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Construction and Applications of Ontology: Recent Trends

Neela J. Deshpande, Rajendra Kumbhar
2011 DESIDOC Journal of Library & Information Technology  
The purpose of ontology is to achieve inter-operability by providing a common terminology and understanding of a given domain of interest, which in turn allows for the assignment of clear meaning to learning  ...  The purpose of this paper is to make the library professionals alert about the literature published on ontology and applications of ontology.  ...  The collected data may then be mined for non-obvious knowledge. Jeong and Kim 34 developed and implemented the SEDE, i.e., Scholarly Event DEscription ontology for this purpose.  ... 
doi:10.14429/djlit.31.2.859 fatcat:q2kkt5n5xndqfbbzuhlcnxd4za

Chesterton, the New Atheism, and an Apologetics of Common Sense

Marianne Kuipers-Sedee
The human being felt an inner hunger for tales, for 80 The Everlasting Man, 219. 81 There is a huge amount of scholarly expertise on mythology in general and on mythology in the Bible as well.  ...  All the things and events are so completely interlocked that no one of them can claim the slightest independence from "the whole show". 62 For ontological naturalists, this means that if nature is all  ... 
doi:10.26116/bxn1-3d93 fatcat:lkml7xnalfdszopghwokivssi4

Book reviews

2001 Louvain Studies  
The issue of biblical theology's distinction from dogmatic theology in particular runs as an undercurrent throughout the work.).  ...  example, using "pretty" as an adverb instead of "very"), and in the unnecessary references to himself, his teaching positions, and the various scholars he mentions as his friends.  ...  Moreover, there is an evident concern to give a more dramatic turn to events; persons are portrayed better or worse than they are in the Bible.  ... 
doi:10.2143/ls.26.2.910 fatcat:gasek5kgezbqlohrn3rs57iq7i


Talitha Kearey
2018 Ramus - Critical Studies in Greek and Roman Literature  
The authenticity problem has proven persistent: as recently as the 1970s, scholars tried to claim the Culex for Virgil.  ...  The Culex—the earliest and best attested of the purported minor works of Virgil, and the most outright in gesturing towards Virgilian authorship—poses a problem for modern classical scholarship.  ...  , all heroes', 358f., cf. sede piorum, 295).  ... 
doi:10.1017/rmu.2018.13 fatcat:rslsjkzohjfffp65okcbids5ky

SemSur: A Core Ontology for the Semantic Representation of Research Findings [article]

Said Fathalla, Sahar Vahdati, Sören Auer, Christoph Lange, University, My, University, My
We present the SemSur ontology for semantically capturing the information commonly found in survey and review articles.  ...  The new release of SemSur covers more domains, defines better alignment with external ontologies and rules for eliciting implicit knowledge.  ...  The Scholarly Event Description Ontology (SEDE) is a comprehensive ontology for describing scholarly events in terms of agents (e.g., persons, committees), places (e.g., cities, venues) and time (e.g.,  ... 
doi:10.15488/4035 fatcat:2apl5somvzeu3gihncacblfmle

Developing the evidence-base for Safe Communities: a multi-level, partly randomised, controlled trial

M. Seedat, R. McClure, S. Suffla, A. van Niekerk
2012 International Journal of Injury Control and Safety Promotion  
The study, situated within an African-centred initiative called Ukuphepha -an isiZulu word meaning demonstrating African safety-is underpinned by four theoretical claims that frame injury and violence  ...  Notwithstanding the many challenges, the study will provide insights into the methodology and mechanisms of ecologicallyoriented interventions that locate injury and violence preventions as an activity  ...  Acknowledgements The authors would like to thank the members of the Ukuphepha child study group for their inputs to the collective knowledge production process from which this article draws.  ... 
doi:10.1080/17457300.2012.705303 pmid:22873717 fatcat:4vsakolpevcwbjgoceqvfyrpka

4. Structures of Memory and Orientation: Steering a Course Through Wandering Rocks [chapter]

Hans Walter Gabler
2018 Text Genetics in Literary Modernism and Other Essays  
The publication of Shakespeare's sonnets in book form may at bottom have constituted an act of affirming public recognition, and thus a bid for the canonisation of Shakespeare as lyric poet.  ...  I most gratefully acknowledge, moreover, the stimulus from the project's team cooperation over two years; Katrin Henzel's engaged translation into German of the essay 'Beyond Author-Centricity in Scholarly  ...  For, shorn of its content-and meaning-related dimensions, the scholarly edition is onesidedly textual and is simply not an edition for readers.  ... 
doi:10.11647/obp.0120.04 fatcat:2lltlm6kojhljpdzipy4ctafne

