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Abdul Hafeez Shaikh, Shaheen Ahmed, Sadia Siddique, Noureen Iqbal, Syed Mohd. Umer Hasan, Syed Jaffar Abbas Zaidi, Anwar Ali
2019 The Professional Medical Journal  
Objectives: Oral Submucous Fibrosis is a chronic, high risk, debilitating, pre-cancerous oral condition that is prevalent in Southeast Asian consumers of areca nut. This study was conducted to determine regarding gender specificity with relation to stages of OSF and medical & surgical treatment modalities. Setting: OSF patients treated at Oral Surgery clinics of Dow International Medical College, Dow University of Health Sciences. Period: From January 2016 to November 2017. Design of Study:
more » ... s-sectional Hospital based study. Materials & Methods: Patients were divided into four groups based on their clinical presentations according to Khanna JN and Andrade NN classification. Two groups were divided based on treatment modalities. First group comprised of patients treated conservatively with medications and physiotherapy while the second group comprised of patients treated surgically. Results: Out of 225 patients treated with OSF, 88% of them were males while 12% were females with male to female ratio of 7:1. As per Khanna & Andrade classification, 9.7% belonged to group II, while 34.6% belonged to III and 55.5% of OSF patients belonged to IV-A. 56.8% of patients were treated conservatively while 43.1% were treated surgically. In the group of patients treated surgically, majority 84.6% of patients were treated with buccal fat pad while only 15.4% has nasolabial flap surgery performed. Conclusion: Statistical significant difference male preponderance in OSF disease severity was observed as compared to women in this sample of Pakistani population reporting to tertiary care hospital. A holistic approach should be undertaken with public health policies in place to discourage the use of areca nut products with or without tobacco and lower the burden of OSF in the general population.
doi:10.29309/tpmj/2019.26.02.3100 fatcat:kbo47o56vjg63kn4kjeeua7gwm

Evaluation of Nursing Students' Perceptions about Learning Environment

Maira Shaheen, Syed Amir Gilani
2020 Zenodo  
Shaheen et al. 527 Significance The main focus of my study is primarily based on nursing students.  ...  Educational environment is a platform in which the learner learns within the organization and gain knowledge (Shaheen et al., 2019) .  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.3596655 fatcat:wea657bgsbgxpp6ei3txaqa6va

Supplements S3 from Interdisciplinary optimism? Sentiment analysis of Twitter data

Charlotte Teresa Weber, Shaheen Syed
2019 Figshare  
Contains all supplementary text, figures, and tables.
doi:10.6084/m9.figshare.9165719.v1 fatcat:sdhhhgmdnfeb3jbsoqvnx5qdfu


Muhammad Luqman Farrukh Nagi, Shafia Manan, Arjumand Shaheen, Maheer Amjad, Maryam Farooq, Syed Tehseen Haider Kazmi
2018 The Professional Medical Journal  
Chronic Liver Disease is frequently related with psychiatricco morbidity disorders like depression and anxiety. Psychological disorders are a directmanifestation of Hepatitis C infection. Objectives: The objective was to assess the frequency ofdepression among patients of CLD presenting to the Shalamar Hospital, Lahore a tertiary careprivate institution. Study Design: Cross-sectional study. Setting: Shalamar Hospital Lahore,Pakistan a tertiary care private institution. Period: Four months
more » ... (June till September2015). Methods: It was carried out on a convenience sample of 200 patients admitted inShalamar Hospital, Lahore. The HADS questionnaire was used to assess the frequency ofdepression among the patients suffering from chronic Liver Diseases. The selected participantswere meticulously briefed and signed informed consent was acquired. Selected patients werefurther comprehensively briefed about the study and confidentiality, anonymity and privacy ofthe participants was preserved. Ethical approval was sought from Institutional Ethical ReviewBoard of Shalamar Institute of Health Sciences. The data entry and statistical analyses weredone using SPSS version 20. Results: The response rate was 97%. Amongst all, 53% (n =102) were males and 47% (n = 91) were females. About 80% (n = 155) were married whereas 20% (n = 38) were unmarried. Among all patients of chronic liver disease 65% (n = 124)were positive for Hepatitis C Virus Antibody, while 25% (n = 49) were positive for Hepatitis BS Antigen. Of all the participants 32% (n = 61) received blood transfusions and almost 58% (n= 111) had a close family member who suffered from Hepatitis C. About 53% (n = 102) of thepatients were suffering from borderline or clinical depression (p < .000), whereas 56% (n = 108)of the participants suffered from borderline or clinical anxiety (p < .000). Conclusion: Patientssuffering chronically with Hepatitis C have higher than normal occurrence of depression andanxiety symptoms.
doi:10.29309/tpmj/18.4824 fatcat:yjtadph5cbhb7avdaomrvn4lpy

