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A New Caching Technique to Support Conjunctive Queries in P2P DHT

2008 IEICE transactions on information and systems  
Members SUMMARY P2P DHT (Peer-to-Peer Distributed Hash Table) is one of typical techniques for realizing an efficient management of shared resources distributed over a network and a keyword search over  ...  The basic idea of the proposed technique is to share a global information on past trials by conducting a local caching of search results for conjunctive queries and by registering the fact to the global  ...  Keyword fusion is a technique to reduce the load of peers who manage index for popular keywords by appropriately extracting, and by separately dealing with such keywords.  ... 
doi:10.1093/ietisy/e91-d.4.1023 fatcat:yfdyh5b5krh7jadme6tw22se4e

Underwater Image Restoration Using Fusion and Wavelet Transform Strategy

Rashid Khan
2015 Journal of Computers  
In addition, the utility of our enhancing technique is proved for several challenging applications. most of the existing techniques, our algorithm does not use supplemental information (e.g. images, depth  ...  Related Work Polarization analysis [1]: An algorithm is presented, which inverts the image formation process for recovering good visibility in images of scenes.  ...  To generate suitable inputs we searched for appropriate enhancement methods.  ... 
doi:10.17706/jcp.10.4.237-244 fatcat:gjd5ykpbnbhvdjboufjo63ekym

Multi-sensor depth fusion framework for real-time 3D reconstruction

Muhammad Kashif Ali, Asif Rajput, Muhammad Shahzad, Farhan Khan, Faheem Akhtar, Anko Borner
2019 IEEE Access  
In this paper, we propose a novel mechanism for the incremental fusion of this sparse data to the dense but limited ranged data provided by the stereo cameras, to produce accurate dense depth maps in real-time  ...  For autonomous robots, 3D perception of environment is an essential tool, which can be used to achieve better navigation in an obstacle rich environment.  ...  In conclusion, an optimal solution to finding appropriate λ values for each acquired depth requires sensor noise profiling and tedious set-up which is only feasible for specific scenarios.  ... 
doi:10.1109/access.2019.2942375 fatcat:h6xvsrotwzfttoq65nlrdp26xy

Data fusion system engineering

A.N. Steinberg
2001 IEEE Aerospace and Electronic Systems Magazine  
The key new insight is in formulating the system engineering process as a resource management problem; allowing the application of the Bowman's model of the duality between data fusion and resource management  ...  This paper reports on methods for the costeffective development and integration of multi-sensor fusion technology.  ...  term is an appropriate label for this very broad concept.  ... 
doi:10.1109/62.931130 fatcat:zrtxclx7gncazim6ve3n2up2wm

3D Face Recognition For Biometric Applications

Lale Akarun, Berk Gokberk, Albert Ali Salah
2005 Zenodo  
Publication in the conference proceedings of EUSIPCO, Antalya, Turkey, 2005  ...  In Srivastava et al. the set of all k-dimensional subspaces of the data space is searched with a MCMC simulated annealing algorithm for the optimal linear subspace [30] .  ...  Depth Map Depth maps are usually used in conjunction with subspace methods, although most of the existing 2D techniques are suitable for processing the depth maps.  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.39327 fatcat:6culz2fkhbf37gugu66uackzp4

An in-depth evaluation of multimodal video genre categorization

Ionut Mironica, Bogdan Ionescu, Peter Knees, Patrick Lambert
2013 2013 11th International Workshop on Content-Based Multimedia Indexing (CBMI)  
In this paper we propose an in-depth evaluation of the performance of video descriptors to multimodal video genre categorization.  ...  Evaluation is carried out in the context of the 2012 Video Genre Tagging Task of the MediaEval Benchmarking Initiative for Multimedia Evaluation, using a data set of up to 15.000 videos (3,200 hours of  ...  Finally, we acknowledge the 2012 Genre Tagging Task of the MediaEval Multimedia Benchmark for the data set (  ... 
doi:10.1109/cbmi.2013.6576545 dblp:conf/cbmi/MironicaIKL13 fatcat:q2xee55uzvhlxpzvlwjvwe3obu

Association rule mining algorithms on high-dimensional datasets

Dongmei Ai, Hongfei Pan, Xiaoxin Li, Yingxin Gao, Di He
2018 Artificial Life and Robotics  
Many data mining algorithms for high-dimensional datasets have been put forward, but the sheer numbers of these algorithms with varying features and application scenarios have complicated making suitable  ...  However, these swift changes have, at the same time, posed challenges to data mining applications, in particular efficient association rule mining.  ...  Acknowledgements This research is partially supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China (61370131).We thank David Martin for editorial assistance in English language.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s10015-018-0437-y fatcat:433ilb6t5rbwjiqevbbeo7gvvu

Review of Non-Destructive Civil Infrastructure Evaluation for Bridges: State-of-the-Art Robotic Platforms, Sensors and Algorithms

