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Endocrine status of patients with septo-optic dysplasia: fourteen Japanese cases

Mikiko Koizumi, Shinobu Ida, Yasuko Shoji, Yuri Etani, Yoshikazu Hatsukawa, Nobuhiko Okamoto
2017 Clinical Pediatric Endocrinology  
Yes Yes Yes 13/14 (92%) Pituitary hormone abnormalities Yes No Yes Yes 11/14 (78%) Midline brain defects Yes Yes No Yes 6/14 (43%) 1/14 (7%) 3/14 (21%) 8/14 (57%) 2/14 (14%) Koizumi  ... 
doi:10.1297/cpe.26.89 pmid:28458461 pmcid:PMC5402310 fatcat:3g3ocazg7regreptlkbaxvtcpy

Novel Functions of Ubiquitin Ligase HRD1 With Transmembrane and Proline-Rich Domains

Tomohiro Omura, Masayuki Kaneko, Masayuki Onoguchi, Shinobu Koizumi, Miho Itami, Mariko Ueyama, Yasunobu Okuma, Yasuyuki Nomura
2008 Journal of Pharmacological Sciences  
Human ubiquitin ligase HRD1 is involved in endoplasmic reticulum-associated degradation (ERAD). We recently reported that HRD1 interacts with Parkin-associated endothelin receptor-like receptor (Pael-R), a substrate of Parkin, and promotes Pael-R degradation, resulting in the protection of cells from the lethal accumulation of Pael-R. However, except for RING-finger domain that is necessary for ubiquitin ligase activity, the roles of other human HRD1 domains are unclear. Here, we show that the
more » ... roline-rich domain of HRD1 is necessary to promote the degradation of Pael-R and that the protein's transmembrane domain is necessary to transfer Pael-R from the endoplasmic reticulum (ER) to the cytosol. A HRD1 mutant defective in the transmembrane domain is markedly more unstable than wild-type HRD1. These results suggest that HRD1 has diverse functions besides ubiquitin ligase activity.
doi:10.1254/jphs.08005fp pmid:18344614 fatcat:mefkmdxn7jfyrfsyjbm3d7aebi

Visceral adipose tissue increases shortly after the cessation of GH therapy in adults with Prader-Willi syndrome

Mikiko Koizumi, Shinobu Ida, Yasuko Shoji, Yukiko Nishimoto, Yuri Etani, Masanobu Kawai
2018 Endocrine journal  
LDL cholesterol (mg/dL) HDL cholesterol (mg/dL) TG (mg/dL) IFG-1 (ng/mL) HbA1C (%) Fasting blood sugar (mg/dL) Systolic blood pressure (mmHg) Diastolic blood pressure (mmHg) Koizumi  ... 
doi:10.1507/endocrj.ej18-0107 pmid:30185718 fatcat:jqsyetircnbefe2iqx734h67zq


1991 The Kitikanto Medical Journal  
doi:10.2974/kmj1951.41.519 fatcat:dxulnpf4srdj7ir5sa73sksepe

Clinicopathological Significance of TARBP2, APP, and ZNF395 in Breast Cancer

Ryoko Oi, Hirotaka Koizumi, Ichiro Maeda, Akira Noguchi, Shinobu Tatsunami, Tsuguo Iwatani, Hisanori Kawamoto, Koichiro Tsugawa, Masayuki Takagi
2016 Breast Cancer: Basic and Clinical Research  
The double-stranded RNA-binding protein TARBP2 has been suggested to act as an upstream regulator of breast cancer metastasis by destabilizing transcripts of the possible metastasis suppressors amyloid precursor protein (APP) and ZNF395. We examined this hypothesis by immunostaining of TARBP2, APP, and ZNF395 in 200 breast cancer specimens using tissue microarrays and analyzed the relationships between expression levels and clinicopathological parameters and prognosis. Increased TARBP2
more » ... ssion was associated with shorter overall survival and diseasefree survival, and increased but not reduced APP expression correlated with lower overall survival and disease-free survival. ZNF395 expression levels had no prognostic value, but reduced expression correlated with reduced lymph node metastasis. There was no significant relationship between TARBP2 overexpression and reduced APP and/or ZNF395 expression. Patients with tumors with higher TARBP2 or APP expression had unfavorable prognoses. Although reduced ZNF395 expression was significantly related to reduced lymph node metastasis, further studies are needed to clarify the role of TARBP2/ APP/ZNF395 in breast cancer. KEY WORDS: breast cancer, metastasis, TARBP2, amyloid precursor protein, ZNF395, immunohistochemistry CITATION: Oi et al. Clinicopathological Significance of TARBP2, APP, and ZNF395 in Breast Cancer.
doi:10.4137/bcbcr.s40820 pmid:27980417 pmcid:PMC5147454 fatcat:t2eterq2xnf33btvk4zuu3mklq

