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ZnO Nanomaterials: Current Advancements in Antibacterial Mechanisms and Applications

Shengjie Jiang, Kaili Lin, Ming Cai
2020 Frontiers in Chemistry  
The prevalence of various diseases caused by bacteria has been increasing, and some traditional antibiotics have been reported to have varying degrees of resistance. ZnO nanomaterials (ZnO-NMs), due to their excellent broad-spectrum antibacterial properties, lasting antibacterial effects, and excellent biocompatibility, have quickly become the research focus of new antibacterial agents. While the narrow light response range of ZnO-NMs has limited the antibacterial performance to some extent and
more » ... modifying it by various means to improve its response under visible light, such as doping metal/non-metal atoms, depositing noble metals and coupling carbon materials, which is a new research hotspot. Herein, the current mainstream claims about the antibacterial mechanisms and applications of ZnO-NMs are reviewed.
doi:10.3389/fchem.2020.00580 pmid:32793554 pmcid:PMC7385224 fatcat:pup76vt6jrhqtbsiwpfshusa2e

Observation of fractal topological states in acoustic metamaterials [article]

Shengjie Zheng, Xianfeng Man, Ze-Lin Kong, Zhi-Kang Lin, Guiju Duan, Ning Chen, Dejie Yu, Jian-Hua Jiang, Baizhan Xia
2022 arXiv   pre-print
Topological phases of matter have been extensively investigated in solid state materials and classical wave systems with integer dimensions. However, topological states in non-integer dimensions remain largely unexplored. Fractals, being nearly the same at different scales, are one of the intriguing complex geometries with non-integer dimensions. Here, we demonstrate acoustic Sierpi\'nski fractal topological insulators with unconventional higher-order topological phenomena via consistent theory
more » ... and experiments. We discover abundant topological edge and corner states emerging in our acoustic systems due to the rich edge and corner boundaries inside the fractals. Interestingly, the numbers of the edge and corner states scale the same as the bulk states with the system size and the exponents coincide with the Hausdorff fractal dimension of the Sierpi\'nski carpet. Furthermore, the emergent corner states exhibit unconventional spectrum and wave patterns. Our study opens a pathway toward topological states in fractal geometries.
arXiv:2205.04089v1 fatcat:mapdht53z5dibkhied2d3mbvn4

A Dispersion Compensation Method Based on Resampling of Modulated Signal for FMCW Lidar

Shuo Jiang, Bo Liu, Shengjie Wang
2021 Sensors  
In order to eliminate the nonlinearity in the laser modulation process, the dual-interferometers system is often adopted in the frequency modulation continuous wave (FMCW) laser ranging. However, the dispersion mismatch between the fiber reference interferometer and the measurement interferometer will lead to the decrease in ranging accuracy and resolution. In this paper, a dispersion compensation method based on resampling with a modulated signal is proposed. Since the beat signal of the end
more » ... ce of the delay fiber is not affected by dispersion mismatch, it can be modulated to generate a signal whose phase is proportional to that of the target spatial signal. Then, the modulated signal is regarded as the reference clock to sample the target spatial signal. Thereby, the influence of the dispersion mismatch between the two optical interferometers can be eliminated. In this article, simulation is performed to verify the effect of this method, and an experiment is carried out on the target at the distance of 2.4 m. Experiments show that the full width at half maximum (FWHM) of the distance spectrum after dispersion compensation is consistent with the reflected signal from the end face of the delay fiber, and the standard deviation of multiple measurements reached 10.12 μm.
doi:10.3390/s21010249 pmid:33401670 fatcat:zabf3gb2avecfgtt6hgs6rofle

Landau Levels and van der Waals Interfaces of Acoustics in Moiré Phononic Lattices [article]

Shengjie Zheng, Jie Zhang, Guiju Duan, Zihan Jiang, Xianfeng Man, Dejie Yu, Baizhan Xia
2021 arXiv   pre-print
Moir\'e lattices which consist of parallel but staggered periodic lattices have been extensively explored due to their salient physical properties, such as van Hove singularities[1, 2], commensurable incommensurable transitions[3], non-Abelian gauge potentials[4], fractional quantum Hall effects[5-7], van der Waals interfaces[8, 9] and unconventional superconductivity[10, 11]. However, there are limited demonstrations of such concepts for classical wave systems. Here, we realized gauge fields
more » ... one-dimensional Moir\'e phononic lattices consisting of two superimposed periodic patterns which mismatched with each other along one direction. Benefiting from gauge fields, we generated Landau level flat bands near the Dirac cone and experimentally measured their spatial localization in pressure-field distributions. Then, by mismatching lattices along both directions, we constructed two-dimensional Moir\'e phononic lattices with van der Waals interfaces. We found that acoustic waves efficiently transported along van der Waals interfaces behaving as metallic networks. As mismatched lattices are well-controllable, our study offers a novel path to manipulate sound waves which are inaccessible in traditional periodic acoustic systems, and can be easily extended to mechanics, optics, electromagnetics and electronics.
arXiv:2103.12265v1 fatcat:cojasiffbjf4rpzqnzvi4fmccu

