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D2D Multihop Energy-Efficient Routing and OFDMA Resource Allocation in 5G Networks

Safwan Alwan, Ilhem Fajjari, Nadjib Aitsaadi
2018 2018 IFIP Networking Conference (IFIP Networking) and Workshops  
In face of the rapidly increasing cellular traffic, 5G will employ offloading techniques to relieve the cellular infrastructure. The idea is to carry the traffic locally by User-Equipment (UE) relays or by other coexisting radio access technologies such as WiFi, Bluetooth, etc. To this end, in this paper, we propose an offloading scheme using multi-hop LTE-D2D communications and assisted by the operator. LTE-D2D UEs cooperate to carry intra-cell unicast/multicast traffic from sources to
more » ... ions by exploiting i) sidelink interfaces and ii) multi-hop paths. To increase the lifetime of the offloading system and to reduce the impact of the relaying process on the battery-limited UEs, we propose our energy-aware approach, named JRRA-EE, to solve jointly the routing and the OFDMA resource block allocation. We formulate our problem as a 0-1 Integer Linear Programming (ILP) model which is elaborated to take into consideration the realistic LTE-D2D capabilities and constraints. To gauge the effectiveness of our proposal, we implement the whole 3GPP LTE-D2D protocol stack in the NS-3 network simulator to simulate our approach. Based on extensive simulations, the obtained performances of JRRA-EE are better compared to other one-sided optimal strategies, including an energy non-aware variant, in terms of i) the network lifetime, ii) the packet loss and iii) the service interruption rate.
doi:10.23919/ifipnetworking.2018.8696917 dblp:conf/networking/AlwanFA18 fatcat:eanwolo7evegrf576h4aiaihlq

CORAK TAFSIR AQIDAH (Kajian Komparatif Penafsiran Ayat-ayat Aqidah)

Ahmad Atabik
2016 ESENSIA Jurnal Ilmu-Ilmu Ushuluddin  
Corak Penafsiran Dalam bahasa Arab, corak atau warna disebut dengan kata laun, yang mempunyai bentuk plural (jama') alwān.  ...  Pendapat ini sebenarnya dimunculkan pertama kali oleh al-Jahm ibn Ṣafwān (kelompok mereka disebut al-Jahmiyah). Ia menafikan sifat kalam bagi Allah.  ... 
doi:10.14421/esensia.v17i2.1288 fatcat:glqmb4xunjf4pd6tgvdmtpxt64

Unfertige Studien 3: Die Nihāyat al-marām des Ḍiyāʾaddīn ar-Rāzī

Josef Van Ess
(gleichfalls mit Diskussion; 16v, 12 ff.). 33 -(e) Allgemeine Stellungnahme Ḍiyāʾaddīns (17r, 7 ff.), mit Exkurs zur Frage, ob Substanzen (ǧawāhir), Farben (alwān) oder Gerüche (rawāʾiḥ) Gegenstand menschlichen  ...  Ṣafwān (11r, apu. ff.); Muʿammar und Naẓẓām (11v, 5); Ǧāḥiẓ und Muḥammad b. Haiṣam 31 (11v, 10 f.); Nāšiʾ al-Akbar (11v, 11 f., mit dem Abschluß wa-hādā qaul Yaʿqūb b.  ... 
doi:10.5167/uzh-202136 fatcat:s4sczvevynbbvlrtducnr6fz64

Sur les frontières: le Parti syrien national social entre idéologie unitaire et États-nations

Nicolas Dot-Pouillard
Néanmoins, il existe deux postes spéciaux de «président et de vice-président du bureau politique 30 du PSNS au Sham», respectivement occupés par Nadhir al-Adhmeh et Safwan Salman 31 .  ...  Le PSNS a tôt entamé des actions militaires contre les Israéliens: le 24 juillet 1982, Khaled Alwan abat un officier de Tsahal, et en blesse deux autres, sur la terrasse du café Wimpy, rue Hamra, dans  ... 
doi:10.13134/978-88-97524-70-0/14 fatcat:cx6repvpkvedzg4tamspegeazi

Enhancing Performance of Self-Compacting Concrete with Internal Curing Using Thermostone Chips

Yahia Amar, Al-Awadi Ebrahem, Nada Fawzi
2017 Number 7 Journal of Engineering   unpublished
Attea, et al, 2007, used Processing MODFLOW software to describe the behavior of groundwater flow at sandy Dibdiba formation in Safwan region.  ...  Bashoo, D., Lazim, S., and Alwan, M., (2005), Hydrogeology of Baghdad province, General Directorate of Water Well Drilling, Baghdad, (internal report), 51p.  Chiang, W.  ... 

The Debates between Ash'arism and Maturidism in Ottoman Religious Scholarship: A Historical and Bibliographical Study [article]

Yahya Haidar, University, The Australian National, University, The Australian National
Both evenly authored six super- 349 Al-Shaqā'iq, pp.5-6. 350 Al-Shaqā'iq, p.7. 351 They are Ashiq-Pasha al-Ḥanafī al-Ṣūfī (al-Shaqā'iq, p.7) and Alwan Chelebī (al-Shaqā'iq, p.8.). 352 Al-Shaqā'iq, p  ...  Ṣafwān) and al-Marīsīyya (followers of Bishr al-Marīsī); v) the Murji'a (postponers, who put action after faith); vi) the Karrāmiyya-Mujassima (Coroporealists, ascribing spatial properties to God; they  ... 
doi:10.25911/5d70f0dbb7afd fatcat:obdgzlfqmbgazhehr24ggxjbcq