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Interpreting text and image relations in violent extremist discourse: A mixed methods approach for big data analytics

Kay L. O'Halloran, Sabine Tan, Peter Wignell, John A. Bateman, Duc-Son Pham, Michele Grossman, Andrew Vande Moere
2016 Terrorism and Political Violence  
The paper presents a mixed methods approach for analysing text and image relations in violent extremist discourse.  ...  The approach involves integrating multimodal discourse analysis with data mining and information visualisation, resulting in theoretically informed empirical techniques for automated analysis of text and  ...  The Research Design and Methods The mixed methods approach is based on the premise that multimodal social semiotic theory offers a rich theoretical platform for manually analysing the meanings arising  ... 
doi:10.1080/09546553.2016.1233871 fatcat:fsg2zsoldncy7kaak45mqzn7ey

Developing learning method on post-graduated program: a blended learning based on web-blog and print technology design

Wahyuddin Naro, Achmad Abubakar, Ahmad Yani, . Kurniati, Muhammad Majdy Amiruddin, Abdul Syatar
2020 Cypriot Journal of Educational Sciences  
Online sources included information search engines, such as Google, and the use of e-mail for assignment submissions.  ...  The implementation of Ulumul Qur'an is supported by the development of a blended learning model, using a weblog and printed materials. Keywords: Blended Learning, Web-Blog, Ulumul Qur'an, Online;  ...  Also, students must search for the information on lecture material by reading and watching videos on the web blog.  ... 
doi:10.18844/cjes.v15i5.5178 fatcat:hx7pygmiorcjvldou44lfaxrxu

Web-Based Learning in Qatar and the GCC States

Alan S. Weber
2016 Social Science Research Network  
Guided by the principles of academic excellence, forward vision, and community engagement, the Center's mission revolves around five principal goals: • To provide a forum for scholarship and research on  ...  Established in 2005, the Center for International and Regional Studies at the Georgetown University School of Foreign Service in Qatar is a premier research institute devoted to the academic study of regional  ...  However, disabled persons are not often seen in public because of a mixed tradition in Islam toward disability.  ... 
doi:10.2139/ssrn.2825912 fatcat:5glvrikyhfa6pjg63f7hgkuzti

Web of Hate: a Fantasy Theme Analysis of the Rhetorical Vision of Hate Groups Online

Margaret E. Duffy
2003 Journal of Communication Inquiry  
Based on prominence in monitoring organizations' listings and through online searches, these sites were selected for study: 2.  ...  in these Web sites establish the basis for the formation of a "virtual" rhetorical community.  ...  All the Web sites examined in this study contain language supporting the argument that the restoration drama is a powerful fantasy type for these groups.  ... 
doi:10.1177/0196859903027003005 fatcat:2eoatzgfrfg53guul7ppc5pmhu

Web of Hate: a Fantasy Theme Analysis of the Rhetorical Vision of Hate Groups Online

Margaret E. Duffy
2003 Journal of Communication Inquiry  
Based on prominence in monitoring organizations' listings and through online searches, these sites were selected for study: 2.  ...  in these Web sites establish the basis for the formation of a "virtual" rhetorical community.  ...  All the Web sites examined in this study contain language supporting the argument that the restoration drama is a powerful fantasy type for these groups.  ... 
doi:10.1177/0196859903252850 fatcat:jharuvrrtjg4vjy5ynfdadobbu

Innovation in Qur'an Learning Through Websites: A Study on

Hajar Hazwani Abdullah
2019 Journal of Quran Sunnah Education & Special Needs  
Furthermore, various methodologies of reciting al-Qur'ān found on websites. The internet phenomenon makes the access to information easier and at the fingertips.  ...  Currently, the public have started to disseminate information and miracles pertaining to the Qur'ān using websites. The innovation in Qur'ān learning has become an acceptable trend.  ...  Bunt found that there are various kinds of information on Islam on the web such as al-Qur'ān translation, recitation, memorisation, opinions, sermons, and fatwas.  ... 
doi:10.33102/jqss.vol0no2.54 fatcat:ygqttui76zdlpgrxqvxz5kvmpi

CSR in Islamic Financial Institution : A Literature Review

Anisa Ramadhini Trianaputri, Dodik Siswantoro, Miranti Kartika Dewi
2018 Tazkia Islamic Finance and Business Review  
Based on the review by publication year, it shows that the concept of CSR is still a fairly new topic. Most of the studies is still dominated by qualitative research with literature review method.  ...  This study contains review of 53 published articles throughout 2006-2016, both in the Islamic economic and financial journal and general journal.  ...  There are 98 articles obtained from the web-search. Third, we did a brief review for each article that have been collected before and assess its relevance to the topic.  ... 
doi:10.30993/tifbr.v11i2.122 fatcat:quf2p7sdrbda5jgdcccfasqlum

Integration of Modern ICTs as Modes of Instruction for Islamic Education in Higher Institutions of Learning