Expression of Prolactin Gene in Spontaneous Mammary Tumors in Aging Fischer 344 Rats

2001 Endocrine journal  
Expression of extra pituitary prolactin (PRL) has been recently reported in the mammary gland. However, spontaneous mammary tumors occurring in aging rats have not been investigated for PRL production. The present study was undertaken to examine the expression of PRL gene in rat mammary tumors spontaneously arisen in rats with pituitary prolactinomas among 130 female Fischer-344 (F-344) rats. The tumors examined were fibroadenoma (adenomatous type) in the 18-month old rat and adenocarcinoma
more » ... eolar/tubular type) in the 21-month old rat. PRL mRNA was examined by solution and in situ reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) method. The predicted amplified products for PRL mRNA were identified in both tumors, and its expression was confirmed to be in the cytoplasm of epithelial cells. The results of the present study showed that PRL gene is expressed in spontaneously arising mammary tumors.
doi:10.1507/endocrj.48.597 pmid:11789566 fatcat:o3ojwvakybh5fi3j5a34towfom

Immunochromatographic SARS-CoV-2 IgG antibody assay: a cross-sectional study conducted at Wakayama Medical University in Japan [article]

Sadahiro Iwabuchi, Masahiro Katsuda, Yusuke Koizumi, Mayuko Hatai, Mitsue Kojima, Nahomi Tokudome, Shinobu Tamura, Machiko Nishio, Toshikazu Kondo, Masaya Hironisi, Chiemi Kakutani, Hiroki Yamaue (+1 others)
2021 medRxiv   pre-print
AbstractAsymptomatic patients with severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) infection must be quickly identified and isolated to prevent the spread of the virus. The number of asymptomatic healthy people is completely unknown because they remain untested. Detection of specific SARS-CoV-2 antibodies has been widely accepted as a diagnostic test, and an immunochromatographic test, which is simpler and relatively cheaper than other methods, is becoming the gold standard for
more » ... tifying healthy people who had been infected with SARS-CoV-2 in the past. In this study, 1,528 volunteers who worked at a particular hospital were subjected to an immunochromatographic IgG test for SARS-CoV-2 to determine the ratio of asymptomatic people. Only 12 volunteers (0.79%) were IgG+, with no significant background differences in the sex, age, profession, experiences of working at the emergency department or caring for coronavirus disease 2019 patients. If this IgG+ ratio was to be extrapolated to Wakayama city's population, 2,780 out of 3,54,063 people may be asymptomatic for SARS-CoV-2. The results imply that anyone may get infected with SARS-CoV-2 but remain asymptomatic.
doi:10.1101/2021.01.10.21249421 fatcat:fnarfo7x2rdzxmwf4wun3l4t3u

Visceral adipose tissue resides within the reference range in children with Prader-Willi syndrome receiving nutritional intervention on a regular basis

Mikiko Koizumi, Shinobu Ida, Yasuko Shoji, Yukiko Nishimoto, Yuri Etani, Masanobu Kawai
2020 Endocrine journal  
Mikiko Koizumi and Masanobu Kawai designed the research, collected the data and wrote the paper. All the authors analyzed data.  ... 
doi:10.1507/endocrj.ej19-0489 pmid:32565499 fatcat:mq5sl6uycrhzphbxpu3x5gocwe

Analysis of Contact Lengths of Strands with Cu Sleeves in CICC Joints

Shinobu NAKAZAWA, Daichi ARAI, Toshiya MORIMURA, Daisuke MIYAGI, Makoto TSUDA, Takataro HAMAJIMA, Tsuyoshi YAGAI, Yoshihiko NUNOYA, Norikiyo KOIZUMI, Kazuya TAKAHATA, Tetsuhiro OBANA
2012 Plasma and Fusion Research  
Cable-in-Conduit-Conductor (CICC) is used for the international thermonuclear fusion experimental reactor (ITER) toroidal field (TF) coils. But the critical current of the CICC is measured lower than expected one. This is partly explained by unbalanced current distribution caused by inhomogeneous contact resistances between strands and copper sleeves at joints. Current density in some strands reaches the critical under unbalanced current, and the quench is occurred under smaller transport
more » ... t than expected one. In order to investigate the contact resistances, we measure the three-dimensional positions of all strands inside the CICC for Large Helical Device (LHD) poloidal field (PF) outer vertical (OV) coil, and evaluate contact parameters such as number and lengths of strands which contact with a copper sleeve. Then, we simulate the strand positions in the CICC using the numerical code which we developed, and compare the contact parameters which evaluated from the measured strand positions and the simulated ones. It is found that the both results are in good agreement, and the developed numerical model is useful for evaluation of the contact parameters. We apply the code to various CIC conductor joints to obtain optimal joint parameters.
doi:10.1585/pfr.7.2403143 fatcat:hdkaso2kozhmpo3m6jfe7nukii

