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Dionis Spitzer
spectator could see the point of each scene for instance after the first runthrough run jerry argetsinger student playwright noted that the symbol of the door at the end was unclear at that climactic  ...  symbolism over realism 9 most of all however how we everl succeeded in sharing our experiences we communicated bill theorized in his exercise critique how this communion between actors and  ...  was the flowers and the trees and the colors I 1 should be happy the voices around him rise in volume and articulation yes ive got you people and where does that get me im going to be happy in spite of  ... 

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D Collette
treason and sentenced to bo be executed he following morning the execution huwevc r vas thwarted thudrxd thwart8d by a courageous stand of defiance by genci genta gent alexander A J doniphan  ...  ir it plc p1c alc dy r-b twelve men mell melt ho who mbolizd symbolized the twelve tribes of israel at the sane same sanie sahle sable time sdnoy egden rgden rigdcy offeed offered 0  ...  scheme his biography serves readily as a case study for exploring the compelling influence and transforming nature 0 the millennial ferver fervor so prevalent during this era of american  ... 

Easton Gazette October 1822

(:Unkn) Unknown
of hi« own seeting, upon troimda lhat \n tuemsciveb disprove his title *> b4 considered a man ot firmness and courage.  ...  , but which has not yet been paid, opon that portion of tbe suspend etl debts which it is confidently believed will be ultimately obtained.  ...  all orders for the above may be forwarded previous to the £0ib of tbe ensuing month (October) when strict attention will be paid to (he execution of them in due season. ., September 21, 1.829 5» y' FOR  ... 
doi:10.13016/m2bv79w0d fatcat:khv74qytmjfdhg63jr7pkky2v4

Traditional land tenure and early European land acquisitions : the clash between primitive and Western law in New Guinea [article]

Peter Georg Sack, University, The Australian National, University, The Australian National
The following study deals with·the acquisition of land by Europeans in the area which today forms the Trust Territory of Nev Guinea.  ...  A study dealing with the acquisition of land can thus concentrate on analyzing the existing system of land law, taking the rule of law for granted. In a colony the situation is different.  ...  This symbolic N.L.c.,Ma.dang Claim No.13.  ... 
doi:10.25911/5d778467f24a6 fatcat:cfzkbylnvvgb7eeza6e6aolphe