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Monitoring Book Reshelving in Libraries Using Statistical Sampling and Control Charts

Jeffrey M. Edwardy, Jeffrey S. Pontius
2001 Library resources & technical services  
We propose using a statistical sampling strategy to estimate the magnitude of misshelving within the library collection.  ...  We propose a statistical approach to determine when shelf reading of books is necessary. We use sampling to obtain data on misshelved books over time.  ...  Acknowledgement: We thank the referees for their useful comments. In particular, one referee's comments encouraged us to clarify several parts of the manuscript.  ... 
doi:10.5860/lrts.45n2.90 fatcat:pr4dp6af3zbzhjsutgq5cuaiha

The Effectiveness of Browsing

Robert J. Greene
1977 College and Research Libraries  
The Effectiveness of Browsing Faculty at Georgia Institute of Technology specified how they learned about samples of books borrowed from the library. They also rated the usefulness of these books.  ...  The relationship between the way in which library books are discovered and their subsequent usefulness is examined. The effectiveness of browsing as a method of learning about books is discussed.  ...  t TABLE 2 2 VALUE OR UsEFULNESs OF LIBRARY BooKs BoRROWED BY GEoRGIA TEcH FACULTY Pre-LENDS Sample Post-LENDS Sample Total Value or Usefulness Ratings Number 1. Book was "essential" 57 2.  ... 
doi:10.5860/crl_38_04_313 fatcat:bg4z7ue6prhcxb57wdbzzcbzza

A Formula for Estimating Collection Use

Stephen J. Turner
1977 College and Research Libraries  
A method is presented to estimate the proportion of books in a library which are responsible for the determination of the circulation performance rate of that library.  ...  rate of the university library than for the public library.  ...  Stack Population ( SP): A book is a member of the stack population if it is available to library patrons for outside use and is present in the library stacks.  ... 
doi:10.5860/crl_38_06_509 fatcat:36s5mgs7znhhtg46il456en5ca

Two Characteristics of Circulation and their Effect on the Implementation of Mechanized Circulation Control Systems

Richard W. Trueswell
1964 College and Research Libraries  
-Percentage of circulation sample over Y years in age vs. age of books in years (Deering library).  ...  books (circulation sample) Y in years FIG. 2-Percentage of circulation sample over Y years in age vs. age of books in years (Technological Institute library). installation of punched book card system FIG  ... 
doi:10.5860/crl_25_04_285 fatcat:mlt6vl2rsrbtpmfii32qrmjh7a

User Circulation Satisfaction vs. Size of Holdings at Three Academic Libraries

Richard W. Trueswell
1969 College and Research Libraries  
In an effort to determine certain facts concerning the relation of circulation satisfaction to collection size, the author sampled the cclast circulation date" of stack books and of circulated books in  ...  The experience of these three libraries proved to be surprisingly similar. The author speculates concerning potential uses to which such data might be profitably applied.  ...  In library work, some efforts have been directed at determining which books to keep on the shelf, which books to place in temporary or little used storage, and which books to weed.  ... 
doi:10.5860/crl_30_03_204 fatcat:vskygofhubf4lm4q7pqefgelsq

Fungi in libraries: An aerometric survey

H. P. Burge, J. R. Boise, W. R. Solomon, E. Bandera
1978 Mycopathologia  
Handling books during sampling increased spore counts in all libraries, but strikingly in CV libraries.  ...  Books were handled during sampling in half the samples each day. In addition on each sampling day a location in the same building away from book storage and an outdoor location were sampled.  ...  Exceptions were in Clements library, on very old, rare books and in the Bureau of Government library where a pipe had broken and had soaked a few books.  ... 
doi:10.1007/bf00440963 pmid:732863 fatcat:ec6wu4nn3zhndb6xded7y72fku

Use of Library Loan Records for Book Recommendation

Keita Tsuji, Erika Kuroo, Sho Sato, Ui Ikeuchi, Atsushi Ikeuchi, Fuyuki Yoshikane, Hiroshi Itsumura
2012 2012 IIAI International Conference on Advanced Applied Informatics  
Abstract To show the effectiveness or limitation of using library loan records for book recommendation, we implemented the collaborative filtering system (henceforth LLR system) which is similar to that  ...  Library loan records contain users' privacy and collaborative filtering usually requires much computer resources.  ...  Similarly, we call users whose library loan records are used for recommendation as "sample users".  ... 
doi:10.1109/iiai-aai.2012.16 dblp:conf/iiaiaai/TsujiKSIIYI12 fatcat:27uoc6capzgkxnzeakqm63ikzu

Page 91 of Library Resources & Technical Services Vol. 45, Issue 2 [page]

2001 Library Resources & Technical Services  
Sampling Strategy Strategies for sampling books in a library have been pro posed using the individual book as the sampling unit.  ...  The essential result of using the sampling and control chart approach for library managers will be efficient use of the 1 resources that are involved In prope rly maintaining she lve d be 0ks.  ... 

