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Identification of Upstream Sequences Essential for Activation of a Bacteriophage P2 Late Promoter

G. E. Christie, D. L. Anders, V. McAlister, T. S. Goodwin, B. Julien, R. Calendar
2003 Journal of Bacteriology  
of the P2 and P4 late promoters.  ...  We have carried out a mutational scan of the upstream region of the bacteriophage P2 FETUD late operon promoter, P F , which spans an element of hyphenated dyad symmetry that is conserved among all six  ...  The four P2 late promoters (2, 3) and the two P4 late promoters (5, 6) share features typical of positively regulated bacterial promoters recognized by RNA polymerase carrying the 70 subunit.  ... 
doi:10.1128/jb.185.15.4609-4614.2003 pmid:12867472 pmcid:PMC165782 fatcat:e6eeqwzv6jeadhzmmmmh3b6dei

Bacteriophage PSP3 and phiR73 activator proteins: analysis of promoter specificities

B Julien, R Calendar
1996 Journal of Bacteriology  
In contrast, the satellite phage activators function better on the four late P2 promoters and on the P4 late leftward promoter.  ...  We purified one activator encoded by a P2-like phage and an activator from a satellite phage and determined their binding sites within the P2 and P4 late promoters.  ...  ACKNOWLEDGMENTS We thank Leonard Bullas, Gail Christie, Elisabeth Haggård-Ljungquist, and Bob Simons for strains and plasmids.  ... 
doi:10.1128/jb.178.19.5668-5675.1996 pmid:8824611 pmcid:PMC178405 fatcat:wvrxqtks3bcfzgjwkzcu5zrau4

Mechanisms of genome propagation and helper exploitation by satellite phage P4

B H Lindqvist, G Dehò, R Calendar
1993 Microbiological reviews  
P4 turns on the expression of helper phage late genes by two mechanisms: derepression of P2 prophage and transactivation of P2 late-gene promoters.  ...  The P4 genome (11,624 bp) and the P2 genome (33.8 kb) share homologous cos sites of 55 bp which are essential for generating 19-bp cohesive ends but are otherwise dissimilar.  ...  about 100 bp downstream ofpl, and shares similarity with P2 and P4 late promoters.  ... 
pmid:8246844 pmcid:PMC372931 fatcat:zrmqvypdxrg6xll4fnkbmj43mq

2. A Novel Function for the Calendar in Add. Ms. 24332 [chapter]

Kathryn M. Rudy
2019 Image, Knife, and Gluepot  
I am grateful to Katharine Ridler, who read the text and suggested useful improvements, and to Emily Savage, who made perspicacious editorial suggestions.  ...  And finally, this work was supported by The Royal Society of Edinburgh with an award of £1000.  ...  Born into a rich family, Francis shed his possessions and preached extreme poverty.  ... 
doi:10.11647/obp.0145.02 fatcat:5uaodon4jnh5hhpe6skfffzcl4

Functions involved in bacteriophage P2-induced host cell lysis and identification of a new tail gene

R Ziermann, B Bartlett, R Calendar, G E Christie
1994 Journal of Bacteriology  
Gene Y encodes a polypeptide with striking similarities to the family of holin proteins exemplified by gpS of phage lambda, and the Yam mutant displayed the expected properties of a holin mutant.  ...  Both orf19 (gene X) and orf20 (gene Y) encode essential functions, whereas orf22 (lysA) and orf23 (lysB) are nonessential.  ...  This work was supported by NIH grant AI-08722 (to R.C.) and by NIH grant GM-34651 and ACS grant MV-566 (to G.E.C.).  ... 
doi:10.1128/jb.176.16.4974-4984.1994 pmid:8051010 pmcid:PMC196335 fatcat:54bohrope5gznlhshsybe3zmiu

The Terminally Redundant, Nonpermuted Genome of Listeria Bacteriophage A511: a Model for the SPO1-Like Myoviruses of Gram-Positive Bacteria

J. Klumpp, J. Dorscht, R. Lurz, R. Bielmann, M. Wieland, M. Zimmer, R. Calendar, M. J. Loessner
2008 Journal of Bacteriology  
High-resolution electron microscopy revealed, for the first time, the presence of long tail fibers organized in a sixfold symmetry in these viruses.  ...  within the host bacterial genus and a strictly virulent lifestyle; (iii) similar morphology, sequence relatedness, and collinearity of the phage genome organization; and (iv) large double-stranded DNA  ...  of Utah) for helpful comments and suggestions.  ... 
doi:10.1128/jb.00461-08 pmid:18567664 pmcid:PMC2519532 fatcat:zqviigvzmzfprnldkakvi253le

Complete nucleotide sequence, molecular analysis and genome structure of bacteriophage A118 of Listeria monocytogenes : implications for phage evolution

Martin J. Loessner, Ross B. Inman, Peter Lauer, Richard Calendar
2000 Molecular Microbiology  
, lysis components, lysogeny control-associated functions and proteins necessary for DNA recombination, modi®cation and replication.  ...  We have also identi®ed the A118 attachment site attP and the corresponding attB in Listeria monocytogenes, and show that site-speci®c integration of the A118 prophage by the A118 integrase occurs into  ...  We are grateful to Siegfried Scherer and Daniel Portnoy for continuous encouragement and support of our work, and to Roger Hendrix for his help in bioinformatic analysis.  ... 
doi:10.1046/j.1365-2958.2000.01720.x pmid:10652093 fatcat:tgy7qsdol5gbvkdslgdvbpoebq

