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Vision System of Curling Robots: Thrower and Skip [article]

Seongwook Yoon, Gayoung Kim, Myungpyo Hong, Sanghoon Sull
2022 arXiv   pre-print
The low-view camera with the largest FOV mounted on robot's body also estimates Vision System of Curling Robots: Thrower and Skip Seongwook Yoon, Gayoung Kim, Myungpyo Hong, and Sanghoon Sull, Senior Member  ... 
arXiv:2204.09221v1 fatcat:p2mmpln4zrgvjkfurthm5yd5ai

Fatty Acid Metabolism in Ovarian Cancer: Therapeutic Implications

Hyunho Yoon, Sanghoon Lee
2022 International Journal of Molecular Sciences  
Ovarian cancer is the most malignant gynecological tumor. Previous studies have reported that metabolic alterations resulting from deregulated lipid metabolism promote ovarian cancer aggressiveness. Lipid metabolism involves the oxidation of fatty acids, which leads to energy generation or new lipid metabolite synthesis. The upregulation of fatty acid synthesis and related signaling promote tumor cell proliferation and migration, and, consequently, lead to poor prognosis. Fatty acid-mediated
more » ... id metabolism in the tumor microenvironment (TME) modulates tumor cell immunity by regulating immune cells, including T cells, B cells, macrophages, and natural killer cells, which play essential roles in ovarian cancer cell survival. Here, the types and sources of fatty acids and their interactions with the TME of ovarian cancer have been reviewed. Additionally, this review focuses on the role of fatty acid metabolism in tumor immunity and suggests that fatty acid and related lipid metabolic pathways are potential therapeutic targets for ovarian cancer.
doi:10.3390/ijms23042170 pmid:35216285 pmcid:PMC8874779 fatcat:cgylalckqrdkdgdhqq7vpdvqju

Multiple Sensor Synchronization with the RealSense RGB-D Camera

Hyunse Yoon, Mingyu Jang, Jungwoo Huh, Jiwoo Kang, Sanghoon Lee
2021 Sensors  
When reconstructing a 3D object, it is difficult to obtain accurate 3D geometric information using a single camera. In order to capture detailed geometric information of a 3D object, it is inevitable to increase the number of cameras to capture the object. However, cameras need to be synchronized in order to simultaneously capture frames. If cameras are incorrectly synchronized, many artifacts are produced in the reconstructed 3D object. The RealSense RGB-D camera, which is commonly used for
more » ... aining geometric information of a 3D object, provides synchronization modes to mitigate synchronization errors. However, the synchronization modes provided by theRealSense cameras can only sync depth cameras and have limitations in the number of cameras that can be synchronized using a single host due to the hardware issue of stable data transmission. Therefore, in this paper, we propose a novel synchronization method that synchronizes an arbitrary number of RealSense cameras by adjusting the number of hosts to support stable data transmission. Our method establishes a master–slave architecture in order to synchronize the system clocks of the hosts. While synchronizing the system clocks, delays that resulted from the process of synchronization were estimated so that the difference between the system clocks could be minimized. Through synchronization of the system clocks, cameras connected to the different hosts can be synchronized based on the timestamp of the data received by the hosts. Thus, our method synchronizes theRealSense cameras to simultaneously capture accurate 3D information of an object at a constant frame rate without dropping it.
doi:10.3390/s21186276 pmid:34577483 pmcid:PMC8472203 fatcat:lecjisjn4vf7xpybm6p3ptldfy

Fabrication of automotive heat exchanger using kinetic spraying process

Sanghoon Yoon, HyungJun Kim, Changhee Lee
2007 Surface & Coatings Technology  
The conventional manufacturing process of the automotive brazed heat exchanger includes complex preparation processes before brazing: aluminum brazing filler alloy is pre-claded on both sides of a fin by an extrusion method, and holed aluminum tubes are coated on both sides with Zn for corrosion protection by a wire arc spraying process. The intent of this study is to simplify the preparation process by kinetic spraying using all of the components, including Al-12%Si (for the brazing filler
more » ... l), Zn (for corrosion protection), and KAlF4 (flux powder). Four kinds of blended powders were evaluated with and without flux. The bond properties and composition distribution of composition at the braze joint area were evaluated by scanning electron microscope (SEM) and electron probe micro analyzer (EPMA). In this study, kinetic spray condition was optimized, in order to fabricate the heat exchanger. It was observed that the joints of the brazed specimens at each side were sounder than that achieved by the conventional methods. It is necessary to control the Zn content to get the high corrosion resistance and good brazeability of the aluminum heat exchanger. Further, the kinetic sprayed heat exchanger showed acceptable corrosion protection.
doi:10.1016/j.surfcoat.2007.04.026 fatcat:wrqhs2vujncrpm6ssnjt476oma

