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Sebastian Stiller
2020 Mitteilungen der DMV  
Sebastian Stiller DOI ./dmvm--   ... 
doi:10.1515/dmvm-2020-0001 fatcat:whgxcikdtvgede4tzaychv6edu


Sebastian Stiller
2020 Mitteilungen der DMV  
Neugier und das Erstaunen, durch die Fragen und vielleicht durch das Glück, dicht an eine der fünf Antworten zu kommen, die einem als Mathematiker das Gefühl geben, zu leben wie die Götter.Sebastian Stiller  ... 
doi:10.1515/dmvm-2020-0038 fatcat:jx36cqqserhq5eiuq3xgkvrojy


Sebastian Stiller
2020 Mitteilungen der DMV  
Sebastian Stiller DOI ./dmvm--   ...  Wer einen stärker mathematischen Begriff von KI sucht, findet ihn u. a. in Sebastian Pokuttas Artikel ab Seite .  ... 
doi:10.1515/dmvm-2020-0056 fatcat:xh25t5eyhravdofwsecbkrwhxm


Sebastian Stiller
2018 Mitteilungen der DMV  
Sebastian Stiller DOI ./dmvm-- Cluster haben in der Regel ein internes Auswahl- verfahren für die Einzelprojekte.  ... 
doi:10.1515/dmvm-2018-0040 fatcat:gfrsgf6hfzgkpnx2pr2n2fjaem


Sebastian Stiller
2018 Mitteilungen der DMV  
Sebastian Stiller DOI ./dmvm--   ... 
doi:10.1515/dmvm-2018-0001 fatcat:irvrsoy67reahedyuaazusvluy


Sebastian Stiller
2019 Mitteilungen der DMV  
Sebastian Stiller DOI ./dmvm-- Besonders für uns Kartenmacher eröffnen die Ansprech- partner ungeahnte Möglichkeiten.  ... 
doi:10.1515/dmvm-2019-0033 fatcat:cny4bhunlzbjzdwzhyrejejmlu

Heredero del ZAZ: el cine de Jim Abrahams y de los hermanos Zucker en las comedias de Ben Stiller

Sebastián Chávez, Sebastián Gómez, Daniel Montoya, Ana Paula Sánchez, Claudia Torres
2020 CineScrúpulos  
Dos tipos de comedias nos ofrecen, por un lado, el trío integrado por Jim Abrahams, Jerry Zucker y David Zucker y, por el otro, las películas dirigidas por Ben Stiller.  ...  Los primeros han establecido un culto gracias a una comedia ligada con lo absurdo, pero Ben Stiller usa la sátira para construir el mundo en el que sus historias cobran vida.  ...  (Zucker, 1988) del cine policial, "Zoolander" (Stiller, 2001) del mundo del modelaje y del género de espionaje y conspiración y "Tropic Thunder" (Stiller, 2008) lo es de la propia industria cinematográfica  ... 
doi:10.19083/cinescrupulos.v7i2.1264 fatcat:qhrvcwacpzh5xpxfikuvbc5eiy

Delay resistant timetabling

Christian Liebchen, Sebastian Stiller
2008 Public Transport  
Delay Resistant Timetabling Christian Liebchen and Sebastian Stiller * 23rd November 2006 In public transport punctuality has prominent influence on the customers' satisfaction.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s12469-008-0004-3 fatcat:ekxhufs5nzadrdit2y3tmzqhma

Dynamic organization of the mitochondrial protein import machinery

Sebastian P. Straub, Sebastian B. Stiller, Nils Wiedemann, Nikolaus Pfanner
2016 Biological chemistry  
AbstractMitochondria contain elaborate machineries for the import of precursor proteins from the cytosol. The translocase of the outer mitochondrial membrane (TOM) performs the initial import of precursor proteins and transfers the precursors to downstream translocases, including the presequence translocase and the carrier translocase of the inner membrane, the mitochondrial import and assembly machinery of the intermembrane space, and the sorting and assembly machinery of the outer membrane.
more » ... though the protein translocases can function as separate entities
doi:10.1515/hsz-2016-0145 pmid:27289000 fatcat:nms7brd3dbchrddtvhxezueixq

