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Compound heterozygosity for hemoglobin D and hemoglobin E

Mohammad Mizanur Rahman, Lutfunnahar Khan, Masuda Begum, Debashish Saha, Arif Ahmed Khan
2016 Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University Journal  
Khan, Masuda Begum, Debashish Saha and Arif Ahmed Khan complete blood count and do capillary hemoglobin electrophoresis for their child.  ...  Ba ga a dhu Sheikh Muji Med U i J. ; : - .  ... 
doi:10.3329/bsmmuj.v9i4.30244 fatcat:ls7kd4ry5fbdpnw6kkczidr2si

A 48 year old male with jaundice and exertional chest pain

Mohammad Mizanur Rahman, Md. Monirul Islam, Susane Giti, Mimi Parvin, Arif Ahmed Khan, Debashish Saha
2017 Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University Journal  
Arif Ahmed Khan: How will confirm your diagnosis? Dr.  ... 
doi:10.3329/bsmmuj.v10i4.34151 fatcat:qkfwvcichbhq3c2434uyr3wydq

Duct-to-mucosa pancreatojejunostomy is a safe technique of reconstruction after pancreatoduodenectomy

Bidhan C. Das, Sarwar Sobhan, M.A.K. Azad, Saif Uddin Ahmed, Arif Salam Khan, Zulfiqur Rahman Khan
2016 Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University Journal  
<p><strong>Background:</strong> A duct-to-mucosa pancreatojejunostomy is technically difficult to perform than Dunking procedure after pancreatoduodenectomy. In contrast, the incidence of anastomotic dehiscence is more in Dunking than duct-to-mucosa procedure. Duct-to-mucosa technique is rarely practiced in our country because of technical difficulties and lack of experiences. <strong></strong></p><p><strong>Objectives:</strong> This study was undertaken to evaluate the safety of duct-to-mucosa
more » ... procedure in our patients with pancreatoduodenectomy. <strong></strong></p><p><strong>Methods:</strong> We have performed pancreatojejunostomy in 14 consecutive patients using a duct-to-mucosa technique and the result was assessed. <strong></strong></p><p><strong>Results:</strong> No patients developed pancreato-jejunal leakage; however, 6 of 14 patients developed complications not related to operative techniques (wound infections; 3,jejunal fistula following removal of jejunal feeding tube; 1, renal dysfunction; 1, delayed gastric emptying; 1) which were managed conservatively. There were no postoperative deaths in the present series and the median postoperative hospital stay was 20.3 days. The follow-up period ranged from 1 to 12 months and all patients are surviving with good health during this period. <strong></strong></p><p><strong>Conclusion:</strong> Pancreatojejunostomy by duct-to-mucosal technique is a safe method of pancreatojejunostomy after pancreatoduodenecytomy.</p>
doi:10.3329/bsmmuj.v6i1.29085 fatcat:ijv62je6jnhrbffjpi2xguemfu

Trace elements status in type 2 diabetes

Fatma Hussain, Mohammad Arif Maan, Munir Ahmed Sheikh, Haq Nawaz, Amer Jamil
2009 Bangladesh Journal of Medical Science  
The metabolism of several trace elements has been reported to alter in diabetes mellitus and these elements might have specific roles in the pathogenesis and progress of this disease. Objective: The aim of the present study was to investigate serum levels of copper, zinc, chromium, magnesium and manganese in type 2 diabetic patients and their possible association with age, glycemic status and duration of diabetes. Methodology: The comparative study included 116 type 2 diabetic patients and 40
more » ... n-diabetic subjects. Fasting plasma glucose and HbA 1 c were determined by the glucose oxidase method and affinity chromatography respectively. The element concentrations were measured by means of an atomic absorption spectrophotometer after microwave-induced acid digestion. Results: Mean (±SD) Mg and Zn levels were significantly reduced in blood samples of diabetic patients as compared to control subjects (p<0.0001-<0.05). The alterations observed in serum levels of copper and manganese was not significant among diabetic and normal subjects. Glycemic status, duration of diabetes and age did not effect the trace elements concentrations. Conclusion: The results confirm that deficiency and efficiency of some essential trace metals may play a role in the development of diabetes mellitus.
doi:10.3329/bjms.v8i3.3983 fatcat:wsim2fn7sfch5bk3kwlbnrdafi