Habib Ahmed, Hung Manh La, Nenad Gucunski
2020 Sensors  
To facilitate this process, different sensors for data collection and techniques for data analyses have been used to effectively carry out this task in an automated fashion.  ...  The non-destructive evaluation (NDE) of civil infrastructure has been an active area of research in recent decades.  ...  Data from multiple sources require an additional level of complexity with regards to specifying the appropriate sensor fusion techniques.  ... 
doi:10.3390/s20143954 pmid:32708656 fatcat:sqqnualtvng23khjvqfr6gedly

Patient Self-Education and the Internet: An Evaluation of the Internet Contents Regarding Axial Lumbar Intervertebral Fusion (AxiaLIF)

Mhamad Faour
2017 Orthopedics and Rheumatology Open Access Journal  
The AxiaLIF system is a novel minimally invasive fusion technique for the treatment of single-level fusion. The evidence to support the efficacy and the safety of the procedure is lacking.  ...  Each site was comprehensively analyzed for information about the procedure. Data were collected and evaluated for each authorship subgroup as well as for the entire group of websites.  ...  The top 35 sites identified using each search engine were analyzed to compile a total data set of 105 sites consistent with the numbers evaluated in prior studies [13] [14] [15] [16] [17] .  ... 
doi:10.19080/oroaj.2017.08.555745 fatcat:zlc4n7aosjh2ddd3wq6w3awcha

Data Fusion for Network Intrusion Detection: A Review

Guoquan Li, Zheng Yan, Yulong Fu, Hanlu Chen
2018 Security and Communication Networks  
However, the literature still lacks thorough analysis and evaluation on data fusion techniques in the field of intrusion detection.  ...  Rapid progress of networking technologies leads to an exponential growth in the number of unauthorized or malicious network actions.  ...  Based on the literature study, we proposed the evaluation criteria of data fusion techniques in terms of NIDS.  ... 
doi:10.1155/2018/8210614 fatcat:v3s5acnt65gevp34k5hj4at2ra

Automatic ranking of information retrieval systems using data fusion

Rabia Nuray, Fazli Can
2006 Information Processing & Management  
Measuring effectiveness of information retrieval (IR) systems is essential for research and development and for monitoring search quality in dynamic environments.  ...  This could improve the effectiveness of automatic ranking. Based on this intuition, we introduce a new method for the selection of systems to be used for data fusion.  ...  We are also grateful to Ben Carterette of University of Massachusetts, Amherst and Petrito Maynard-Zhang of Miami University for their numerous insightful comments for an initial version of this paper.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.ipm.2005.03.023 fatcat:ggvpdzgegzb75etkq5j6fv6ruq

Viewpoint invariant semantic object and scene categorization with RGB-D sensors

Hasan F. M. Zaki, Faisal Shafait, Ajmal Mian
2018 Autonomous Robots  
We also present a technique to fuse the proposed HP-CNN with the activations of fully connected neurons based on an Extreme Learning Machine classifier in a late fusion scheme which leads to a highly discriminative  ...  Key challenges for accurate RGB-D image recognition are the scarcity of training data, variations due to viewpoint changes and the heterogeneous nature of the data.  ...  for recognition tasks given an appropriate encoding scheme.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s10514-018-9776-8 fatcat:spg6rdzgbrhpxpbuedqr2th2pe

Multisensorial Active Perception for Indoor Environment Modeling [chapter]

Luz Abril
2010 Sensor Fusion and its Applications  
Our data fusion framework is based on an active perception technique that captures the limited range data in regions statistically detected from the intensity images of the same scene.  ...  Although, the notion of data fusion has always been around, most multisensory data fusion applications have been developed very recently, converting it in an area of intense research in which new applications  ...  This book is a unique, comprehensive, and up-to-date resource for sensor fusion systems designers. This book is appropriate for use as an upper division undergraduate or graduate level text book.  ... 
doi:10.5772/9964 fatcat:m7nclzf2tffpfhn4eixog475ji


H. Hastedt, Th. Luhmann
2012 The International Archives of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences  
Different options on data fusion processing of distance information and highresolution color information in order to generate dense 2½ D and 3D point clouds will be presented.  ...  But applying calibration models and combining with highresolution image data offers a promising approach in order to form a multisensor system for close range applications.  ...  Different options on data fusion processing have been evaluated.  ... 
doi:10.5194/isprsarchives-xxxix-b5-333-2012 fatcat:cfnf6iam4jcldfvpolyrwn4esi

Semantic Interpreter Pythia : GIS-based Expert Knowledge Algorithm for Automated Geotechnical Soil Profiling of Applicable Data

Maria Apostolos Papadopoulou
2018 Asian Journal of Engineering and Technology  
Based on the experiences distilled from an extensive geotechnical case study, the paper specifies what content is appropriate for engineering studies.  ...  The problem is then transmitted from data fusion to resolving the heterogeneity of semantics by inferring of likely complementary data.  ...  It provides a method for understanding the relationships between the fusion tasks and employed data, whereas the JDL model presents an appropriate fusion perspective to design data fusion systems.  ... 
doi:10.24203/ajet.v6i6.5436 fatcat:vqewiqulnjfgbaifhlu5b7etku
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