Investigation into the Appropriate Post-neoadjuvant Chemotherapy Hepatectomy Margin to Include Both Macro- and Micrometastasis from Colorectal Carcinoma

Junichi Tsuchiya, Yasushi Ariizumi, Hirotaka Koizumi, Masayuki Takagi, Shinobu Tatsunami, Takehito Otsubo
2015 Journal of St Marianna University  
Objective: An important cause of liver re-metastasis from colon cancer is remnant micrometastasis (MiM). MiM is a miniscule metastatic lesion that results from hematogenous spread of tumor cells along with or after the original metastasis from colon to liver. Thus, an adequate surgical margin is necessary to lower a patient's risk of relapse. Questions have arisen whether the guideline 1-cm surgical margin can be reduced in cases in which neoadjuvant chemotherapy (NAC) has been performed. We
more » ... ducted a histopathologic study to determine the appropriate hepatectomy margin in such cases. Methods: We studied 76 cases of colorectal liver metastasis treated between January 2005 and December 2013 at St. Marianna University School of Medicine Hospital. NAC had been performed in 35 of these cases. We evaluated patients' sex; age; site, clinical stage, and histologic type of the primary tumor, clinical and histologic effects of the NAC, histologic characteristics and size of the hepatic macrometastasis, number of cases in which MiM was found and the number of MiMs per case, histologic characteristics and size of the MiM(s), distance from the macrometastasis to the MiM, and exact location of the MiM(s) and tested between-group differences in these variables statistically. We also tested correlation between size of the macrometastasis and both distance between the macrometastasis and MiM and the number of MiMs per case. Results: Positive, but non-significant, correlation was found between size of the macrometastasis and both distance between the macrometastasis and MiM and the number of MiMs per case. Regardless of whether NAC was performed, most MiMs we examined were within 5 mm of the macrometastasis, but some were within 9 mm. Conclusion: Our data indicate that, regardless of whether NAC is performed before hepatectomy for liver metastasis from colorectal cancer, a minimum 1-cm surgical margin is necessary to ensure inclusion of micrometastases.
doi:10.17264/stmarieng.6.195 fatcat:gdxzyqksh5dodb4fflyfg7kd3m

Prognostic Suggestion in the Evaluation of Solid Component in Poorly Differentiated Adenocarcinoma of the Lung

Etsuko Satoh, Masashi Kawamoto, Tomoko Nakayama, Shinobu Kunugi, Akinobu Yoshimura, Shuji Haraguchi, Daisuke Okada, Shigeo Tanaka, Yuichi Sugisaki, Yuh Fukuda, Kiyoshi Koizumi
2003 Journal of Nippon Medical School  
doi:10.1272/jnms.70.28 pmid:12646973 fatcat:3qihnbycvrgn5phddrtuyfs44u

Detection of Dystrophin Dp71 in Human Skeletal Muscle Using an Automated Capillary Western Assay System

Tatsuya Kawaguchi, Emma Niba, Abdul Rani, Yoshiyuki Onishi, Makoto Koizumi, Hiroyuki Awano, Masaaki Matsumoto, Masashi Nagai, Shinobu Yoshida, Sachiko Sakakibara, Naoyuki Maeda, Osamu Sato (+2 others)
2018 International Journal of Molecular Sciences  
Dystrophin Dp71 is one of the isoforms produced by the DMD gene which is mutated in patients with Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD). Although Dp71 is expressed ubiquitously, it has not been detected in normal skeletal muscle. This study was performed to assess the expression of Dp71 in human skeletal muscle. Methods: Human skeletal muscle RNA and tissues were obtained commercially. Mouse skeletal muscle was obtained from normal and DMD mdx mice. Dp71 mRNA and protein were determined by
more » ... ranscription PCR and an automated capillary Western assay system, the Simple Western, respectively. Dp71 was over-expressed or suppressed using a plasmid expressing Dp71 or antisense oligonucleotide, respectively. Results: Full-length Dp71 cDNA was PCR amplified as a single product from human skeletal muscle RNA. A ca. 70 kDa protein peak detected by the Simple Western was determined as Dp71 by over-expressing Dp71 in HEK293 cells, or suppressing Dp71 expression with antisense oligonucleotide in rhabdomyosarcoma cells. The Simple Western assay detected Dp71 in the skeletal muscles of both normal and DMD mice. In human skeletal muscle, Dp71 was also detected. The ratio of Dp71 to vinculin of human skeletal muscle samples varied widely, indicating various levels of Dp71 expression. Conclusions: Dp71 protein was detected in human skeletal muscle using a highly sensitive capillary Western blotting system.
doi:10.3390/ijms19061546 pmid:29789502 pmcid:PMC6032138 fatcat:myeoztbqqzal7nya2zduf5z7xm