Controlling hospital library theft

Theresa M Cuddy, Catherine Marchok
2003 Journal of the Medical Library Association  
The January 2002 inventory resulted in meeting our goal of zero missing books and videocassettes. We work to maintain that goal.  ...  Through regularly scheduling inventories, monitoring items, advertising, and using specific security measures, we have successfully controlled the library theft.  ...  ACKNOWLEDGMENT The authors thank Jennifer Kral, library assistant, for performing the inventories on a regular basis and meticulously keeping records of missing items and associated costs.  ... 
doi:10.1043/0025-7338(2003)091<0241:chlt>;2 pmid:12883573 pmcid:PMC153165 fatcat:br4ylo5l45foxb4ep43a4wcfoq

Book Review: Library Collection Assessment through Statistical Sampling

Edward Swanson, Hilary Davis
2005 Library resources & technical services  
As in the other book, planning is emphasized here. This is especially important in joint-use facilities.  ...  The use of the chi-square test is briefly mentioned for use in comparing data collected from different libraries or from different venues within a library, but readers are again advised to seek the advice  ... 
doi:10.5860/lrts.49n4.284 fatcat:3f3fo7lwqjg37f37uu74akdykq

The comparison of printed resources bacterial contamination in libraries of Al-Zahra Hospital and Sciences Faculty of Isfahan University and the determination of their antibiotic sensitivity pattern

Rasool Nouri, Hosein Rafiei, Mostafa Chadeganipour, Rezvan Ojaghi, MohammadReza Maracy
2017 Journal of Education and Health Promotion  
The sample size, 96 cases, was calculated using quota sampling. For sampling sterile swab dipped in trypticase soy broth medium and transfer trypticase soy broth medium were used.  ...  Returning books from the Al-Zahra hospital library and library of Sciences faculty of Isfahan University provides the research community.  ...  The authors would like to thank for the cooperation of Al-Zahra Hospital library, Library of Sciences School of Isfahan University and also Sina laboratory.  ... 
doi:10.4103/2277-9531.204744 pmid:28546984 pmcid:PMC5433642 fatcat:2oiromo64repfpprtgyzktnmim

Page 225 of Rural Sociology Vol. 14, Issue 3 [page]

1949 Rural Sociology  
The findings of this sample seem to indicate that the persons who use the library also like to add books to their own collec- tions, perhaps thereby stimulating even more their interest in reading.’  ...  PERCENTAGE DISTRIBUTION BY TOTAL Books READ DURING THE PRECEDING TWELVE MoNTHS PERIOD, OF LEADERS AND Cross-SECTION SAMPLE INFORMANTS, CLASSIFIED BY LIBRARY USE, LENAWEE COUNTY, MICHIGAN, 1946-1947.  ... 

The Yale Survey: A Large-Scale Study of Book Deterioration in the Yale University Library

Robin Gay Walker, Jane Greenfield, John Fox, Jeffrey S. Simonoff
1985 College and Research Libraries  
It was found that 37.1 percent of the books sampled overall had brittle paper (i.e., broke after two double folds) and that 82.6 percent of the books overall had acidic paper (i.e., a pH of below 5.4).  ...  A large-scale survey of the physical condition of books and the nature of the collections in the Yale University Library system that evaluated more than 36,500 volumes was carried out.  ...  than 1/(2..Jn), where n is sample size, and we can ignore the finite population correction (fpc).* Hence, a sample of size 1,600 would give us an estimate of the proportion of books in the library with  ... 
doi:10.5860/crl_46_02_111 fatcat:6bzmbgqxvbcybebfspchkyloai

Effect of Green Marketing Instruments and Behavior Processes of Consumers on Purchase and Use of E-books

Atefeh Farzin
2020 Webology  
random sampling method using the Cochran's sample size formula with the confidence level of 0.05.  ...  The environmental label is one of the tools of green marketing that can be used in the primary pages of e-books to show being an environmentalist.  ...  Also, using environmental labels for e-books is not effective in encouraging users to use and purchase e-books.  ... 
doi:10.14704/web/v17i1/a217 fatcat:4kpn33dqczfl7dorfegkpvh3oy

Condition Survey of the Circulating Collection: Joseph Anderson Cook Memorial Library, University Of Southern Mississippi

Scott David Reinke
2012 SLIS Connecting  
sampling in libraries and statistics in general.  ...  Sample Determination The sample was selected from the total population of 484,415 circulating books in Cook Library.  ...  Guidelines A sample number and collection letter was initially filled in on the 385 sample forms.  ... 
doi:10.18785/slis.0102.03 fatcat:jmaaw324jbf3zcw3fdoaie7pwy
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