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Metrics for Evolution of Aspect Oriented Software [article]

Senthil Velan S, Chitra Babu
2020 arXiv   pre-print
Aspect Oriented Software Development (AOSD) is a promising methodology which provides powerful techniques to improve the modularity of the software by separating the cross-cutting concerns from the core functionality. Since evolution is a major requirement for the sustainability of any software, it is necessary to quantitatively measure its impact. In order to quantify, it is essential to define metrics that will capture the evolution of Aspect Oriented (AO) software. It is also necessary to
more » ... pare the metric values of various versions of software to draw inferences on the evolution dynamics of AO software. This needs identification of artifacts that were added, deleted or modified across versions and study the consequence of these types of changes. This paper defines a new set of metrics for measuring the evolution of Aspect Oriented software. As a case study, an aspect refactored software, AJHotDraw has been chosen and its four versions have been analyzed for their capability to evolve over time.
arXiv:2010.05479v2 fatcat:c2jihkotnbe2jaqitpgvubocbu

Empirical Evaluation of Design Level Metrics for Aspect Oriented Business Process Execution Language in SOA

Senthil Velan S, Sam Jaffray M
2018 International Journal of Engineering & Technology  
Table 1 : 1 Levels of Coupling S. No.  ...  [CDATA[ $ i n c r e m e n t o p R e q u e s t . p a r a m e t e r s / i n c : a r g s 0 ] ] > < / t o > < / copy > Figure 6 : 6 Flow of control between Aspect and BPEL promoting Content coupling8.  ... 
doi:10.14419/ijet.v7i4.14681 fatcat:up7g6vj5m5eynb2uniwlno5zfm

Design Level Metrics to Measure the Complexity Across Versions of AO Software [article]

Parthipan S, Senthil Velan S, Chitra Babu
2020 arXiv   pre-print
The formula to calculate WAA(S) is given in Equation 4. n WAA(S) = IWAA(AJ(4) i=l n is the number of aspects.  ...  The formula to calculate WMCA(S) is given in Equation 8.  ... 
arXiv:2012.00276v1 fatcat:2udqxyml5rffhbv66fu24wpnrm

Introducing Artificial Intelligence Agents to the Empirical Measurement of Design Properties for Aspect Oriented Software Development [article]

Senthil Velan S
2020 arXiv   pre-print
arXiv:2010.07529v1 fatcat:vtvcx25t5fg5nodwjmpildmsyq

Introducing Aspect-Oriented Programming in Improving the Modularity of Middleware for Internet of Things [article]

Senthil Velan S
2020 arXiv   pre-print
arXiv:2009.11229v1 fatcat:ufs4jebmbjbrhkrksn7gh7utve

Using Exploratory Data Analysis for Generating Inferences on the Correlation of COVID-19 cases

Joanita DSouza, Senthil Velan S
2020 2020 11th International Conference on Computing, Communication and Networking Technologies (ICCCNT)  
doi:10.1109/icccnt49239.2020.9225621 dblp:conf/icccnt/DSouzaS20 fatcat:x4wa4wwje5c7lcvbdef22rng3q

Statistical Comparison of COVID-19 Infections Based Upon the Food Habits/Diets in Countries Using RStudio

Rohan Ramachandran, Senthil Velan S, Daifa Imtiyaz Wadekar
2021 2021 11th International Conference on Cloud Computing, Data Science & Engineering (Confluence)  
The concept of Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) has been applied by Joanita and Senthil Velan [5] on developing correlation among the COVID-19 cases.  ... 
doi:10.1109/confluence51648.2021.9377094 fatcat:cureo55kfndwzkdt7ucjymdd6y

Page 7670 of Mathematical Reviews Vol. , Issue 96m [page]

1996 Mathematical Reviews  
Senthil Velan and M. Lakshmanan. (English summary) With a reply by Senthil Velan and Lakshmanan. J. Phys. A 29 (1996), no. 5, 1141-1143.  ...  S.  ... 