Interdisciplinary optimism? Sentiment analysis of Twitter data

Charlotte Teresa Weber, Shaheen Syed
2019 Royal Society Open Science  
s GitHub page at Twitter-Sentiment-Analysis. R.  ... 
doi:10.1098/rsos.190473 pmid:31417745 pmcid:PMC6689644 fatcat:tfbm6fyx5befholw3ijb2527qy

Efficient removal of norfloxacin by MOF@GO composite: isothermal, kinetic, statistical, and mechanistic study

Naseem Ahmad Khan, Salma Shaheen, Tayyaba Najam, Syed Shoaib Ahmad Shah, Muhammad Sufyan Javed, Muhammad Altaf Nazir, Ejaz Hussain, Asma Shaheen, Shahid Hussain, Muhammad Ashfaq
In this paper, the facile synthesis of graphene oxide and MOF based composite material for the demanded adsorption of leading antibiotic is reported. The adsorbent showed good results for removal of norfloxacin with high adsorption capacity (1114.82 mg/g) and removal efficiency (93.61 %). In addition, Langmuir model proved most suitable with highest value of R2 = 0.99929 among three applied isothermal models. The thermodynamic study showed spontaneous and exothermic (ΔH = −1.1×10−5 Kj/ mol, ΔG
more » ... −13324.33 Kj/ mol) nature of adsorption process with reusability of 88.4 % after several cycles. Moreover, statistical analysis and mechanistic study were also performed.HIGHLIGHTSSynthesis of graphene oxide and MOF based composite materialHigh surface area, void spaces, open metal sites, and tunable morphology.Adsorption of leading antibiotic (norfloxacin).MOF/GO composite with high water stability and reuseability.Isothermal, kinetic, statistical and mechanistic study. Synthesis of graphene oxide and MOF based composite material High surface area, void spaces, open metal sites, and tunable morphology. Adsorption of leading antibiotic (norfloxacin). MOF/GO composite with high water stability and reuseability. Isothermal, kinetic, statistical and mechanistic study.
doi:10.6084/m9.figshare.12905757.v1 fatcat:3dnxa3mp4bgkpkwhnn2agil2y4


Usman Ashraf, Shaheen Ahmed, Abdul Hafeez Shaikh, Noureen Iqbal, Syed Jaffar Abbas Zaidi, Umer Hasan, Anwar Ali
2019 The Professional Medical Journal  
This study was conducted tocompare treatment outcomes of condylar fracture fixation usingeither single or double non-compressive mini plates. Study Design: Interventional study. Setting: Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Dr. IshratulIbad Khan Institute of Oral Health Sciences, Dow University of Health Sciences. Period: July 2017 till December 2017. Materials and Methods: A total of 30 participants were selected and randomly divided into 2 groups, each consisting of 15
more » ... tients treated with a single non-compression miniplate were placed in group 1, while those patients whose fractures were reduced and fixed by double non-compression mini plates were placed in group 2. Outcomes assessed were intraoperative time, deviation on mouth opening, malocclusion, plate bending, function of facial muscles and the relative cost of implants. Results: Out of a total of thirty patients, it was observed that those patients who were randomly assigned group 2 had better treatment outcomes and less complications as compared to the other group. Three patients with malocclusion were seen in group 1 compared with only a single case seen in group 2. Greater number of plate bending with susceptibility to plate fracture was also observed in Group 1. Conclusion: It can thus be concluded that using two plates for condylar fracture represents a more stable and sustainable solution with less complications in providing osteosynthesis.
doi:10.29309/tpmj/2019.26.03.3238 fatcat:2q5ujspsuvgrlb5hes4cvzmuky

