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Warming northward shifting southern limits of the iconic temperate seagrass (Zostera marina)

Shaochun Xu, Yu Zhang, Yi Zhou, Shuai Xu, Shidong Yue, Mingjie Liu, Xiaomei Zhang
2022 iScience  
In China, eelgrass is common along the coast of the northern temperate provinces of Liaoning, Hebei, and Shandong (Xu et al., 2021; Xu et al., 2020; Zheng et al., 2013) .  ...  The sediments were mainly composed of sands (89.50 ± 7.48%) at DS (Xu et al., 2022) .  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.isci.2022.104755 pmid:35958026 pmcid:PMC9357840 fatcat:yp7uur6x2zditihchaoncsnaj4

Enhanced Stretchable and Sensitive Strain Sensor via Controlled Strain Distribution

Huamin Chen, Longfeng Lv, Jiushuang Zhang, Shaochun Zhang, Pengjun Xu, Chuanchuan Li, Zhicheng Zhang, Yuliang Li, Yun Xu, Jun Wang
2020 Nanomaterials  
Stretchable and wearable opto-electronics have attracted worldwide attention due to their broad prospects in health monitoring and epidermal applications. Resistive strain sensors, as one of the most typical and important device, have been the subject of great improvements in sensitivity and stretchability. Nevertheless, it is hard to take both sensitivity and stretchability into consideration for practical applications. Herein, we demonstrated a simple strategy to construct a highly sensitive
more » ... nd stretchable graphene-based strain sensor. According to the strain distribution in the simulation result, highly sensitive planar graphene and highly stretchable crumpled graphene (CG) were rationally connected to effectively modulate the sensitivity and stretchability of the device. For the stretching mode, the device showed a gauge factor (GF) of 20.1 with 105% tensile strain. The sensitivity of the device was relatively high in this large working range, and the device could endure a maximum tensile strain of 135% with a GF of 337.8. In addition, in the bending mode, the device could work in outward and inward modes. This work introduced a novel and simple method with which to effectively monitor sensitivity and stretchability at the same time. More importantly, the method could be applied to other material categories to further improve the performance.
doi:10.3390/nano10020218 pmid:32012691 pmcid:PMC7074966 fatcat:qlg5o6qdgjhwxoelaf37t6xqkq

Multi-mode Tensor Train Factorization with Spatial-spectral Regularization for Remote Sensing Images Recovery [article]

Gaohang Yu, Shaochun Wan, Liqun Qi, Yanwei Xu
2022 arXiv   pre-print
To tackle this issue, Xu et al.  ...  Many real-world data exhibits piecewise smooth prior, however, Xu et al. only consider the low-rank prior. Due to the ability of total variation (TV) to preserve edges [12] , Ji et al.  ... 
arXiv:2205.03380v1 fatcat:acnglwmfc5av7j6pi33atqastm

Cognitive process during program debugging

Shaochun Xu, V. Rajlich
2004 Proceedings of the Third IEEE International Conference on Cognitive Informatics, 2004.  
Program debugging is a critical and complex activity in software engineering. Accurate and fast debugging leads to high quality software and a short time-to-market. Debugging involves a very demanding cognitive process. In a case study, we found all six levels of Bloom's taxonomy of cognitive learning, from "knowledge" through "comprehension", "application", "analysis", "synthesis", and "evaluation". The involvement of the higher levels of Bloom's taxonomy, such as synthesis and evaluation,
more » ... cates that program debugging is a difficult cognitive task. This fact may explain the difference between novices and experts in debugging effectiveness.
doi:10.1109/coginf.2004.1327473 dblp:conf/IEEEicci/XuR04 fatcat:5zjdsmwmubgl7o5o2pcfcy57ei

The conservation and uniqueness of the caspase family in the basal chordate, amphioxus

Liqun Xu, Shaochun Yuan, Jun Li, Jie Ruan, Shengfeng Huang, Manyi Yang, Huiqing Huang, Shangwu Chen, Zhenghua Ren, Anlong Xu
2011 BMC Biology  
The caspase family, which plays a central role in apoptosis in metazoans, has undergone an expansion in amphioxus, increasing to 45 members through domain recombination and shuffling. Results In order to shed light on the conservation and uniqueness of this family in amphioxus, we cloned three representative caspase genes, designated as bbtCaspase-8, bbtCaspase-1/2 and bbtCaspase3-like, from the amphioxus Branchiostoma belcheri tsingtauense. We found that bbtCaspase-8 with conserved protein
more » ... itecture is involved in the Fas-associated death domain-Caspase-8 mediated pro-apoptotic extrinsic pathway, while bbtCaspase3-like may mediate a nuclear apoptotic pathway in amphioxus. Also, bbtCaspase-1/2 can co-localize with bbtFADD2 in the nucleus, and be recruited to the cytoplasm by amphioxus apoptosis associated speck-like proteins containing a caspase recruitment domain, indicating that bbtCaspase-1/2 may serve as a switch between apoptosis and caspase-dependent innate immune response in invertebrates. Finally, amphioxus extrinsic apoptotic pathway related caspases played important roles in early embryogenesis. Conclusions Our study not only demonstrates the conservation of bbtCaspase-8 in apoptosis, but also reveals the unique features of several amphioxus caspases with novel domain architectures arose some 500 million years ago.
doi:10.1186/1741-7007-9-60 pmid:21933445 pmcid:PMC3196919 fatcat:6ta57kxfmvg43ile4rlikziybu

