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Getting Started with Cloud Computing: A LITA Guide

Ginny M. Boyer
2012 Journal of the Medical Library Association  
Generating an RSA Key Pair and the Instance Type.  ...  Generating the RSA key pair will download a file with a .PEM (privacy enhanced mail) extension (see Figure 10 .3).  ...  At $19 a month, subscribers can get the basic plan for 10 GB, and for $49 a month there is the professional plan for 30 GB.  ... 
doi:10.3163/1536-5050.100.4.019 fatcat:do6p6vw3jfd2bld3ys2xewx26a

IJMLNCE Editorial Note Volume No 03, Issue No 04

Shivani Agarwal, Manju Khari, Prakash Singh Tanwar
2020 International Journal of Machine Learning and Networked Collaborative Engineering  
In the world of computer networking, cloud computing makes a technical shift in computing services being provided locally to being provided remotely by third-party service providers.  ...  The cloud computing definition is still not clear in a huge portion, as of the extent of security threats and the broad expanse of virtual information being distributed over the unsecured area.  ...  The integration of these technology trends in the public sector is the elixir for infinite issues such as lack of resources and allocation of the public spending on buying new tools for the business continuation  ... 
doi:10.30991/ijmlnce.2019v03i04 fatcat:bmorqooalrarvks6wj6v46sxh4

Secure Processors Part I: Background, Taxonomy for Secure Enclaves and Intel SGX Architecture

Victor Costan, Ilia Lebedev, Srinivas Devadas
2017 Foundations and Trends® in Electronic Design Automation  
The preferred citation for this publication is V. Costan, I. Lebedev, and S. Devadas. Secure Processors Part I: Background, Taxonomy for Secure Enclaves and Intel SGX Architecture.  ...  Seriously, get off my cloud! cross-VM RSA key recovery in a public cloud. Cryptology ePrint Archive, Report 2015/898, 2015. Intel R Processor Serial Number. Intel Corporation, Mar 1999.  ...  Loader Manufacturer Builds Trusts Trusted Platform Secure Container Data Owner's Computer Initial State Public Code + Data Key exchange: B, g A Shared key: K = g AB Key exchange:  ... 
doi:10.1561/1000000051 fatcat:o6cophpzovdd3mgzqfcxqf5jeu

Automatic License Plate Recognition using OpenCV

Pratiksha Jain, Neha Chopra, Vaishali Gupta
2014 International Journal of Computer Applications Technology and Research  
Automatic License Plate Recognition system is a real time embedded system which automatically recognizes the license plate of vehicles.  ...  Messages encrypted with the public key can only be decrypted in a reasonable amount of time using the private key.  ...  and that never permits secure information to cross the organization's firewall in hybrid cloud.  ... 
doi:10.7753/ijcatr0312.1001 fatcat:ystj5xcmxnf2hg5fwp2lsvp5ny

Improving trust in cloud, enterprise, and mobile computing platforms [article]

Nuno Miguel Carvalho Santos, Universität Des Saarlandes, Universität Des Saarlandes
Such a loss of trust could occur in important computing platforms, namely cloud, enterprise, and mobile platforms.  ...  First and foremost, I am grateful to my advisor Rodrigo Rodrigues. To work with him has been a real pleasure and a fantastic learning experience.  ...  AIK of TPMs, public RSA keys of organizations and individuals).  ... 
doi:10.22028/d291-25366 fatcat:lprbelewircbfnerabtey2ua2y

List of Contributors [chapter]

Shibakali Gupta, Indradip Banerjee, Siddhartha Bhattacharyya
2019 Big Data Security  
The employer then appoints the OIBID of a person applying for a job and the public key in the application.  ...  What extent of access they have to my data? What around the financial info? How much easily hackers can access my data? Will all of that be whipped by hackers to siphon off money from my account?  ...  The secure coding in a different language may fluctuate; encryption protocols are singular as per requirement.  ... 
doi:10.1515/9783110606058-202 fatcat:3jtqdtgsavas7n3vxrtbrkdbdy

Chasing the AIDS virus

Thomas Lengauer, André Altmann, Alexander Thielen, Rolf Kaiser
2010 Communications of the ACM  
The authors find that, surprisingly, their filter-based gist is rather good at predicting the number of instances of a given object category that might be present in the scene, as well as their likely  ...  All errors and omissions are my own (though of course I faced constraints on length and number of citations).  ...  The public key in e † consists of a sequence of public keys (pk 1 , …, pk +1 ) and a chain of encrypted secret keys sk 1 , ..., sk  , where sk i is encrypted under pk i+1 .  ... 
doi:10.1145/1666420.1666440 fatcat:o2qllqh4tzhh5dzgvnjewl52vq

Applying Software Assurance Concepts to the Cloud Developers must understand their attack surface and threat environment to ensure that they have focused on "building security into" their applications

Crosstalk Navair, Jeff Schwalb, Joe Jarzombek, Smxg Karl, Rogers Publisher, Justin Hill, Article Coordinator, Lynne Wade, Managing Director, David Erickson, Randall Brooks, John Whited
eroded trust boundaries, and the possibility of malevolent neighbors in your public cloud.  ...  For providers, the FedRAMP performs oversight of continuous monitoring, and allows vendors to participate in a single risk management process, share compatible requirements, and a consistent assessment  ...  He received his Ph.D. in computer science from Purdue University.  ... 

