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Scala Implicits are Everywhere: A large-scale study of the use of Implicits in the wild [article]

Filip Křikava, Heather Miller, Jan Vitek
2019 arXiv   pre-print
They are also used to implement certain language features without having to modify the compiler. We report on a large-scale study of the use of implicits in the wild.  ...  Announced without fanfare in 2004, implicits have quickly grown to become a widely and pervasively used feature of the language. They provide a way to reduce the boilerplate code in Scala programs.  ...  We thank the members of the PRL lab in Boston and Prague for additional comments and encouragements.  ... 
arXiv:1908.07883v3 fatcat:3crn6nkbdjalbpg5575cuoa6lq

Of Great Apes and Magpies: Initiations into Animal Behaviour

Gisela Kaplan
2020 Animals  
Species appropriateness in test designs are desirable present and future goals but here it is suggested how different experiences can also lead to different questions that explode the myth of human uniqueness  ...  This paper presents three case studies of exceptional human encounters with animals.  ...  Rogers for critically reading the manuscript and for her permission to publish the image in Figure 3 . Conflicts of Interest: The author declares no conflict of interest.  ... 
doi:10.3390/ani10122369 pmid:33321971 fatcat:2p5bxj5zfvgrladwqv6co4gwfi

Challenges in the Design of the Package Template Mechanism [chapter]

Eyvind W. Axelsen, Fredrik Sørensen, Stein Krogdahl, Birger Møller-Pedersen
2012 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
they are used in a program.  ...  Prototype implementations, case studies and example libraries are presented in order to both demonstrate and assess the utility of the mechanism. v Acknowledgements This work has been done in the context  ...  While the original study included several other languages as well, we focus on Java and C++, and in addition we include Scala.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-642-35551-6_7 fatcat:xag4gtqavrbezgblvrfdxdbwry

Thriving in a crowded and changing world: C++ 2006–2020

Bjarne Stroustrup
2020 Proceedings of the ACM on Programming Languages (PACMPL)  
language use ACM Reference Format: Note the poverty of libraries in the early years.  ...  The paper contains long lists of features documenting the growth of C++. Significant technical points are discussed and illustrated with short code fragments.  ...  However, that failed to deliver the simplicity of implementation and use needed for large scale use.  ... 
doi:10.1145/3386320 fatcat:cewdzna33zafla4z3zcpbehmvi

Language Support for Distributed Functional Programming

Heather Miller
Just about everywhere you look nowadays, you will find functionally-inspired software springing up in the wild.  ...  of spores through a small empirical study using a collection of real-world Scala programs, and (b) show the power of the guarantees spores provide through case studies using parallel and distributed  ...  As demonstrated by rule RF-REQF, ReqF messages used to request the application of the fault handler are handled in a way that is completely analogous to the way regular Req messages are handled, except  ... 
doi:10.5075/epfl-thesis-6784 fatcat:b6k327pfsbedjf2xizz6ldf6tu


Joseph Gil, Itay Maman
2008 Proceedings of the 23rd ACM SIGPLAN conference on Object oriented programming systems languages and applications - OOPSLA '08  
However, in contrast with many other natural sciences, experiments on large scale software development are so prohibitively costly that much of the research on the topic abandoned this hope [65] .  ...  Table 2 .2 compares the queries used in JQuery case study (extraction of the user interface of a chess program) with their JTL counterparts.  ...  As a convention, the # parameter is used as the inspected value of the query, that is: the primary input which will be examined by the query.  ... 
doi:10.1145/1449764.1449771 dblp:conf/oopsla/GilM08 fatcat:tl6bydglirduzeyp5bpz665acm


Joseph Gil, Itay Maman
2008 SIGPLAN notices  
However, in contrast with many other natural sciences, experiments on large scale software development are so prohibitively costly that much of the research on the topic abandoned this hope [65] .  ...  Table 2 .2 compares the queries used in JQuery case study (extraction of the user interface of a chess program) with their JTL counterparts.  ...  As a convention, the # parameter is used as the inspected value of the query, that is: the primary input which will be examined by the query.  ... 
doi:10.1145/1449955.1449771 fatcat:gehhgajvmbaljjcuma72fm57ay

Unification of Compile-Time and Runtime Metaprogramming in Scala

Eugene Burmako
First, guided by the motivation to consolidate disparate metaprogramming techniques available in earlier versions of Scala, we introduce scala.reflect, a unified metaprogramming framework that uses a language  ...  We focus on the practical aspect of the exploration; most of the described designs are available as popular software products, and some of them have become part of the standard distribution of Scala.  ...  It was astonishing to see my work shipped as part of a programming language used by hundreds of thousands of developers, and it would not have been possible without Martin's encouragement and support.  ... 
doi:10.5075/epfl-thesis-7159 fatcat:e4greyvss5ewjolwwoe6mq4xqm

