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Seeking Your Insights

Cesare Pautasso, Olaf Zimmermann
2015 IEEE Software  
Seeking Your Insights Cesare Pautasso and Olaf Zimmermann INSIGHTS: SHARING EXPERIENCE ______________ ___ INSIGHTS: SHARING EXPERIENCE 8 I E E E S O F T WA R E | W W W.C O M P U T E R .O R G / S O F T  ...  It should be possible to try out your insights and experiment with them in a new project or a well-established one that seeks some improvement.  ... 
doi:10.1109/ms.2015.47 fatcat:p2ktyqsvrfdixn46urr3hgbf74

using stoicism everyday

2022 Zenodo  
When seeking to build your character it is key that you seek purity instead of seeking eloquence. Simply put, seek understanding that is actually each complete and effective.  ...  When you distinguish the variation in between these two you will certainly gain both understanding as well as insight. Assessing your excellence is actually a key aspect of individual growth.  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.6731583 fatcat:u73636mxdvch7kjuj2xyquiyiu

Psychological Status in Patients Seeking Rhinoplasty

Patorn Piromchai, Surapol Suetrong, Suwanna Arunpongpaisal
2011 Clinical Medicine Insights: Ear, Nose and Throat  
The objective of this study was to evaluate the psychological status of patients seeking rhinoplasty, compared with the general population.  ...  Conclusions: The patients seeking rhinoplasty group were more likely to have psychological problems when compared with the control group.  ...  Your paper will be: • Available to your entire community free of charge • Fairly and quickly peer reviewed • Yours!  ... 
doi:10.4137/cment.s7859 pmid:24179403 pmcid:PMC3783328 fatcat:qsuekz37nzhaxamaqj4qxtwhla

Page 18 of Union Seminary Quarterly Review Vol. 4, Issue 2 [page]

1949 Union Seminary Quarterly Review  
Complete insight and egocentricity cannot exist side by side, which is why insight is lessened by egocentricity.” This is what Jeremiah finally comes to see, and the Hebrew brings this out perfectly.  ...  I sought the LORD and afterward I knew, He sought my soul to seek him seeking me; It was not I that found, O Saviour true, No, I was found by thee.  ... 

Page 24 of Bio-Medical Insight Vol. 2, Issue 3 [page]

1971 Bio-Medical Insight  
BIO-MEDICAL INSIGHT. ENZYME BIOCHEMIST '71 PhD candidate in Enzymology (U. of Chicago) seeks R & D position with phar¬ maceutical, biochemical, or medical firm. Write Dept. 3-4 BIO MEDICAL INSIGHT.  ...  Write Dept. 3-5 BIO¬ MEDICAL INSIGHT. AVAILABLE: BSEE with a broad range of bio-med marketing experience is seeking mid-management slot. Write P.O. Box 103, Wellington, OH. 44090.  ... 

Tones and traits - experiments of text-based extractions with cognitive services

Ulla Gain, Virpi Hotti
2017 Finnish Journal of eHealth and eWelfare  
Both the tones and personality traits are the inferred insights that can be used to assess the personality.  ...  The cognitive services offer the inferred insights that are even more detailed than the observation-based ground-truth data.  ...  Hence, we found, for example, the global online platform called Talkspace that uses the Personality Insights "to better match users with therapists in their network using a self-learning system that seeks  ... 
doi:10.23996/fjhw.61001 fatcat:lmzfmrumybghpke6t4x6i2qbj4

Page 260 of Education Vol. 57, Issue 5 [page]

1937 Education  
260 EDUCATION FOB JANUABY, 1937 ishments or loss of privileges which he seeks to avoid, and the strength of will and degree of self-control which he exercises; (e) love for every child —seeking the good  ...  Seek the goo<l, the true and the beau¬ tiful in the world, and you will find these everywhere to help you and those around you.  ... 

Page 381 of Arena Vol. 6, Issue 3 [page]

1892 Arena  
The insight of Plato is identical with the insight of Dante and other great thinkers, that love is the soul of philosophy —love that seeks not its own good, but the good of others —self-renunciation.  ...  Renounce your own subjective fancies and opinions if you would see the truth; re- nounce your longing for ease and comfort, if you would do good; renounce your selfish desire for pleasure, if you would  ... 

