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Searching Linked Data and Services with a Single Query [chapter]

Mohamed Lamine Mouhoub
2014 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
Furthermore, we aim to introduce an approach that integrates data queries with data from service calls and compositions.  ...  Based on the existing standards and techniques, we address the problem of searching data and services in the LOD.  ...  Our goal is to provide a provide a platform that allows to combine a search of linked data and services to find both data and relevant services that can be mashed up with.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-319-07443-6_59 fatcat:mtlfqwpyxbck7csxjbbtmnjkre

Data Vault: providing simple web access to NRAO data archives

Ron DuPlain, John Benson, Eric Sessoms
2008 Advanced Software and Control for Astronomy II  
Free-text search capabilities are possible (and even simple) with an innovative query parser.  ...  Data Vault provides users with a NRAO-focused data archive while linking to and providing more information wherever possible.  ...  Thanks to Ryan Scranton and the Google Sky team for their ongoing collaboration with NRAO.  ... 
doi:10.1117/12.789402 fatcat:jugjzfxmubh6hozuhre2a5xvr4

COMPASSA Concept-based Web Search Engine for HTML, XML, and Deep Web Data [chapter]

2004 Proceedings 2004 VLDB Conference  
The query processor treats the page with the query form and a result page returned by the portal as a single logical unit.  ...  We have developed an expressive style of conceptbased and context-aware querying with relevance ranking that encompasses different, non-schematic data formats and integrates Web Services as well as Deep  ... 
doi:10.1016/b978-012088469-8/50135-2 fatcat:nmrk4tadmjggjkfdlmz6vx3w2e

search GenBank: interactive orchestration and ad-hoc choreography of Web services in the exploration of the biomedical resources of the National Center For Biotechnology Information

Dariusz Mrozek, Bożena Małysiak-Mrozek, Artur Siążnik
2013 BMC Bioinformatics  
A dedicated search GenBank system makes use of NCBI Web services and a package of Entrez Programming Utilities (eUtils) in order to provide extended searching capabilities in NCBI data repositories.  ...  In search GenBank users can use one of the three exploration paths: simple data searching based on the specified user's query, advanced data searching based on the specified user's query, and advanced  ...  For example, if we want to search genetic data from the Nucleotide database, we can also link this data with protein sequences from the Protein database or with bibliographic data from the PubMed database  ... 
doi:10.1186/1471-2105-14-73 pmid:23452691 pmcid:PMC3602006 fatcat:3i3shulbirftheqkxqgei5hszi

Library Users Attempt to Access a Wide Range of Information Beyond Books and Articles through a Single Search Box

Sara Sharun
2014 Evidence Based Library and Information Practice  
Many of the most common queries can be defined and addressed with a predefined list of results, improving the quality of results and the search experience for users.  ...  Users attempt to access a wide range of information from a single search box, and the most commonly used modules in QuickSearch do not serve many of the most frequent queries.  ...  Further research on user behaviour with single search applications could effectively employ TLA in combination with other quantitative and qualitative data gathering techniques (e.g., surveys, questionnaires  ... 
doi:10.18438/b8tg82 fatcat:yu4symp6crdo3oldwvvuhd5k7a

WebWise: Guide to The Sanger Center's Web Site

Kim D. Pruitt
1998 Genome Research  
Given the number of search options available at this site, it seems reasonable to expect a single page that provides a comprehensive series of links to the different search tools and downloadable data.  ...  The preformatted Queries map search option allows the user to search for a single marker by type (e.g., STS) or for all markers between two positions.  ...  This is a very large web site and requires a committed ongoing effort to maintain it; The Sanger Center does a better job than most at maintaining a unified style and providing consistent navigation links  ... 
doi:10.1101/gr.8.1.4 pmid:9445482 fatcat:kgmpcvpqynd3xdzvbhbuku5mdu

GR2RSS: Publishing Linked Open Commerce Data as RSS and Atom Feeds [article]

Alex Stolz, Martin Hepp
2015 arXiv   pre-print
The integration of Linked Open Data (LOD) content in Web pages is a challenging and sometimes tedious task for Web developers.  ...  , FOAF, VCard, and WGS 84, and (3) the ease of integrating content from a large number of Web sites and other data sources in RDF in general.  ...  It runs over Linked Open Commerce data stores, and is compatible with Virtuoso SPARQL endpoints that support the bif:contains feature, a built-in function that executes over a full-text search index.  ... 
arXiv:1509.00190v1 fatcat:xz2r3vwzvne4rgajiiwois4lzu

XWRAPComposer: a multi-page data extraction service for bio-computing applications

L. Liu, J. Zhang, W. Han, C. Pu, J. Caverlee, S. Park, T. Critchlow, M. Coleman, D. Buttler
2005 2005 IEEE International Conference on Services Computing (SCC'05) Vol-1  
Third, XWRAPComposer provides a userfriendly plug-and-play interface, allowing seamless incorporation of external services and continuous changing service interfaces and data format. 1  ...  This paper presents a service-oriented framework for the development of wrapper code generators, including the methodology of designing an effective wrapper program construction facility and a concrete  ...  A wrapper is a software program specialized to a single data source or single Web service (e.g., a web site), which converts the source documents and queries from the source data model to another, usually  ... 
doi:10.1109/scc.2005.113 dblp:conf/IEEEscc/LiuZHPCPCCB05 fatcat:fmghp5jr2ncjdhqp62cawpozqm