Technology Enhanced Formative Assessment for Students' Motivation in Mathematics at Elementary Level

Abida Shaheen, Dr Farhana Khurshid, Dr Muhammad Saeed Khan
2020 Sir Syed Journal of Education & Social Research (SJESR)  
Technology Enhanced Formative Assessment (TEFA) is an advanced and evidence-based pedagogical approach for science and mathematics teaching using a classroom response system. Question-driven instruction, dialogical discourse, formative assessment, and meta-level communication are four core principles on which TEFA is built upon. These are implemented through a question cycle in the classroom. Eight weeks duration intervention study was carried out in two urban high schools, one from each
more » ... (i.e., boys and girls) using a non-equivalent comparison group quasi-experimental design on a sample of 183 participants. The study participants included 42 girls and 47 boys in the experimental group, whereas 54 girls and 40 boys in the control group from the 8th-grade mathematics class. Students' mathematics motivation survey using IMI (i.e., intrinsic motivation inventory) was used to measure students' mathematics learning motivation levels. Two-way ANOVA was conducted to assess the motivation level of the students. Analysis of the results showed that the experimental group motivation level was significantly higher than the control group.
doi:10.36902/sjesr-vol3-iss3-2020(335-344) fatcat:spzfskgkcjgmzoevdw7h7f3oaq

Near-orthogonal randomized space-time block codes for multi-hop cooperative networks

Sidra Shaheen Syed, Syed Ali Hassan, Sajid Ali
2015 2015 International Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing Conference (IWCMC)  
In this paper, near-orthogonal random space-time block codes (STBCs) are used to design near-orthogonal channels to transmit information independently in a fully opportunistic multi-hop strip-shaped cooperative wireless network. This opportunistic large array (OLA) network is considered to have fixed hop boundaries having constant node density and operating on decode-and-forward (DF) relaying mode. To deal with random number of DF nodes, in each hop, directional statistical concepts are used
more » ... the randomization of underlying deterministic STBC letting each node to transmit linear combination of symbols or STBC columns. The transmissions are modeled stochastically with Markov chain. Network performance is evaluated on the basis of one-hop success probability and coverage for different number of nodes per hop, and dimensions of STBCs. Index Terms-Space-time block codes (STBCs), near orthogonality, cooperative network, opportunistic large array network (OLA), diversity, success probability, coverage. 978-1-4799-5344-8/15/$31.00 ©2015 IEEE
doi:10.1109/iwcmc.2015.7289192 dblp:conf/iwcmc/SyedHA15 fatcat:fk6322a6tjdmhcox6gpfjxbzvy


Shaheen Ahmed, Reema Viqar Usmani, Abdul Hafeez Shaikh, Noureen Iqbal, Syed Muhammad Umer Hassan, Anwar Ali
2018 The Professional Medical Journal  
Maxillofacial trauma is a regularly reported occurrence in theemergency room. Of all maxillofacial injuries worldwide, the mandible is the most commonlyinvolved facial bone, with etiologies ranging from assaults and interpersonal violence to RTAs.Objectives: We aim to identify the patterns of incidence, etiology, age groups, anatomicallocation and gender in mandibular fractures in the population of Karachi, Pakistan. StudyDesign: Observational cross sectional study. Setting: Dow International
more » ... ntal College. Period:January 2012 – September 2017. Materials and Methods: Informed consent was obtainedalong with a comprehensive history; a systematic clinical examination was supplemented byradiographs of the face as required to confirm the presence of fractures. Statistical analysis wasdone using SPSS v.21. Results: Over 5 years, an overall 156 patients sustained 250 fractures ofthe mandible. Most affected gender was male, the age group was 20-30 years, most commoncause was Road Traffic Accidents and site was the parasymphysis. Conclusion: Mandibularfractures have a higher incidence in young males driving motorbikes or cars. More rigorouslegislative action and community awareness is required to lessen the rate of mandibularfractures in Karachi, Pakistan.
doi:10.29309/tpmj/18.4574 fatcat:lopuxrif55acfanhf4oio7xu4y