The Library Big Data Research: Status and Directions

Shaochun Xu, Wencai Du, Chunning Wang, Dapeng Liu
2017 International Journal of Software Innovation  
Librariesarewidelyusedbygovernment,universities,researchinstitutes,andthepublicsincethey arestoringandmanagingintellectualassets.Thelibraryinformationdirectlystoredinlibrariesand aboutthepeopleinteractionwithlibrariescanbetransformedintoaccessibledatawhichthenwillbe usedbyresearcherstohelplibrarybetterserveusers.Librariansneedtounderstandhowtotransform, analyze,andpresentdatainordertofacilitatesuchknowledgecreation.Forexample,thechallenges
more » ... accessible.Fortunately,with newandpowerfulanalyticsofbigdata,suchasinformationvisualizationtools,researchers/userscan lookatdatainnewwaysandmineitforinformationtheyintendtohave.Moreover,interactionof usersandstoredinformationhasbeentakenintolibrarian'sconsiderationtoimprovelibraryservice quality.Inthiswork,theauthorsdiscussthecharacteristicsofdatasetsinlibraryandargueagainsta popularconfusionthatdatainvolvedinlibraryresearchisnotbigenough,conductareviewforthe researchworkonlibrarybigdataandthensummarizetheapplicationsandresearchdirectionsin thisfield.ThestatusofbigdataresearchinlibraryinChinaisdiscussed.Thechallengesassociated withitarealsodiscussedandexplored.
doi:10.4018/ijsi.2017070106 fatcat:6jchyzuaabanpahmhkuhxsc25e

Parallel Microdispensing Method of High-Viscous Liquid Based on Electrostatic Force

Zheng Xu, Shaochun Qin, Yu Yu, Xiaodong Wang, Junshan Liu, Wenxin He
2022 Micromachines  
Parallel microdispensing of high-viscous liquid is a fundamental task in many industrial processes. Herein, a smart printing head is developed, including the probe array, the electric control module, the contact force measurement module, and the extra force balance module. The parallel dispensing of high-viscous liquid in nL level is achieved. The interacting effect between probes on the loading process is analyzed too. According to the result, the interacting effect between probes has a strong
more » ... influence on the loading process. Therefore, the strategy of serial electrical loading and parallel transfer printing is utilized. Finally, the dependency of transfer printing volume on probe size, etc., is experimentally investigated. The volume of the loaded droplet can be controlled by the lifting velocity of the probe array, and the volume of the transferred droplet can be adjusted by the size of the probe instead of the contact force. The advantage of the proposed method is to realize the highly repeatable parallel dispensing of high-viscous liquid with a relatively simple device.
doi:10.3390/mi13040545 pmid:35457850 pmcid:PMC9027859 fatcat:rztk4im3p5hzrk3o5sxk7uzwyi

Protective Mechanism of Silane on Concrete upon Marine Exposure

Shaochun Li, Wenjuan Zhang, Jun Liu, Dongshuai Hou, Yongjuan Geng, Xu Chen, Yan Gao, Zuquan Jin, Bing Yin
2019 Coatings  
Due to the high chloride ion concentration in marine environments, chloride ions can penetrate into concrete, along with the transportation of water molecules, and thus, cause rebar corrosion. This is an important reason for the decrease in the concrete durability. In this paper, by means of the sol–gel synthesis method, a silane emulsion, a silane compound emulsion, and silane compound gel were prepared by using isobutyl triethoxysilane and ethyl orthosilicate (TEOS) as the main raw materials.
more » ... These silane materials were coated on a concrete surface and then placed in the marine exposure sites of Wheat Island, in Qingdao, for one year. The results show that these silane materials can effectively inhibit the chloride ions transporting in concrete. Upon the increase of the exposure time, the protection ability of the silane emulsion declined gradually, while the silane compound emulsion had stable protective effects. In comparison with the permeability coefficient of chloride ions in the blank test block, the permeability coefficient of chloride ions in the test block coated with the silane emulsion, the composition of silane emulsion, and silane compound gel fell off around 20%, 30%, and 50%, respectively. The test results indicate that the three kinds of protective materials have good inhibition abilities against chloride ion transportation, on which the compound gel had the best effect.
doi:10.3390/coatings9090558 fatcat:56xor3p7obenjc3ubremkrrlua