AbdulSwamad Gyagenda
2021 Interdisciplinary journal of education  
The researcher recommends a blend and balance between the traditional methods and use of modern technologies to enhance the instruction of Islamic education.  ...  Use of electronic materials to search for knowledge and using multimedia for content creation can no longer be separated from education.  ...  Modern methods for instance use of e-resources and online distance learning of teaching Islamic education in countries such as Malaysia focus on the learner-centred approach aimed at producing a holistic  ... 
doi:10.53449/ije.v4i2.62 fatcat:di3jsk3kxndmtkplgtyptob2gm

Information and Communication Technology Competence of Islamic Education Teachers

Bagus Malik Alindra, Evi Fatimatur Rusydiyah, Nita Yalina
2022 Jurnal Pendidikan Islam Indonesia  
The informants used were five Islamic Education teachers in the subjects of fiqh, moral aqidah, Qur'an hadith, SKI and Arabic.  ...  This study used a qualitative method using a questionnaire interview instrument.  ...  A mixed method is a method whose research is directed at data collection and analysis techniques using qualitative and quantitative approaches (Samsu, 2017) .  ... 
doi:10.35316/jpii.v6i2.328 fatcat:ptnr2tv3drat7ahidcuapp7rta

Da'wah Communication and Social Media: The Interpretation of Millennials in Southeast Asia

Rizki Briandana, Caturida, Shahir, Wan
2020 International Journal of Economics and Business Administration  
Design/Methodology/Approach: The study uses a case study methodology with in-depth interviews as the method of data collection.  ...  The presence of new media in digital platforms has become an alternative medium for accessing information and entertainment.  ...  and Culture Republic of Indonesia, especially the Academic Assessor team of Dikti, for their assistance and consulting for this publication.  ... 
doi:10.35808/ijeba/543 fatcat:asqpu7dn3zbf3amelkp4wftwhi

many voices in a Muslim self

Teemu Pauha
2022 Approaching Religion  
The position of 'Doubting Sara' is characterized by an independent search for an intellectually and ethically satisfactory worldview.  ...  In this article, I suggest the dialogical self theory (DST) as a fruitful approach to conceptualizing the religious identities and authorities of young European Muslims.  ...  living in Iran and living in Finland, Sara searches for religious information in Per sian language and on the web pages of Iranian scholars.  ... 
doi:10.30664/ar.110855 fatcat:7ml2p4luk5ex7ayzvcghai6bca

Combating Fake News, Misinformation, and Machine Learning Generated Fakes: Insight's from the Islamic Ethical Tradition

Talat Zubair, Amana Raquib, Junaid Qadir
2019 Islam and civilisational renewal  
We present a set of guidelines, with reference to Qur'anic and Prophetic teachings and the practices of the early Muslim scholars, on countering deception, putting forward ideas on developing these technologies  ...  , ethical, security, and privacy implications for society.  ...  The authors would like to thank Ikram Hawramani of the Hawramani Institute for his helpful input, particularly in relation to the topic of probabilistic news verification.  ... 
doi:10.52282/icr.v10i2.42 fatcat:3f733xvyznbh5isvu3dp5b6hi4

The Unified World Order

Bakare Adewale Muteeu
2014 American Journal of Islam and Society  
Based upon the unifying view of microIslamics, the meaning of Islam and its globalizing perspectives are deciphered on a built micro-religious platform.  ...  gaps between the rich-rich, rich-poor, poor-rich and poor-poor nations and people based on common civilization fronts.  ...  [Historically], the work has been considered the greatest religious book written by a Muslim, second only to the Qur'an." 8 n this article, however, the search for a unifying approach to world peace would  ... 
doi:10.35632/ajis.v31i2.290 fatcat:oqjlyfxmv5butczik3d6a4atdy

Implementation of Islamic Business Ethics in Digital Wallet: Literature Review Approach

Dhiyaul Aulia Zulni, Siti Achiria
2020 EkBis Jurnal Ekonomi dan Bisnis  
Digital Wallet or commonly called Electronic Wallet (e-Wallet) is the latest economic phenomenon based on Information Technology that makes it easy for consumers to make transactions at merchants that  ...  The wallet is concise because it has a concise form in managing the identity card or money owned by the wallet owner for transactions.  ...  Customers only need to click on their electronic wallet after selecting an item, and credit card payment information, name, and address, and the chosen shipping method can be transmitted directly (Boone  ... 
doi:10.14421/ekbis.2019.3.1.1181 fatcat:bbryypxwm5ev7jraxjuklzkgci

A Delphi Study On Online Qur'ānic Themes

Ashraf Ali Salahuddin, Roslina Othman
2019 International Journal on Perceptive and Cognitive Computing  
The purpose of this research was to extract the online Qur'ānic search engines (OQSE) and investigate the existing thematic interpretations of al-Qur'ān (TIaQ) based on the alignment with their relevant  ...  Then a two-round Delphi method has been applied to justify the existing themes and the aligned verses by 20 experts of Qur'ānic discipline.  ...  Existing Methods of Qur'ānic Search Evaluation A good deal of research papers found on Qur'ānic text retrieval system in previous research.  ... 
doi:10.31436/ijpcc.v5i2.95 fatcat:oy7olqitfzdy7kaqovdzgpa2cm
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