Blockchain-based Anonymous P2P Trading System

Sina Rafati Niya, Sebastian Allemann, Arik Gabay, Burkhard Stiller
2020 Zenodo  
Data leaks and privacy scandals have been a growing concern of the last decade. Most traditional, i.e., centralized, online platforms require users to register with their personal data, thereby, potentially exposing the user's identity and data to be used for unintended purposes. This work proposes TradeMap as an integrated architecture, designing and enabling an online end-to-end (e2e) trading market place, while supporting anonymous management features. TradeMap addresses the Swiss Financial
more » ... arket Supervisory Authority (FINMA) regulations by designing a FINMA-complaint Know Your Customer (KYC) platform. Additionally, TradeMap is based on blockchains and employs Ethereum Smart Contracts (SC). Thus, trust and anonymity between the market place and KYC system relies on zero knowledge proof-based SCs used for user identification processes. With this management approach proposed, the user authentication is only verified within the KYC platform, providing a legally valid and fully anonymous online trading platform.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.3677159 fatcat:5uhl3ufmgng7lpl627r7zkgney

Packing a Knapsack of Unknown Capacity [article]

Yann Disser and Max Klimm and Nicole Megow and Sebastian Stiller
2013 arXiv   pre-print
We study the problem of packing a knapsack without knowing its capacity. Whenever we attempt to pack an item that does not fit, the item is discarded; if the item fits, we have to include it in the packing. We show that there is always a policy that packs a value within factor 2 of the optimum packing, irrespective of the actual capacity. If all items have unit density, we achieve a factor equal to the golden ratio. Both factors are shown to be best possible. In fact, we obtain the above
more » ... using packing policies that are universal in the sense that they fix a particular order of the items and try to pack the items in this order, independent of the observations made while packing. We give efficient algorithms computing these policies. On the other hand, we show that, for any alpha>1, the problem of deciding whether a given universal policy achieves a factor of alpha is coNP-complete. If alpha is part of the input, the same problem is shown to be coNP-complete for items with unit densities. Finally, we show that it is coNP-hard to decide, for given alpha, whether a set of items admits a universal policy with factor alpha, even if all items have unit densities.
arXiv:1307.2806v1 fatcat:llvtim22lvhg3kofaap7oyag34

Herausforderung "Big Data" in der historischen Forschung

Dirk Wintergrün, Florian Schmaltz, Juliane Stiller, Sebastian Kruse
2015 Zenodo  
A single abstract from the DHd-2015 Book of Abstracts.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.4623311 fatcat:tdz5yuezije77osbw3dnbpc7ve

Robust and Adaptive Network Flows

Dimitris Bertsimas, Ebrahim Nasrabadi, Sebastian Stiller
2013 Operations Research  
Sebastian Stiller studied philosophy and mathematics at Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen, Germany, and Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium.  ... 
doi:10.1287/opre.2013.1200 fatcat:df6qehjkevamvcnngyqu73yndm

Delay-Robust Event Scheduling

Alberto Caprara, Laura Galli, Sebastian Stiller, Paolo Toth
2014 Operations Research  
Robust optimisation is a well established concept to deal with uncertainty. In particular, recovery-robust models are suitable for real-world contexts, where a certain amount of recovery -although limited -is often available. In this paper we describe a general framework to optimise event-based problems against delay propagation. We also present a real-world application to train platforming in the Italian railways, in order to show the practical effectiveness of our framework.
doi:10.1287/opre.2014.1259 fatcat:vqraa6wgkbbvjbqnefwpdv3kqi

Dynamic Shortest Paths Methods for the Time-Dependent TSP

Christoph Hansknecht, Imke Joormann, Sebastian Stiller
2021 Algorithms  
The time-dependent traveling salesman problem (TDTSP) asks for a shortest Hamiltonian tour in a directed graph where (asymmetric) arc-costs depend on the time the arc is entered. With traffic data abundantly available, methods to optimize routes with respect to time-dependent travel times are widely desired. This holds in particular for the traveling salesman problem, which is a corner stone of logistic planning. In this paper, we devise column-generation-based IP methods to solve the TDTSP in
more » ... ull generality, both for arc- and path-based formulations. The algorithmic key is a time-dependent shortest path problem, which arises from the pricing problem of the column generation and is of independent interest—namely, to find paths in a time-expanded graph that are acyclic in the underlying (non-expanded) graph. As this problem is computationally too costly, we price over the set of paths that contain no cycles of length k. In addition, we devise—tailored for the TDTSP—several families of valid inequalities, primal heuristics, a propagation method, and a branching rule. Combining these with the time-dependent shortest path pricing we provide—to our knowledge—the first elaborate method to solve the TDTSP in general and with fully general time-dependence. We also provide for results on complexity and approximability of the TDTSP. In computational experiments on randomly generated instances, we are able to solve the large majority of small instances (20 nodes) to optimality, while closing about two thirds of the remaining gap of the large instances (40 nodes) after one hour of computation.
doi:10.3390/a14010021 fatcat:54rcwlvuvnepvgifgfnwlqoiim
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