Establishment and observation of a new and ideal reversible model of PUUO

Wei Zhu, Xi Zheng, Chunming Jiang, Haifeng Huang, Wei Wang, He Liu, Wei Jiang, Lin Yang, Shengjie Zhang, Miao Zhang, Dalong Zhu, Xiang Yan
2016 Renal Failure  
2017) Establishment and observation of a new and ideal reversible model of PUUO, Renal Failure, 39:1, 222-228, ABSTRACT Objective: We established a novel procedure to generate a reversible partial unilateral ureteral obstruction (PUUO) in rabbit. The method allows us to reliably measure the degree of ureteral obstruction in live animals, and thus could be a useful tool for studying kidney diseases. Methods: Thirty rabbits of clean grade were divided randomly into sham control group and
more » ... on (PUUO) group. Each rabbit in this study received the same blocking surgery, in which the upper ureter was curvilinearly incised and inserted with two F6 ureteral catheters that were connected with a tee joint valve. Ureteral obstruction was created and released through the valve adjustment. Serum creatinine and ultrasonographic measurements were performed preoperatively, on the fifth and tenth days after obstruction surgery, and on the 10th and 20th day, respectively, after the relief of the obstruction. Pathological measurements were taken in two randomly chosen rabbits of each group on the 10th day after surgery and on the 20th day after obstruction relief. Results: Data showed that the serum creatinine went transiently up and down in the early days and then remained a little bit higher in the following days after obstruction surgery. The morphology in obstructed kidney changed significantly on the 10th day postoperatively, compared to the sham control group. The obvious differences were also observed in pathology tests. After the relief of obstruction, the volume of renal pelvis (V), renal cortical thickness (RCT), and pathological impairment were partially reversed. Conclusions: Those findings indicate our procedure generate a successful and reversible PUUO animal model. It is a reliable and simple procedure for generating an animal model for reversible PUUO. The feasibility and significance of the new method was confirmed through ultrasonographic and pathological results. ARTICLE HISTORY
doi:10.1080/0886022x.2016.1256318 pmid:27845607 pmcid:PMC6014483 fatcat:yumuw74pivafzpxccugxjn2uzu

Nickel-catalyzed synthesis of Zn(I)-Zn(I) bonded compounds

Shengjie Jiang, Yanping Cai, Ambre Carpentier, Iker Del Rosal, Laurent Maron, Xin Xu
2021 Chemical Communications  
This work reports the first catalyzed synthesis of d-block metal-metal bonded complexes. Treatment of terminal zinc hydrides [LZnH] [L = CH3C(2,6-iPr2C6H3N)CHC(CH3)(N(CH2)nCH2PR2); n = 1, 2; R = Ph, iPr] in...
doi:10.1039/d1cc05719g pmid:34816829 fatcat:hwzslthfrfd3reyqhvvrk5g2su

The Segmentation Method of Target Point Cloud for Polarization-Modulated 3D Imaging

Shengjie Wang, Bo Liu, Zhen Chen, Heping Li, Shuo Jiang
2019 Sensors  
To implement target point cloud segmentation for a polarization-modulated 3D imaging system in practical projects, an efficient segmentation concept of multi-dimensional information fusion is designed. As the electron multiplier charge coupled device (EMCCD) camera can only acquire the gray image, but has no ability for time resolution owing to the time integration mechanism, large diameter electro-optic modulators (EOM) are used to provide time resolution for the EMCCD cameras to obtain the
more » ... arization-modulated images, from which a 3D image can also be simultaneously reconstructed. According to the characteristics of the EMCCD camera's plane array imaging, the point-to-point mapping relationship between the gray image pixels and point cloud data coordinates is established. The target's pixel coordinate position obtained by image segmentation is mapped to 3D point cloud data to get the segmented target point cloud data. On the basis of the specific environment characteristics of the experiment, the maximum entropy test method is applied to the target segmentation of the gray image, and the image morphological erosion algorithm is used to improve the segmentation accuracy. This method solves the problem that conventional point clouds' segmentation methods cannot effectively segment irregular objects or closely bound objects. Meanwhile, it has strong robustness and stability in the presence of noise, and reduces the computational complexity and data volume. The experimental results show that this method is better for the segmentation of the target in the actual environment, and can avoid the over-segmentation and under-segmentation to some extent. This paper illustrates the potential and feasibility of the segmentation method based on this system in real-time data processing.
doi:10.3390/s20010179 pmid:31905641 fatcat:pmwpse4ztjhcll47j6tyugb5ea

