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Bridging the gap between dialogue management and dialogue models

Weiqun Xu, Bo Xu, Taiyi Huang, Hairong Xia
2002 Proceedings of the 3rd SIGdial workshop on Discourse and dialogue -  
groups using a high level construct different from dialogue act.  ...  Why do few working spoken dialogue systems make use of dialogue models in their dialogue management? We find out the causes and propose a generic dialogue model.  ...  Usually it is what a speaker utters in his/her turn (for simplification, overlaps will not be considered here). But there are some turns with two or more utterances.  ... 
doi:10.3115/1118121.1118147 dblp:conf/sigdial/XuXHX02 fatcat:kzqrqgpdvjeqnduygrlcrwqy3i

Aktsendikorpus ja võõrkeele aktsendi uurimine

Lya Meister, Einar Meister
2012 Language and Literature  
Language-specific articulatory settings: Evidence from inter-utterance rest position. -Phonetica, kd 61, lk 220-233. H a y e s, Bruce 1995. Metrical stress theory: Principles and Case studies.  ...  C y l w i k, natalia, W a g n e r, Agnieszka, D e m e n k o, Grazyna 2009.the EUrOnOUnCE corpus of non-native Polish for Asr-based Pronunciation tutoring system, sLatE 2009. isCA international Workshop  ...  native speakers of russian and Finnish as compared to L1 subjects. the results reveal differences in L1 and L2 groups due to differences in the vowel systems and the different role of duration in Finnish  ... 
doi:10.54013/kk658a10 fatcat:vmhwdkymyjgwxn7zas5wl6eyua

Crime and Testament: Enemy Direct Speech in Inscriptions of Esarhaddon and Ashurbanipal

Eva Miller
2020 Journal of Ancient Near Eastern History  
Looking at all examples of speech – from enemies, gods, and the Assyrian king – I distinguish between 'direct speech' (as a literary device) and 'quotation' (as a practice).  ...  The texts that make the greatest use of this literary device both come from a period of particular innovation and experimentation in royal text forms: Esarhaddon's Nineveh A and Ashurbanipal's narratives  ...  of Cilician cities Kundi and Sisu.  ... 
doi:10.1515/janeh-2018-0015 fatcat:ptbsc4ip7nbtjbcacruoguiosm

Rethinking American Literature

Lil Brannon, Brenda M. Greene
1998 College composition and communication  
This volume, the fourth in a series, brings together the conversations of the profession that were explored during the 1993 and 1994 Summer Institute for Teachers of Literature.  ...  short narrative about hunting and killing a mythic animal.  ...  Two Asian American authors evoked especially strong responses from the SISU students: Sui Sin Far and Hisaye Yamamoto (b. 1921).  ... 
doi:10.2307/358522 fatcat:kmkvwdsogbddvaodtompv36x34

The making of the Kiriwina to English dictionary [article]

Ralph Stanley Lawton, University, The Australian National, University, The Australian National
The concept of a family of lexemes, related by virtue of sharing one particular lexeme as a primary constituent, is an important feature of the organisation of this dictionary.  ...  Chapter 6 defines the key notion of 'lexical unit' or 'sense unit' as opposed to 'lexeme' (a headword which may consist of many sen [...]  ...  In sentences where the head is a verb, short phrases are easier for the speaker to re-order for foregrounding than long or complex ones.  ... 
doi:10.25911/5d626de6241fb fatcat:ch6aioaeknalnf5ute6azty5qm

Stop and go: nodes of transformation and transition

Michael Zinganel, Michael Hieslmair
2017 Journal for Artistic Research  
All books in the series undergo a single blind peer review.  ...  It is the outcome of a research project funded by the FWF, the Austrian Science Fund, within the program of develo pment of the arts (PEEK).  ...  short time.  ... 
doi:10.22501/jar.330596 fatcat:ab27se4b5vb4xoflblg4wgoe6u

Cultural Intertexts. Nr. 10/ 2020. Special Issue: The Roaring (20)20s

Michaela Praisler, Oana-Celia Gheorghiu, Lidia-Mihaela Necula, Daniela Sorcaru, Alexandru Praisler, Gabriela Debita, Monica Georgescu
2020 Zenodo  
The contributors – scholars from Austria, China, Denmark, Georgia, Greece, Norway, Romania and the United States of America – tackle a wide range of aspects related to the problematic under focus, supported  ...  This anniversary tenth issue of Cultural Intertexts – a Journal of Literature and Cultural Studies – assembles articles on The Roaring (20)20s, covering one hundred years of literary and filmic production  ...  This is not a matter of interpretation, as Le Guin herself, in a February 9, 2004 interview with The Guardian, writes:  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.4322290 fatcat:bf34dgss2nefrk7a3x3fex6xiy

Mari converb constructions

Jeremy Moss Bradley
2010 unpublished
In the pairing "to eating place", for example, the verb "eating" is carried out in a perfective manner, which can be derived from the perfective nature of the action described by this word.  ...  By comparing source texts with translations, attempts were made to determine what impulses lead native speakers of Mari to use certain verbs as aspect givers in certain situations.  ...  The Gerund's Short and Long Forms Once again, native speakers will have to be consulted about this.  ... 
doi:10.25365/thesis.9975 fatcat:a4wjba62h5cttcxhhskyvuevie

