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Density-of-states fluctuation-induced negative out-of-plane magnetoresistance in overdoped Bi-2212 [article]

Tomohiro Usui, Shintaro Adachi, Takao Watanabe, Terukazu Nishizaki
2015 arXiv   pre-print
We analyzed the in-plane and out-of-plane magnetoresistance (MR) for overdoped Bi_1.6Pb_0.4Sr_2CaCu_2O_8+δ (Bi-2212) single crystals using superconductive fluctuation theory, which considers the density-of-states (DOS) contribution in layered superconductors with the conventional s-wave pairing state. The out-of-plane results are well reproduced by the theory, implying that the large, negative out-of-plane MR as well as the sharp increase in the zero-field out-of-plane resistivity ρ_c near the
more » ... uperconducting transition temperature T_c originate from the superconductive DOS fluctuation effect. On the other hand, the in-plane results are better reproduced without the DOS contribution (i.e., using only the Aslamazov-Larkin (AL) contribution), which may be explained in terms of the d-wave superconductivity of the layered superconductors.
arXiv:1504.00480v1 fatcat:qd5vqmb4efdirbmrmvrtt5u2iq

Estimation of ocean primary production from satellite remote sensing

Toru Hirawake, Shintaro Takao, Koji Suzuki, Jun Nishioka, Yutaka W. Watanabe, Tomonori Isada
2017 Oceanography in Japan  
海の研究 ( ) , ( ) , -, ここ数十年の間に,北極海の急速な海氷後退( et al ; )や南極棚氷の崩壊,熱波や洪 水などの局地的異常気象など,大気・海洋の温暖化の影 響とされる現象が世界各地において頻発している。この 地球温暖化の原因とされる主要な温暖化効果ガスは二酸 化炭素( )である。 年には気候変動に関する政 府間パネル( )が, 放出に関して現状を放置し た場合に人類や生態系は深刻で広範に及ぶ不可逆的な影 響を受ける可能性が高いことを警告し( ) ,途上国や新興国を含む世界各国が放出量削減に 向けて様々な努力を始めている。その削減量の成果を評
doi:10.5928/kaiyou.26.3_65 fatcat:zefwk36gbrehvbi3sceu4he3dy

Development of New LSI for VCR Servo

Shintaro Kawaguchi, Yoshiaki Kohsaka, Hideaki Ito, Takeshi Ishioka, Hideo Toi, Takao Hirano
1986 ITE Technical Report  
Takao Hirane 株 式 会 社 東 芝 半 導 体 事 業 部 * ビ デ オ 事 業 部 Toshiba Corporation Semiconductor Dlvision videoDivision 1 ま え が き 家庭爾 VTR の品位 向上の た め に は サ ー ボ シ ス テム が重要な役割を担 っ て い る 。  ...  VTR サ ー ボ 用 LSI の 開 発 DeveIop飢ent Of NeW LSI for VCR SerVo * 川 口 慎 : 太 郎 ,高 坂 吉 昭 .伊 藤 秀 明 ,石 岡 毅 .遠 井 簽 夫 ,平 野 隆 夫 Shintaro KawagUchi , yoshlaki Kohsaka , Hideaki 正 to , Takeshi ishioka , Hideo loi ,  ... 
doi:10.11485/tvtr.10.39_1 fatcat:f7ndw2h5knfk7myudxteeit6le

Communication sheets using printed organic nonvolatile memories

Tsuyoshi Sekitani, Yoshiaki Noguchi, Shintaro Nakano, Koichiro Zaitsu, Yusaku Kato, Makoto Takamiya, Takayasu Sakurai, Takao Someya
2007 2007 IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting  
Fig. 1: Communication sheet. (a) An image of the manufactured large-area communication sheet. The whole surface of the table is covered with multiple prototype communication sheets. (b) A principle of the communication sheet.
doi:10.1109/iedm.2007.4418907 fatcat:z5qujjhdznevpbv2jjiliajyqa

Density-of-states Fluctuation-induced Negative Out-of-plane Magnetoresistance in Overdoped Bi-2212

Tomohiro Usui, Shintaro Adachi, Takao Watanabe, Terukazu Nishizaki
2015 Physics Procedia  
doi:10.1016/j.phpro.2015.05.113 fatcat:tgdqk3m7w5dgbbotg4lm4dtmh4