Neovascular glaucoma: a retrospective review from a tertiary center in China

Na Liao, Chaohong Li, Huilv Jiang, Aiwu Fang, Shengjie Zhou, Qinmei Wang
2016 BMC Ophthalmology  
The purpose of this study is to report the prevalence, etiology, treatment and outcomes of neovascular glaucoma (NVG) in a tertiary care ophthalmic center in China. Methods: Medical records of patients diagnosed as NVG at the Wenzhou Medical University between 2003 and 2014 were reviewed. Success was defined as IOP between 6 and 21 mmHg without topical or systemic glaucoma medications with retention of presenting visual acuity (VA). Results: NVG was diagnosed in 483 of 8306 (5.8 %) of all
more » ... ma patients. Etiology is reported for all 310 eyes of 284 patients managed in the department. Interventions depended on insurance as well as personal finances; outcomes are reported for the 149 eyes of 138 patients with complete data that met follow up requirements. Diabetic retinopathy (DR,39.7 %) was the major cause of NVG. Kaplan Meier survival analysis showed a success rate of 84.8 % at 1 year, 47.5 % at 3 years and 21.9 % at 5 years. Major interventions included glaucoma drainage device (GDD) in 103 eyes and trans-scleral cyclophotocoagulation (TSCPC) in 22 eyes. Complications were more common in the GDD group. Conclusions: NVG comprised 5.8 % of glaucoma patients seen in a tertiary Chinese hospital. DR was identified as the commonest cause and probably reflects the increasing prevalence of diabetes in China. Surgical interventions were partly determined by insurance status and personal finances. GDD was the commonest surgical intervention used and also had the most complications.
doi:10.1186/s12886-016-0190-8 pmid:26818828 pmcid:PMC4729174 fatcat:nhldvdypfzhxpdeovwpdd7tcl4

An arginine-functionalized stationary phase for hydrophilic interaction liquid chromatography

Shengjie Wu, Xiuling Li, Feifang Zhang, Ge Jiang, Xinmiao Liang, Bingcheng Yang
2015 The Analyst  
A arginine-functionalized HILIC stationary phase has been prepared for the first time by clicking arginine onto silica gel. As an HPLC column, it offered the efficient separation of highly polar analytes. As a SPE sorbent, it exhibited excellent selectivity and enrichment toward acidic glycopeptides.
doi:10.1039/c5an00570a pmid:25946074 fatcat:tstlpmompveothgxj44taepj34

Data-driven analysis of the real-time electricity price considering wind power effect

Shengjie Yang, Xuesong Xu, Jiangang Liu, Weijin Jiang
2020 Energy Reports  
The electricity price is the sensitive signal of the supply-demand balance and some other market incidents. The analysis of the price data can provide plenty of the market information. It is helpful for the participants to understand the market and improve future strategies. However, most of the forecast models eliminate the details to reduce the structural risk for generality. In this paper, the data-driven analysis is proposed to explore the PJM electricity price in detail. The price time
more » ... es is decomposed into different components. Each component is modeled and tested by the statistical method to illustrate the hidden pattern of the fluctuation, so that there can be reasonable interpretation about the market. The relationship between the price and the wind power is numerically detected through the heterogeneity of the price time series. The paper demonstrates the data-driven method to mine information and achieve the analysis of electricity market.
doi:10.1016/j.egyr.2019.11.102 fatcat:qaftz7rphjc5hhuoheqmmykm2y

Schwann cells promote prevascularization and osteogenesis of tissue-engineered bone via bone marrow mesenchymal stem cell-derived endothelial cells