Sinonasal Polyposis and Fungus:A Growing Relationship

Atif Hafeez Siddiqui, Arsalan Ahmed Sheikh, Tariq Zahid Khan, M. Saleem Marfani, Arif Ali
OBJECTIVES: To determine the frequency of underlying fungus in nose and paranasal sinuses in patients present with nasal polyposis. METHODOLOGY: A total of 324 patients presented with nasal polyps were included in this study. Data collected from all the patients admitted in ENT department with diagnosis of nasal polyposis. All the relevant information about their presenting symptoms was recorded in a proforma. Post operatively the removed material was sent for histopathology and fungal culture.
more » ... Later the findings of biopsy and culture reports were also recorded and analysed. RESULTS: Out of 324 patients 159 were males and 165 were females. Underlying fungus was present in 226(69.75%) and out of them, 102(45.13%) were males and 124(54.86%) were females with a P value of 0.039. The mean age was 25.95 ± 9.32 (15-45) years for the patient with fungus. Aspergillus was the commonest organism found. CONCLUSION: Underlying fungus was found in a significantly high number of patients presented with nasal polyps and Aspergillus was the commonest organism found.
doi:10.29052/ijehsr.v2.i1.2014.58-61 fatcat:ordhxc6fd5gxxacpundyg7cwfy

Factors that contribute programming skill and CGPA as a CS graduate: Mining Educational Data

Md Aref BILLAH, Sheikh Arif AHMED, Shahidul Islam KHAN
2019 Database Systems Journal  
Computer Science (CS) has become one of the most popular under graduate program in last few years. According to UGC roughly 116 universities out of 136 are offering computer science program which indicates a massive number of students are choosing this program as their undergraduate program. But statistically significant number of students are failing to become skilled and effective CS graduate because many students are taking CS without accessing their chance in this program. Success in
more » ... c and professional life require to choose right under graduate program. Considering CGPA and Programming Skill as two of the most significant factors to determine student's success in CS, we have predicted these two by taking students personal interest, academic results, analytical skill and problem solving skill into account. We also extracted most significant features of a prospective CS student by using gain ratio.
doaj:aa283b8745bc48839a14163f0d307108 fatcat:eqodscj4j5epdkg53nwrnzrccy

Lichtenstein Tension Free Mesh Repair in Inguinal Hernia: Our Six Years Experience

Sheikh Sayidul Haque, Amar Kumar Saha, Md Nazmul Haque, Arif Ahmed
2019 Journal of Surgical Sciences  
Inguinal hernias are common and the results of surgical repair are often satisfactory but recurrence rate are variable. To prevent recurrences prosthetic materials have been increasingly used in hernia repair. In this study Lichtenstein technique of tension free mesh repair for inguinal hernia is done in 275 cases in the period from January 2005 to Deceber2010 and outcome is measured in terms of early and late morbidity especially recurrences. serorna developed in 10 patients (3.6%) and
more » ... a and transient testicular swelling developed in 8 patients (2.9%) and 21 patients (7.6%) respectively. Only 3 patients (1.08%) developed wound infection and 2 patients (.72%) developed recurrences of hernia. Post operative neuralgia developed in 7 cases (2.5%). During follow up period no mesh rejection and discharging wound sinus related to presence of foreign body is observed in the study. So Lichtenstein tension free repair of inguinal hernia is. safe and effective method where recurrence rate is reasonably low. Journal of Surgical Sciences (2013) Vol. 17 (1) : 3-6
doi:10.3329/jss.v17i1.43696 fatcat:qfvzi6aqbja3vbt7q7kognl7r4

Ginger and Its Derivatives as Promising Alternatives to Antibiotics in Poultry Feed

Mohamed E. Abd El-Hack, Mahmoud Alagawany, Hazem Shaheen, Dalia Samak, Sarah I. Othman, Ahmed A. Allam, Ayman E. Taha, Asmaa F. Khafaga, Muhammad Arif, Ali Osman, Ahmed I. El Sheikh, Shaaban S. Elnesr (+1 others)
2020 Animals  
Poultry enterprises have sustained rapid development through the last three decennaries. For which reason, higher utilization of antibacterial, either as therapeutic or growth promoting agents, has been accepted. Owing to the concern of developing bacterial resistance among populations towards antibiotic generations, accumulation of antibacterial remaining's in chicken products and elevating shopper request for outcomes without antibacterial remaining's, looking for unconventional solutions
more » ... could exchange antibacterial without influencing productiveness or product characters. Using natural alternatives including ginger, garlic prebiotics, organic acids, plant extracts, etheric oils and immune stimulants have been applied to advance the performance, hold poultry productiveness, prevent and control the enteric pathogens and minimize the antibacterial utilization in the poultry production in recent years. The use of a single replacement or ideal assemblage of different choices besides good supervision and livestock welfare may play a basic role in maximizing benefits and preserving poultry productiveness. The object of this review was to support an outline of the recent knowledge on the use of the natural replacements (ginger and its derivatives) in poultry feed as feed additives and their effects on poultry performance, egg and meat quality, health as well as the economic efficiency.
doi:10.3390/ani10030452 pmid:32182754 fatcat:6ewof4mttnaxjbt4wdqit6unv4

