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A Finite Volume Preserving Scheme on Nonuniform Meshes and for Multidimensional Coalescence

L. Forestier-Coste, S. Mancini
2012 SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing  
We validate the scheme considering some classical tests both in one and two dimensions and discuss its behavior when gelation occurs.  ...  The multidimensional numerical scheme described in [21] is also based on a finite volume method and on the conservative form (1.4) .  ...  In this section we explain how we handle the cells overlap, that is how we compute the term (j,k)∈S i . Let us write the finite volume discretization for (1.1).  ... 
doi:10.1137/110847998 fatcat:s2rmqq7uffgjvghatvxnihyvki

A Semi-Lagrangian Finite Volume Method for Newtonian Contraction Flows

T. N. Phillips, A. J. Williams
2001 SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing  
An interpolation procedure based on area-weighting is used for the convection part of the computation.  ...  It is the treatment of convection together with the positioning of the mesh points that distinguish one finite volume method from another.  ...  A grid is placed on the computational domain, and a control or finite volume is associated with each unknown on the grid.  ... 
doi:10.1137/s1064827599365288 fatcat:hoy7oshxtnf3tbcascjy2jyhpq

A Finite Volume Method for Solving Parabolic Equations on Logically Cartesian Curved Surface Meshes

Donna A. Calhoun, Christiane Helzel
2010 SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing  
We present a second order, finite volume scheme for the constant-coefficient diffusion equation on curved, parametric surfaces.  ...  Our parabolic scheme should appeal to researchers in the fields of geophysical fluid dynamics, computational biology and any other discipline that requires the solution of parabolic equations on quadrilateral  ...  Compute α using (3.48) 6. Compute L ij (q) at each non-boundary primal value over the entire grid. 3. Compute q d = φ d td + αφ d 7.  ... 
doi:10.1137/08073322x fatcat:g7knq6hctve33mthv32hxpyhkm

Study of Discrete Duality Finite Volume Schemes for the Peaceman Model

C. Chainais-Hillairet, S. Krell, A. Mouton
2013 SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing  
We focus here on the numerical approximation by some Discrete Duality Finite Volume methods.  ...  This system is made of two coupled equations: an anisotropic diffusion equation on the pressure and a convection-diffusion-dispersion equation on the concentration of invading fluid.  ...  Discretization on unstructured grids for inhomogeneous, anisotropic media. I. Derivation of the methods. SIAM J. Sci. Comput., 19(5):1700-1716 (electronic), 1998. [2] I. Aavatsmark, T. Barkve, O.  ... 
doi:10.1137/130910555 fatcat:6pxmw4p2p5eptgoa2bp6bl5ovu

Fast Finite Volume Simulation of 3D Electromagnetic Problems with Highly Discontinuous Coefficients

E. Haber, U. M. Ascher
2001 SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing  
Doug Oldenburg and Dave Moulton for fruitful discussions and an anonymous referee for valuable comments on the first two sections of our exposition.  ...  As in [17] , we employ a finite volume technique on a staggered grid, where J and A are located at the cell's faces, H is at the cell's edges, and φ and ψ are located at the cell's center.  ...  In [17] , we further addressed possible significant jumps in the conductivity while µ is assumed constant by employing a finite volume discretization on a staggered grid, akin to Yee's method with the  ... 
doi:10.1137/s1064827599360741 fatcat:2mdtzykvnna2zlourn7wfl7lh4

Reducing the I/O Volume in Sparse Out-of-core Multifrontal Methods

Emmanuel Agullo, Abdou Guermouche, Jean-Yves L'Excellent
2010 SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing  
Then experiments on large real-life problems also show that the volume of I/O obtained when minimizing the storage requirement can be significantly reduced by applying algorithms designed to reduce the  ...  I/O volume.  ...  Acknowledgement We are grateful to Patrick Amestoy for his comments on a preliminary version of this report.  ... 
doi:10.1137/080720061 fatcat:6ckmdimt3bg3vhfy5j6iu3ffsi

A Fully Mass and Volume Conserving Implementation of a Characteristic Method for Transport Problems

Todd Arbogast, Chieh‐Sen Huang
2006 SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing  
We also present techniques that allow one to conservatively implement wells. The techniques are illustrated in four numerical examples.  ...  We present a simple modification to the characteristics-mixed method that conserves both mass and volume of the transported fluid regions.  ...  We finally describe our volume adjustment algorithm in §6.  ... 
doi:10.1137/040621077 fatcat:datbdpqygzf2zprocxw7belozm