Optimal long-term seed storage conditions for the endangered seagrass Zostera japonica: implications for habitat conservation and restoration

Shidong Yue, Yu Zhang, Yi Zhou, Shaochun Xu, Shuai Xu, Xiaomei Zhang, Ruiting Gu
2019 Plant Methods  
Especially, Xu et al. [64] reported that Z. marina seeds in Swan Lake had a 9-month dormancy period, whereas in Hui-Quan Bay, only a 4-month dormancy period.  ...  Seed viability in Ruppia sinensis is negatively correlated with seed moisture content [17] , also, Xu et al. [62] observes the same correlation in Z. marina.  ... 
doi:10.1186/s13007-019-0541-6 pmid:31889982 pmcid:PMC6931247 fatcat:jlaidfzirrcrfewq34wtr542q4

Characterization of bbtTICAM from amphioxus suggests the emergence of a MyD88-independent pathway in basal chordates

Manyi Yang, Shaochun Yuan, Shengfeng Huang, Jun Li, Liqun Xu, Huiqing Huang, Xin Tao, Jian Peng, Anlong Xu
2011 Cell Research  
The MyD88-independent pathway, one of the two crucial TLR signaling routes, is thought to be a vertebrate innovation. However, a novel Toll/interleukin-1 receptor (TIR) adaptor, designated bbtTICAM, which was identified in the basal chordate amphioxus, links this pathway to invertebrates. The protein architecture of bbtTICAM is similar to that of vertebrate TICAM1 (TIR-containing adaptor molecule-1, also known as TRIF), while phylogenetic analysis based on the TIR domain indicated that bbtTICAM
more » ... is the oldest ortholog of vertebrate TICAM1 and TICAM2 (TIR-containing adaptor molecule-2, also known as TRAM). Similar to human TICAM1, bbtTICAM activates NF-κB in a MyD88-independent manner by interacting with receptor interacting protein (RIP) via its RHIM motif. Such activation requires bbtTICAM to form homodimers in endosomes, and it may be negatively regulated by amphioxus SARM (sterile α and armadillo motif-containing protein) and TRAF2. However, bbtTICAM did not induce the production of type I interferon. Thus, our study not only presents the ancestral features of vertebrate TICAM1 and TI-CAM2, but also reveals the evolutionary origin of the MyD88-independent pathway from basal chordates, which will aid in understanding the development of the vertebrate TLR network.
doi:10.1038/cr.2011.156 pmid:21931360 pmcid:PMC3193451 fatcat:3rfwiwyxxve7xoqc6l7gsdn5eu

Functional Characterization of a Ficolin-mediated Complement Pathway in Amphioxus

Huiqing Huang, Shengfeng Huang, Yingcai Yu, Shaochun Yuan, Rui Li, Xin Wang, Hongchen Zhao, Yanhong Yu, Jun Li, Manyi Yang, Liqun Xu, Shangwu Chen (+1 others)
2011 Journal of Biological Chemistry  
The ficolin-mediated complement pathway plays an important role in vertebrate immunity, but it is not clear whether this pathway exists in invertebrates. Here we identified homologs of ficolin pathway components from the cephalochordate amphioxus and investigated whether they had been co-opted into a functional ficolin pathway. Four of these homologs, ficolin FCN1, serine protease MASP1 and MASP3, and complement component C3, were highly expressed in mucosal tissues and gonads, and were
more » ... antly up-regulated following bacterial infection. Recombinant FCN1 could induce hemagglutination, discriminate among sugar components, and specifically recognize and aggregate several bacteria (especially Gram-positive strains) without showing bactericidal activity. This suggested that FCN1 is a dedicated pattern-recognition receptor. Recombinant serine protease MASP1/3 formed complexes with recombinant FCN1 and facilitated the activation of native C3 protein in amphioxus humoral fluid, in which C3 acted as an immune effector. We conclude that amphioxus have developed a functional ficolin-complement pathway. Because ficolin pathway components have not been reported in non-chordate species, our findings supported the idea that this pathway may represent a chordate-specific innovation in the evolution of the complement system. PAGE 25599: On the y axis in panel A of Fig. 6 , the measurement for serum TG should be mg/dL (not g/mL), and on the y axis in panel B, the measurement for liver TG should be nmol/mg tissue (not mmol/mg tissue). The corrected figure is presented below. Authors are urged to introduce these corrections into any reprints they distribute. Secondary (abstract) services are urged to carry notice of these corrections as prominently as they carried the original abstracts.
doi:10.1074/jbc.m111.245944 pmid:21832079 pmcid:PMC3196118 fatcat:tyyupo53mfbr5byj6azlq4qazq