The aphid-tending ant Lasius fuji exhibits reduced aggression toward aphids marked with ant cuticular hydrocarbons

Shintaro Endo, Takao Itino
2012 Population Ecology  
Some aphid species are attended by ants, which protect aphids against enemies, but ants sometimes prey on the aphids they are attending depending on the resource conditions. A previous study indicated that the ant Lasius niger preys less on the aphid individuals that experienced ant attendance than on those that did not. This observation leads to the hypothesis that ants transfer some substances to the aphids they attend and selectively prey on the aphids without the substances. In this study,
more » ... e focus on cuticular hydrocarbons (CHCs), which are used by ants as nestmate recognition substances, and test whether ants discriminate the aphids on the basis of CHCs. We confirmed that the ant Lasius fuji preyed less on the aphids that were attended by their nestmates than those that were not attended. Glass dummies treated with CHCs from attended aphids were attacked less by ants than those treated with CHCs from non-attended aphids. The CHC profiles of ant attended aphids resembled those of the ants, suggesting that ants' CHCs are transferred to the aphids' body surface through ant attendance. These results support the hypothesis that ants "mark" their attended aphids with their CHCs and the CHCs reduce ant predation intensity.
doi:10.1007/s10144-012-0314-9 fatcat:wdq6rgannjdldjrstol6jnoup4

Insulin-induced Lipohypertrophy: Report of a Case with Histopathology

Junji FUJIKURA, Muneya FUJIMOTO, Shintaro YASUE, Michio NOGUCHI, Hiroaki MASUZAKI, Kiminori HOSODA, Takao TACHIBANA, Hajime SUGIHARA, Kazuwa NAKAO
2005 Endocrine journal  
An 82-year-old woman with type 2 diabetes had been treated with recombinant human insulin for 16 years. She developed large swellings in both sides of her lower abdomen. The masses were soft, painless, and located around her insulin injection sites. Based on the history and clinical features, a diagnosis of insulin-induced lipohypertrophy was made. Total resection revealed that the lesions were composed entirely of fatty tissue. Microscopic examination showed nests of mature adipocytes
more » ... toward the dermal reticular layer. The hypertrophic adipocytes were twice as large as those from normal subcutaneous areas and contained numerous small lipid droplets. Electron microscopic analysis also revealed a minor population of small adipocytes, suggesting active differentiation or proliferation. Thus, the possible in vivo effects of insulin on adipocytes were clearly observed in this case of insulin-induced lipohypertrophy. To our knowledge, this is the first report of insulin-induced lipohypertrophy with detailed histological examinations.
doi:10.1507/endocrj.52.623 pmid:16284443 fatcat:rpwrj5lzerbutn7abdni3a7aoq

Effect of Counter Ions on the Transport Current Across Membranes Containing KAT1 Potassium Channel

Shintaro KUBOTA, Osamu SHIRAI, Takao HIBI, Yuzuru TOZAWA, Kenji KANO
2013 Analytical Sciences  
doi:10.2116/analsci.29.161 pmid:23303104 fatcat:tfhtno3od5eazegd4tmczxwmcm

An acromegalic patient with recurrent urolithiasis

1985 Endocrinologia Japonica  
A 52-year-old man with an acromegalic appearance of prolonged duration suffered abdominal colic attacks and hematuria during the middle of the course of the disease. The patient was diagnosed as having urolithiasis caused by increased urinary calcium. The calcium metabolic disorder was not considered to be due to hyperparathyroidism because serum calcium and PTH levels were within the normal range and no abnormality was observed in a parathyroidal scintigraph. The serum 1, 25-dihydroxyvitamin D
more » ... (1, 25-(OH)2D) levels (55.0 and 73.0pg/ml) were higher than the normal range (27.2-53.8pg/ml). A selective adenomectomy by the transsphenoidal route (Hardy's method) was performed, resulting in an improvement in the hypercalciuria and urolithiasis, and a decrease in the levels of serum 1, 25-(OH)2D (23.0 and 23.0pg/ml). These findings suggest that GH may promote the activation of vitamin D in the kidney in acromegaly, resulting in an acceleration of calcium absorption in the intestine through the action of activated vitamin D and the induction of increased urinary calcium excretion by the urinary excretion of excessive blood calcium.
doi:10.1507/endocrj1954.32.851 pmid:3841720 fatcat:htmwzzxr2ba5zhvwpnczx63cha