Xinxin Zhang, Xiaorui Jiang, Shan Jiang, Xiyu Cai, Shengji Yu, Guoxian Pei
2021 Stem Cell Research & Therapy  
Background Tissue-engineered bone grafts (TEBGs) that undergo vascularization and neurotization evolve into functioning bone tissue. Previously, we verified that implanting sensory nerve tracts into TEBGs promoted osteogenesis. However, the precise mechanisms and interaction between seed cells were not explored. In this study, we hypothesized that neurotization may influence the osteogenesis of TEBGs through vascularization. Methods We cultured rat Schwann cells (SCs), aortic endothelial cells
more » ... AECs), and bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells (BM-MSCs) and then obtained BM-MSC-derived induced endothelial cells (IECs) and induced osteoblasts (IOBs). IECs and AECs were cultured in an SC-conditioned medium (SC-CM) to assess proliferation, migration, capillary-like tube formation, and angiogenesis, and the vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) levels in the supernatants were detected. We established an indirect coculture model to detect the expression of nestin and VEGF receptors in IECs and tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinase (TIMP)-2 in SCs. Then, SCs, IECs, and IOBs were labeled and loaded into a β-tricalcium phosphate scaffold to induce prevascularization, and the scaffold was implanted into a 6-mm-long defect of rat femurs. Three groups were set up according to the loaded cells: I, SCs, and IECs (coculture for 3 days) plus IOBs; II, IECs (culture for 3 days) plus IOBs; III, IOBs. Nestin and TIMP-2 expression and osteogenesis of TEBGs were evaluated at 12 weeks post-implantation through histological and radiological assessments. Results We found that SC-CM promoted IEC proliferation, migration, capillary-like tube formation, and angiogenesis, but no similar effects were observed for AECs. IECs expressed nestin extensively, while AECs barely expressed nestin, and SC-CM promoted the VEGF secretion of IECs. In the coculture model, SCs promoted nestin and VEGF receptor expression in IECs, and IECs inhibited TIMP-2 expression in SCs. The promotion of prevascularized TEBGs by SCs and IECs in group I augmented new bone formation at 6 and 12 weeks. Nestin expression was higher in group I than in the other groups, while TIMP-2 expression was lower at 12 weeks. Conclusions This study demonstrated that SCs can promote TEBG osteogenesis via IECs and further revealed the related specific characteristics of IECs, providing preliminary cytological evidence for neurotization of TEBGs.
doi:10.1186/s13287-021-02433-3 pmid:34233721 pmcid:PMC8261922 fatcat:f3rc5j67tnbsdpsok73mudidcm

Flame Retardancy and Mechanism of Novel Phosphorus-Silicon Flame Retardant Based on Polysilsesquioxane

Shengjie Zhu, Weiguang Gong, Ji Luo, Xin Meng, Zhong Xin, Jie Wu, Zewen Jiang
2019 Polymers  
A novel phosphorus-silicon flame retardant (P5PSQ) was prepared by bonding phosphate to silicon-based polysilsesquioxane (PSQ) and used as flame retardant of poly (lactic acid) (PLA). The results show that PLA with 10 wt % P5PSQ has a limiting oxygen index (LOI) 24.1%, the peak heat release rate (PHRR) and total heat release (THR) of PLA decrease 21.8% and 25.2% compared to neat PLA in cone calorimetric test, indicating that P5PSQ shows better flame retardancy in comparison to PSQ. Furthermore,
more » ... the study for the morphology and composition of carbon residue after the combustion of PLA and the gas release of PLA during combustion illustrate that P5PSQ has flame retardancy in condensed phase and gas phase simultaneously. In condensed phase, phosphorus from phosphate promotes the formation of more stable and better carbon layer containing Si and P, which inhibits the transfer of heat and oxygen in the combustion. In gas phase, the phosphate in P5PSQ emits phosphorus-containing compound that can restrain the release of C–O containing products, which may have effective flame retardancy for PLA in gas phase to a certain extent. In one word, P5PSQ is denoted as a good phosphorus-silicon synergistic flame-retardant.
doi:10.3390/polym11081304 pmid:31382664 pmcid:PMC6722730 fatcat:n5q5engnwngxriw7yeeoeyzycq

Development of SSR Markers and Genetic Diversity in White Birch (Betula platyphylla)

Wei Hao, Shengji Wang, Huajing Liu, Boru Zhou, Xinwang Wang, Tingbo Jiang, Niranjan Baisakh
2015 PLoS ONE  
Jiang et al. [21] constructed high density genetic linkage maps in B. platyphylla and B. pendula species using AFLP and RAPD markers.  ... 
doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0125235 pmid:25923698 pmcid:PMC4414481 fatcat:lmaecpy4qfdglhtt4opwfeqdae

Genome-wide eQTLs and heritability for gene expression traits in unrelated individuals

Shengjie Yang, Yiyuan Liu, Ning Jiang, Jing Chen, Lindsey Leach, Zewei Luo, Minghui Wang
2014 BMC Genomics  
Following Jiang et al. [22] , any peak occurring within a chromosome region of 5 Mb in size was taken as a single eQTL peak.  ... 
doi:10.1186/1471-2164-15-13 pmid:24405759 pmcid:PMC4028055 fatcat:hljrtxftgjfqxguyktx37xvhoa

Dynamic Changes in Plant Resource Use Efficiencies and Their Primary Influence Mechanisms in a Typical Desert Shrub Community

Yan Jiang, Yun Tian, Tianshan Zha, Xin Jia, Charles P.-A. Bourque, Peng Liu, Chuan Jin, Xiaoyan Jiang, Xinhao Li, Ningning Wei, Shengjie Gao
2021 Forests  
(Xiaoyan Jiang) and X.L. analyzed the data. Y.J. wrote the manuscript with the assistance of Y.T. and T.Z. T.Z., X.J. (Xin Jia), and P.L. revised the manuscript. C.P.  ... 
doi:10.3390/f12101372 fatcat:kuf7aha7afhexfet7fqinl6vwq
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