Mapping the global network of fisheries science collaboration

Shaheen Syed, Lia ní Aodha, Callum Scougal, Marco Spruit
2019 Fish and Fisheries  
O RCI D Shaheen Syed R E FE R E N C E S APPENDIX 1 The complete list of journals covered by the fisheries category as defined by the SCIE 2016-2017.  ...  | 831 SYED Et al. fisheries have not been an exception.  ... 
doi:10.1111/faf.12379 fatcat:2ow3fywlhjcrxe2asmrukm6vtu

Pharmacological basis for the medicinal use of Psidium guajava leave in hyperactive gut disorders

Abdul Jabbar Shah, Sabira Begum, Syed Imran Hassan, Syed Nawazish Ali, Bina Shaheen Siddiqui, Anwarul-Hassan Gilani
2011 Bangladesh Journal of Pharmacology  
Psidium guajava L. is reputed for its medicinal use in hyperactive gut disorders. This study was aimed to investigate mechanism responsible for its medicinal use in diarrhea and gut spasm. In castor oil-induced diarrheal model, the crude extract of P. guajava (100-1,000 mg/kg), provided 20.5-81.1% protection, similar to loperamide. In isolated rabbit jejunum preparations, crude extract was found more potent against high K + than spontaneous precontractions, similar to verapamil, with EC50
more » ... of 0.7 (0.4-1.0; n = 8) and 2.3 mg/mL (1.4-3.6; n = 8), respectively, suggests calcium channel blocking activity, as a possible mode of action. The Ca ++ channel blocking activity was further confirmed when pre-treatment of tissue with crude extract (0.3-1 mg/ mL) caused a rightward shift in the Ca ++ concentration-response curves, similar to verapamil. Loperamide also inhibited spontaneous and high K +induced contractions and shifted the Ca ++ curves to the right. These data indicate that crude extract of P. guajava possesses Ca ++ antagonist-like constituent(s), which explain its inhibitory effect on gut motility. Article Info
doi:10.3329/bjp.v6i2.8692 fatcat:tfw4oky6hfhypce6527ovl6b3m


Syed Muhammad Ali Shah, Shaheen Akhtar, Fozia Bibi
2021 Margalla papers  
Bibliography Entry Shah, Syed Muhammad Ali, Shaheen Akhtar, and Fozia Bibi. 2021. "Global Warming Challenges and Tactical Ramifications: Addressing Ecological Security Concerns."  ...  Syed Muhammad Ali Shah, Shaheen Akhtar and Fozia Bibi Margalla Papers-2021 (Issue-I) [12] [13] [14] [15] [16] [17] [18] [19] [20] [21] [22]  ... 
doi:10.54690/margallapapers.25.1.47 fatcat:zw5fw3nm5jbdrj6jwl2p26x3z4

Measurement of Women's Effect on Migration

Shayesta Gull, Syed Sabahat Shaheen
2021 Integrated Journal for Research in Arts and Humanities  
The most often utilised approach to migration research has traditionally focused on movement of persons because of economic mobility. Improving the financial status of migrants and having an influence on their socioeconomic status is just as crucial, but when it comes to analysing the effects of migration, it does not truly enhance the economic and social standing of the migrants. This paper compiles the many ways in which people of various demographics are burdened by migration, including the
more » ... ocial isolation and constrained mobility that it causes, and the ramifications of this confinement for migrant women, specifically the propensity to stay inside their homes and rise up the social ladder. Other subjects touched on in the study include the different effects that shape migrant women's perspectives, with a focus on matters beyond their initial choice and those brought on by social and political environments.
doi:10.55544/ijrasb.1.1.3 fatcat:t4qpru4og5erng2tw6viwmnttm

A qualitative study of user perceptions of mobile health apps

Wei Peng, Shaheen Kanthawala, Shupei Yuan, Syed Ali Hussain
2016 BMC Public Health  
SY contributed to design, data collection and analysis, and writing of the results section. SAH contributed to data collection and analysis, and writing of the methods section.  ... 
doi:10.1186/s12889-016-3808-0 pmid:27842533 pmcid:PMC5109835 fatcat:xj7dtsftt5h4dk3nx6bb3suydu
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