An interview with Alphonso LINGIS

Hugo Letiche, Jean-Luc Moriceau
2018 Society and Business Review  
The texts are stories of encounters that neither leave you nor your reader indifferent.  ...  When I write about someone I have encountered, I seek to make that someone present to the reader.  ...  In seeking to share an encounter and an insight, ideally it should induce the appropriate vocabulary, rhetoric and means of explanationnarrative, exposition, inductive or deductive argument.  ... 
doi:10.1108/sbr-10-2018-128 fatcat:5bt2fo22jnezncn6xtsyf7i7va

Page 154 of American Society of Civil Engineers. Collected Journals Vol. 111, Issue 3 [page]

1985 American Society of Civil Engineers. Collected Journals  
Nurture it, strengthen it, weed out firmly but fairly its weak elements in your team and in your own capability. 2. Seek immediate signs of performance deterioration. Adjust it.  ...  Seek ways to lead. When leadership is the responsibility of others, then seek ways to influence. 4. Seek ways to self-motivation and the motivation of others.  ... 

Page 475 of Journal of Advertising Research Vol. 48, Issue 3 [page]

2008 Journal of Advertising Research  
We invite you to submit your proposal for an outstanding new research study, tool or technique that will provide insight on key issues and help to move our industry forward.  ...  » Shopper Insights » Answers to Unresolved Issues Submissions Deadline: Thursday, Oct. 2, 2008  ... 

Role of Masked Solutions in the Accuracy of an Insight Problem-Solving Task

Elisa Puvia, Davide Taibi, Patrizio Tressoldi
2022 Journal of Anomalous Experience and Cognition  
After each trial participants were requested to report whether they had used insight or analytical strategy, and were also required to complete a sensation seeking scale and a measure of creativity.  ...  The degree of sensation seeking, the score in creativity, and the outcome of the manipulation check did not reveal any influence on the CRA problems solution.  ...  INSIGHT means that the answer came to your mind suddenly (i.e., unexpectedly) while you were trying to find the solution, without being able to explain how you found it.  ... 
doi:10.31156/jaex.23304 fatcat:r3b2gmmmenbilkrvmzpwd3hgii

Page 150 of Word. A Monthly Magazine Devoted to Philosophy, Science, Religion, Eastern Thought, Occultism, Theosophy and the Brotherhood of Humanity Vol. 15, Issue 3 [page]

1912 Word. A Monthly Magazine Devoted to Philosophy, Science, Religion, Eastern Thought, Occultism, Theosophy and the Brotherhood of Humanity  
Unless you possess reasoned knowledge and rationally sys- tematized insight, you are no further on than a savage. He also can judge about values. Pure insight alone is not phil- osophy.  ...  If you refuse to seek living men or women as philosophical leaders, seek at least what men and women have written and discuss in third person.  ... 

Page 392 of Mathematics Teacher Vol. 47, Issue 6 [page]

1954 Mathematics Teacher  
An analysis of your solution to this problem, a check- up on how you gained insight, may help you in developing better problem-solving ability for your pupils.  ...  To develop this type of learning, we must build many concepts through the use of concrete ex- perience and encourage pupils to avoid wild guesses and to seek relationships, to seek to complete configurations  ... 

A Conceptual Model for Navigating a Career Path in Medical School Leadership

Michael A. Cole, Bradley E. Barth, Leon L. Haley, Jeffrey Siegelman, Brian Zink, Michelle Daniel, Wendy C. Coates
2018 AEM Education and Training  
This process offered insights that promoted the development of a conceptual model informed by current evidence and expert insight and rooted in educational, economic, and cognitive theory.  ...  When seeking out mentors, begin by speaking with individuals in your department that have institutional insight and/or longevity.  ...  G & O Guided by mentors' insight Suited to your personal learning styleStep E: Evaluation and Feedback: i) Who Do You Ask for Feedback?  ... 
doi:10.1002/aet2.10212 pmid:30607381 pmcid:PMC6304280 fatcat:medwqdgaxzgqnaqqdadzo73uxi
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