Shintaro TAKAO, Tetsuji KITAGAWA, Takeshi ISHIDA, Yoshisuke TSUJIMOTO
1997 The journal of the Japanese Practical Surgeon Society  
doi:10.3919/ringe1963.58.1483 fatcat:wmdptfac7rdapbbz6sehsekl4y

Epsin binds to the EH domain of POB1 and regulates receptor-mediated endocytosis

Kenji Morinaka, Shinya Koyama, Shintaro Nakashima, Takao Hinoi, Katsuya Okawa, Akihiro Iwamatsu, Akira Kikuchi
1999 Oncogene  
POB1 has been identi®ed as a RalBP1-binding protein and has the Eps15 homology (EH) domain. The EH domain-containing proteins have been suggested to be involved in clathrin-dependent endocytosis. To clarify the function of POB1, we puri®ed a protein which binds to the EH domain of POB1 from bovine brain cytosol and identi®ed it as Epsin, which is known to bind to the EH domain of Eps15. Epsin has three Asn-Pro-Phe (NPF) motifs in the C-terminal region, which are known to form the core sequence
more » ... or the binding to the EH domain. The EH domain of POB1 interacted directly with the region containing the NPF motifs of Epsin. Expression of Epsin in CHO-IR cells inhibited internalization of insulin although it aected neither insulinbinding nor autophosphorylation activities of the insulin receptor. Taken together with the observations that Epsin is involved in internalization of the receptors for epidermal growth factor and transferrin, these results suggest that Epsin is a binding partner of POB1 and their binding regulates receptor-mediated endocytosis.
doi:10.1038/sj.onc.1202974 pmid:10557078 fatcat:te44pgg625gcpjgn6osz3wf7ta

Multipoint Tissue Circulation Monitoring with a Flexible Optical Probe

Yoko Tomioka, Shintaro Enomoto, Jian Gu, Akiko Kaneko, Itsuro Saito, Yusuke Inoue, Taeseong Woo, Isao Koshima, Kotaro Yoshimura, Takao Someya, Masaki Sekino
2017 Scientific Reports  
Compromised circulation is a potential complication during the postoperative period following tissue transplantation. The use of a monitoring device allows physicians to detect compromised circulation immediately. Such monitoring devices need to be continuously usable, wearable, and area-detectable. However, existing devices fail to satisfy all of these requirements simultaneously. We developed a wearable, multipoint pulse wave-monitoring device. An array of reflective optical sensors
more » ... d on a thin film substrate was used as a lightweight and flexible probe. As a model of tissue transplantation, an inguinal flap in a Wistar rat was dissected and freed from all subcutaneous tissue. By ligating the artery or vein, ischemia or congestion was induced in the tissue. In a human study, ischemia or congestion was induced in the palm by pressing the feeding artery or cutaneous vein, respectively. The amplitude of the pulse wave was evaluated using the power spectrum of Fourier transformed signals. Pulse wave amplitude significantly decreased under compromised circulation in both animal and human models. Moreover, we accomplished 1 week of continuous wireless monitoring in healthy subjects. These results demonstrated the potential utility of the developed device in postoperative blood-flow monitoring to improve the rescue rate of transplanted tissue. Tissue transplantation is an effective technique in modern medicine for the cosmetic and functional reconstruction of tissue defects. It is now possible to reconstruct tissue after resection for cancer in the breast and neck, or to reconstruct limbs and fingers after trauma 1 or due to congenital diseases. Because of the increasing expectancy that therapy should improve patient quality of life, plastic reconstruction using free flaps is rapidly developing 2, 3 . Although very high success rates of 90-99% have been reported for procedures performed by experienced teams 4-8 , vascular thrombosis remains a major complication of these transplants, mostly via venous thrombosis occurring within the first 48 hours after surgery 7, 9, 10 . Therefore, early detection and timely salvage surgery to resolve vascular occlusion in the postoperative period are required 9, 11, 12 to prevent tissue necrosis 8, 13 . Conventional observation after tissue transplantation involves the periodic manual checking of skin colour, temperature, capillary refilling, and bleeding. These approaches are time and energy consuming 14 for both the patients and medical staff. Moreover, a high level of professional skill and experience are required to diagnose compromised circulation after transplantation based on the results of these assessments, and mistakes are possible. Lags between the onset of compromised circulation and its detection are common, and reduce the rescue rate of the transplanted tissue. Compromised circulation occurs over the entire flap if a thrombus appears in the pedicle of the nutrition vasculature, while partial flap failure occurs if a thrombus appears in branched vessels. Partial flap failure can progress to entire flap failure in certain conditions. Emergency salvage surgery is required in these cases. With the above points in mind, a new method is required to deal with these issues. A device designed to solve these problems should have a number of functions, such as blood flow monitoring, area-detection, portability, and the capacity for continuous monitoring. Area-detection with multi-point measurement is required to detect Published: xx xx xxxx OPEN 2 ScIEntIfIc REPORTs | 7: 9643 |
doi:10.1038/s41598-017-10115-5 pmid:28852022 pmcid:PMC5575279 fatcat:y5zzpaminvfhrbvlja5kplig44

