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A Workflow-Based Grid Portal for Problem Solving Environment [chapter]

Yong-Won Kwon, So-Hyun Ryu, Jin-Sung Park, Chang-Sung Jeong
2004 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
In this paper, we present a Workflow-based grId portal for problem Solving Environment(WISE) which has been developed by integrating workflow, Grid and web technology to provide an enhanced powerful approach  ...  We propose new Grid portal to allow us to use Grid resources with improved workflow patterns to represent various parallelisms inherent in parallel and distributed Grid applications and present Grid Workflow  ...  In this paper, we present a Workflow-based grId portal for problem Solving Environment(WISE) which has been developed by integrating workflow, Grid and web technology to provide an enhanced powerful approach  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-540-30141-7_10 fatcat:wmhi6upc45hp5ic6w6d2um4q24

BPEL Workflows Combining Standard OGC Web Services and Grid-enabled OGC Web Services

Tino Fleuren, Paul Müller
2008 Proceedings of the EUROMICRO Conference  
When designing a Grid workflow, it might be necessary to integrate different kinds of services. In an ideal scenario all services are Grid-enabled.  ...  Therefore, the present OWS cannot be used in BPEL workflows.  ...  Web services in Grid environments are discussed.  ... 
doi:10.1109/seaa.2008.34 dblp:conf/seaa/FleurenM08 fatcat:jyyg2obcr5cp5fhuh7tm6w6ve4

Grid-Enabled Workflows for Industrial Product Design

Moustafa Ghanem, Nabeel Azam, Mike Boniface, Justin Ferris
2006 2006 Second IEEE International Conference on e-Science and Grid Computing (e-Science'06)  
This paper presents a generic approach for developing and using Grid-based workflow technology for enabling cross-organizational engineering applications.  ...  the automotive and aerospace industries we highlight the main requirements and challenges addressed by our approach and describe how it can be used for enabling interoperability between heterogeneous workflow  ...  The authors wish to thank their colleagues at InforSense Ltd and the Univeristy of Southampton as well as their collaborators in the SIMDAT consortium for their help and support.  ... 
doi:10.1109/e-science.2006.261180 dblp:conf/eScience/GhanemABF06 fatcat:36a7xu4rejc7rogh65umlftily

SwinDeW-C: A Peer-to-Peer Based Cloud Workflow System [chapter]

Xiao Liu, Dong Yuan, Gaofeng Zhang, Jinjun Chen, Yun Yang
2010 Handbook of Cloud Computing  
management (load management, workflow scheduling), QoS (Quality of Service) management, data management, security management and others.  ...  In order to achieve successful execution, effective coordination of system participants (e.g. service providers, service consumers and service brokers) is required for many management tasks such as resource  ...  In the top plane of Figure 1 , we show a sample of how a scientific workflow can be executed in the grid computing environment. Figure 1.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-1-4419-6524-0_13 fatcat:y6zhcdh3b5f6hj6yjfgctmjhza

Meta Scheduling Framework for Workflow Service on the Grids [chapter]

Seogchan Hwang, Jaeyoung Choi, Hyeongwoo Park
2004 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
Workflow management becomes a main service as one of the important grid services for grid applications. We propose a Meta Scheduling Framework (MSF) in this paper.  ...  The Globus becomes a standard to construct a Grid and provides core services such as resource management, security, data transfer, information services, and so on.  ...  At the workflow system, it is required to transform activities in the worklist to RSL type in order to execute the real task in a local grid scheduler.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-540-24685-5_62 fatcat:da4dmtqywbd3rdkmrgptajyqwu

Amadeus: A Holistic Service-oriented Environment for Grid Workflows

Ivona Brandic, Sabri Pllana, Siegfried Benkner
2006 2006 Fifth International Conference on Grid and Cooperative Computing Workshops  
In this paper we present Amadeus, which is a holistic service-oriented environment for QoS-aware Grid workflows.  ...  Amadeus considers user's requirements, in terms of QoS constraints, during workflow specification, planning, and execution.  ...  Workflow Specification, Planning and Execution within the Amadeus Environment In this section we explain how the the Amadeus environment supports all phases of a QoS-aware Grid workflow lifecycle.  ... 
doi:10.1109/gccw.2006.17 dblp:conf/gcc/BrandicPB06 fatcat:3f6vflrlzrbwpa3tb4skrlxas4

Grid Infrastructure Architecture: A Modular Approach from CoreGRID [chapter]

Augusto Ciuffoletti, Antonio Congiusta, Gracjan Jankowski, Michał Jankowski, Ondrej Krajiček, Norbert Meyer
2008 Lecture Notes in Business Information Processing  
One target of such project is the design of an innovative Grid Infrastructure architecture, specifically addressing two challenging aspects of such entity: scalability and security.  ...  During workflow execution, such structure is used by the Workflow Analizer component in order to monitor workflow execution.  ...  , workflow management, and security.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-540-68262-2_6 fatcat:d2axng7j6bddzebnvaavk6qbri

An Orchestration as a Service Infrastructure Using Grid Technologies and WS-BPEL [chapter]