Bookwork as Demediation

Garrett Stewart
2010 Critical Inquiry  
Or in the terms of one contemporary book "surgeon," book "adaptations" or "autopsies," whose contents are operated upon under the knife in Brian Dettmer's work, hence no longer operable as text.  ...  They are everywhere in contemporary galleries, regularly uncategorized, commonly ironic if not downright comic, sometimes edgy, outrageous, frequently enthralling-namely (though there is no established  ...  It is as if the absent visual remains are materialized in front of us by the very act of a sympathetic reading-in.  ... 
doi:10.1086/653407 fatcat:ljtbba3eyze35d35aytjdsgxg4

Folk biology and the anthropology of science: cognitive universals and cultural particulars

S Atran
1998 Behavioral and Brain Sciences  
This supports a modular view of folk biology as a core domain of human knowledge and as a special player, or "core meme," in the selection processes by which cultures evolve.  ...  Another set of reasoning experiments shows that Maya, American folk, and scientists use similarly structured taxonomies in somewhat different ways to extend their understanding of the world in the face  ...  In one study, American students used only the name "tree" to refer to 75% of the species they saw in a nature walk .  ... 
pmid:10097021 fatcat:he37svzxa5f7hhod5xdwm5ze3q

City bug report

Henrik Korsgaard, Martin Brynskov
2014 Proceedings of the 2nd Media Architecture Biennale Conference on World Cities - MAB '14  
active instigators of change in their own right.  ...  We synthesise our findings and ask if and how media architects as a community of practice can encourage the 'opensourcing' of information and tools allowing laypeople to not only participate but become  ...  Acknowledging the importance of the amateurs or lovers, in the evolution of technology, Paulos supports DIY cultures and calls on technologists and engineers to shift their thinking towards more participatory  ... 
doi:10.1145/2682884.2682896 dblp:conf/mab/KorsgaardB14 fatcat:mdpnfowtuzgs3fcjdxrzc5lepm

A history of Haskell

Paul Hudak, John Hughes, Simon Peyton Jones, Philip Wadler
2007 Proceedings of the third ACM SIGPLAN conference on History of programming languages - HOPL III  
The members of the Haskell Committee played a particularly important role, however.  ...  Here they are, with their affiliations during the lifetime of the committee, and identifying those who served as Editor for some iteration of the language: Arvind (MIT), Lennart Augustsson (Chalmers University  ...  One attempt at such a study was an exercise sponsored by Darpa (the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) in the early 1990's.  ... 
doi:10.1145/1238844.1238856 dblp:conf/hopl/HudakHJW07 fatcat:7i7s3ivrkzhotgoyvjnxcjglxu

The cognitive functions of language

Peter Carruthers
2002 Behavioral and Brain Sciences  
This paper explores a variety of different versions of the thesis that natural language is involved in human thinking.  ...  The overall goal of the paper is to review a wide variety of accounts of the cognitive function of natural language, integrating a number of different kinds of evidence and theoretical consideration in  ...  But suppose you are not a friend of large-scale mental modularity, and you do not believe in mentalese.  ... 
doi:10.1017/s0140525x02000122 fatcat:c7gskqw2qjb5bg53j7pzzmpyay

SIENNA D4.4: Ethical Analysis of AI and Robotics Technologies

Philip Jansen, Philip Brey, Alice Fox, Jonne Maas, Bradley Hillas, Nils Wagner, Patrick Smith, Isaac Oluoch, Laura Lamers, Hero Van Gein, Anaïs Resseguier, Rowena Rodrigues (+2 others)
2020 Zenodo  
While these country study results have only formed a minor contribution to the overall identification and analysis of the ethical issues in this report, they are expected to play a larger role in future  ...  A secondary aim of this report has been to convey the results of SIENNA's "country studies" of the national academic and popular media debate on the ethical issues in AI and robotics in twelve different  ...  In addition, any heuristic used to overcome truly unresolvable moral dilemmas in a particular fashion may, if employed on a large scale, become highly influential.  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.4068082 fatcat:xiucqv6opng6rbit25lyfemzm4

D6.1 System Orchestration And Management Design And Implementation

Carlos Parada, Isabel Borges, Francisco Fontes, George Tsolis, Michael J. McGrath, Vincenzo Riccobene, John Thomson, Julian Chesterfield, Joel Atherley, Manos Ragiadakos, Luis Tomas Bolivar, Livnat Peer (+13 others)
2018 Zenodo  
This deliverable reports the efforts of the three WP6 Tasks.  ...  It concludes all the efforts done at WP6, finalizing the control framework, the SLA-base deployment design, and completes the symbolic execution checking and anomaly detection tools implementation.  ...  In this study, we tackle both the scaling decision and the load balancing strategy as a single problem.  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.1232116 fatcat:sdtzshzkljbennvyyi7qklryby
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