Statistical analysis of fiber quality to obtain a correlation between the fiber and yarn quality

Rony Mia, Sheikh Sad Habib-A-Rasul, Md Arif Saleh Tasin, Md Abdullah Al Mamun, Md Fahim Ahmed, Taosif Ahmed
2020 Journal of Textile Engineering & Fashion Technology  
The purpose of this research was to make a correlation between the fiber and yarn quality based on different properties of the fiber. The properties of cotton fiber were tested by the High Volume Instrument (HVI) machine. Firstly, we collect fiber from a different lot and then tested the properties by the High Volume Instrument (HVI) Machine. After that, we made yarn from that lot and made the same count of yarn. The tested properties were mic, length, maturity, strength, elongation, moisture,
more » ... tc. The same count of yarn was tested by the USTER EVENESS TESTER machine. Comparing the HVI report and the USTER TESTER report, we saw that how to effect different fiber properties of the different lot on the same count of yarn quality. Then we made a correlation between them. The observation suggested that yarn strength and fineness are depended upon fiber maturity. This paper reports a glimpse of the effect of fiber properties on yarn quality.
doi:10.15406/jteft.2020.06.00256 fatcat:f4jczuscardd7ec3iqmmeqrfri

Urdu Nasta'liq text recognition using implicit segmentation based on multi-dimensional long short term memory neural networks

Saeeda Naz, Arif Iqbal Umar, Riaz Ahmed, Muhammad Imran Razzak, Sheikh Faisal Rashid, Faisal Shafait
2016 SpringerPlus  
Another work on UPTI dataset is reported in Ahmed et al. (2016) , in which Ahmed et al. employed BLSTM on raw pixels for shape variations scenario and without shape variations scenario using a 30 × 1  ...  (2013) and Ahmed et al. (2016) implemented BLSTM for recognition of Urdu Nasta'liq text recognition and statistical features extracted and fed to MDLSTM in Naz et al. (2015a) .  ... 
doi:10.1186/s40064-016-3442-4 pmid:27942426 pmcid:PMC5122597 fatcat:toc3j66ukzhwhdgvuzrdzvlxq4

Sheehan's syndrome presenting as psychosis: a rare clinical presentation

Sheikh Shoib, Mohamand Maqbool Dar, Tasleem Arif, Haamid Bashir, Mohammad Hayat Bhat, Javid Ahmed
2013 Medical Journal of The Islamic Republic of Iran  
Sheehan's syndrome (SS) refers to the occurrence of varying degree of hypopituitarism after parturition (1). It is a rare cause of hypopituitarism in developed countries owing to advances in obstetric care and its frequency is decreasing worldwide. However, it is still frequent in underdeveloped and developing countries. Sheehan's syndrome is often diagnosed late as it evolves slowly (2,3). Reports of psychoses in patients with Sheehan's syndrome are rare. Herein, a case report of psychosis in
more » ... 31 year old woman who developed Sheehan's syndrome preceded by postpartum haemorrhage is presented. Treatment with thyroxine and glucocorticoids resulted in complete remission after attaining euthyroid and eucortisolemic state.
pmid:23483784 pmcid:PMC3592941 fatcat:jln3mpwc75binb4xlkkl4kriza

Scale Development to Measure Employer Engagement

Samina Khan, Ulfat Abbas, Rao Arif Mahmood Khan, Muhammad Irfan Sheikh, Hanzla Ahmed, Muhammad Masood Hussain, Hafiz Muhammad Ammar Zafar, Saqlain Sher
2021 International Journal of Innovation, Creativity and Change  
Employer engagement, in existing literature, mostly refers to the engagement of the educational institutions in the corporate world; to benchmark their curricula and syllabi in-line with the employers' needs. This study has focused on the same construct with different relation; typically in the context of work-based learning providers and organizational practices. Although there has been theoretical discussions and calls to develop comprehensive measures for employer engagement, however, no
more » ... emporary measure for employer engagement exist to the context this study was carried out. The scope of this study covers the development of a new scale based on the guidelines to measure employer engagement specifically to the context of work based practices. The scale constitutes of 19 items that address, employer engagement based on 3 sub-dimensions. The scale was developed and validated through six phases beginning with the determination of valid dimensions / construct followed by generation of pool of items, assessing the content adequacy of the items and items refinement through exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis. Reliability and validity of the scale are also tested.
doi:10.53333/ijicc2013/15925 fatcat:fyhceurycjghtj7luvtgvgk5mm

Proximal Interruption of Right Pulmonary Artery in an Adult Patient Presenting with Hemoptysis

