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Scalable Wi-Fi Backscatter Uplink Multiple Access for Battery-Free Internet of Things

Jung-Hyok Kwon, Xue Zhang, Eui-Jik Kim
2021 IEEE Access  
This paper presents a scalable uplink multiple access (SUMA) protocol for bistatic Wi-Fi backscatter systems, composed of a Wi-Fi reader, Wi-Fi helper, and multiple Wi-Fi backscatter tags.  ...  SUMA uses a Wi-Fi reader-initiated dynamic framed slotted ALOHA (DFSA)-based multiple access protocol to minimize collisions caused by simultaneous Wi-Fi backscatter uplink traffic from multiple Wi-Fi  ...  The system model of SUMA inherently has a bistatic backscatter system architecture because a Wi-Fi AP and a Wi-Fi device act as a Wi-Fi helper and a Wi-Fi reader, respectively.  ... 
doi:10.1109/access.2021.3059950 fatcat:shqrp3thqnexrftp72x6v2vpd4

The Efficient BackFi Transmission Design in Ambient Backscatter Communication Systems for IoT

Baofeng Ji, Bingbing Xing, Kang Song, Chunguo Li, Hong Wen, Luxi Yang
2019 IEEE Access  
design with energy harvesting of massive smart multi-hop electronic tags/sensors was investigated in the ambient backscatter communication systems.  ...  This paper proposed the large-scale tags/sensors multi-hop communication protocols with energy harvesting under Wi-Fi architecture, where the "CTS-to-self" frame can be used to set the traditional AP/STA  ...  [18] then proposed the use of Wi-Fi signals in the environment for communication and further confirming the feasibility of ambient backscatter communication technology.  ... 
doi:10.1109/access.2019.2899001 fatcat:hokd7rydcfanzas2gttj7xyv74

Large-Scale Wireless-Powered Networks with Backscatter Communications – A Comprehensive Survey

Fatemeh Rezaei, Chintha Tellambura, Sanjeewa Herath
2020 IEEE Open Journal of the Communications Society  
Therefore, backscatter communication is a key facilitator for low-rate, low-power and large-scale wireless communication systems with EH.  ...  INDEX TERMS Backscatter communication systems, wireless-powered networks, large-scale communication systems, IoT networks, and massive machine type communications. both technical and theoretical perspectives  ...  CONTRIBUTION AND ORGANIZATION EH and backscatter communications enable self-sustainable, large-scale, low-power and low-cost wireless networks, e.g., WSN and IoT.  ... 
doi:10.1109/ojcoms.2020.3012466 fatcat:jlsmjscegzcb5kutdh4lna6khu

Ultra-Low-Power Wide Range Backscatter Communication Using Cellular Generated Carrier

Muhammad Usman Sheikh, Boxuan Xie, Kalle Ruttik, Hüseyin Yiğitler, Riku Jäntti, Jyri Hämäläinen
2021 Sensors  
With the popularization of Internet-of-things (IoT) and wireless communication systems, a diverse set of applications in smart cities are emerging to improve the city-life.  ...  The simulation results and discussion provided in this article will be helpful in understanding the coverage aspects of practical backscatter communication system in a smart city environment.  ...  Interestingly, for a considered case study, a zero outage is found with LoRa and NB-IoT technology at 200 MHz in an outdoor environment for up to 60 m BD-reader distance.  ... 
doi:10.3390/s21082663 pmid:33920074 fatcat:lddpdl4dg5bmjb755e3udc26ia

Ambient Backscatter Communications: A Contemporary Survey

Nguyen Van Huynh, Dinh Thai Hoang, Xiao Lu, Dusit Niyato, Ping Wang, Dong In Kim
2018 IEEE Communications Surveys and Tutorials  
This technology is especially effective in addressing communication and energy efficiency problems for low-power communications systems such as sensor networks.  ...  In this context, wireless devices can be developed for future applications such as IoT or, more generally, Internet of Everything [15]. • Simultaneous wireless information and power transfer (SWIPT): By  ...  In [149] , the authors introduce a passive Wi-Fi backscatter transmitter which harvests energy from a Wi-Fi AP.  ... 
doi:10.1109/comst.2018.2841964 fatcat:4ffe4wfdefgfzatqstpeag3igi

