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Choosing Among Residential Options

Francis G. Caro, Christine Yee, Samantha Levien, Alison S. Gottlieb, Joachim Winter, Daniel L. McFadden, Teck H. Ho
2011 Research on Aging  
doi:10.1177/0164027511404032 fatcat:fzfp3cgarrgctninwwzjehjty4

Scheduling black-box mutational fuzzing

Maverick Woo, Sang Kil Cha, Samantha Gottlieb, David Brumley
2013 Proceedings of the 2013 ACM SIGSAC conference on Computer & communications security - CCS '13  
Black-box mutational fuzzing is a simple yet effective technique to find bugs in software. Given a set of program-seed pairs, we ask how to schedule the fuzzings of these pairs in order to maximize the number of unique bugs found at any point in time. We develop an analytic framework using a mathematical model of black-box mutational fuzzing and use it to evaluate 26 existing and new randomized online scheduling algorithms. Our experiments show that one of our new scheduling algorithms
more » ... ms the multi-armed bandit algorithm in the current version of the CERT Basic Fuzzing Framework (BFF) by finding 1.5× more unique bugs in the same amount of time.
doi:10.1145/2508859.2516736 dblp:conf/ccs/WooCGB13 fatcat:t63b5gz57ndbrlu27pb7cmpzga

Saúde mental nas práticas em saúde: a experiência do PROLIG

Samantha Mucci, Fátima Lucchesi, Tatiana Gottlieb Lerman, Daniela Betinassi Parro-Pires, Luciana Geocze, Ligia Bruhn de Souza Aranha, Mario Alfredo De Marco
2008 Psicologia: Ciência e Profissão  
considerações finais Samantha Fátima Tatiana Daniela Samantha Mucci, Fátima Lucchesi, Tatiana Gottlieb Lerman, Daniela Betinassi Parro-Pires Luciana Geocze, Ligia Bruhn de Souza Aranha & Mario  ...  Gottlieb Lerman Psicóloga do SAPIS -Departamento de Psiquiatria, profissional de ligação na Enfermaria de clínica Médica Feminina e Enfermaria de Hematologia e Transplante de Medula Óssea -UNIFESP/EPM.  ... 
doi:10.1590/s1414-98932008000300016 fatcat:dq5gwsmbrfcbjbmoxhgcv225bi

The Physical Activity Scale for the Elderly (PASE) Questionnaire; Does It Predict Physical Health?

