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Supporting Collaborative Information Seeking Through Shared Annotations

Samuel Dodson
2017 BCS-IRSG Symposium on Future Directions in Information Access  
This framework measures learning through the assessment of reading processes, outputs, and other information behaviours (Freund, Dodson, & Kopak, 2016) .  ...  3 Supporting Collaborative Information Seeking Through Shared Annotations Dodson CONCLUSION Information systems could be improved by supporting active reading and collaborative information seeking.  ... 
doi:10.14236/ewic/fdia2017.12 dblp:conf/fdia/Dodson17 fatcat:svl3rjkmfnc53l7sli2j3wfgca

Malignant mesothelioma from neighborhood exposure to anthophyllite asbestos

William N. Rom, Samuel P. Hammar, Valerie Rusch, Ron Dodson, Shepard Hoffman
2001 American Journal of Industrial Medicine  
This contrasts with the average length of anthophyllite ®bers from a general population study which was found to be 2.97 mm [Dodson et al., 1999 [Dodson et al., , 2000 .  ... 
doi:10.1002/ajim.1089 pmid:11494349 fatcat:6xtujgkmrbhe5gznz2okm2sjoe

At the X-Roads of Sex and Genetics in Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension

Meghan M. Cirulis, Mark W. Dodson, Lynn M. Brown, Samuel M. Brown, Tim Lahm, Greg Elliott
2020 Genes  
Group 1 pulmonary hypertension (pulmonary arterial hypertension; PAH) is a rare disease characterized by remodeling of the small pulmonary arteries leading to progressive elevation of pulmonary vascular resistance, ultimately leading to right ventricular failure and death. Deleterious mutations in the serine-threonine receptor bone morphogenetic protein receptor 2 (BMPR2; a central mediator of bone morphogenetic protein (BMP) signaling) and female sex are known risk factors for the development
more » ... f PAH in humans. In this narrative review, we explore the complex interplay between the BMP and estrogen signaling pathways, and the potentially synergistic mechanisms by which these signaling cascades increase the risk of developing PAH. A comprehensive understanding of these tangled pathways may reveal therapeutic targets to prevent or slow the progression of PAH.
doi:10.3390/genes11111371 pmid:33233517 fatcat:f2cv4axfvrewvnums4e57zw2ji

Student Video-Usage in Introductory Engineering Courses

Negar M. Harandi, Farshid Agharebparast, Luis Linares, Samuel Dodson, Ido Roll, Matthew Fong, Dongwook Yoon, Sidney Fels
2018 Proceedings of the Canadian Engineering Education Association (CEEA)  
As videos are gaining popularity in flipped and blended Engineering classrooms, there is an increasing need to track and understand students' use of the videos, in order to identify evidence-based practices matched to the emerging trends in video and video annotation tools. We explore students' surveyresponses, follow-up interviews, and log data from their interaction with common video platforms as well as, ViDeX, a new experimental video annotation tool, to evaluate how, when and why students
more » ... atch, rewatch, and annotate videos in two large introductory Engineering courses, with flipped, and blended formats. Our findings show that students watch thevideos with the instructors' intended use in mind, and plan their review process accordingly. In the flipped classroom, most students summarized the short preclass screencasts in their personal notes to minimize the need to re-watch the videos before the exam. In contrast, students in the blended classroom reexamined the long tutorial videos mostly to redo the problems before the midterm and final exams. Bookmarking seemed to be useful for locating those problems of interest. Since the problems required drawings and computations, paper annotation was more beneficial than a dedicated video annotation platform.
doi:10.24908/pceea.v0i0.13025 fatcat:yq6asvov5reetfxh3rpnndmzze

On Measuring Learning in Search: A Position Paper

Luanne Freund, Samuel Dodson, Rick Kopak
2016 Annual International ACM SIGIR Conference on Research and Development in Information Retrieval  
This position paper discusses approaches used to evaluate learning that results from searching and interacting with online content.
dblp:conf/sigir/FreundDK16 fatcat:tvprjqy535cl5avmni3yaenl5y