Sensing, Computing, and Communication for Energy Harvesting IoTs: A Survey [article]

Dong Ma, Guohao Lan, Mahbub Hassan, Wen Hu, Sajal K. Das
2019 arXiv   pre-print
productions, and packet-less IoT communications and backscatter communication techniques for energy impoverished environments.  ...  To overcome this problem, energy harvesting offers a viable alternative to autonomously power IoT devices, resulting in a number of battery-less energy harvesting IoTs (or EH-IoTs) appearing in the market  ...  Since Wi-Fi signal is also a potential source of energy in RF EH, sensing from the EH patterns from Wi-Fi signal should be possible.  ... 
arXiv:1905.03949v2 fatcat:xqzuk3c6mjf5bpagdtkfdsro6e

Challenges in Resource-Constrained IoT Devices: Energy and Communication as Critical Success Factors for Future IoT Deployment

Felisberto Pereira, Ricardo Correia, Pedro Pinho, Sérgio I. Lopes, Nuno Borges Carvalho
2020 Sensors  
Backscatter communication, Wireless Power Transfer (WPT), Energy Harvesting (EH), chipless devices, Simultaneous Wireless Information and Power Transfer (SWIPT), and Wake-Up Radio (WUR) are some examples  ...  The main focus of this manuscript is to establish good practices for the design of IoT devices (i.e., smart devices) with a focus on two main design challenges: power and connectivity.  ...  The use of Wi-Fi as a source for ambient backscatter was explored in [27] , achieving distances of 5 m between Wi-Fi source and modulation device, and transmission data rates of 60 kbps.  ... 
doi:10.3390/s20226420 pmid:33182749 fatcat:t5zlq7ujfjgxxlt4ckalde37ia

Ambient Backscatter Communications: A Contemporary Survey [article]

Nguyen Van Huynh, Dinh Thai Hoang, Xiao Lu, Dusit Niyato, Ping Wang,, Dong In Kim
2017 arXiv   pre-print
This technology is especially effective in addressing communication and energy efficiency problems for low-power communications systems such as sensor networks.  ...  In particular, we first present fundamentals of backscatter communications and briefly review bistatic backscatter communications systems.  ...  In [141] , the authors introduce a passive Wi-Fi backscatter transmitter which harvests energy from a Wi-Fi AP.  ... 
arXiv:1712.04804v1 fatcat:xcatzk5dbreaxm5x2f7lvwv3mm

Energy Management in RFID-Sensor Networks: Taxonomy and Challenges

Shaik Shabana Anjum, Rafidah Md Noor, Mohammed Hossien Anisi, Ismail Bin Ahmedy, Fazidah Othman, Muhammad Alam, Muhammad Khurran Khan
2017 IEEE Internet of Things Journal  
This gives way for the evolution of wireless energy harvesting and power transmission using computing devices.  ...  Radio Frequency (RF) based Energy Management (EM) has become the backbone for providing energy to wireless integrated systems.  ...  A novel communication system called Wi-Fi backscatter is presented that connects RF-powered devices to the internet.  ... 
doi:10.1109/jiot.2017.2728000 fatcat:mwhyjp5fkfewdnqoedtfws7q2i

Non-Coherent and Backscatter Communications: Enabling Ultra-Massive Connectivity in the Era Beyond 5G [article]

Syed Junaid Nawaz, Shree Krishna Sharma, Babar Mansoor, Mohmammad N. Patwary, Noor M. Khan
2020 arXiv   pre-print
Various revolutionary technologies and innovative services are offered in 5G networks, which, along with many principal advantages, are anticipated to bring a boom in the number of connected wireless devices  ...  the amalgamation of non-coherent and backscatter communications (BsC).  ...  Acknowledgement The first and third authors would like to acknowledge the partial financial support by HEC funded project 21-2180 (SRGP-R&D-HEC-19).  ... 
arXiv:2005.10937v3 fatcat:nsyufug2dbbvzeribg4bgymyfa

