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Using the Whole Cohort in the Analysis of Case-Cohort Data

N. E. Breslow, T. Lumley, C. M. Ballantyne, L. E. Chambless, M. Kulich
2009 American Journal of Epidemiology  
The Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities study is carried out as a collaborative study supported by National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute contracts N01-HC-55-15, N01-HC-55016, N01-HC-55018, N01-HC-555019  ...  The National Wilms Tumor Study and the methodological studies are supported by grants R01-CA-054498 and R01-CA-40644 and earlier grants from the National Cancer Institute.  ...  hazard rates and ratios in the context of Cox regression (2) .  ... 
doi:10.1093/aje/kwp055 pmid:19357328 pmcid:PMC2768499 fatcat:zr7xkalxpbf73dr2sx34m7clc4

deconstructSigs: delineating mutational processes in single tumors distinguishes DNA repair deficiencies and patterns of carcinoma evolution

Rachel Rosenthal, Nicholas McGranahan, Javier Herrero, Barry S. Taylor, Charles Swanton
2016 Genome Biology  
Results: Application of deconstructSigs identifies samples with DNA repair deficiencies and reveals distinct and dynamic mutational processes molding the cancer genome in esophageal adenocarcinoma compared  ...  Conclusions: deconstructSigs confers the ability to define mutational processes driven by environmental exposures, DNA repair abnormalities, and mutagenic processes in individual tumors with implications  ...  Acknowledgments We thank Saurabh Asthana for helpful conversation and troubleshooting advice and Matthew Chang for helping us to test the package on data collated by him.  ... 
doi:10.1186/s13059-016-0893-4 pmid:26899170 pmcid:PMC4762164 fatcat:xnx7pgklvffwdj2fya7jxcfatm

Association of the IGF1 gene with fasting insulin levels

Sara M Willems, Belinda K Cornes, Jennifer A Brody, Alanna C Morrison, Leonard Lipovich, Marco Dauriz, Yuning Chen, Ching-Ti Liu, Denis V Rybin, Richard A Gibbs, Donna Muzny, James S Pankow (+10 others)
2016 European Journal of Human Genetics  
DNA handling and genotyping was supported in part by National Center for Research Resources grant M01-RR00425 to the Cedars-Sinai General Clinical Research Center Genotyping core and National Institute  ...  The Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities Study is carried out as a collaborative study supported by National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute contracts N01-HC-55015, N01-HC-55016, N01-HC-55018, N01-HC-55019  ...  The weighted tests and case-cohort design have more power in some situations and less power in other situations than a test and design based on sampling only from the extremes, with the case-cohort design  ... 
doi:10.1038/ejhg.2016.4 pmid:26860063 pmcid:PMC4989214 fatcat:rq64lsyczfcnlnk6l7pie7hgvu

Institutionally Distributed Deep Learning Networks [article]

Ken Chang, Niranjan Balachandar, Carson K Lam, Darvin Yi, James M Brown, Andrew Beers, Bruce R Rosen, Daniel L Rubin, Jayashree Kalpathy-Cramer
2017 arXiv   pre-print
The heuristics investigated include ensembling single institution models, single weight transfer, and cyclical weight transfer.  ...  When medical data samples are limited, collaboration among multiple institutions is necessary to achieve high algorithm performance.  ...  of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering (NIBIB), National Institutes of Health.  ... 
arXiv:1709.05929v1 fatcat:nfpmtskmajavvp3aj7mdy43z5m

The multidimensional relationship between early adult body weight and women's childbearing experiences

Michelle L. Frisco, Margaret M. Weden, Adam M. Lippert, Kristin D. Burnett
2012 Social Science and Medicine  
We find that early adult weight is negatively related to the childbearing trajectories and marital status of Cohort 1 but not Cohort 2.  ...  Rather, the lifetime fertility consequences of early adult weight are malleable, involve social processes, and are dependent on social context.  ...  the RAND Population Research Center and National Institute of Child Health and Human Development.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.socscimed.2011.08.018 pmid:21944717 pmcid:PMC3291804 fatcat:mw5sqexazrgs7mcmfgwk5bnvvy

Comparison of methods to identify aberrant expression patterns in individual patients: augmenting our toolkit for precision medicine

