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Semi-Automatic Segmentation of Fibrous Liver Tissue

P. Andruszkiewicz, C. Boldak, J. Jaroszewicz
2007 6th International Conference on Computer Information Systems and Industrial Management Applications (CISIM'07)  
This article presents a semi-automatic segmentation of the fibrous liver tissue in the in-vivo liver biopsy color images.  ...  the extracted fibrous region.  ...  Summary In this article we have presented a semi-automatic segmentation of the fibrous liver tissue.  ... 
doi:10.1109/cisim.2007.57 dblp:conf/cisim/AndruszkiewiczBJ07 fatcat:mtpv7lnxare4hnz4yuiygpgzye


Douglas Mesadri GEWEHR, Allan Fernando GIOVANINI, Sofia Inez MUNHOZ, Seigo NAGASHIMA, Andressa de Souza BERTOLDI, Ana Cristina Lira SOBRAL, Fernando Bermudez KUBRUSLY, Luiz Fernando KUBRUSLY
2021 ABCD: Arquivos Brasileiros de Cirurgia Digestiva  
The quantification of fibrous tissue in liver biopsy sections is extremely important in the classification, diagnosis and grading of chronic liver disease.  ...  Aim: To create a semi-automatic computerized protocol to quantify any amount of centrilobular fibrosis and sinusoidal dilatation in liver Masson's Trichrome-stained specimen.  ...  CONCLUSION Was possible to create a semi-automatic computerized method that identifies and quantifies the area occupied by fibrous tissue and sinusoidal lumen in Masson's trichrome-stained livers specimens  ... 
doi:10.1590/0102-672020210002e1608 pmid:34669894 fatcat:qf2ygjeimffd7eiybvjtxrtcvi

Automatic quantification of liver fibrosis: design and validation of a new image analysis method: comparison with semi-quantitative indexes of fibrosis

Marco Masseroli, Trinidad Caballero, Francisco O'Valle, Raimundo M.G.Del Moral, Alejandro Pérez-Milena, Raimundo G.Del Moral
2000 Journal of Hepatology  
Methods: The implemented image-processing algorithms automatically segment interstitial fibrosis areas, while extraction of portal-periportal and septal region is carried out with an automatic algorithm  ...  BackgrounrVAims: Liver fibrosis is one of the most important and characteristic histologic alterations in progressive and chronic liver diseases Thus, in both clinical and experimental practice, it is  ...  Such characteristics make this total tissue collagen dye recommended for routine quantifications of liver fibrosis (25).  ... 
doi:10.1016/s0168-8278(00)80397-9 pmid:10735616 fatcat:qpap57kzzjdgxn4lb4ekc3vwem

Comparison of MR-PWI quantitative and semi-quantitative parameters for the evaluation of liver fibrosis

Ke Ding, Manrong Liu, Xue Wei, Ruisui Huang, Jiong Chen, Shanjin Lu, Dacheng Wang, Wei Lu
2021 BMC Medical Imaging  
TTP had the highest efficacy of the semi-quantitative parameters for diagnosis of liver fibrosis.  ...  indices for quantitative and semi-quantitative evaluation of liver fibrosis, respectively.  ...  Acknowledgements The statistical analysis of this study was aided and guided by Professor Tan Shengkui at the Department of Epidemiology and Health Statistics, School of Public Health, Guilin Medical University  ... 
doi:10.1186/s12880-020-00539-3 pmid:33407215 pmcid:PMC7789507 fatcat:wvoufntegjgvxlzlf2xxy7v6ca

Using Histological Analysis to Detect Mincemeat Falsification

2020 International Journal of Veterinary Science  
In the process of microscopy of minced meat samples, without falsified by-products, inclusions of the corresponding tissues are easily visualized.  ...  The article considers the problem of the quality and falsification of semi-finished meat products in the Russian Federation.  ...  In Fig. 12 easily visualized inclusions of breast tissue; among the fields of fibrous tissue, small segments formed by acinar structures are visible.  ... 
doi:10.37422/ijvs/20.071 fatcat:fjbnegmrinewrens4k7mgsgm7q