DeepGANTT: A Scalable Deep Learning Scheduler for Backscatter Networks [article]

Daniel F. Perez-Ramirez, Carlos Perez-Penichet, Nicolas Tsiftes, Thiemo Voigt, Dejan Kostic, Magnus Boman
2021 arXiv   pre-print
Commodity devices cooperate in providing the unmodulated carrier that the battery-free nodes need to communicate while collecting energy from their environment to perform sensing, computation, and communication  ...  Recent backscatter communication techniques enable ultra low power wireless devices that operate without batteries while interoperating directly with unmodified commodity wireless devices.  ...  ., “Wi-Fi Backscatter: Internet Connectivity for RF- Incheon, Republic of Korea: ACM, 2017, pp. 389–401. powered Devices,” in Proc. Special Interest Group Data Commun.  ... 
arXiv:2112.12985v1 fatcat:acsjqlueujb55dr7abv4qrwfji

Development of a reader device for fully passive wireless sensors

Colm Mc Caffrey, Jacek Flak, Ilkka Marttila, Nadine Pesonen, Pekka Pursula
2017 2017 IEEE SENSORS  
project and Enterprise Ireland DIACAPS project. 4 I would like to acknowledge the revolutionary work of the great Nicola Tesla, father of modern power systems, radio communications and wireless power  ...  I would like to express gratitude for all funding sources that contributed towards this work including; the VTT Thesis completion grant, the EU ERASMUS Mundus TEAM exchange program, TEKES SHOK Intersync  ...  Acknowledgements The work of this Thesis was conducted in association with Aalto University School of Electrical Engineering.  ... 
doi:10.1109/icsens.2017.8234409 fatcat:6aawbkou6zhrhmzec6jccuco6e

3D printing wireless connected objects

Vikram Iyer, Justin Chan, Shyamnath Gollakota
2017 ACM Transactions on Graphics  
Our goal is to 3D print wireless sensors, input widgets and objects that can communicate with smartphones and other Wi-Fi devices, without the need for batteries or electronics.  ...  Fig. 1 . a) Printed Wi-Fi, the first computational method that sends data to commercial RF receivers including Wi-Fi, enabling 3D printed wireless sensors and input widgets, and b) Printed Maglink, that  ...  This work was funded in part by awards from the National Science Foundation, Sloan fellowship and Google Faculty Research Awards.  ... 
doi:10.1145/3130800.3130822 fatcat:2gyxvlsxxvfbdiutejife56eay

A Survey of Energy and Spectrum Harvesting Technologies and Protocols for Next Generation Wireless Networks

Ashish Padhy, Sandeep Joshi, Sainath Bitragunta, Vinay Chamola, Biplab Sikdar
2020 IEEE Access  
These miniaturized, low-power consuming devices may exploit EH and SH techniques for energy storage and communication.  ...  With the advent of cyber-physical systems and the Internet-of-Things (IoT), the presence of tens of billions of low power sensor devices would soon be a reality.  ...  A passive IoT device in a symbiotic radio system is referred to as the backscatter device (BSD).  ... 
doi:10.1109/access.2020.3046770 fatcat:zgu7faziaje7nimeaayhjoe2yu

2020 Index IEEE Internet of Things Journal Vol. 7

2020 IEEE Internet of Things Journal  
., and Bose, R., Rateless-Code-Based Secure Cooperative Transmission Scheme for Industrial IoT; JIoT July 2020 6550-6565 Jamalipour, A., see Murali, S., JIoT Jan. 2020 379-388 James, L.A., see Wanasinghe  ...  ., +, JIoT Feb. 2020 1476-1487 Analytic hierarchy process A Local Communication System Over Wi-Fi Direct: Implementation and Performance Evaluation.  ...  Gao, Z., +, JIoT May 2020 4092-4100 WiDIGR: Direction-Independent Gait Recognition System Using Commer- cial Wi-Fi Devices.  ... 
doi:10.1109/jiot.2020.3046055 fatcat:wpyblbhkrbcyxpnajhiz5pj74a
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