Electronic phase diagram of Fe_1+yTe_1-xSe_x revealed by magnetotransport measurements [article]

Takao Watanabe, Takumi Otsuka, Shotaro Hagisawa, Yuta Koshika, Shintaro Adachi, Tomohiro Usui, Nae Sasaki, Seya Sasaki, Shunpei Yamaguchi, Yu Uezono, Yoshiki Nakanishi, Masahito Yoshizawa (+1 others)
2020 arXiv   pre-print
the obtained phase diagram, we propose that the incoherent to coherent crossover is a prerequisite for the occurrence of SC in this May 29, 2020 0:33 WSPC/INSTRUCTION FILE ws-mplb˙watanabe20200528 10 Takao  ... 
arXiv:2005.13866v1 fatcat:kfx5ycun3fb33bb2dv7f4uwydi

A case of a chondroma of the external auditory canal

Kyoko YOKOGAWA, Shintaro SATOH, Takao YAMAGUCHI, Kuniyoshi TSUDA, Akira INOKUCHI
2007 Jibi to Rinsho  
Shintaro SATOH*, Takao YAMAGUCHI**, Kuniyoshi TSUDA*** and Akira INOKUCHI* *Department of Otolaryngology -Head and Neck Surgery , Saga University, Faculty of Medicine, Saga 849-8501, Japan **Department  ... 
doi:10.11334/jibi1954.53.6_345 fatcat:qan5b2n6dzgrfhdy7bmji4stm4

Environmental Optimization Enables Maintenance of Quiescent Hematopoietic Stem Cells Ex Vivo [article]

Hiroshi Kobayashi, Takayuki Morikawa, Ayumi Okinaga, Fumie Hamano, Tomomi Hashidate-Yoshida, Shintaro Watanuki, Daisuke Hishikawa, Hideo Shindou, Fumio Arai, Yasuaki Kabe, Makoto Suematsu, Takao Shimizu (+1 others)
2018 bioRxiv   pre-print
SUMMARYHematopoietic stem cells (HSCs) maintain lifelong hematopoiesis by remaining quiescent in the bone marrow niche. Recapitulation of a quiescent state in culture has not been achieved, as cells rapidly proliferate and differentiate in vitro. After exhaustive analysis of different environmental factor combinations and concentrations as a way to mimic physiological conditions, we were able to maintain engraftable quiescent HSCs for 1 month in culture under very low cytokine concentrations,
more » ... poxia, and very high fatty acid levels. Exogenous fatty acids were required likely due to suppression of intrinsic fatty acid synthesis by hypoxia and low cytokine conditions. By contrast, high cytokine concentrations or normoxia induced HSC proliferation and differentiation. Our novel culture system provides a means to evaluate properties of steady state HSCs and test effects of defined factors in vitro under near-physiological conditions.
doi:10.1101/475905 fatcat:7tmkwg7z5rcwvfzxtobfxse54m
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