Conference Committee Members

2021 2021 International Conference on Computational Intelligence and Knowledge Economy (ICCIKE)  
Velan S, Amity University, UAE sity in Dubai, UAE Dr Tarlochan S Sidhu, University of Ontario Institute of Technology, Canada Prof Valentina Emilia Balas, Aurel Vlaicu University of Arad, Romania Dr Alexander  ...  Mesra, India Egypt tugal dia Dr Piyush Maheshwari, The British Univer-Canada Dr Efstratios Ntantis, Amity University Dr Wafaa Abd Elmoneim Ghonaim, Taibah Mr Ghanim Alotaibi, Space Generation Advi-Dr Senthil  ... 
doi:10.1109/iccike51210.2021.9410711 fatcat:oh53ve5adveklddhqwy44fnaby

Conference Technical Schedule

2021 2021 International Conference on Computational Intelligence and Knowledge Economy (ICCIKE)  
Chetana Nagpal Session Co-Chair: Dr Senthil Velan & Dr Venkata Reddy Link to Join : Link to Join : (Aeta) Dance Classification Jennalyn N.  ...  Computing Algorithms: A Review Kartik Gautam Prabhat Kumar Srivastava 197 144 Role of Nanosensors in agriculture Intrution detection system Using IoT device for safety and security Meby Johnson Shreenidhi H S  ... 
doi:10.1109/iccike51210.2021.9410708 fatcat:pbuonhcl7neztlz5ico6p5pcvq

Table of Content

2021 2021 International Conference on Computational Intelligence and Knowledge Economy (ICCIKE)  
Velan S, Venkata Reddy Poluru A Deep Neural Inferencing Approach of Assistive Philippine Traffic Light Recognition: An Augmented Transfer Learning Approach 307-310 Aimee G.  ...  Joshi, Soham S.  ... 
doi:10.1109/iccike51210.2021.9410805 fatcat:d4razgzdbzdbdkojvjbtyfxkdq

Page 6663 of Mathematical Reviews Vol. , Issue 96k [page]

1996 Mathematical Reviews  
Roman (UKR-AOS; Kiev) 96k:35005 35A30 17B81 35Q53 35Q55 58F35 Lakshmanan, M. (6-TRCH-NL; Tiruchirapalli) ; Senthil Velan, M. (6-TRCH-NL; Tiruchirapalli) Lie symmetries, infinite-dimensional Lie algebras  ...  Taimanov (Novosibirsk) 96k:34187 34140 47E05 81Q10 81V10 Naboko, S. N. (RS-STPT; St. Petersburg) ; Pushnitskii, A. B. (RS-STPT; St.  ... 

Page 1744 of Mathematical Reviews Vol. , Issue 93c [page]

1993 Mathematical Reviews  
Sengupta, Debapriya Senkyrik, Martin a eee 90100 Senthil Velan, M. ..................e005 70011 Serban-Tofan, D. ....................6+ 47034 SONI OION, ASE inc iccs snes cccoautecauss 90066  ...  .<...00<cassnsives 68021 Raa FW a sccccucis seeoepeceees 20104 Roussarie, Robert eh Oy (MR Re Boa ace 05062 Rovelli, Carlo 81243,83045,83055 Rave Vie Ws 6c casscdnsvcecoscncss 53027 Bwtens, S.  ... 

Page 4687 of Mathematical Reviews Vol. , Issue 99g [page]

1999 Mathematical Reviews  
Leon S.  ...  Such were obtained by S. Chakravarty, S. L. Kent and E. T. Newman [J. Math. Phys. 36 (1995), no. 2, 763-772; MR 96b:58048] for Aq; + qxx — 2qu =0, Ar; +rxx —2rv=0, (gr). —v, =9.  ... 

Page 4042 of Mathematical Reviews Vol. , Issue 97F [page]

1997 Mathematical Reviews  
Senashov, S.1. ..... Senashov, — 1. Sénéor, R. tees Sengupta, P. R. pieces Senovilla, José M. M. ..... Senthil Velan, M. 35195 Serna, M. J. ices ino teiecnovns ane Serra Cassano, ‘Francesco.  ...  ANOS Serrano, S.  ... 
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