Samantha Logan, Benjamin Gottlieb, Scott Maitland, Dan Meegan, Lawrence Spriet
2013 International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health  
A lack of physical activity is common in older adults. With the increasing Canadian senior population, identifying the minimum amount of physical activity required to maintain the health of older adults is essential. This study determined whether relationships existed between the Physical Activity Scale for the Elderly (PASE) questionnaire scores and health-related measurements in community-dwelling older adults who were meal delivery volunteers. Based on observed relationships between PASE
more » ... es and health parameters, the study attempted to predict an optimal PASE score that would ensure health parameters fell in desired ranges for older adults. 297 community-dwelling older adults (61.3% female) 60-88 years (72.1 ± 6.5) completed the PASE and were measured for body composition, cardiovascular and blood parameters, flexibility, and handgrip strength. Significant regression models using PASE were produced for the health-related measures, but the relationships were not meaningful due to low predictive capacity. However, correlational data suggested that a minimum PASE score of ~140 for males and ~120 for females predicted a favorable waist circumference. In conclusion, findings demonstrated that PASE scores cannot be used to predict healthy physical OPEN ACCESS Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health 2013, 10 3968 measures, although the relationships between PASE and WC could be used to encourage older adults to become more physically active. Keywords: Physical Activity Scale for the Elderly (PASE); older adults; waist circumference; physical health Introduction A lack of physical activity is common in older adult populations residing in industrialized countries [1] [2] [3] [4] . Physical inactivity has been identified as a risk factor for the development of several chronic diseases, including: coronary heart disease, stroke, hypertension, type 2 diabetes mellitus, osteoporosis, breast cancer and colon cancer [1, [5] [6] [7] [8] . Additional risk factors for these diseases include obesity, decreased skeletal muscle mass, elevated blood pressure, and elevated blood glucose and blood lipid levels [5] . On a global scale, the World Health Organization estimated that physical inactivity causes two million premature deaths each year [4] . Whereas most of this information has been obtained from younger populations, some studies have indicated that this problem continues into older populations [9, 10] . A second problem with physical inactivity is that it leads to reductions in lean muscle mass and strength. The reduction of muscle mass and strength to levels below proposed thresholds results in limitations in physical functioning and mobility, and reduces the opportunity for independent living in later life. Research has demonstrated that systemic physical activity in older adults, regardless of chronic disease, is related to delayed physical disability and the maintenance of independent living [11] . Statistics Canada has estimated that the number of seniors (aged 65 years and older) will increase from ~4.2 million in 2005 to ~9.8 million in 2036 and from a proportion of 13% to 25% of the total population [3] . A useful step forward would be to identify the minimum amount of physical activity that is required to maintain the health of older adults, decrease disease risk factors, and maintain their mobility and quality of life. There have been several self-report questionnaires used to quantify the amount of daily physical activity of older adults. One widely used measure is the Physical Activity Scale for the Elderly (PASE), designed to assess the duration, frequency, exertion level, and amount of physical activity undertaken over a seven day period by individuals 65 years and older [12] . This tool is useful and acceptable for field research purposes and provides an inexpensive method of physical activity and health surveillance. Previous research has validated the use of the PASE score by comparing the questionnaire to both indirect and direct measures of physical activity [8, [12] [13] [14] [15] [16] . The first goal of this study was to determine whether relationships existed between PASE scores and a variety of health-related measurements in community-dwelling older adults. The measured health parameters included indices of body composition, cardiovascular measures, blood parameters, flexibility scores and strength values. Based on observed relationships between the PASE and the health parameters, the second goal of the study was to predict an optimal PASE score that would ensure the measured health parameters were in a desired range for older adults. For each health parameter, we consulted the clinical health guidelines, published by the relevant health agencies, for values associated with good health. For example, we examined the relationship between PASE scores
doi:10.3390/ijerph10093967 pmid:23999546 pmcid:PMC3799529 fatcat:ufjalomqavgvppxvnujfuncfxy

Immunomodulatory activity of humanized anti–IL-7R monoclonal antibody RN168 in subjects with type 1 diabetes

Kevan C. Herold, Samantha L. Bucktrout, Xiao Wang, Bruce W. Bode, Stephen E. Gitelman, Peter A. Gottlieb, Jing Hughes, Tenshang Joh, Janet B. McGill, Jeremy H. Pettus, Shobha Potluri, Desmond Schatz (+6 others)
2019 JCI Insight  
The cytokine IL-7 is critical for T cell development and function. We performed a Phase Ib study in patients with type 1 diabetes (T1D) to evaluate how blockade of IL-7 would affect immune cells and relevant clinical responses. Thirty-seven subjects with T1D received s.c. RN168, a monoclonal antibody that blocks the IL -7 receptor α (IL7Rα) in a dose-escalating study. Between 90% and 100% IL-7R occupancy and near-complete inhibition of pSTAT5 was observed at doses of RN168 1 mg/kg every other
more » ... ek (Q2wk) and greater. There was a significant decline in CD4+ and CD8+ effector and central memory T cells and CD4+ naive cells, but there were fewer effects on CD8+ naive T cells. The ratios of Tregs to CD4+ or CD8+ effector and central memory T cells versus baseline were increased. RNA sequencing analysis showed downmodulation of genes associated with activation, survival, and differentiation of T cells. Expression of the antiapoptotic protein Bcl-2 was reduced. The majority of treatment-emergent adverse events (TEAEs) were mild and not treatment related. Four subjects became anti-EBV IgG+ after RN168, and 2 had symptoms of active infection. The immunologic response to tetanus toxoid was preserved at doses of 1 and 3 mg/kg Q2wk but reduced at higher doses. This trial shows that, at dosages of 1-3 mg/kg, RN168 selectively inhibits the survival and activity of memory T cells while preserving naive T cells and Tregs. These immunologic effects may serve to eliminate pathologic T cells in autoimmune diseases. NCT02038764. Pfizer Inc.
doi:10.1172/jci.insight.126054 pmid:31852846 pmcid:PMC6975260 fatcat:nv7sz6iybjdnfd7bbdazrp36je