Quantification of Liver Fibrosis—A Comparative Study

Alexandros Arjmand, Markos G. Tsipouras, Alexandros T. Tzallas, Roberta Forlano, Pinelopi Manousou, Nikolaos Giannakeas
2020 Applied Sciences  
In the last three decades, several publications focused on the quantification of liver fibrosis by means of the estimation of the collagen proportional area (CPA) in liver biopsies obtained from digital  ...  Liver disease has been targeted as the fifth most common cause of death worldwide and tends to steadily rise.  ...  Thong-on and Watchareeruetai's [56] biopsy image analysis prioritized the segmentation of fibrous tissue to determine the severity of liver damage.  ... 
doi:10.3390/app10020447 fatcat:laisu5u5onb65iiwzlfvewtenm

Multimodality carotid plaque tissue characterization and classification in the artificial intelligence paradigm: a narrative review for stroke application

Luca Saba, Skandha S. Sanagala, Suneet K. Gupta, Vijaya K. Koppula, Amer M. Johri, Narendra N. Khanna, Sophie Mavrogeni, John R. Laird, Gyan Pareek, Martin Miner, Petros P. S kakis, Athanasios Protogerou (+13 others)
2021 Annals of Translational Medicine  
Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is one of the leading causes of morbidity and mortality in the United States of America and globally.  ...  Characterization and classification of carotid plaque-type  ...  Typically, the system consists of segmentation, followed by classification. Several studies are leaning towards automated segmentation of carotid plaque, unlike semi-automated.  ... 
doi:10.21037/atm-20-7676 fatcat:2zuwvhfq3nbplangoriejpvg6a

A Quantitative Description of Lipid and Extracellular Matrix Proteinaceous Fibers in Hepatic Fibrosis of a Rat Model by ImageJ using Nano-Images

Abdel Majeed Safer
2017 Journal of Textile Science & Engineering  
Nemany Hanafy from the Department of Biological Sciences, Ms.  ...  Ahlam AlKadi and The author acknowledge assistance offered by Ayman E El-Sharkawey for imageJ analysis, from the Nanoscopy Science Center, Faculty of Science, Kuwait University.  ...  Introduction It is now recognized that in the hepatofibrotic liver, lipids and fibrous proteins are known as steatosis and fibrosis respectively are enormous in liver parenchyma [1] [2] [3] [4] .  ... 
doi:10.4172/2157-7439.1000446 fatcat:eiksgjizujhsxiv6k3wq3dbz6y

Liver fibrosis and tissue architectural change measurement using fractal-rectified metrics and Hurst's exponent

Nicola Dioguardi
2006 World Journal of Gastroenterology  
CONCLUSION: Our model provides the first metrical evaluations of the geometric properties of fibrosis and the quantitative architectural changes of the liver tissue.  ...  indicating the pathway covered by fibrosis formation towards its maximum known value; the quantitative liver tissue architectural changes with the Hurst exponent.  ...  Each biopsy specimen was taken from a single segment of the liver.  ... 
doi:10.3748/wjg.v12.i14.2187 pmid:16610019 pmcid:PMC4087644 fatcat:l42iyaof4jeonpbehjviiqrezy

Virtual Reality Simulation of Liver Biopsy with a Respiratory Component [chapter]

Pierre-Frederic Villard, Piers Boshier, Fernando Bello, Derek Goul
2011 Liver Biopsy  
Due to the high density of bone, segmentation of this tissue was performed using the automatic method with a double threshold (lower and upper) based on high Hounsfield density.  ...  As with automatic segmentation, manual segmentation was performed using the ITK-snap software.  ...  However, liver biopsy is an invasive procedure with a risk of complications which can be serious. This book provides the management of the complications in liver biopsy.  ... 
doi:10.5772/22033 fatcat:foa7ygn4ujgmbdnj37oht4xcy4