Functional Conservation and Innovation of Amphioxus RIP1-Mediated Signaling in Cell Fate Determination

Jun Li, Shaochun Yuan, Lin Qi, Shengfeng Huang, Guangrui Huang, Manyi Yang, Liqun Xu, Yuxin Li, Renwei Zhang, Yingcai Yu, Shangwu Chen, Anlong Xu
2011 Journal of Immunology  
Xu, unpublished observations).  ... 
doi:10.4049/jimmunol.1100816 pmid:21911601 fatcat:5wjufuknxjaj3ibehj5vv65oju

The development and evaluation of Chinese digital science and technology museum

Shaochun Dong, Xiaoqi Wang, Shijin Xu, Gangshan Wu, Hongwei Yin
2011 Journal of Cultural Heritage  
There has been a considerable increase in the needs for implementation of multimedia representation technology into the museum field to develop online exhibitions and enhance museum educational functions. China Digital Science and Technology Museum (CDSTM) is such an emerging effort in this field. The purpose of CDSTM is to provide solutions to issues of unbalanced museum distribution, exhibition space limitation in China and seeking more ways to offer diverse and multimedia-rich exhibitions.
more » ... is paper addresses the application of incorporating innovative and rapid digital technology in digital science and technology oriented museum development in China. Three modes of online exhibitions have been developed to emphasize user experiences through extensive application of animation and virtual reality technologies. CDSTM's e-learning functionality in promotion of scientific literacy in the public and enhancement of formal school science curriculum is also discussed. In addition, evaluation on users' expectation and satisfaction is conducted to identify perception based on questionnaire and web logs. The feedbacks indicate that CDSTM has positive impacts on mitigating traditional science and technology museum challenges, and has the potential to promote science education and science literacy in public as well.
doi:10.1016/j.culher.2010.10.003 fatcat:ze6wgpcfgfabjin66dq6lo5omq

Effect of SiO2 Sol/Silane Emulsion in Reducing Water and Chloride Ion Penetration in Concrete

Yongjuan Geng, Shaochun Li, Dongshuai Hou, Xu Chen, Zuquan Jin
2020 Coatings  
Here, a new concrete hydrophobic treatment method is developed using SiO2 sol and silane emulsion. The effectiveness of the modification for concrete protection is evaluated through testing water absorption and chloride diffusion. Two types of concrete with different strength grades (C40, C50) are used as the research object. The results show that the water capillary absorption coefficient and chloride ion diffusion coefficient of concrete decrease greatly under the protection of SiO2 sol and
more » ... lane emulsion. Additionally, the protection effect is better with the increase of SiO2 consumption. Contact angle test results reveal that when the coating amount of SiO2 sol and silane emulsion is 300 g/m2, respectively, the contact angle reaches 150.2°, indicating the concrete (C40) surface reaches the superhydrophobic state. Through scanning electron microscope (SEM) observation, it is found that the hydrophobic effect of the SiO2 sol/silane emulsion is mainly due to the change in the surface morphology of concrete (C40).
doi:10.3390/coatings10070682 fatcat:eblol6tcl5ghhjyz75dygws7le

Dynamic Knowledge Distillation for Black-box Hypothesis Transfer Learning [article]

Yiqin Yu, Xu Min, Shiwan Zhao, Jing Mei, Fei Wang, Dongsheng Li, Kenney Ng, Shaochun Li
2020 arXiv   pre-print
In real world applications like healthcare, it is usually difficult to build a machine learning prediction model that works universally well across different institutions. At the same time, the available model is often proprietary, i.e., neither the model parameter nor the data set used for model training is accessible. In consequence, leveraging the knowledge hidden in the available model (aka. the hypothesis) and adapting it to a local data set becomes extremely challenging. Motivated by this
more » ... situation, in this paper we aim to address such a specific case within the hypothesis transfer learning framework, in which 1) the source hypothesis is a black-box model and 2) the source domain data is unavailable. In particular, we introduce a novel algorithm called dynamic knowledge distillation for hypothesis transfer learning (dkdHTL). In this method, we use knowledge distillation with instance-wise weighting mechanism to adaptively transfer the "dark" knowledge from the source hypothesis to the target domain.The weighting coefficients of the distillation loss and the standard loss are determined by the consistency between the predicted probability of the source hypothesis and the target ground-truth label.Empirical results on both transfer learning benchmark datasets and a healthcare dataset demonstrate the effectiveness of our method.
arXiv:2007.12355v2 fatcat:hgg7hn6j6bblxb7gm5d4ljapai
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