Regional traditions of Lao vocal music : lam siphandon and khap ngeum

Chapman, Christopher Adam, 1964-
Each tone contour is given a number from 1 through to 6 for easy identification, and this is written at the end of the transcription.  ...  Many ethnic Lao in northeast Thailand likewise use this proverb as a means of self identification.  ...  Since the start of the 1990s it has largely been replaced by lam sing. a female performer who answers the male mohlam with a short spoken reply based upon phanaa oral poetry, in khap ngeum, a male who  ... 
doi:10.4225/03/59d4335083259 fatcat:oujrcesb5vfhfg7sdljemderyi

Linköping University Electronic Press Culture Unbound: ISSN 2000-1525 (online) Culture Unbound

Tuulikki Kurki, Saija Kaskinen, Kirsi Laurén, Mari Ristolainen, Tuulikki Kurki, Saija Kaskinen, Kirsi Laurén, Mari Ristolainen
2014 unpublished
Dad is a tough guy (chuckles) ... he has that sisu ... see, being a real Finn and all (more chuckles).  ...  The purpose of her criticism may also have been to prevent a regional collective memory emerging from the short story.  ...  1 A quote from a song called Shestaia rota (Sixth company) by Stanislav Konopliannikov, album "Nikto krome nas !"  ... 

The woodcarvers of Kitawa and their canoes: A linguistic and aesthetic analysis of visual art in Melanesia

Giancarlo Massimo Giuseppe Scoditti
The latter is considered to be the privileged one, at which a non-verbal sign (e.g. a graphic sign carved on a prow) expresses its aesthetic values.  ...  To do this he has worked on the content plane of a word which designates a graphic sign.  ...  ) that is, a member of the same clan of the speaker.  ... 
doi:10.25501/soas.00029685 fatcat:awdsiaffmbbodc4qfy2mnyakmm

Deep Time Iterations: Familiarity, Horizons, and Pattern Among Finland's Nuclear Waste Safety Experts

Vincent Ialenti
Chapter 4 explores how Safety Case experts iterated and reiterated memories of a deceased predecessor figure in everyday engagements with deep time.  ...  Chapter 3 explores how input/output and part/whole distinctions were iterated and reiterated to help model distant future worlds in a portfolio of "Safety Case" evidence made to demonstrate the Olkiluoto  ...  A middle aged ENYGF speaker urged his colleagues to wise up to how young generations' lifestyles, aspirations, and values differed from those that came before them.  ... 
doi:10.7298/x4319t37 fatcat:z7krtbigmzaajgipeop7nkmtj4

Continuity and Change: A Restudy of Arnold Adriaan Bake's Research on the Devotional and Folk Music and Dance of Bengal 1925-1956

Christian Friedrich Poske
This thesis is a restudy of the research that the Dutch musicologist and indologist Arnold Adriaan Bake (1899-1963) conducted on the folk and devotional music and dance of the Bengal region between 1925  ...  On the other hand, I study the regional performance traditions rāybẽśe, jārigān, Bengali kīrtan, and Bāul music and dance, as they developed from the early 20th century until the present in West Bengal  ...  The ḍāinā uttered a short call, and the dancers held their right arms across the body. He then began to sing short ḍāks ("calls"), which were repeated by the bāiyā and dohārs.  ... 
doi:10.25501/soas.00034909 fatcat:itrygp63hfhwljjwo34gjxeszu

Performative Histories, Foundational Fictions [article]

Anu Koivunen, Humboldt-Universität Zu Berlin, Humboldt-Universität Zu Berlin
Through processes of citation, repetition, and re-cycling the films have acquired not only a heterogeneous and contradictory interpretive legacy, but also an affective force.  ...  In Performative Histories, Foundational Fictions, Anu Koivunen analyzes the historicity as well as the intertextuality and intermediality of film reception by focusing on a cycle of Finnish family melodrama  ...  (publicity still from Niskavuori Fights). HS 12.12.1957. (letter to the editor on Niskavuori Fights by "Rintamamies"). HS 15.12.1957.  ... 
doi:10.25595/430 fatcat:medwb5viznhrheynf7kd4f7tpq

Seeing eye to eye

Olof Heilo
2010 unpublished
To understand the identification of theological distinctions with political borders it is necessary to consider the emergence of historiographical traditions distanced themselves from early Christian and  ...  it clear that a religion with universalist claims will find it difficult, not to say impossible, to make a lasting historical impact if it lacks a stable geographical context.  ...  In practice, a Roman taxing system now enriched the Arabs. 188 The oldest scriptural evidence from the conquest is a bilingual Greek-Arabic papyrus, dated 643, in which the army commander Abdallah ibn  ... 
doi:10.25365/thesis.10921 fatcat:iw732o37ebhgbaxmkw3zvhez2e