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A Strategic Process to Manage Collaborative Risks in Supply Chain Networks (SCN) to Improve Resilience and Sustainability

Marco Nunes, António Abreu, Jelena Bagnjuk, Edgar Nunes, Célia Saraiva
2022 Sustainability  
one of the extremes of the collaborative dimension (lack of collaboration or collaborative overload) are very often invisible; however, they are responsible for undesired outcomes such as production defects  ...  In this work, a strategic process to identify and manage collaborative risks in SCNs to help improve resilience and sustainability is proposed.  ...  The strategic process built based on three scientific pillars (Figure 1 ) will analyze how dynamic patterns of behavior that emerge and evolve across time can potentially compromise the functioning on  ... 
doi:10.3390/su14095237 fatcat:ioyw4g5eczb2vprvwylhece25i

Design and Implementation of University Students Scientific Research Ability Evaluation System Based on Neural Network

Huilan Yin, Jing Zhang, Yanming Qi, Dongping Li, Sheng Bin
2022 Scientific Programming  
' scientific research ability, referring to the existing evaluation index systems, and the weights were designed for the evaluation indices.  ...  After surveying the status quo of scientific research ability evaluation of college students in northern China's Hebei Province, a hierarchical evaluation index system was constructed for college students  ...  Based on the above evaluation index system, the hierarchy of scientific research ability evaluation for college students is plotted as Figure 3 .  ... 
doi:10.1155/2022/4744774 fatcat:47i4uvg2nzckte4i35iiuh5fgq

The science of science: From the perspective of complex systems

An Zeng, Zhesi Shen, Jianlin Zhou, Jinshan Wu, Ying Fan, Yougui Wang, H. Eugene Stanley
2017 Physics reports  
The science of science (SOS) is a rapidly developing field which aims to understand, quantify and predict scientific research and the resulting outcomes.  ...  Progress on SOS will lead to better solutions for many challenging issues, ranging from the selection of candidate faculty members by a university to the development of research fields to which a country  ...  [272] developed an agent-based model for predicting scientific collaborations.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.physrep.2017.10.001 fatcat:fo35nfw2yna6nlgzl4ywtffhyu

A Bibliometric Analysis of Service Climate as a Sustainable Competitive Advantage in Hospitality

Hugo Palácios, Helena de Almeida, Maria José Sousa
2021 Sustainability  
The purpose of this study is to carry out a systematic literature review and map the service climate in hospitality to discuss the future of the construct as a sustainable competitive advantage.  ...  The research trend topics revealed that performance is one of the most crucial link factors, and keywords such as service climate, performance, antecedents, and perceptions are closely related.  ...  The file of countries is ordered based on the quantity of the co-authored scientific literature.  ... 
doi:10.3390/su132112214 fatcat:gpkqsq2745htrmci53vgsmr2me

Industry–Academia Research Collaboration and Knowledge Co-creation: Patterns and Anti-patterns

Dusica Marijan, Sagar Sen
2022 ACM Transactions on Software Engineering and Methodology  
This article reports on the experience of research collaboration and knowledge co-creation between industry and academia in software engineering as a way to bridge the research–practice collaboration gap  ...  in establishing and running research collaboration projects in software engineering.  ...  The term h-index is often used to measure impact as the maximum h number of publications cited h times.  ... 
doi:10.1145/3494519 fatcat:b5capq3ybncapddvn5rnec5ayu

Modeling the Complexity and Dynamics of the Malaria Research Collaboration Network in Benin, West Africa: papers indexed in the Web Of Science (1996-2016)

Roseric Azondekon
2018 AMIA Annual Symposium Proceedings  
Our study is one of a few to take a model-based approach to the study ofco-authorship networks.  ...  The final ERGM and TERGM showed that the mechanistic phenomenon driving collaboration ties in malaria research in Benin is driven by homophily on the type of affiliation and by membership to a research  ...  The data collection was carried on papers indexed in Thompson's Institute for Scientific Information Web Of Science (WOS) (formerly known as the Web of Knowledge).  ... 
pmid:30815057 pmcid:PMC6371237 fatcat:mwtiqlj4fra3nlf3dynkmip66u

Modelado de Información de Construcción desde un análisis bibliométrico [chapter]

Cristian Camilo Osorio Gómez, Fabián Andrés Foronda Ocampo, Cristhian Camilo Amariles López, Juan Esteban González García
2021 Competitive Risaralda, generating research alliances for development  
articles or texts produced by a scientific nature.  ...  Bibliometry is responsible for applying mathematical and statistical methods to scientific research; this discipline is responsible for measuring scientific studies by applying quantitative variables to  ...  For this analysis, the emphasis was placed on the bibliometric indicator H index (H Index), or Hirsh index, which is an indicator that allows evaluating scientific production per researcher, measuring  ... 
doi:10.22517/9789587224955.1.7 fatcat:wgt6epzrd5dhzad6q5ydkjdbke

Identifying the effects of co-authorship networks on the performance of scholars: A correlation and regression analysis of performance measures and social network analysis measures