The Role of Pre-Existing Highlights in Reader-Text Interactions and Outcomes

Samuel Dodson, Luanne Freund, Rick Kopak
2018 Proceedings of the 18th ACM/IEEE on Joint Conference on Digital Libraries - JCDL '18  
Many digital information environments enable sharing of readers' highlights and other annotations, despite the lack of clear evidence of the effects on interaction behaviours and outcomes. We report on an experimental user study (n=15) of the impact of pre-existing highlights of varying quality on the digital reading process and outcomes of participants with different cognitive styles. We found that highlight quality affects surface level comprehension, but not deeper understanding.
more » ... were able to assess highlight quality and expressed different approaches to highlighting that influenced their interpretation of pre-existing highlights. Results regarding the impact of cognitive style were inconclusive. CCS CONCEPTS • Information systems → Collaborative and social computing systems and tools; Users and interactive retrieval; • Applied computing → Collaborative learning;
doi:10.1145/3197026.3197066 dblp:conf/jcdl/DodsonFK18 fatcat:5fzx55p27fguhjtcby3vjs5voe

Mesothelioma in an Individual Following Exposure to Crocidolite-containing Gaskets as a Teenager

Ronald F. Dodson, Samuel P. Hammar, Lee W. Poye
2011 International journal of occupational and environmental health  
et al. • INT J OCCUP ENVIRON HEALTH • Dodson et al. • INT J OCCUP ENVIRON HEALTH  ...  most toxic asbestos type in causing mesothelioma. 15 The link between exposure to crocidolite and the risk of developing mesothelioma as described in this case report was well established in the • Dodson  ... 
doi:10.1179/107735211799041995 pmid:21905385 fatcat:jeailinoojc3xofpq3jko324aq

What Is the Observed Relationship between Species Richness and Productivity?

Gary G. Mittelbach, Christopher F. Steiner, Samuel M. Scheiner, Katherine L. Gross, Heather L. Reynolds, Robert B. Waide, Michael R. Willig, Stanley I. Dodson, Laura Gough
2001 Ecology  
Dodson et al. (2000) provide a detailed analysis of patterns of species richness and productivity in freshwater lakes.  ...  A compilation of data from 33 freshwater lakes by Dodson et al. (2000) also shows that unimodal relationships are the norm in lacustrine systems.  ... 
doi:10.2307/2679922 fatcat:6hiszmugfjdgxkx3jyejzsprcq

Video-based consensus annotations for learning: A feasibility study

Samuel Dodson, Luanne Freund, Dongwook Yoon, Matthew Fong, Rick Kopak, Sidney Fels
2018 Proceedings of the Association for Information Science and Technology  
Video-based learning is increasingly common in higher education; however, the video players available make limited use of logged interaction data to support and guide students' viewing. In this work in progress, we explore the feasibility of aggregating students' annotations of videos (e.g., highlights, notes, and tags) to identify "hot spots," which can signal areas of interest to subsequent learners. We conducted a deployment study with 315 undergraduate students using ViDeX, a video player
more » ... signed for active viewing. We logged students' use of ViDeX for four months, and then aggregated and graphed their annotations across 13 instructional videos. Our results show that consensus annotations-the video content that has received attention from many students-may be a feasible, data-driven way to flag information for use by subsequent learners.
doi:10.1002/pra2.2018.14505501119 fatcat:yfrhj3wwuvhk7c2bttjiik2ebu

An active viewing framework for video-based learning

Samuel Dodson, Ido Roll, Matthew Fong, Dongwook Yoon, Negar M. Harandi, Sidney Fels
2018 Proceedings of the Fifth Annual ACM Conference on Learning at Scale - L@S '18  
Video-based learning is most effective when students are engaged with video content; however, the literature has yet to identify students' viewing behaviors and ground them in theory. This paper addresses this need by introducing a framework of active viewing, which is situated in an established model of active learning to describe students' behaviors while learning from video. We conducted a field study with 460 undergraduates in an Applied Science course using a video player designed for
more » ... e viewing to evaluate how students engage in passive and active video-based learning. The concept of active viewing, and the role of interactive, constructive, active, and passive behaviors in videobased learning, can be implemented in the design and evaluation of video players.
doi:10.1145/3231644.3231682 dblp:conf/lats/DodsonRFYHF18 fatcat:pc7k4ecqgjbxllt772mrcz6haa

From bacterial to human dihydrouridine synthase: automated structure determination