Leading and Managing Archives and Manuscripts Programs. Archival Fundamentals Series III, Vol. 1. Edited by Peter Gottlieb and David W. Carmicheal. [Review]

Jonathan Lawler
2021 Archival Issues  
In chapter 10, Samantha Norling provides a helpful perspective often excluded from leadership texts: as a new professional, she is the only archivist at her institution.  ...  In chapter 4, Gottlieb examines how archival managers can lead during transformative change and crisis situations.  ... 
doi:10.31274/archivalissues.13211 fatcat:kivsjrvepjdfrkyf67qbmofpfu


2020 Migranthood  
To Ruth Gomberg-Muñoz, Samantha Gottlieb, Diane Nititham, and Kristin Yarris, thank you for your thoughtful critiques on various drafts during the project's development.  ... 
doi:10.1515/9781503612082-002 fatcat:kygek6xbbng4dk62phkcdut5dm

Page 352 of Florida Bar Journal Vol. 70, Issue 8 [page]

1996 Florida Bar Journal  
GOODMAN, Adrienne J . ...79 GROSSJoseph H . ...82 FRYDMAN.Robih Frances . 89 GEFFIN,Alan Glen . 86 GOLD Alan Stephen . 69 GOOOMANJUvin . .58 GROSS, Lee Howard . ...91 FUCO, Peter John . . .90 GEFFIN, Samantha  ...  ...91 GALANG, Hilda Jean Pukdo . 95 GERSTEIN, Tam Elen ..... . .95 GOLDMAN, Steven Edwud . 78 GOTTLIEB, Linds Hunson . . 87 GUILFOYLE, Thomas Dee . ...84 GAUNTER.  ... 

ScholarWorks at UMass Boston Recommended Citation

Sarah Layout, Diane Reddick, Nancy Costagliola, D Derby, Thomas Mangus, J Olivieri, Michele Dow, Nancy Lisio, Nate Derby, Christine Brown, Kendra Bubencik, Michele Fitzgerald (+17 others)
2001 The Watermark: A Journal of the Arts   unpublished
editor's note The authors and artists showcased in this volume of the watermark demonstrate mastery of language, artistic skill, and imagination. This edition shows the diversity of voices of our graduate and undergraduate students at UMass Boston. I invite you to read the watermark with a critical eye and an open mind. Creating this year's edition of the watermark required the assistance of many people. Most significantly, these individuals enabled us to carry on after September 11th. Together
more » ... we have created something beautiful, a book that depicts life honestly. A newly formed, energetic staff solicited submissions and planned special events in the fall semester. During winter break the original submissions were stolen, motivating us to start over and produce an even better journal. Countless people helped us to accomplish this goal. There are a few people to whom we are particularly indebted. We thank Donna Neal for preserving the integrity and independence of the watermark. We are grateful to Askold Melnyczuk for his inspirational guidance. Our staff thanks Dean Janey and Dean Smith for their support in our time of need. To Joyce Morgan, Diane Murphy, Bob Cole, and the Student Life staff, we appreciate your helpful and patient administrative assistance. We thank the Student Senate and the Graduate Student Assembly for funding the watermark. Due to their help, we are able to publish 4,000 copies of the journal annually and distribute them to the campus free of charge. We thank the other student centers on Wheatley's fourth floor for supporting the watermark. We would like to thank Billy, our friend from the Wit's End Cafe for providing much needed caffeine and cocoa. I would like to thank Professor Candice Rowe for cheering me on over the years. I wish to honor Professor Chris Bobel, whose energy and commitment to education drives me to succeed. To Kendra FitzGerald, last year's editor, thank you for your practical wisdom, and friendship. To my colleagues, the members and residents of W-4-1 77, you made the watermark a family and the campus a friendly place to be. To all of the student contributors, our families, and friends, the watermark extends appreciation for your encouragement of our creative endeavors. Teams of qualified editors, readers, and jurors chose selections anonymously and democratically. This edition of the zvatermark has been masterfully edited by student volunteers who spent endless hours making the journal the best quality possible. Students interested in becoming members of our volunteer staff may contact at any time. Limitless opportunities are available to learn the publishing process and assist projects for the 2002-2003 edition. Call (617) 287-7960 for more information.-Sarah T. Reddick contents

Page 2941 of Psychological Abstracts Vol. 88, Issue 7 [page]

