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SAFETY as a hazard assesment tool to monitor volcanic deformation

Elena González-Alonso, Sergio Ligüérzana, Laura García-Cañada, Oriol Monserrat, Anna Barra, Carmen López, Anselmo Fernández-García, María Á. Benito-Saz
2018 Zenodo  
"Sentinel-1 for Geohazard Prevention and Forecasting" (SAFETY) was a two year project, funded by European Commission (Ref. ECHO/SUB/2015/718679/Prev02-SAFETY) which aims at providing Civil Protection Authorities (CPA) with the capability of periodically evaluating and assessing the potential impact of geohazards on urban areas. It finished in December 2017. Main reached objectives were the creation of useful products and tools, which exploit Sentinel1 data, and the design of a sustainable
more » ... erm infrastructure involving CPAs and Public Organizations (PO) responsible for the monitoring of the particular geohazards.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.2559516 fatcat:gjg7gm4o2nh6tgysbmcnnvc5ri

A Semi-Automatic method to periodically detect and update active landslides from Sentinel-1 data

Anna Barra, Oriol Monserrat, Lorenzo Solari, Gerardo Herrera, Silvia Bianchini, Roberrto Sarro, Sergio Ligüerzana, Elena González-Alonso
2018 Zenodo  
The potentialities of Sentinel-1 in geohazard detection and monitoring, at a regional-to-local scale, have been demonstrated in the last two years. Nevertheless, the interpretation of the DInSAR derived products (like the deformation velocity maps) can be complex and misleading, mostly for a final user who is not familiar with the DInSAR technology. For this reason, the DInSAR is still not integrated in the existing risk management and monitoring structures as a constant and periodical
more » ... tary input. In this work, we present a semi-automatic methodology, developed in the framework of the European Project SAFETY, to simplify the interpretation and the practical use of the DInSAR derived results in the risk management at a regional scale. The methodology extracts and resumes the main information of the most significant detected Active Deformation Areas (ADA). In this work, the methodology is explained and its application to landslides detection and monitoring is presented by showing some cases of study in Italy and Spain.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.2560368 fatcat:3dausae3vrb7vhrsn2jkrwak6a

The Safety Project: Sentinel-1 For Civil Protection Geohazars Management

Oriol Monserrat, Gerardo Herrera, Silvia Bianchini, Elena González-Alonso, Roberta Onori, Paola Reichenbach, Innocente P. Carralero, Anna Barra, Rosa María Mateos, Lorenzo Solari, Sergio Ligüérzana, Paola Pagliara (+8 others)
2017 Zenodo  
This work is aimed at presenting the ongoing project SAFETY (Sentinel for Geohazards regional monitoring and forecasting). The use of Differential SAR Interferometry (DInSAR) in Natural Risks management is becoming more and more exploitable thanks to the experienced growth of the techniques. On one hand, since the DInSAR technique was proposed for the first time (1989) a wide number of data processing, analysis tools and methods have been developed, on the other hand the satellite data
more » ... ity has increased and provides sensors with different characteristics of sensitivity and spatial and temporal resolutions. Nowadays, DInSAR allows to have a systematic overview about the spatio-temporal activity of a natural deformation phenomena, which is an important information for the risk management in terms of prevention, emergency response and post-emergency intervention. Specifically, Sentinel-1 (A and B) satellites data show two favourable characteristics: the wide covered area and the short revisit time (6 days). The last one, if compared with the other C band available sensors, results in a reduced temporal decorrelation, particularly in non-urbanized areas, in more robust processing results (due to the higher number of images) and in an higher temporal sampling i.e. a better monitoring and activity characterization. In this context, the European project SAFETY is focused on developing tools and implementing a methodology in order to better exploit Sentinel-1 data in the Civil Protection activities of natural risks prevention. The project is aimed at providing Civil Protection Authorities (CPA) with the capability of periodically evaluating and assessing the potential impact of geohazards (volcanic activity, earthquakes, landslides and subsidence) on urban areas. The first results over the two test-areas in Spain and Italy (respectively Canary Islands and Volterra Municipality) will be presented.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.1158633 fatcat:2lkc5xmipbge3oxrxjkuieppei

A Methodology to Detect and Update Active Deformation Areas Based on Sentinel-1 SAR Images

Anna Barra, Lorenzo Solari, Marta Béjar-Pizarro, Oriol Monserrat, Silvia Bianchini, Gerardo Herrera, Michele Crosetto, Roberto Sarro, Elena González-Alonso, Rosa Mateos, Sergio Ligüerzana, Carmen López (+1 others)
2017 Remote Sensing  
This work is focused on deformation activity mapping and monitoring using Sentinel-1 (S-1) data and the DInSAR (Differential Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar) technique. The main goal is to present a procedure to periodically update and assess the geohazard activity (volcanic activity, landslides and ground-subsidence) of a given area by exploiting the wide area coverage and the high coherence and temporal sampling (revisit time up to six days) provided by the S-1 satellites. The main
more » ... oducts of the procedure are two updatable maps: the deformation activity map and the active deformation areas map. These maps present two different levels of information aimed at different levels of geohazard risk management, from a very simplified level of information to the classical deformation map based on SAR interferometry. The methodology has been successfully applied to La Gomera, Tenerife and Gran Canaria Islands (Canary Island archipelago). The main obtained results are discussed.
doi:10.3390/rs9101002 fatcat:rhi2nhr4pnbunm2fnaolwglp2a

Regional scale periodical updating of geohazards activity with Sentinel-1 data: the Safety project experience

Oriol Monserrat, Gerardo Herrera, Silvia Bianchini, Anna Barra, Paola Reichenbach, Roberta Onori, Elena González-Alonso, Roberto Sarro, Rosa Maria Mateos, Lorenzo Solari, Sergio Ligüérzana, Paola Pagliara (+5 others)
2018 Zenodo  
SAFETY ( is a two-years research project funded under the ECHO (European Commission's Humanitarian aid and Civil Protection department) call "Prevention and preparedness projects in Civil Protection and marine pollution", which started the 1st of January 2016. The mission of the project was to improve the efforts in detecting and mapping geohazards (i.e. landslide and subsidence), by assessing their activity and evaluating their impact on built-up areas and infrastructure
more » ... through space-borne radar data. This goal has been achieved through the use of Sentinel-1 DInSAR derived products and the development of software tools. The most challenging part concerned the semi-automatic generation of maps to be easily interpreted and exploited by the authorities, which are usually not familiar with DInSAR derived maps, in the geohazard management. This work provides an overview of the project activities. The goal is to describe the developed procedure and the main outcomes of the project, and to show the most significant results obtained over the two test sites of the project: the Canary Island (Spain) and the Volterra municipality (Italy).
doi:10.5281/zenodo.2558386 fatcat:vocltpnlwvh77j2mmkp3wcv274