Cross-coupled differential oscillator MMICs with low phase-noise performance

Sang-Woong Yoon, Eun-Chul Park, Chang-Ho Lee, Sanghoon Sim, Sang-Goog Lee, Euisik Yoon, J. Laskar, Songcheol Hong
2001 IEEE Microwave and Wireless Components Letters  
Sim, E, Yoon, and S. Hong are with the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), Taejon, Korea. C.-H. Lee and J.  ...  Yoon is with the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA 30332-0269 USA and also with the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST),  ... 
doi:10.1109/7260.974557 fatcat:7qfj5ic2o5hb5k5vszo5yefbsa

A Comparison and Evaluation of Stereo Matching on Active Stereo Images

Mingyu Jang, Hyunse Yoon, Seongmin Lee, Jiwoo Kang, Sanghoon Lee
2022 Sensors  
(Sanghoon Lee) and J.K.; methodology, S.L. (Seongmin Lee) and J.K.; software, S.L.  ...  (Sanghoon Lee) All authors have read and agreed to the published version of the manuscript.  ... 
doi:10.3390/s22093332 fatcat:uxrvs3dna5cjxmnsgwusgtlxvm

Integration of Genomic Profiling and Organoid Development in Precision Oncology

Hyunho Yoon, Sanghoon Lee
2021 International Journal of Molecular Sciences  
Precision oncology involves an innovative personalized treatment strategy for each cancer patient that provides strategies and options for cancer treatment. Currently, personalized cancer medicine is primarily based on molecular matching. Next-generation sequencing and related technologies, such as single-cell whole-transcriptome sequencing, enable the accurate elucidation of the genetic landscape in individual cancer patients and consequently provide clinical benefits. Furthermore, advances in
more » ... cancer organoid models that represent genetic variations and mutations in individual cancer patients have direct and important clinical implications in precision oncology. This review aimed to discuss recent advances, clinical potential, and limitations of genomic profiling and the use of organoids in breast and ovarian cancer. We also discuss the integration of genomic profiling and organoid models for applications in cancer precision medicine.
doi:10.3390/ijms23010216 pmid:35008642 pmcid:PMC8745679 fatcat:nzxrktlbpzgmzmvv54i2vm6nra

Kinetic spraying deposition behavior of bulk amorphous NiTiZrSiSn feedstock

Sanghoon Yoon, Changhee Lee, Hansin Choi, Hyoungho Jo
2006 Materials Science & Engineering: A  
A kinetic spraying process, which is basically a solid-state deposition process, was used for the formation of a fully amorphous coating. By using a pre-heating system for the powder carrier gas and using helium for the process gas, it was possible to form an amorphous coating. The main process parameters evaluated during this study were gas species [N 2 and He] and pre-heating temperature [RT (below T g ) and 550 • C (liquid metallic region)]. Aside from the empirical approach, in-flight
more » ... le velocity within the kinetic spraying process was measured using a SprayWatch-2i system. The deposition behavior of a NiTiZrSiSn bulk amorphous powder was observed when it was sprayed using the kinetic spraying process. In order to predict the temperature-dependent deformation behavior of the bulk amorphous material during impact, Vickers microhardness, as an indirect method, was measured at various temperatures. While the bulk amorphous feedstock material was being coated, both the kinetic and thermal energies of the in-flight particles were important. The former affected the deposition of the bulk amorphous coating, while the latter had more effect on the mechanical properties of the coating. Particle deposition behavior was considered from the viewpoint of the environmental effect, such as particle-energy combination, on the deposition behavior. The bonding of the impacting NiTiZrSiSn bulk amorphous particle was primarily caused by temperature-dependent deformation and fracture (local liquid formation) behavior.
doi:10.1016/j.msea.2005.08.132 fatcat:gxka6lyv75gmbdhtv2r24z52y4

Thermal analysis for temperature robust wireless power transfer systems

Kiwon Hwang, Sanghoon Chun, Uooyeol Yoon, Manho Lee, Seungyoung Ahn
2013 2013 IEEE Wireless Power Transfer (WPT)  
Sanghoon Chung, Uooyeol Yoon are with KAIST Wireless Power Transfer Research Center, Daejeon, South Korea ( Manho Lee is with Dept. of Electrical Engineering, KAIST, Daejeon, South  ...  The values of capacitors and inductors are determined to have a resonance frequency of 20kHz in both the source and Kiwon Hwang, Sanghoon Chung, Uooyeol Yoon, Manho Lee, and Seungyoung Ahn Thermal Analysis  ... 
doi:10.1109/wpt.2013.6556879 fatcat:lpyocsibtvdx3kygyvmolhsrtq

Review of Keyhole Refilling Technology in Friction Stir Welding

Jin Young Yoon, Sanghoon Kang, Sehun Rhee, Cheolhee Kim
2018 Journal of Welding and Joining  
ORCID: Jin Yong Yoon: ORCID: Sanghoon Kang: ORCID: Sehun Rhee: ORCID: Cheolhee Kim: http  ... 
doi:10.5781/jwj.2018.36.4.6 fatcat:f2xho2d4pnd7jdcxcwhoczgisa

Multidisciplinary Intestinal Rehabilitation for Short Bowel Syndrome in Adults: Results in a Korean Intestinal Rehabilitation Team