Daniel Bottomly, Peter A Ryabinin, Jeffrey W Tyner, Bill H Chang, Marc M Loriaux, Brian J Druker, Shannon K McWeeney, Beth Wilmot
2013 Genome Medicine  
Conclusion: Our results show that outlying degree methods may be a useful alternative to the Zscore or Rscore in a personalized medicine context especially in small to medium sized (between 10 and 50 samples  ...  In our use case that highlights the integration of functional assays and aberrant expression in a patient cohort (the identification of gene dysregulation events associated with the targets from a siRNA  ...  Acknowledgements This work was supported in part by grants from the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences (5UL1RR024140) and the National Cancer Institute  ... 
doi:10.1186/gm509 pmid:24286512 pmcid:PMC3971350 fatcat:j2xtedtebvam7hpgqlhpmfgsc4

A Unique Research Data Infrastructure for Educational Research and Beyond: The National Educational Panel Study

Daniel Fuß, Jutta von Maurice, Hans-Günther Roßbach
2016 Jahrbücher für Nationalökonomie und Statistik  
context persons such as parents or teachers.  ...  Its large-scale database consists of longitudinal information from more than 60,000 target respondents – distributed over six different starting cohorts ranging from newborns to adults – and from relevant  ...  Starting cohort Sample strategy (field start of wave ) Context persons in the survey Panel sample of targets at Wave  a (% of gross sample) Augmentation of target sample in later  ... 
doi:10.1515/jbnst-2015-1021 fatcat:icpfn2h6qfck3acmswn7qaszry

The Intercohort Dynamics of Support for Redistribution in 54 Countries, 1985–2017

Tom VanHeuvelen, Kathy Copas
2018 Societies  
We shift focus by conceptualizing SFR change as occurring across birth cohorts socialized into different cultural zeitgeists.  ...  Additional findings and implications are discussed.  ...  Author Contributions: K.C. made significant contributions to the theoretical emphasis of the paper, the writing of the paper, and the research design of the paper.  ... 
doi:10.3390/soc8030069 fatcat:n3re2xsoqrgmbo45ttwqh5zaem

A comparison of individual-level vs. hypothetically pooled mercury biomonitoring data from the Maternal Organics Monitoring Study (MOMS), Alaska, 1999-2012

Emily Mosites, Ernesto Rodriguez, Samuel P. Caudill, Thomas W. Hennessy, James Berner
2020 International Journal of Circumpolar Health  
of the population burden of mercury contamination in the Arctic in the context of large numbers of biomonitoring samples.  ...  We applied a hypothetical pooled specimen template stratified into 8 demographic groups based on age, coastal or inland residence, and pre-pregnancy weight.  ...  Sample sizes within pools ranged from 1 to 11, with the mean pool size of 5 participants in Cohort 1, 7 participants in Cohort 2, and 7 participants in Cohort 3.  ... 
doi:10.1080/22423982.2020.1726256 pmid:32039659 fatcat:m5xecx3y3vgx7meepo44r2prme

Increased plasma levels of adipokines and inflammatory markers in older women with persistent HPV infection

Rosalyn Baker, Joseph G. Dauner, Ana Cecilia Rodriguez, Marcus C. Williams, Troy J. Kemp, Allan Hildesheim, Ligia A. Pinto
2011 Cytokine  
Further studies within a larger cohort are needed to define the generalities of these findings and any role adipokines have in persistent HPV infection.  ...  Plasma samples were analyzed with multiplex assays for adipokines and inflammatory cytokines.  ...  This project has been funded in whole or in part with federal funds from the National Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health, under Contract No. HHSN261200800001E.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.cyto.2010.11.014 pmid:21167737 pmcid:PMC3033991 fatcat:2y4rgdxi2rg6zapskeu4z3ydgq

Design of pilot studies to inform the construction of composite outcome measures

Steven D. Edland, M. Colin Ard, Weiwei Li, Lingjing Jiang
2017 Alzheimer s & Dementia Translational Research & Clinical Interventions  
Results: In the context of secondary prevention trials in Alzheimer's disease and using the components of the PACC, we found that pilot studies as small as 100 are sufficient to meaningfully inform weighting  ...  Regardless of the pilot study sample size used to inform weights, the optimally weighted PACC consistently outperformed the standard PACC in terms of statistical power to detect treatment effects in a  ...  On the basis of these observations we speculate that, within the context of prodromal AD trials, weights optimal in one sample will be optimal or near-optimal for future trials with similar design and  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.trci.2016.12.004 pmid:28920073 pmcid:PMC5596916 fatcat:bkglanjqdnaqbmd46i6ekx4uou