Hints and Principles for Computer System Design [article]

Butler Lampson
2021 arXiv   pre-print
This new long version of my 1983 paper suggests the goals you might have for your system -- Simple, Timely, Efficient, Adaptable, Dependable, Yummy (STEADY) -- and techniques for achieving them -- Approximate  ...  Thus to answer questions like, "What is the public key for," you trust a statement from that says, "The public key for is , valid through 3/15/2020  ...  Now VMs are the backbone of cloud computing. • For many years multiprocessors were slower than spending the same amount to make a single processor faster.  ... 
arXiv:2011.02455v3 fatcat:jolyz5lknjdbpjpxjcrx5rh6fa

Dagstuhl Reports, Volume 2, Issue 11, November 2012, Complete Issue [article]

The first part of this talk presents an initial case study, in which we combine existing tools for static cache analysis [2, 1] with a novel counting procedure for cache states.  ...  We provide a novel set of such abstract domains that cover all kinds of adversary models that are typically considered in the literature, namely: access-based, trace-based, and time-based.  ...  in third-party public clouds.  ... 
doi:10.4230/dagrep.2.11 fatcat:rptzxpnrmzdbrmrrgehfnggq2u

Online) International Journal of Network Security is published both in traditional paper form (ISSN 1816-353X) and in Internet

Min-Shiang Hwang, Shu-Fen Chiou, Chia-Chun Wu, Cheng-Yi Yang, Ajith Abraham, Korea, Wael Adi, Iqbal Sheikh, Ahamed, Vijay Atluri, Mauro Barni, Andrew Blyth (+77 others)
2017 International Journal of Network Security   unpublished
As far as the authentication ability is concerned, our scheme explores a two-stage authentication: the first uses a sub-key to pass identity authentication, and the second performs tamper authentication  ...  Benefiting from the comparatively slight modification to the cover image, our scheme obtains enhancement in both the security of secret data and the visual quality of the stego image.  ...  In Acknowledgement The authors would like to thank the anonymous reviewers for their useful comments.  ... 

Dagstuhl Reports, Volume 3, Issue 09, September 2013, Complete Issue [article]

In the context of the Smart Grid, network overlays can play a key role, for enabling the management of resources in an adaptive fashion.  ...  We developed a template library that provides TBB-like parallel patterns that are executed in a hybrid fashion on the host and one or more Xeon Phi coprocessors simultaneously.  ...  On the other part, we assume that each application in the IaaS Cloud comes as a set of services running as Virtual Machines (VMs) on top of the set of PMs.  ... 
doi:10.4230/dagrep.3.9 fatcat:oilweqoffjbx7bjnxvg6vorrzu

Addressing Energy Efficiency in System Design: A Journey From Architecture to Operation

Eoin Woods
The work commences with an investigation into formal architectural description languages, through a literature review and a case study, resulting in two research contributions, namely a comprehensive systematic  ...  survey of architecture description languages from 1991 to 2015, and a case study of practical ADL use at scale in industry.  ...  You've been a strong, calm and knowledgeable guide through this complex, and at times intimidating, process.  ... 
doi:10.15123/pub.7951 fatcat:sbm32jrkpzbixgb7j7ate566ie

Proceedings of the Seminars Future Internet (FI), Innovative Internet Technologies and Mobile Communications (IITM) and Autonomous Communication Networks (ACN), Summer Semester 2013 [article]

Georg Carle, Marc-Oliver Pahl, Daniel Raumer, Lukas Schwaighofer, Uwe Baumgarten, Christoph Söllner, Chair For Network Architectures
For my experiments I used a simple setup with two hosts connected through a switch.  ...  Finally, a public/private key is installed to be used for initialization of a secure connection. Details of the security setup will be illustrated in Section 4.  ...  RFC 6690 [11] REQ: GET /.well-known/core RES: 2.05 Content </sensors>;ct=40;title="Sensor Index", </sensors/temp>;rt="temperature-c";if="sensor", </sensors/light>;rt="light-lux";if="sensor", <http:/  ... 
doi:10.2313/net-2013-08-1 fatcat:ocqi5mtglrd3leu33vmov6g3ia

ICONS 2017 Committee ICONS Steering Committee

Fabrice Mourlin, Marko Jäntti, Marko Jäntti, Zoubir Mammeri, Raimund Ege, Andrew Snow, Gary Weckman, Francesco Bianconi, Albert Cheng, David Cordeau, Peter De Bruyn, Francesco Fontanella (+39 others)
2017 ICONS 2017 The Twelfth International Conference on Systems Forward The Twelfth International Conference on Systems   unpublished
a series of events covering a broad spectrum of topics.  ...  Accurate identification and implementation of safety requirements for all elements of a system, including people and procedures become crucial in complex and critical systems, especially in safety related  ...  ACKNOWLEDGMENT This work was supported by the Systems Centre and the EPSRC funded Industrial Doctorate Centre in Systems (Grant EP/G037353/1) and Imetrum Limited.  ... 
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