Sojeong Yoon, Sanghoon Lee, Hyo Jung Park, Hyun-Jung Kim, Jihye Yoon, Ja-Kyung Min, Jeong-Meen Seo
2018 Journal of Clinical Nutrition  
Purpose: Intense multidisciplinary team effort is required for the intestinal rehabilitation of patients afflicted with the short bowel syndrome (SBS). These include enteral and parenteral nutrition (PN) support, monitoring of complications related to treatment, and considering further medical or surgical options for intestinal adaptation. Methods: In the Intestinal Rehabilitation Team (IRT) at the Samsung Medical Center, we have experienced 20 cases of adult SBS requiring multidisciplinary
more » ... stinal rehabilitation. This study is a retrospective review of the collected medical records. Results: Of the 20 subjects treated, 12 patients were male and 8 patients were female. At the time of referral to the IRT, the mean age was 51.5 years, and the mean body weight was 50.1 kg, which was 90% of the usual body weight. The diseases or operative managements preceding massive bowel resection were malignancy in 11 cases, cardiac surgery in 2 cases, trauma in 2 cases and one case, each of tuberculosis, corrosive esophagitis, atrial fibrillation, simultaneous pancreas and kidney transplantation, and perforated appendicitis. Of these, there were 14 survivals and 6 mortalities. The fatalities were attributed to progression of disease, intestinal failure-associated liver disease, and sepsis (unrelated to intestinal failure) (2 cases each). Among the 14 surviving patients, 8 patients have been weaned off PN, whereas 6 are still dependent on PN (mean PN dependence 36%). Conclusion: This paper reports the results of multidisciplinary intestinal rehabilitation of adult short bowel patients treated at the Samsung Medical Center. Further studies are required to improve survival and enteral tolerance of these patients.
doi:10.15747/jcn.2018.10.2.45 fatcat:rlwyo2sulbbezi7uddhcau3vvq

Investigation of Mechanical and Thermal Properties of Poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) Hydrogels Containing Graphene Oxide

Dowan Kim, Sanghoon Wang, Heon Sang Lee, Jinhwan Yoon
2015 Porrime  
In this study, we have prepared poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) (PNIPAm) hydrogel containing graphene oxide (GO) by a simple mixing of a solution containing the monomers and aqueous GO through radical polymerization. Mechanical property of the PNIPAm/GO was investigated by measuring storage modulus using a rheometer. PNIPAm containing 3 wt% of GO showed the highest storage modulus among the samples of various GO contents. In this GO content, the exfoliated GO sheets were well dispersed in the
more » ... el matrix, enhacing the mechanical property of the hydrogel. We found that the dense porous structure consisted of small channels was formed in the PNIPAm containing 3 wt% of GO. The storage moduli of the PNIPAm/GO hydrogels were rapidly increased near the lower critical solution temperature of the PNIPAm during heating. We concluded that the mechanical property of PNIPAm/GO was closely related to the porous structure of the hydrogels that was affected by the dispersion state of GO in the matrix.
doi:10.7317/pk.2015.39.5.788 fatcat:frwptelmwnhwlj2ww72v7v2r7q

Corrosion Properties and Failure Behavior of Al/Fe Self-Piercing Rivet Joint

Sanghoon Kang, Jin Young Yoon, Cheolhee Kim
2018 Journal of Welding and Joining  
ORCID: Sanghoon Kang: ORCID: Jin Young Yoon: ORCID: Cheolhee Kim: mapping analysis of arbitrary  ... 
doi:10.5781/jwj.2018.36.3.11 fatcat:qx4esbmu2ne7jmmb4hqgxjcyp4

Iatrogenic huge intracardiac air embolism during chest computed tomography

Seunghoon Cho, Hancheol Lee, Sanghoon Shin, Jong-Kwan Park, Se-Jung Yoon
2018 The Korean Journal of Internal Medicine  
A 57-year-old man with hypertension presented to our emergency center for chest discomfort. He had undergone chest computed tomography (CT) in another hospital 4 hours prior for evaluation of a solitary pulmonary nodule. Initial vital signs were 154/84 mmHg and 62 beats/min. Electrocardiography, chest radiography, and laboratory test results including arterial blood gas analysis were within the normal ranges. However, large volumes of air in the right atrium, right ventricle, and both main pulmonary arteries were noted
doi:10.3904/kjim.2017.308 pmid:29294601 fatcat:bsfew75j5vay3kkmk7imstfoie

The Effects of Operational Parameters on the Transport Phenomena in COREX Melter-Gasifier

Seung-Cheol Lee, Myung-Kyun Shin, Sanghoon Joo, Jong-Kyu Yoon
2000 ISIJ International  
Seung-Cheol LEE, Myung-Kyun SHIN 1) , Sanghoon JOO 1) and Jong-Kyu YOON School of Materials Science and Engineering, College of Engineering, Seoul National University, Seoul 151-742 Korea. 1) Smelting  ... 
doi:10.2355/isijinternational.40.1073 fatcat:isodvpfoyvd45dj45t3f7pwgxq
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