgktvrnqu

A System for Assisting Program Transformation

Martin S. Feather
1982 ACM Transactions on Programming Languages and Systems  
The ability to transform large programs is crucial to the practicality of such an approach.  ...  Program Program transformation has been advocated as a potentially appropriate methodology for program development.  ...  recursion equations (in particular, without side-effects, assignment, etc.).  ... 
doi:10.1145/357153.357154 fatcat:gcohzutxpje6nnp5pbcytp5edy

Minimizing the Effect of Extraneous Spikes in Open-Path Fourier Transform Infrared Interferograms

Limin Shao, Peter R. Griffiths
2012 Applied Spectroscopy  
Results showed that all three techniques were effective to remove the spikes, but at the cost of introducing more noise into the corresponding spectrum.  ...  Three techniques were designed to remove the spikes: replacing the affected region by zeroes; grafting the data from the corresponding region on the other side of the centerburst ("homografting"); and  ...  was effective in removing the spike, but differs in its effect on the SNR of the corresponding spectrum.  ... 
doi:10.1366/11-06490 pmid:22449329 fatcat:ef2ua5bwgfeobehtqrq7rpj3dm

Adjacent-channel, Co-channel and Intersymbol Interference Suppression for Carrier Interferometry based One-cell Reuse Single-carrier TDMA Systems

Chantima Sritiapetch, Seiichi Sampei
2007 2007 16th IST Mobile and Wireless Communications Summit  
At the receiver, received CI signal is transformed into frequency-domain signal via fast Fourier transform (FFT).  ...  Index Terms-interference suppression; carrier interferometry; edge-removal filter; nulling filter; turbo equalizer  ...  Then, the sequence of signals is fed to edge-removal filter to suppress the ACI effect.  ... 
doi:10.1109/istmwc.2007.4299259 fatcat:5vj2v67twrb6ppbeiqbc4v3n74
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