Alireza Abbasi, Jörn Altmann, Liaquat Hossain
2011 Journal of Informetrics  
In this study, we develop a theoretical model based on social network theories and analytical methods for exploring collaboration (co-authorship) networks of scholars.  ...  Based on these results, we can imply that scholars, who are connected to many distinct scholars, have a better citation-based performance (g-index) than scholars with fewer connections.  ...  Consequently, the calculation of the h-index and the g-index, if based on Google Scholar, results in higher values than for the other citation counting services.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.joi.2011.05.007 fatcat:jc2kgqcfv5cyhlvofk6ru2plqy

Literature Review on Co-Located Collaboration Modeling Using Multimodal Learning Analytics—Can We Go the Whole Nine Yards

Sambit Praharaj, Maren Scheffel, Hendrik Drachsler, Marcus M. Specht
2021 IEEE Transactions on Learning Technologies  
indexes.  ...  Indicators (or low-level events) can be used to detect CC quality with the help of measurable markers (i.e., indexes composed of one or more indicators) which give the high-level collaboration process  ...  based on the collaboration end goal.  ... 
doi:10.1109/tlt.2021.3097766 fatcat:67n54farpjdi3m44cjhbrvnoru

Research Gap Analysis of Remote Sensing Application in Fisheries: Prospects for Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals

Kuo-Wei Yen, Chia-Hsiang Chen
2021 Remote Sensing  
Collaboration and partnership constitute an efficient approach for transferring skills and technology across countries.  ...  For the achievement of the sustainable development goals (SDGs) by 2030, research networks can be expanded to mitigate the research gaps and improve the sustainability of marine fisheries resources.  ...  Comparison of the Cooperative Organizational Structures of The Main Research-Sponsoring Countries We developed a new criterion based on the Herfindahl-Hirschman Index (HHI) [46] , which is a concentration  ... 
doi:10.3390/rs13051013 fatcat:6euybfdilvhpphj4jm5wyuxdfe

Novel Design Support Methodology Based on a Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis Approach for Energy Efficient District Retrofitting Projects

Miguel Á. García-Fuentes, Rubén García-Pajares, Cecilia Sanz, Alberto Meiss
2018 Energies  
This methodology is based on the evaluation of a set of District Sustainability Indicators while proposing an Integrated Project Delivery method improving the communications among stakeholders and, therefore  ...  This paper presents a holistic design methodology based on the application of a Multi-Criteria Decision Making approach that allows designing optimised solutions.  ...  District Sustainability Index.  ... 
doi:10.3390/en11092368 fatcat:s3eah3tparejnfewhp3it3qotu

Widget, Widget on the Wall, Am I Performing Well at All?

Maren Scheffel, Hendrik Drachsler, Joop de Kraker, Karel Kreijns, Aad Slootmaker, Marcus Specht
2017 IEEE Transactions on Learning Technologies  
In this paper, we present a formative data study about the predictive power of several indicators of an awareness widget based on automatically logged user data from an online learning environment.  ...  Sustainable Development (EVS).  ...  While measurements based on behavioural data are not a one-to-one replacement for measurements based on subjective experience, i.e. proximal variables have indeed more predictive power than distal variables  ... 
doi:10.1109/tlt.2016.2622268 fatcat:jcpguimkhjf4znmcpjdiblkl6m

Combining Science and Traditional Ecological Knowledge: Monitoring Populations for Co-Management

Henrik Moller, Fikret Berkes, Philip O'Brian Lyver, Mina Kislalioglu
2004 Ecology and Society  
Scientific monitoring methods offer the advantage of decoupling the sampling from the harvest itself. An index based on harvest rates cannot be used in nontreatment or unharvested areas.  ...  were based on this collected information.  ... 
doi:10.5751/es-00675-090302 fatcat:lmj3zt4a35dwrnevxw7mrcl35u

Complex Systems and a Computational Social Science Perspective on the Labor Market [article]

Abdullah Almaatouq
2016 arXiv   pre-print
At the individual level, unemployment often has a detrimental impact on people's well-being and health.  ...  At the national level, high employment is one of the central goals of any economic policy, due to its close association with national prosperity.  ...  Here we are interested in the predictability of reciprocity (i.e., reciprocal versus unilateral) and directionality (i.e., incoming versus outgoing edge) of ties based on the topological structure of the  ... 
arXiv:1606.08562v1 fatcat:vr4ncqc5lzeazm3uxsbaclcsm4

Influencing factors of and multiple paths to high performance in multidisciplinary scientific research cooperation in colleges in China: a fuzzy-set qualitative comparative analysis

Jing Xue, Xing Liu, Qun Qin, Weihong Huang, Song Feng, Hua Guo
2022 Annals of Translational Medicine  
Here we explored the "joint effect" of various influencing factors on interdisciplinary collaborative research in colleges and the "interactions" among these factors.  ...  The performance incentive method of high-tech collaboration could be divided into four main paths: configuration organized by an institution; configuration organized by an institution, with high policy-based  ...  Relationship capital is created and utilized through the ongoing maintenance of connections based on trust, commitment, and reciprocity.  ... 
doi:10.21037/atm-22-2639 pmid:35845510 pmcid:PMC9279771 fatcat:mwfyknuhrbcvharrrg25hswp6i
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