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Overlapping Linear Quadtrees and Spatio-Temporal Query Processing

T. Tzouramanis
2000 Computer journal  
In this paper, indexing in spatio-temporal databases by using the technique of overlapping is investigated.  ...  This structure is able to store consecutive historical raster images, a database of evolving images. Moreover, it can be used to support query processing in such a database.  ...  Systems (ACM-GIS'98) and at the 3rd East-European Conference on Advanced Databases and Information Systems (ADBIS'99). • Methods that obey a data space hierarchy: a region containing data is split (when  ... 
doi:10.1093/comjnl/43.4.325 fatcat:mneresjjpfap7anf46eblapi2m

The World Bank research program 1986: Abstracts of current studies

1988 Annals of Tourism Research  
Bank research, in contrast to academic research, is directed toward recognized and emerging policy issues and is focused on yielding better policy advice.  ...  Activities classified as research at the Bank do not, therefore, include the economic and sector work and policy analysis carried out by Bank staff to support operations in particular countries.  ...  with geoopment, and the Environment on February 14-16, 2000, graphic information system data on travel time to major in Sao Paulo, Brazil; the conference on Reservoir Sedi-cities.  ... 
doi:10.1016/0160-7383(88)90155-7 fatcat:noguxosbbjfmjko7gbfwzifuju

Veröffentlichungen und Vorträge 2003 der Mitgleider der Fakultät für Informatik [article]

Fakultät Für Informatik
In: Adaptivity and Learning. Hrsg.: Kühn, R.; Menzel, R.; Menzel, W.; Ratsch, U.; Richter, M. M.; Stamatescu, L.  ...  .: Adaptivity and Learning. Heidelberg: Springer, 2003 Küstermann, R.; Ratz, D.; Seese, D.; Thiemann, P.: Java-Start: ein "pflegeleichter" Webkurs.  ...  .: Using Common Schemas for Information Extraction from Heterogeneous Web Catalogs. In: Proceedings of Seventh East-European Conference on Advances in Databases and Information Systems.  ... 
doi:10.5445/ir/1000022878 fatcat:nbgnzr6z2zgvlkjtcdfv4vpzam

Forecast in Capital Markets

Dimitri O. Ledenyov, Viktor O. Ledenyov
2016 Social Science Research Network  
business meetings in the Eastern and Western Europe, North America, East Asia, Middle East, and Australia over the last 25 years.  ...  in the advanced financial systems within the quantum economies of the scales and scopes in Ledenyov D O, Ledenyov V O (2015m).  ...  It is focused on the quantum winning virtuous trading strategies creation and execution during the ultra high frequencies electronic trading in the foreign currencies exchange markets in the short and  ... 
doi:10.2139/ssrn.2802085 fatcat:ngsuh5uczngv7f7kkuzhgp4xcy

An International Journal of Comput and Informatics ough Sets: Facts Versus Misconceptions Integrating Knowledge and Database Distributed Shared Memory Neural Networks in Econometric Analysis ook Review: The Concious Mind

The Slovene, Societv Informatika, Slovenk Ljubljana
1996 unpublished
Phone: (613) Purpose The International Conference on Parallel and Dis^ tributed Computing and Svstems, sponsored by IASTED, is a major annual forum for scientists, engineers, and practitioners throughout  ...  ., Marco, G. and Varetto, F. (1994) "Corporate distress diagnosis: Comparisons using linear discriminant analysis ON THE PERFORMANCE OF BACKPROPAGATION...  ...  ADBIS '97 -Advances in Databases and Information Systems First East-European Symposium on St.  ... 

Mini Symposium on Perspectives on Structural Change

Jesus Felipe, Neil Foster-McGregor
2019 Asian Development Review  
This mini symposium includes five papers addressing structural change from a variety of perspectives and focuses on three main themes: (i) whether the traditional path of moving from agriculture to industry  ...  change on labor markets (papers by Foster-McGregor and by Hasan and Molato).  ...  growth in East Asia.  ... 
doi:10.1162/adev_e_00138 fatcat:ncu2ldma6fbpzlvs7floqbkkp4

Towards a New Canadian Trade Strategy in Asia? [article]

Jeremy Wong, University Of Calgary, University Of Calgary, Jean-S�Bastien Rioux
The strategy is based on examining existing literature and data and proposing the relevant variables that Canada needs to consider in prioritizing Asian markets.  ...  Through qualitative and quantitative analysis of these variables, findings indicate that Canada would benefit from prioritizing the markets of Japan, India, China, Indonesia, and the Philippines in Canadian  ...  Jean-Sébastien Rioux for his guidance in completing this capstone. I would also like to thank my fiancée, Janice, and my parents, as without their support, this would not have been possible.  ... 
doi:10.11575/prism/32045 fatcat:inkeilclybc57habjb3lhrydwq

Enabling Financial Inclusion for the unbanked; In Pursuit of a Regulatory Framework for Mobile Money in Uganda. Thesis Submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirement for the Degree of Master of Laws in International Trade and Investment law in Africa

Joanita Nampewo
money laundering and disclosure of information on money laundering activities.  ...  The second question addressed the multi-sector legislations that relate to Mobile Money in Uganda and the loopholes as regards their efficacy in regulation of mobile money.  ... 

Annual Report Editorial Committee

Rahman Wasiqur, Ms Khan, Nausheen, Mr Afroza Sultana, Kumar Monojit, Mr Ojha, Mr Arifuzzaman, Khaleq Newaz, Mr Obaidullah, Al Zakir
2008 unpublished
For more information on South Asia Regional Integration, please go to the website:  ...  Development Learning Network (GDLN) from June 8-11, 2008 at BRAC University Video Conference Center to provide basic training in elements of energy efficiency focusing on industries and buildings.  ...  Ø National Symposium "Advanced Materials" Professor A. A. Z.  ... 

Neighbourhood First Navigating Ties Under Modi

Aryaman Bhatnagar, Ritika Passi
Note should be made in this connection of the 2015 report by Research and Information Systems (RIS), a New Delhi-based think tank, titled South Asia Development and Cooperation Report (SADCR).  ...  The first response came in 1996-98, in the two years of the United Front government, with I.K. Gujral as foreign minister and then prime minister.  ...  It helps discover and inform India's choices, and carries Indian voices and ideas to forums shaping global debates.  ... 

Συμβολή στο σχεδιασμό και τη βελτιστοποίηση πρότυπων γεωπληροφοριακών μοντέλων δεδομένων, βάσεων γεωγραφικών δεδομένων για συγκοινωνιακά δίκτυα

Κωνσταντίνος Ε. Ευαγγελίδης
information systems.  ...  The main objective of this PhD thesis is to assist transport planners in manipulating spatial information involved in transport planning procedures, by exploiting the advances offered by contemporary geographical  ...  ., Cavero, J.M. and C´aceres, P., Aggregation and composition in object‐relational database design, Advanced Databases and Information Systems.  ... 
doi:10.26262/ fatcat:pr2tigfwjze3fc6dupou2wmp34