André Höing, Guido Scherp, Stefan Gudenkauf, Dirk Meister, André Brinkmann
2009 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
In this paper, we discuss our Orchestration as a Service (OaaS) paradigm and present the BIS-Grid OaaS infrastructure.  ...  This infrastructure is based upon service extensions to the Grid middleware UNI-CORE 6 to use an arbitrary WS-BPEL workflow engine and standard WS-BPEL to orchestrate both plain Web services and stateful  ...  To provide executable workflows, the workflow must be deployed on the BIS-Grid engine and, of course, all used services must be available on their service execution environments (cp. use-dependency in  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-642-10383-4_20 fatcat:oi72vnm6e5at7nkihcwwrf3lfm

Certificate-Driven Grid Workflow Paradigm Based on Service Computing [chapter]

Wanchun Dou, S. C. Cheung, Guihai Chen, Shijie Cai
2005 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
In line with the scenario of service computing, a certificate-driven workflow application paradigm based on service computing is discussed under grid environment in form of virtual organization.  ...  The details engaged in the certificate-driven grid workflow paradigm are listed to demonstrate its execution. The conclusion is presented at last.  ...  A Certificate-Driven Workflow Application Paradigm Under Grid Environment According to the rational explored in section 2, a service-based workflow system can be characterized as sequences of service invocations  ... 
doi:10.1007/11590354_21 fatcat:bpngw2cttbh6voulkg3zeg6cg4

High-level composition of QoS-aware Grid workflows: An approach that considers location affinity

Ivona Brandic, Sabri Pllana, Siegfried Benkner
2006 2006 Workshop on Workflows in Support of Large-Scale Science  
For instance, for security or legal reasons the user may express the location affinity regarding Grid resources on which certain workflow tasks may be executed.  ...  Our QoS-aware workflow system provides support for the whole workflow life cycle from specification to execution.  ...  Currently a significant research effort is invested in the development of workflow languages for Grid environments [25] .  ... 
doi:10.1109/works.2006.5282347 fatcat:fzhwjyjnlfgble337kgsn3gk34

An Autonomic Workflow Management System for Global Grids

Mustafizur Rahman, Rajkumar Buyya
2008 2008 Eighth IEEE International Symposium on Cluster Computing and the Grid (CCGRID)  
reconfigure itself to the changes in the Grid environment, discover, diagnose and react to the disruptions of workflow execution, and monitor and tune Grid resources automatically.  ...  Workflow Management System is generally utilized to define, manage and execute workflow applications on Grid resources.  ...  Grid environment.  ... 
doi:10.1109/ccgrid.2008.39 dblp:conf/ccgrid/RahmanB08 fatcat:rmtgaebnbre67ds7r2emk4bol4

Communication over a Secured Heterogeneous Grid with the GriddLeS Runtime Environment

Jagan Kommineni, David Abramson, Jefferson Tan
2006 2006 Second IEEE International Conference on e-Science and Grid Computing (e-Science'06)  
In this paper, we describe how GriddLeS assists in resolving some of the issues that arise due to heterogeneity in security policies and system architectures in a Grid environment.  ...  When used in a Grid environment, it is possible to build powerful "virtual applications" across multiple distributed and heterogeneous resources.  ...  We would like to thank our colleagues, John McGregor, Jack Katzfey and Martin Dix from the CSIRO Division of Atmospheric Sciences, who provided the models used in this experiment.  ... 
doi:10.1109/e-science.2006.261105 dblp:conf/eScience/KommineniAT06 fatcat:f7oa4foihrho5dlzmenibjstpu

Artificial intelligence and grids: workflow planning and beyond

Y. Gil, E. Deelman, J. Blythe, C. Kesselman, H. Tangmunarunkit
2004 IEEE Intelligent Systems  
We describe Pegasus, a system to generate executable grid workflows given a high-level specification of desired results.  ...  Pegasus uses Artificial Intelligence planning techniques to compose valid end-to-end workflows, and has been used in several scientific applications.  ...  This research was supported in part by the National Science Foundation under grants ITR-0086044 (GriPhyN) and EAR-0122464 (SCEC/ITR), and in part by an internal grant from the Information Sciences Institute  ... 
doi:10.1109/mis.2004.1265882 fatcat:p6ekxvjr2jcg7cenoi2gl6652q

Distributed workflow management for large-scale grid environments

J. Schneider, B. Linnert, L.-O. Burchard
2006 International Symposium on Applications and the Internet (SAINT'06)  
Workflow management in large-scale Grid environments is a very challenging task centralized management systems are not able to cover sufficiently.  ...  Thus, control of the workflow execution is handed over to the autonomous code without requiring a central system to be in charge of the computation and cope with reservation, failures, etc.  ...  Introduction In this paper, we present a novel architecture for workflow management in large-scale Grid environments.  ... 
doi:10.1109/saint.2006.25 dblp:conf/saint/SchneiderLB06 fatcat:qtvceeyqnvcttp5cqt5psgjevy

Components and workflow based Grid programming environment for integrated image-processing applications

Hai Jin, Ran Zheng, Qin Zhang, Ying Li
2006 Concurrency and Computation  
In this paper, we discuss the infrastructure of the integrated environment, a flexible and useful workflow mechanism, a dynamic resource-scheduling strategy to achieve multiple image-processing operations  ...  In order to improve the situation and support Grid applications, a powerful Grid system is proposed as an efficient solution, which enables components and workflow support for loosely coupled and geographically  ...  running in a Grid environment and the workflow enactment engine allows scientists to execute workflow processes.  ... 
doi:10.1002/cpe.1034 fatcat:fvvitpd56fezpjblfkkcoo6wsq
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