Recent Progress in Epicardial and Pericardial Adipose Tissue Segmentation and Quantification Based on Deep Learning: A Systematic Review

Marin Benčević, Irena Galić, Marija Habijan, Aleksandra Pižurica
2022 Applied Sciences  
Described methods are classified into pericardial adipose tissue segmentation, direct epicardial adipose tissue segmentation, and epicardial adipose tissue segmentation via pericardium delineation.  ...  This paper presents a comprehensive and critical overview of research on the epicardial and pericardial adipose tissue segmentation and quantification methods, evaluates their effectiveness in terms of  ...  The pericardium consists of a thin outer layer of connective tissue called the fibrous pericardium. The fibrous pericardium envelops the serous pericardium, a tissue consisting of two layers.  ... 
doi:10.3390/app12105217 fatcat:334n2h5srnerzcxdv74nrvmn64

Page 444 of Radiology Vol. 62, Issue 3 [page]

1954 Radiology  
An Inexpensive Semi-Automatic Serialographic Ap- . paratus for Angiography. Gregory B. Nichols. J. Neurosurg. 10: 323-326, May 1953.  ...  segments of each lung.  ... 

U-Net Plus: Deep Semantic Segmentation for Esophagus and Esophageal Cancer in Computed Tomography Images

Shuchao Chen, Han Yang, Jiawen Fu, Weijian Mei, Shuai Ren, Yifei Liu, Zhihua Zhu, Lizhi Liu, Haojiang Li, Hongbo Chen
2019 IEEE Access  
A semi-automatic scheme is then designed for the 3-D segmentation of the esophagus or esophageal cancer.  ...  Irregular and vague boundary causes great difficulty in the segmentation of esophagus and esophageal cancer.  ...  ACKNOWLEDGMENT The authors would like to thank EnPapers for polishing and modifying the language of this paper. (Shuchao Chen and Han Yang contributed to this work equally.)  ... 
doi:10.1109/access.2019.2923760 fatcat:zf7yntwhszbizpvzfhuydxgbke

Quantitative analysis of hepatic macro- and microvascular alterations during cirrhogenesis in the rat

Geert Peeters, Charlotte Debbaut, Adrian Friebel, Pieter Cornillie, Winnok H. De Vos, Kasper Favere, Ingrid Vander Elst, Tim Vandecasteele, Tim Johann, Luc Van Hoorebeke, Diethard Monbaliu, Dirk Drasdo (+3 others)
2017 Journal of Anatomy  
At the microlevel, we discovered zone-specific sinusoidal degeneration with 43 sinusoids located near the surface being more affected than those in the middle of a liver lobe. 44 Our data sheds light on  ...  Vascular trees (HA, PV and HV) were semi-automatically segmented as 167 their grey value ranges differed in the µCT images.  ...  Example of a stack of 2D images acquired through deep tissue microscopy (DTM). 472 B. 472 The dataset was automatically processed to segment the sinusoidal network and convert it to 473 a graph.  ... 
doi:10.1111/joa.12760 pmid:29205328 fatcat:ofkzgwcgc5hdlaghogg7ooiy74

Radiomics and radiogenomics of primary liver cancers

Woo Kyoung Jeong, Neema Jamshidi, Ely Richard Felker, Steven Satish Raman, David Shinkuo Lu
2019 Clinical and Molecular Hepatology  
In order to develop such imaging surrogates radiomics and radiogenomics/imaging genomics will be necessary; there has been consistent progress in these fields for primary liver cancers.  ...  We review some of the advancements and look forward to some of the exciting future applications that are anticipated as the field develops.  ...  step, it is vulnerable to be disturbed by reviewer's subjectivity; therefore, automatic or semi-automatic segmentation methods are preferred to manual methods, 20 especially for liver cancers of which  ... 
doi:10.3350/cmh.2018.1007 pmid:30441889 pmcid:PMC6435966 fatcat:rizogcp2cbawfeb7lhqy6bdduq
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