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Separating wheat from chaff: Winnowing unintended prefixes using machine learning

Andra Lutu, Marcelo Bagnulo, Jesus Cid-Sueiro, Olaf Maennel
2014 IEEE INFOCOM 2014 - IEEE Conference on Computer Communications  
We design a machine learning system to winnow the prefixes with unintended limited visibility -symptomatic of anomalous events -from the prefixes with intended limited visibility -resulting from legitimate  ...  We further use this dataset to derive a boosted decision tree which winnows unintended LVPs with an accuracy of 95%.  ...  We design a machine learning Winnowing Algorithm able to predict with 95% accuracy if a LVP is intended or unintended.  ... 
doi:10.1109/infocom.2014.6848023 dblp:conf/infocom/LutuBCM14 fatcat:sg6doxadxremxc4xrzznvddzge

Quantification of environmental and economic impacts for main categories of building labeling schemes

Erkki Seinre, Jarek Kurnitski, Hendrik Voll
2014 Energy and Buildings  
Lutu, A.; Bagnulo, M.; Cid-Sueiro, J.; Maennel, O. (2014) Separating Wheat from Chaff: Winnowing Unintended Prefixes using Machine Learning.  ...  , contextual learning, problem-based learning, blended learning, etc.).  ...  the model of hydrogen bonding and diffusion. in conclusion: sasi as an original spectral asymmetry method for eeG analysis, protected by TuT us patent from 2012, was shown to have 1) a sensitivity for  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.enbuild.2013.11.048 fatcat:ckgxbn7mtrh47gf4xsdaaio5jm

Ways of Monsoon Air: Entanglements and Stories of Matter, Space, and Time

Harshavardhan Seetharama Bhat
Having emerged from the context of the Monsoon Assemblages project, this doctoral thesis asks how the air of the monsoon re-orients, informs, animates and confronts the way we view Delhi and how the city  ...  of the Combined Harvester which is a machine that typically combines the three functions of reaping (to cut), threshing (separating) and winnowing (blowing to remove the chaff) into one (Kumar, Kumar  ...  Separate the chaff from the grain! Where there is no human help May the gods help us! Oh, beautiful goddess. Ongsla skyot!" 63 Anthropocene and perhaps it could call the weather, to weather.  ... 
doi:10.34737/v7026 fatcat:z6hgshnnqja5xpqoxlf2sple2q

Hypermedia: modes of communication in world order transformation

Ronald James Deibert
Drawing from the work of various "medium theory" scholars, such as Harold Innis and Marshall McLuhan, the study outlines an open-ended, non-reductive theory at the core of which is the argument that changes  ...  While it is true that the entire printed output contained as much chaff as wheat (early modern counterparts to the "trash" television of today) the sheer volume of printed material that could be accessed  ...  Consider the use of fax machines and hand-held video cameras by dissident groups to publicize their activities abroad.  ... 
doi:10.14288/1.0088186 fatcat:gtogug7sxzeaxdm5ctiibtuy3q