Fiona Whelan, Huw T. Jenkins, Samuel C. Griffiths, Robert T. Byrne, Eleanor J. Dodson, Alfred A. Antson
2015 Acta Crystallographica Section D: Biological Crystallography  
The reduction of uridine to dihydrouridine at specific positions in tRNA is catalysed by dihydrouridine synthase (Dus) enzymes. Increased expression of human dihydrouridine synthase 2 (hDus2) has been linked to pulmonary carcinogenesis, while its knockdown decreased cancer cell line viability, suggesting that it may serve as a valuable target for therapeutic intervention. Here, the X-ray crystal structure of a construct of hDus2 encompassing the catalytic and tRNA-recognition domains (residues
more » ... –340) determined at 1.9 Å resolution is presented. It is shown that the structure can be determined automatically byphenix.mr_rosettastarting from a bacterial Dus enzyme with only 18% sequence identity and a significantly divergent structure. The overall fold of the human Dus2 is similar to that of bacterial enzymes, but has a larger recognition domain and a unique three-stranded antiparallel β-sheet insertion into the catalytic domain that packs next to the recognition domain, contributing to domain–domain interactions. The structure may inform the development of novel therapeutic approaches in the fight against lung cancer.
doi:10.1107/s1399004715009220 pmid:26143927 pmcid:PMC4498606 fatcat:e4al76ohjbbnfd3tr4r5qysrvq


Gary G. Mittelbach, Christopher F. Steiner, Samuel M. Scheiner, Katherine L. Gross, Heather L. Reynolds, Robert B. Waide, Michael R. Willig, Stanley I. Dodson, Laura Gough
2001 Ecology  
Dodson et al. (2000) provide a detailed analysis of patterns of species richness and productivity in freshwater lakes.  ...  A compilation of data from 33 freshwater lakes by Dodson et al. (2000) also shows that unimodal relationships are the norm in lacustrine systems.  ... 
doi:10.1890/0012-9658(2001)082[2381:witorb];2 fatcat:ikqrwr4o5rcvfib746hckkjuvu

Longer Patient Travel Times Associated with Decreased Follow-Up after Endovascular Aortic Aneurysm Repair (EVAR)

Andrew D Morris, Joshua E Preiss, Samuel Ogbuchi, Shipra Arya, Yazan Duwayri, Thomas F Dodson, William D Jordan, Luke P Brewster
2017 The American surgeon  
Endovascular aneurysm repair (EVAR) has become the predominant operative repair for abdominal aortic aneurysms (AAA). Almost 75 per cent of the 45,000 AAA repairs annually are performed by an endovascular method. EVAR decreases perioperative mortality compared with an open repair; however, EVAR has increased risk of complications postoperatively. Because endoleaks are common (33% within two years), 1 appropriate surveillance of these patients is important. Current guidelines recommend
more » ... ce with 1-month and 12-month CT scanning, and an additional 6-month imaging if an endoleak is identified at 1 month. After 12 months, annual screening with CT or color duplex ultrasound (if no endoleak is found) is sufficient. 2 Despite acceptance of these guidelines, many institutions have reported poor compliance (15-57%) among patients after EVAR. 3, 4 Unfortunately, the causes for low adherence to follow-up is unclear. We hypothesized that travel distance, travel time, and patient income may predict which patients are at risk of poor compliance after EVAR. Finally, we evaluated Address correspondence and reprint requests to Joe Luke Brewster,
pmid:28822381 pmcid:PMC5746042 fatcat:qkub5o22dzed5n6mn5nxrutiku

Pseudomesotheliomatous lung carcinoma: a pathological assessment of selected cases including the work history and presence of biomarkers suggesting it is a cancer caused by asbestos

Samuel P Hammar, Ronald F Dodson
2015 Pathology Discovery  
A total of 59 cases were evaluated in the laboratory of one of us (Samuel P.  ...  Dodson, Ph.D., for ferruginous bodies and uncoated fibers [43] , 19 cases contained tissue burden of asbestos in at least one of the lung samples in appreciable excess of the average background levels  ... 
doi:10.7243/2052-7896-3-6 fatcat:tsw2jpxnojhtditpwr6ljhzygm

Workshop on Barriers to Interactive IR Resources Re-use (BIIRRR 2019)

Toine Bogers, Samuel Dodson, Luanne Freund, Maria Gäde, Mark Hall, Marijn Koolen, Vivien Petras, Nils Pharo, Mette Skov
2019 Proceedings of the 2019 Conference on Human Information Interaction and Retrieval - CHIIR '19  
This paper presents an overview of the BIIRRR 2019 workshop at CHIIR 2019, which had the explicit aim of understanding and promoting re-use of resources for interactive IR experimentation.
doi:10.1145/3295750.3298965 dblp:conf/chiir/BogersDFGHKPPS19 fatcat:kcork74l3rc6ngxkslb34qow4i
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