GPU-Based Volume Reconstruction from Very Few Arbitrarily Aligned X-Ray Images

Daniel Gross, Ulrich Heil, Ralf Schulze, Elmar Schoemer, Ulrich Schwanecke
2010 SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing  
Thereby, reconstruction time on an up-to-date GPU interfaced with an off-the-shelf personal computer is reduced to minutes. Volume sizes of up to 320 3 can be reconstructed within about five minutes.  ...  When computing the Reconstructions from geometrically perturbed data based on total variation minimization.  ... 
doi:10.1137/080736739 fatcat:co2gp5hadzdxdcvtu5jnu2znaa

Multilevel Monte Carlo Finite Volume Methods for Shallow Water Equations with Uncertain Topography in Multi-dimensions

S. Mishra, Ch. Schwab, J. Šukys
2012 SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing  
We consider (1.2) with d = 2 in a computational domain D = [0, 2] × [0, 2], and Figure 6 . 6 Convergence of estimated mean for 1-D dambreak (6.1).  ...  Numerical experiments in one and two space dimensions are presented in section 6.  ... 
doi:10.1137/110857295 fatcat:vp24gt76s5ejdawmhdg2xf2n44

A Fully Conservative Eulerian-Lagrangian Stream-Tube Method for Advection-Diffusion Problems

Todd Arbogast, Chieh-Sen Huang, Chen-Hui Hung
2012 SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing  
Strang, On the construction and comparison of difference schemes, SIAM. J.  ...  SIAM J. SCI. COMPUT.  ... 
doi:10.1137/110840376 fatcat:htxa3f3aajbp3nlfmsynix77cq

Higher Order Mixed-Moment Approximations for the Fokker--Planck Equation in One Space Dimension

Florian Schneider, Graham Alldredge, Martin Frank, Axel Klar
2014 SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics  
Kinetic and Related Models, Volume 9-1 March 2016, pp. 193-215. G.W. Alldredge, F.  ...  Kinetic and Related Models, Volume 9-2 June 2016, pp. 237-249. F. Schneider, G.W. Alldredge, J.  ...  Journal of Computational Physics, Volume 258 February 2014, pp. 489-508. G.W. Alldredge, C.D. Hauck, and A.L.  ... 
doi:10.1137/130934210 fatcat:b7kvas6zjragpnmewz7vlyt6m4

On the np-completeness of certain network testing problems

S. Even, O. Goldreich, S. Moran, P. Tong
1984 Networks  
SIAM J. on Computing, Volume 27, Number 2, April 1998, Pages 506-544. [56] G. • Proc. of the 24th ACM Symp. on Theory of Computing (STOC), pp. 10-16, 1992.  ...  • Proc. of the 26th ACM Symp. on Theory of Computing (STOC), pp. 574-583, 1994. • Journal of Random structures and Algorithms, Volume 11, Number 4, December 1997, pages 315-343. [64] O.  ... 
doi:10.1002/net.3230140102 fatcat:karz23tqb5eyzekods5a76rpvi

Direct Inversion of the Three-Dimensional Pseudo-polar Fourier Transform

Amir Averbuch, Gil Shabat, Yoel Shkolnisky
2016 SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing  
The algorithm is based only on one-dimensional resampling operations and is shown to be significantly faster than existing iterative inversion algorithms.  ...  The convergence speed of these algorithms and their accuracy are difficult to control, as they depend both on the sampling geometry and on the unknown reconstructed object.  ...  Redistribution subject to SIAM license or copyright; see Next, we define the discrete time Fourier transform of an n × n × n volume I by where ω x , ω y , ω z ∈ [−  ... 
doi:10.1137/15m1031916 fatcat:7j32orx3bjf53bs7udwyl2mzka

Curvature Based Registration with Applications to MR-Mammography [chapter]

Bernd Fischer, Jan Modersitzki
2002 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing, 30(6):3012-3027, 2008. DOI: 10.1137/070687724, [abstract|bib|paper]. [8] B. Fischer and J. Modersitzki.  ...  SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing, 29(5):2008-2023, 2007. DOI: 10.1137/060662605, [abstract|bib|paper]. [11] E. Haber and J. Modersitzki.  ... 
doi:10.1007/3-540-47789-6_21 fatcat:iy777yomurb75fpb22fn2vw72y

Erratum and Reformulation: On the Stem Curve of a Tall Palm in a Strong Wind

Donald F. Winter
1996 SIAM Review  
References 17. [1]SIAM Review Volume 41, Number 3 Contents [2]Survey and Review Nick Trefethen, Section Editor (Pages 415 -415) [3]On the Theory of Complex Rays S  ...  References 25. [1]SIAM Review Volume 41, Number 1 Contents [2]Preface Margaret H.  ... 
doi:10.1137/s0036144596298921 fatcat:b3zmptpqzzgszj2u77citqd4gu
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