Mustafa Belal Hafeez Chaudhry, Kumail Khandwala, Wasim Ahmed Memon, Taha Sheikh, Tanveer Ul Haq, Muhammad Arif Saeed
2018 Respiratory Case Reports  
A 42 year old lady presented with dyspnea and 3 episodes of hemoptysis since 1 day. Her chest radiograph revealed mild peripheral fibrosis & volume loss in right lung, subsequent HRCT confirmed the findings with additional diagnosis of absence of the right main pulmonary artery. This was further confirmed on digital subtraction angiography and the right lung was solely supplied by the systemic circulation. The conventional angiography did not demonstrate any active extravasation or blush to
more » ... est active bleeder. Empirical embolization was not attempted due to a risk of pulmonary infarction. Patient was managed symptomatically and conservatively.This condition is important to recognize in the list of differential diagnoses for pulmonary artery abnormalities and any acquired causes of pulmonary vasculature obstruction must be ruled out on imaging modalities.
doi:10.5505/respircase.2018.06978 fatcat:jgvdje7tdbgx3kwihzgegcmc6e

Cancer Therapy by Catechins Involves Redox Cycling of Copper Ions and Generation of Reactive Oxygen Species

Mohd Farhan, Husain Khan, Mohammad Oves, Ahmed Al-Harrasi, Nida Rehmani, Hussain Arif, Sheikh Hadi, Aamir Ahmad
2016 Toxins  
Catechins, the dietary phytochemicals present in green tea and other beverages, are considered to be potent inducers of apoptosis and cytotoxicity to cancer cells. While it is believed that the antioxidant properties of catechins and related dietary agents may contribute to lowering the risk of cancer induction by impeding oxidative injury to DNA, these properties cannot account for apoptosis induction and chemotherapeutic observations. Catechin (C), epicatechin (EC), epigallocatechin (EGC) and
more » ... epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG) are the four major constituents of green tea. In this article, using human peripheral lymphocytes and comet assay, we show that C, EC, EGC and EGCG cause cellular DNA breakage and can alternatively switch to a prooxidant action in the presence of transition metals such as copper. The cellular DNA breakage was found to be significantly enhanced in the presence of copper ions. Catechins were found to be effective in providing protection against oxidative stress induced by tertbutylhydroperoxide, as measured by oxidative DNA breakage in lymphocytes. The prooxidant action of catechins involved production of hydroxyl radicals through redox recycling of copper ions. We also determined that catechins, particularly EGCG, inhibit proliferation of breast cancer cell line MDA-MB-231 leading to a prooxidant cell death. Since it is well established that tissue, cellular and serum copper levels are considerably elevated in various malignancies, cancer cells would be more subject to redox cycling between copper ions and catechins to generate reactive oxygen species (ROS) responsible for DNA breakage. Such a copper dependent prooxidant cytotoxic mechanism better explains the anticancer activity and preferential cytotoxicity of dietary phytochemicals against cancer cells.
doi:10.3390/toxins8020037 pmid:26861392 pmcid:PMC4773790 fatcat:q4h35xad3bha3m4akzadsmbag4


Dr. Reeta Rani, Dr. Muhammad Arif uz Zaman, Dr Abdul Jabbar Mirani, Dr. Ahmed Ali Sheikh
2016 The Professional Medical Journal  
The objective of our study is to determine the surgical outcome, effectiveness and the complications of computer tomography guided drainage of pancreatic abscesses. Study Design: Descriptive case series. Setting: Tertiary care hospital in Karachi Pakistan. Period: Three years from November 2012 to October 2015. Methods: The patient population consisted of all those patients who were diagnosed as a case of pancreatic abscess both clinically and on radiographic analysis, and who had to have the
more » ... mputer tomography guided percutaneous drainage of the abscess. The drained fluid was sent for histopathologic and cytological analysis, and a drain was placed in the pancreatic tissue for further collection of the discharge material. Patients were followed for up to 40 days post operatively, and various complications were noted. Results: The patient population consisted of n=550 patients of acute pancreatitis, out of which n=30 (5.45%) were diagnosed cases of pancreatic abscess, out of these patients n=5 (16.67%) were males and n=25 (83.33%) were females, and the mean age of patients was 44 +/-11 years. In n=24 (80%) of patients the abscess resolved completely in 20 to 40 days. N=5 (20%) of patients had complications and had to undergo laparotomy. Conclusion: According to the results of our study, the computer tomographic guided drainage of the pancreatic abscess is a very safe and effective procedure for the treatment of pancreatic abscess. The rate of complications is low, and patients show swift recovery post operatively.
doi:10.17957/tpmj/16.3336 fatcat:a6gswzoccrcunp3ahqt7gyvney
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