2001 Psychological Abstracts  
Hannon, Brenda, 19479 Hannover, Bettina, 19637 Hannéver, Wolfgang , 21579 Hanrahan, Patricia, 22109 Hansel, S., 20731 Hansen, David E., 22499 Hansen, David J., 21012 Hansen, Nathan B., 21581 Hansen, Samantha  ...  H., 20516 Gottlieb, Nell H., 21891 Gottselig, Julie Marie, 19790 Gould, Leroy C., 22555 Gould, Madelyn S., 21014 Gould, Robert A., 21618 Gowda, Vani R., 21890 Gozal, David, 19900 Grace, J.  ... 

O desastre ambiental de Mariana e o papel da Fundação Renova na reparação dos danos

Sandro Marcos Godoy, Mateus Benites Dias
2021 Direito e Desenvolvimento  
Com o intuito de investigar as possíveis causas do rompimento da barragem, a Samarco, controlada pela Vale e pela BHP Billiton -responsáveis pela operação em Fundão -contrataram o escritório Cleary Gottlieb  ...  Acesso em: 15 dez. 2019. 14 CORRÊA, Hudson; LIMA, Samantha; GOMIDE, Raphael. Mariana: os dramas e as culpas pela tragédia.  ... 
doi:10.26843/direitoedesenvolvimento.v12i1.1185 fatcat:om5cgioehncuddifh56dfa65ya

Page 11204 of Psychological Abstracts Vol. 91, Issue 4 [page]

2004 Psychological Abstracts  
., 10656 Gottlieb, Nell H., 12295 Gottman, John Mordechai, 10420, 10421 Gotto, George, 11888 Gottschalk, P.  ...  Hawkins, Eric J., 9436 Hawkins, Joellen W., 10923 Hawkins, Stephanie R., 10276 Hawks, Steven R., 11109 Hawton, Keith, 10943, 11868 Hayashi, Tomohiro, 11310 Haydon, Emma, 11671 Hayes, Brett, 9646 Haylett, Samantha  ... 

Page 1889 of Psychological Abstracts Vol. 92, Issue 5 [page]

2005 Psychological Abstracts  
., 14631 Ferrante, Samantha M., 14169 Ferrante, Sebastiano, 14245 Ferrari, Joseph R., 13979 Ferreres, Doris, 12477 Ferris, Dana, 12640 Ferris, Gerald R., 12560 Fessakis, George, 15108 Feyz, M., 14834 Ffytche  ...  13575, 13679 Gosling, Victoria K., 15367 Goss, JoAn, 14663 Gosselin, Jennifer T., 13854 Gotman, J., 14222 Gottesman, Irving I., 13851 Gottfredson, Denise C., 14075, 15161 Gottfried, Adele Eskeles, 13209 Gottlieb  ... 

Page 1258 of Psychological Abstracts Vol. 88, Issue 3 [page]

2001 Psychological Abstracts  
., 8001 Galluzzi, Samantha, 8324 Galton, Ciare J., 8408 Galvin, Treasa, 7422 Gamino, Louis A., 7607 Gandour, Jack, 6612 Gangestad, Steven W., 7479 Gans, Steven, 7678 Gantt, Linda, 6344 Garber, Benjamin  ...  G., 6370 Gottlieb, Gerald L., 6549 Goudsmit, E., 7712 Gould, Stephen J., 9478 Goulet, P., 8421 Gounot, Daniel, 8372 Gourlay, Steven G., 9106 Gournellis, Rossetos, 8731 Gouveia, José Pinto, 8237 Gouws,  ... 

Page 4560 of Psychological Abstracts Vol. 84, Issue 9 [page]

1997 Psychological Abstracts  
E., 30940 Grawe, Klaus, 32029 Gray, Elizabeth M., 29122, 29123 Gray, Gregory C., 30672 Gray, Reid, 30507 Gray, Samantha J., 29124 Gray, Stephen, 32725 Grayson, David A., 30755 Grayson, M.  ...  ., 29875 Gottfries, Carl-Gerhard, 31041 Gottlieb, Benjamin H., 31784 Gottman, John Mordechai, 29737 Gould, Duncan, 32347 Gould, J., 31421 Gould, Janet M., 33704 Gould, Thomas J., 29555 Gourevitch, Marc  ... 
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