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On Poetry Translation from Cognitive Construal Perspective: A Case Study of the English Versions of Chinese Ancient Poem Tian Jing Sha.Qiu Si

Shilong Tao
2019 International Journal of Publication and Social Studies  
Article History Keywords Cognitive linguistics Construal Image Deviation Subjectivity Tian Jing Sha·Qiu Si Poetry translation.  ...  This paper is to explore the deviations in four English versions of Chinese ancient poem Tian Jing Sha·Qiu Si written by Ma Zhiyuan from the perspective of construal theory in cognitive linguistics.  ...  Example (1) Source text: 天淨沙·秋思 (Tian Jing Sha·Qiu Si) Target text: Schlepp:Tune to "sand and sky"--Autumn Thoughts. Weng: Autumn. D & R: Tune: Tian Jing Sha .  ... 
doi:10.18488/journal.135.2019.41.37.47 fatcat:jc4rs5rjwnd4tbf7bwhg3rk4c4

Schauder Bases and Operator Theory II: (SI) Schauder Operators [article]

Geng Tian, Youqing Ji, Yang Cao
2012 arXiv   pre-print
In this paper, we will show that for an operator T which is injective and has dense range, there exists an invertible operator X (in fact we can find U+K, where U is an unitary operator and K is a compact operator with norm less than a given positive real number) such that XT is strongly irreducible. As its application, strongly irreducible operators always exist in the orbit of Schauder matrices.
arXiv:1204.1587v1 fatcat:ocj63m2gyffgrgndvcyceeluwe

Controlling Segregation Behavior of Primary Si in Hypereutectic Al-Si Alloy by Electromagnetic Stirring

Qingchuan Zou, Hao Tian, Zixu Zhang, Chengzhuo Sun, Jinchuan Jie, Ning Han, Xizhong An
2020 Metals  
The formation of the Si-rich layer is a continuous growth process of primary Si by absorbing Si atoms from Al-Si melt with the help of electromagnetic stirring.  ...  On the basis of the temperature gradient, the electromagnetic stirring can further strengthen the separation effect for primary Si, forming a Si-rich layer with 65~70 wt.% Si content.  ...  Si.  ... 
doi:10.3390/met10091129 fatcat:pgvmwpxkrnfs7nla6cqqn6lvti

Effects of Si Content and Ca Addition on Thermal Conductivity of As-Cast Mg⁻Si Alloys

Xiong Zhou, Tian Guo, Shusen Wu, Shulin Lü, Xiong Yang, Wei Guo
2018 Materials  
The Mg⁻Si alloys have low CTEs (coefficients of thermal expansion) and other merits, which contribute to their application potential in the electronic industry.  ...  The results show that the TC of Mg⁻xSi binary alloys decreases with the increase of Si content, while it increases slightly near the eutectic composition.  ...  Figure 3 . 3 Optical microstructure of as-cast Mg-Si binary alloy. (a) Mg-1 wt.% Si; (b) Mg-1.38 wt.% Si; (c) Mg-2 wt.% Si (d) Mg-3 wt.% Si; (e) Mg-4 wt.% Si.  ... 
doi:10.3390/ma11122376 pmid:30486269 fatcat:dtp6e2exfffj5hvajrntgqacyy

Influence of Si Co-doping on electrical transport properties of magnesium-doped boron nanoswords

Yuan Tian, Hongliang Lu, Jifa Tian, Chen Li, Chao Hui, Xuezhao Shi, Yuan Huang, Chengmin Shen, Hong-jun Gao
2012 Applied Physics Letters  
Tian, J. M. Cai, C. Hui, C. D. Zhang, L. H. Bao, M. Gao, C. M. Shen, and H. J. Gao, Appl. Phys. Lett. 93, 122105 (2008).  ...  The latter two are shifted upward 3.2 and 3.3 eV, which can be explained by chemical binding and shifts owing to magnesium doping. 103112-4 Tian et al. method.  ... 
doi:10.1063/1.3693383 fatcat:qexls2ehjnev7obokhq3clp7m4