Clinicopathologic Considerations of Postoperative Acute Exacerbation in Patients With Idiopathic Interstitial Pneumonia Combined With Lung Cancer

Daisuke Okada, Kiyoshi Koizumi, Masashi Kawamoto, Shinobu Henmi, Kyoji Hirai, Iwao Mikami, Shigeo Tanaka, Arata Azuma, Shoji Kudo, Yuh Fukuda
2002 Haigan  
Kyoji Hirai1; Iwao Mikami1; Shigeo Tanaka1; Arata Azuma Shoji Kudo3; Yuh Fukuda ABSTRACT-Objective. In 9 patients operated on for idiopathic interstitial pneumonia (IIP) associated with primary lung cancer, we clinicopathologically examined the predictive factors of postoperative acute exacerbation of IIP. Methods. We collected 9 patients who had been operated on for lung cancer and in whom a pathological diagnosis of usual interstitial pneumonia (UIP) pattern had been made based on resected
more » ... sues. We studied some predictive factors related to the acute exacerbation of IIP preoperatively and during operation, and analyzed the pathological findings of UIP. Results. The incidence of postoperative acute exacerbation of IIP was 22% (2 of 9 patients) . No correlation between the two patients who developed acute exacerbation of IIP and the seven patients who did not was observed, in terms of CRP, LDH, WBC, PaO2 and %VC of preoperation, blood loss, operation time and postoperative maximum CPK. Pathologically, abundant fibroblastic foci were observed in 4 patients and a half of them developed acute exacerbation of IIP at 7 and 9 days postoperatively. Conclusion. It was difficult to predict the development of acute exacerbation of HP because most patients were in a controlled stable state of IIP preoperatively. However, we considered that abundant fibroblastic foci in the tissue specimens known as pathologically active lesions of UIP were possibly one of the predictive factors in the acute exacerbation of IIP. (JJLC. 2002; 42: 567-572)
doi:10.2482/haigan.42.567 fatcat:imo2h6gcabcwrmhsr4hdjq5gda

Analysis of Contact Length Distribution of Superconducting Strands with Copper Sleeves at Cable-in-conduit Conductor Joints

Shinobu NAKAZAWA, Shotaro TESHIMA, Daichi ARAI, Daisuke MIYAGI, Makoto TSUDA, Takataro HAMAJIMA, Tsuyoshi YAGAI, Yoshihiko NUNOYA, Norikiyo KOIZUMI, Kazuya TAKAHATA, Tetsuhiro OBANA
2011 TEION KOGAKU (Journal of Cryogenics and Superconductivity Society of Japan)  
Oroshi-cho, Toki, Gifu 509-5292, Japan † E-mail: 1Specifications of the LHD-OV conductor.  ... 
doi:10.2221/jcsj.46.474 fatcat:2hmv2r7xwzaoflj7ciuyqk4c5i

Detection of novel kobu-like viruses in Japanese black cattle in Japan

Konosuke OTOMARU, Yuki NAOI, Kei HAGA, Tsutomu OMATSU, Takehiko UTO, Motoya KOIZUMI, Tsuneyuki MASUDA, Hiroshi YAMASATO, Hikaru TAKAI, Hiroshi AOKI, Shinobu TSUCHIAKA, Kaori SANO (+8 others)
2016 Journal of Veterinary Medical Science  
During surveillance for bovine diarrhea of unknown causes in Japanese black cattle in Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan, we found two types of novel kobu-like viruses in fecal samples of calves. Sequence analyses revealed that they had L protein and 2A protein with Hbox/NC sequence motif, which are present in kobuviruses. Phylogenetic analysis revealed that they were related to kobuviruses; however, they clustered apart from other kobuviruses. In the prevalence study of two types of novel kobu-like
more » ... ruses, 16.9% and 10.4% prevalence of these viruses were observed in the feces of diarrheal calves in this area.
doi:10.1292/jvms.15-0447 pmid:26369290 pmcid:PMC4785127 fatcat:4wszgtmi4jg3ld3oibb7yxksby
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