Cohort Profile: The EDEN mother-child cohort on the prenatal and early postnatal determinants of child health and development

Barbara Heude, Anne Forhan, Rémy Slama, Lorraine Douhaud, Sophie Bedel, Marie-Josèphe Saurel-Cubizolles, Régis Hankard, Olivier Thiebaugeorges, Maria De Agostini, Isabella Annesi-Maesano, Monique Kaminski, Marie-Aline Charles
2015 International Journal of Epidemiology  
determinant of later health in humans. 3, 4 The increase in the prevalence of obesity in most countries has also raised concerns as more and more young women enter pregnancy with excessive weight.  ...  In this context, the overall objective of the EDEN study (study on the pre-and early postnatal determinants of child health and development) was to examine the relations and potential interactions between  ...  cohorte santé 2008 Acknowledgements We are extremely grateful to all the families who took part in this study, the midwives and psychologists for recruiting and following them, and the whole EDEN  ... 
doi:10.1093/ije/dyv151 pmid:26283636 fatcat:ttxaw5jbifegjiaptj3my7qhl4

Adolescent Metabolic Syndrome Risk Is Increased with Higher Infancy Weight Gain and Decreased with Longer Breast Feeding

Kim Khuc, Estela Blanco, Raquel Burrows, Marcela Reyes, Marcela Castillo, Betsy Lozoff, Sheila Gahagan
2012 International Journal of Pediatrics  
for the extent of breastfeeding in infancy and known covariates including gender, birth weight, and socioeconomic status.Results.  ...  Factors independently associated with increased risk of metabolic syndrome in adolescence were faster weight gain in the first 3 months of life (B=0.16,P<0.05) and male gender (B=0.24,P<0.05).  ...  Gahagan) and the National Institute of Child Health & Human Development (R01HD14122 and R01HD33487, PI: B. Lozoff).  ... 
doi:10.1155/2012/478610 pmid:22829844 pmcid:PMC3398649 fatcat:lvq4bewxbra5tmcxqpmz3uroge

Is obesity associated with colorectal cancer screening for African American and Latino individuals in the context of patient navigation?

Errol J. Philip, Rachel C. Shelton, Hayley S. Thompson, Elizaveta Efuni, Steven Itzkowitz, Lina Jandorf
2014 Cancer Causes and Control  
The purpose of this analysis was to explore, in the context of patients receiving navigation, whether obesity influences receipt of screening colonoscopy among lower-income Latinos and African Americans  ...  Purpose-The association between excess body weight and colorectal cancer screening is not well established.  ...  Support for this research was provided by grants from the National Cancer Institute (R01 CA120658: L. Jandorf) and (T32CA009461: E.J. Philip).  ... 
doi:10.1007/s10552-014-0415-1 pmid:24946743 pmcid:PMC4156892 fatcat:2z4yhbvaw5f7phdtcxjtmo6dzm

Association of Circulating Adipokines With Echocardiographic Measures of Cardiac Structure and Function in a Community‐Based Cohort

Beatrice von Jeinsen, Meghan I. Short, Vanessa Xanthakis, Herman Carneiro, Susan Cheng, Gary F. Mitchell, Ramachandran S. Vasan
2018 Journal of the American Heart Association : Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular Disease  
circulating concentrations of prohypertrophic and antihypertrophic adipokines in a context-specific manner.  ...  We investigated the associations between circulating adipokine concentrations and echocardiographic measures in a community-based sample.  ...  This work was supported by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute contracts N01-HC-25195 and HHSN268201500001I (Vasan) and the following grants: R01HL131532 (Cheng), R01HL134168 (Cheng), R01 DK080739  ... 
doi:10.1161/jaha.118.008997 pmid:29929991 pmcid:PMC6064918 fatcat:ism6mp5scvh65coqxvt3mtfvsi
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