Fundamentals of Real-time Linked Dataspaces [chapter]

Edward Curry
2019 Real-time Linked Dataspaces  
The RLD combines the pay-as-you-go paradigm of dataspaces with linked data, knowledge graphs, and (near) real-time processing capabilities.  ...  Section 4.4 details a principled approach to pay-as-you-go data management and introduces the 5 star pay-as-you-go model for RLD support services.  ...  This chapter introduces the Real-time Linked Dataspace that combines the pay-as-you-go paradigm of dataspaces and linked data with real-time search and query capabilities.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-030-29665-0_4 fatcat:ttzwlycl4rh7thlgnkheapcmqi

How Users Search the Library from a Single Search Box

Cory Lown, Tito Sierra, Josh Boyer
2013 College and Research Libraries  
Additionally, a small number of the most popular search queries accounts for a disproportionate amount of the overall queries.  ...  This study examines how users search a large public university library using a prominent, single search box on the library website.  ...  search boxes, or a single box with selectable targets are methods that libraries have used to direct search traffic appropriately.  ... 
doi:10.5860/crl-321 fatcat:jxiifybmozaatawyou2zkmic3m

Product Search using Linked Data

John Walker, Herman Elenbaas
2018 International Semantic Web Conference  
To that end Nexperia have adopted and extended the award-winning Enterprise Data Hub [1] solution originally developed in cooperation with NXP and publish Linked Data on the Nexperia Data Portal [2] .  ...  In this paper we explain the Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) approach used to populate the search index and how Linked Data adds value in the Product Search application.  ...  The backend services include calls to the Elasticsearch index, SPARQL queries and a third-party API for external stock and pricing data.  ... 
dblp:conf/semweb/WalkerE18 fatcat:x335lstcubeihn6xwcbeg5efya

A Distributed Architecture for Resource Discovery Using Metadata

Michael Roszkowski, Christopher Lukas
1998 D-Lib Magazine  
The search service is Web-based. Using a browser, the user fills out a form with query information and a CGI script handles the form.  ...  several different formats; an Index Service searches a collection and returns a list of documents that match the query; a single, centralized Meta Service or Contact Service provides a directory of locations  ... 
doi:10.1045/june98-roszkowski fatcat:gono4eeb35fhzlstadq6xjtndq

Search Ontology Generator (SONG): Ontology-Based Specification and Generation of Search Queries

Alexandr Uciteli, Stefan Kropf, Timo Weiland, Stefanie Meese, Klaus Graef, Sabrina Rohrer, Marc O. Schurr, Wolfram Bartussek, Christoph Goller, Philipp Blohm, Robin Seidel, Christian Bayer (+5 others)
2017 Joint Ontology Workshops  
PMS needs to be supported by a clever search strategy and the possibility to create complex search queries by domain experts.  ...  A wide range of sources has to be monitored in order to integrate all accessible data about the safety and performance of a medical device.  ...  Acknowledgement This work has been funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) in the "KMU-innovativ" funding program as part of the "OntoPMS" project (reference number 01IS15056B  ... 
dblp:conf/jowo/UciteliKWMGRSBG17 fatcat:eyy44m7qurdvbbcopu44c4pp3m

Exposing the Deep Web in the Linked Data Cloud

Andrea Calì, Giuseppe De Santis, Tommaso Di Noia, Nicola Mincuzzi
2017 Sistemi Evoluti per Basi di Dati  
We propose techniques to make the Deep Web available in the Linked Data Cloud, and we study algorithms for processing queries, posed in a transparent way on the Linked Data, on the underlying Deep Web  ...  The Deep Web is constituted by dynamically generated pages, usually requested through a HTML form; it is notoriously difficult to query and to search, as its pages are obviously non-indexable.  ...  Andrea Calí acknowledges partial support by the EPSRC project "Logic-based Integration and Querying of Unindexed Data" (EP/E010865/1) and by the EU COST Action IC1302 KEYSTONE.  ... 
dblp:conf/sebd/CaliSNM17 fatcat:smtfdxjfknbjpes5ziiarx6emy

Iterative Query Refinement for Exploratory Search in Distributed Heterogeneous Linked Data

Laurens De Vocht
2015 International Semantic Web Conference  
Formulating a search query is particularly difficult in case of distributed Linked Data sources, because they have many different relationships and vocabularies.  ...  We show that the set of techniques facilitates web applications in fulfilling task-oriented searches more effectively and that user interaction with search results indeed gradually refines search queries  ...  I would like to thank my supervisors: Ruben Verborgh, Erik Mannens and Rik Van de Walle, for their support and the opportunity for the realization of this work.  ... 
dblp:conf/semweb/Vocht15 fatcat:gt76rasribeg3m26afavf5s7fu
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