Wafer-Scale Flexible Surface Acoustic Wave Devices Based on an AlN/Si Structure

Cang-Hai Zhang, Yi Yang, Chang-Jian Zhou, Yi Shu, He Tian, Zhe Wang, Qing-Tang Xue, Tian-Ling Ren
2013 Chinese Physics Letters  
Fig. 3 . 3 (a) Two-dimensional finite element model of the AlN/Si (1 µm/50 µm) structure.  ...  To avoid the drawbacks of the above methods, we propose a novel strategy to implement flexible SAW devices based on an AlN/Si flexible structure.  ... 
doi:10.1088/0256-307x/30/7/077701 fatcat:wb676ml73zazndeuuao4iextqm

Aging Treatment of Cu-Ni-Si-Ag Alloy

Yi Zhang, Ping Liu, Baohong Tian, ShuGuo Jia, Yong Liu
2012 Procedia Engineering  
据此为了探求一个较为理想的 Cu-Ni-Si 系合金成分,行之有效的加工工艺,本文研究了 Cu- Ni-Si-Ag 合金经不同时间的时效后,组织和性能的变化,同时研究了冷变形对合金后续时效处理 的影响。以期为该合金的的生产工艺提供理论依据。 1.  ...  本研究对 Cu-2.0Ni-0.5Si-0.15Ag 合金在 450℃下时效 48 h 的析出相进行选区电子衍射,并通 过对其进行标定,发现析出相为 2 Ni Si ,其点阵常数与 2 δ-Ni Si 的点阵常数一致,具体分析如图 3 (c)所示。  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.proeng.2011.12.651 fatcat:l2lflh4onrcftdmbq5un2thmry

Mechanisms for low-temperature direct bonding of Si/Si and quartz/quartz via VUV/O3 activation

Jikai Xu, Chenxi Wang, Te Wang, Yuan Wang, Qiushi Kang, Yannan Liu, Yanhong Tian
2018 RSC Advances  
Low-temperature Si/Si and quartz/quartz direct bonding was realized via VUV/O3 activation and bonding mechanisms proposed.  ...  of Si/Si and quartz/quartz.  ...  It was obvious that the bonding strengths of VUV/O 3 activated Si/ Si and quartz/quartz pairs are signicantly higher than the hydrophilic Si/Si bonding strength at the same annealing temperature.  ... 
doi:10.1039/c7ra13095c pmid:35542819 pmcid:PMC9079126 fatcat:ebkxtwnthzebra3jfvei2cjk6u

Effects of He+ and H+ Co-Implantation with High Energy on Blisters and Craters of Si and SiO2-On-Si Wafers

Rui Huang, Tian Lan, Chong Li, Jing Li, Zhiyong Wang
2019 Crystals  
Under the same implantation parameters, surface morphology of Si and SiO2-on-Si wafers is different after annealing process. This phenomenon is discussed in detail.  ...  It is found that after 500 °C annealing and above for 1 h, surface blisters and exfoliation are observed for Si and SiO2-on-Si wafers except for the samples implanted with only He+ ions.  ...  As a result, quantities and size of blisters and craters in SiO 2 -on-Si wafer are both less than these in Si wafer.  ... 
doi:10.3390/cryst9120671 fatcat:qxldv74cd5hyzhxvgvts3ktsuu

Green's function studies of phonon transport across Si/Ge superlattices

Zhiting Tian, Keivan Esfarjani, Gang Chen
2014 Physical Review B  
In this study, we investigate phonon transmission across Si/Ge superlattices using the Green's function method with first-principles force constants derived from ab initio density functional theory.  ...  FIG. 1 . 1 (Color online) Schematic of the system setup: the left reservoir is pure Si, the right reservoir is pure Ge, the center region is the Si/Ge superlattices. FIG . 2.  ...  Green's function study on Si/Ge superlattices, however, is scarce. Zhang et al.  ... 
doi:10.1103/physrevb.89.235307 fatcat:nvpfk4anj5fdjnrpri4wu6jsga

Heterologous Boosting With Listeria-Based Recombinant Strains in BCG-Primed Mice Improved Protection Against Pulmonary Mycobacterial Infection