Plano Public Library: Engaging the Community Through Art

Kristin Linscott, Beth Morgan
2017 Marketing Libraries Journal  
Art is essential for expressing cultural identity and promoting the growth of ideas. Plano Public Library embraces art within its organizational vision, utilizing exhibits and participatory art.  ...  Does it go beyond books, databases, and learning resources? How can libraries add value to communities, enhancing quality of life for citizens, young and old?  ...  They also take home with them tangible creative expressions and proudly share them with others, adding a word-of-mouth element to the promotional campaign.  ... 
doaj:03c3a99199534b89b05d94ad31b38979 fatcat:5nt5xiqaqzebniwfusqare6kqy

DNA sequences of the tail fiber genes of bacteriophage P2: evidence for horizontal transfer of tail fiber genes among unrelated bacteriophages

E Haggård-Ljungquist, C Halling, R Calendar
1992 Journal of Bacteriology  
The similarities in the tail fiber genes of phages of different families provide evidence that illegitimate recombination occurs at previously unappreciated levels and that phages are taking advantage  ...  We have determined the DNA sequence of the bacteriophage P2 tail genes G and H, which code for polypeptides of 175 and 669 residues, respectively.  ...  We thank Edouard Kellenberger, Gail Christie, and Rainer Ziermann for helpful discussions; Erich Six for providing phage; and Mel Sunshine, G.  ... 
doi:10.1128/jb.174.5.1462-1477.1992 pmid:1531648 pmcid:PMC206541 fatcat:xe4rj6x4wjabdpewd44vdhmy24

Participatory tools for disaster risk management with children and young people [chapter]

2020 Children and Young People's Participation in Disaster Risk Reduction  
inclusion, symmetry and representation.  ...  The younger children asked their families and/or neighbours about this and then shared what they found out with the group.  ... 
doi:10.51952/9781447354437.ch005 fatcat:kcks3neyijfjpe4olw2h62dwka

Pirates of the Caudovirales

Gail E. Christie, Terje Dokland
2012 Virology  
and spread.  ...  In this review we will summarize and compare the processes that are involved in molecular piracy in these two systems.  ...  Acknowledgments This work was supported by the National Institutes of Health grants R21 AI067654 and R56 AI081837 to G.E.C.; R21 AI071982 and R01 AI083255 to T.D.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.virol.2012.10.028 pmid:23131350 pmcid:PMC3518693 fatcat:i5okkr75vfhblojomse6i5e6ai

Your time zone or mine?

John C. Tang, Chen Zhao, Xiang Cao, Kori Inkpen
2011 Proceedings of the ACM 2011 conference on Computer supported cooperative work - CSCW '11  
Recent trends in increased work connectivity from home and blurred boundaries between work and home enabled more scheduling flexibility.  ...  The interviews identified the diverse strategies teams used to find time windows to interact, which often included times outside of the normal workday and connecting from home to participate.  ...  ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS We thank the anonymous participants and their institutions for their time in sharing their cross-time zone collaboration experiences with us.  ... 
doi:10.1145/1958824.1958860 dblp:conf/cscw/TangZCI11 fatcat:2gq6qiau7vfmhfkdvzpyepvk4e

Digging beneath the Equality Language: The Influence of the Fatherss Rights Movement on Intimate Partner Violence Public Policy Debates and Family Law Reform

Kelly Alison Behre
2014 Social Science Research Network  
In 2004, a fathers' rights group formed in West Virginia to promote "Truth, Justice, and Equality in Family Law."  ...  The research was at best misguided and confused, and at worst, a deliberate attempt to mislead the public in order to promote a political agenda.  ...  In 2004, a fathers' rights group formed in West Virginia to promote "Truth, Justice, and Equality in Family Law."  ... 
doi:10.2139/ssrn.2397885 fatcat:2kz5cerlsjht5l2wihfsvjxdvu

#publicrelations on Twitter: Pushers, Talkers, Influencers on Spamming PR and Job Hunting

Ana Adi
2015 Romanian Journal of Communications and Public Relations  
In doing so the paper raises important questions about the nature of dialogue and symmetry on social media and their assessment and suggests that further research should explore twitter chats as well as  ...  themes about public relations focusing on association of hashtags and type of messages shared and identifies the most active and most influential users within the issue topic.  ...  In July, other favorites emerge, many related to sports, mirroring the trends and interests and calendars of celebrity and entertainment media.  ... 
doi:10.21018/rjcpr.2015.3.167 fatcat:czi5ysvsjfhfhppqo37pdb3vmy

Knowledge Sharing Strategies between Coffee Farmers and Coffee Research Institute

Elizabeth Kabita, Tom Kwanya, Tabitha Mbenge-Ndiku
2021 International Journal of Management, Knowledge and Learning  
factors that influence knowledge sharing between the farmers and the research institute; and to suggest measures to enhance knowledge sharing between them.  ...  It was also observed that currently, the symmetry of knowledge flow is lopsided since the Coffee Research Institute shares much more than it receives from the farmers.  ...  Malabayabas (2015) explains that family units and meetings are also effective platforms for farming knowledge sharing, diffusion and perpetuation.  ... 
doi:10.53615/2232-5697.10.157-175 fatcat:bmc57aquazbl7iklx656gs7ygq
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