Si-Jing Liu, Si-Cheng Tian, Yun-Wen Zhang, Tian Tang, Ju-Mei Zeng, Xiao-Yong Fan, Chuan Wang
2020 Frontiers in Immunology  
Copyright © 2020 Liu, Tian, Zhang, Tang, Zeng, Fan and Wang. This is an openaccess article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License (CC BY).  ... 
doi:10.3389/fimmu.2020.02036 pmid:32983151 pmcid:PMC7492678 fatcat:gduh5ph4xfcahajqhqlfaltewq

n-ZnO nanorods/p+-Si (111) heterojunction light emitting diodes

Jenn Tsai, Jun Shih, Tian Wu, Teen Meen
2012 Nanoscale Research Letters  
The substrate surface was functionalized by hydrofluoric acid and self-assembled monolayer of octadecyltrimethoxysilane ((CH 3 (CH 2 ) 17 Si(OCH 3 ) 3 ).  ...  The single-crystalline ZnO NR array was synthesized on p + -Si (111) substrate without seed layer using simple, low-cost, and low-temperature hydrothermal method.  ...  Figure 5 shows the EL spectrum of n-ZnO/p + -Si (111) LED.  ... 
doi:10.1186/1556-276x-7-664 pmid:23216651 pmcid:PMC3552780 fatcat:o6roidg6ibggro6g2fha4ms67y

Molecular dynamics simulation of sI methane hydrate under compression and tension

Qiang Wang, Qizhong Tang, Sen Tian
2020 Open Chemistry  
This study further explored the mechanical property and stability of sI methane hydrate under different stress states.  ...  This study investigated the microstructure changes of sI methane hydrate and the laws of stress–strain evolution under the condition of compression and tension by using MD simulation.  ...  Thus, the coordinates of the atoms of the sI hydrate unit cell were determined by X-ray experiments [34] .  ... 
doi:10.1515/chem-2020-0008 fatcat:mxiztkx34zdxrlub2h47jpwgqq

Taming the Collapse of Optical Fields

Si-Min Li, Yongnan Li, Xi-Lin Wang, Ling-Jun Kong, Kai Lou, Chenghou Tu, Yongjun Tian, Hui-Tian Wang
2012 Scientific Reports  
Field collapse, which occurs in various nonlinear systems, has attracted much attention, owing to its universality, complexity, and applicability. A great challenge and expectation is to achieve the controllable and designable collapsing pattern. Here we predict theoretically and demonstrate experimentally the novel collapsing behaviors of the vector optical fields in a self-focusing Kerr medium. Surprisingly, the results reveal that the collapse of the vector optical field is controllable and
more » ... esignable by engineering the distribution of hybrid states of polarization, and has the robust feature insensitive to the random noise. Our idea has its significance which it opens a new window for manipulating the optical field and the different kinds of field, and then facilitates to push the related researches.
doi:10.1038/srep01007 pmid:23259046 pmcid:PMC3526812 fatcat:fgm5oi4c2rbkplw3mo7n5lilze

Review on the petroleum market in China: history, challenges and prospects

Si-Yuan Chen, Qi Zhang, Benjamin Mclellan, Tian-Tian Zhang
2020 Petroleum Science  
The petroleum industry plays an essential role in driving China's economic development. In the past few decades, several reforms in the petroleum industry have been implemented; however, there are still some issues that have not been resolved. Moreover, with the new-normal economy, the transition to green energy and international trade disputes, the petroleum market is also facing emerging challenges. Therefore, the purpose of the present study is to review the historical development of China's
more » ... petroleum market, identify the current challenges and propose corresponding countermeasures for future prospects. As a conclusion, five main challenges are highlighted totally, namely lack of marketization, excess oil refining capacity, high external dependency, environment pollution and unstable international trading relationship. To address these challenges, it is encouraged to deepen petroleum market reform, accelerate the elimination of inefficient refining capacity, diversify oil supply sources, as well as improve domestic petroleum enterprises' ability to resist price risks.
doi:10.1007/s12182-020-00501-6 fatcat:kph76lrhhbfl7gwf4oevaq66zq
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