Book Reviews

2006 Journal of Phenomenological Psychology  
Arnheim’s response to Verstegen’s description of the project to him seems to have been an endorse- ment of it (pp. v-vi).  ...  To conclude, for an introduction to Merleau-Ponty that is best suited to psychologists, it must be said that nothing yet surpasses the authority and coherence of Martin Dillon’s 1988 Merleau-Ponty’s Ontology  ... 
doi:10.1163/156916206778876272 fatcat:kcnjcbtzdvc7rpswsp4fqgza7a

The Swetenesse of Confection: A Recipe for Spiritual Health in London, British Library, Additional MS 61823, The Book of Margery Kempe

Laura Kalas Williams
2018 Studies in the Age of Chaucer  
Additional MS 61823, features in the Liber de Diversis Medicinis, a popular mid-fifteenth-century medical text: Tak annys sede, fenkell sede, percell sede, comyn, careaway sede, gromelle sede, papworte  ...  ontological leap, but also as a corporeal 'good wife', lying with Christ in swete union and replacing in her marriage bed one husband for another.  ... 
doi:10.1353/sac.2018.0003 fatcat:tibbzahy6bcdzol5km2jwa7qzu

Gods, Caesars and Fate in Aeneid 1 and Metamorphoses 15

Bill Gladhill
2012 Dictynna  
See Dobbin 1995, 6-8 for a full discussion of the scholarly debate on these lines beyond O'Hara and Kragerrud. All arguments are anticipated by Austin 1971, 108-110 .  ...  Thomas 1988 , 256 comments on the oddity of ferreus modifying iura when bronze was the metal of choice for inscription. Iura imply an Age of Iron.49.  ... 
doi:10.4000/dictynna.820 fatcat:z6tjbcbztzcldooboyo4ejk6xy

Textual Cultures 12.2

Marta L. Werner
2019 Textual Cultures  
ontological principle at the core of the text itself.  ...  But then again, maybe a scholarly edition can affect one's sentimental feeling for the poems, the same way an analysis of humor might?  ...  Society for Textual Scholarship is an international organization of scholars working in textual studies, editing and editorial theory, electronic textualities, and issues of textual culture across a wide  ... 
doi:10.14434/textual.v12i2.28670 fatcat:tqs2zijeajezri77zcfhd4rzyq


2015 The Historical Journal  
The estimate of Henry Gee, made over a century ago, that only around 300 clergymen were deprived for non-conformity to the Settlement has been remarkably influential and durable, and it continues to shape  ...  Using digital resources such as the Clergy of the Church of England Database, in conjunction with hitherto neglected biographical compilations, the article argues for a significant revision of Gee's figures  ...  for his period of study, with the sede vacante lists only covering the period between July 1559 and February 1560.  ... 
doi:10.1017/s0018246x15000199 fatcat:ctxo7qr7bnfvxhjfde22cbpj44

La Catalogazione Degli Strumenti Musicali Tra Open Knowledge E Semantic Web. Studio Per Un'Implementazione In Xml Schema Della Scheda Guizzi

Giorgio Bevilacqua, Meandri Ilario
2018 Zenodo  
are very domain specific -that when you go for an ontology, what you're actually doing is really hemming yourself into working in a particular small environment.  ...  /eventSet/event/eventPlace/displayPlace BIBLIOGRAFIA 9 instrument description ...  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.1490446 fatcat:f5d7etk44fhyjay4pz7pylcfsa

1. Discourse and Heterogeneity: Situating Orientalism [chapter]

2018 Critical Terrains  
Thus, orientalism was already an established term of reference for European literary and scholarly interest in the Orient when Edward Said elaborated his critique of orien talism in his 1979 work, Orientalism  ...  Said's Orientalism can be said not only to be responsible for legitimizing an area of colonialist discourse studies, but also to have initiated a questioning of scholarly assumptions in several disciplines  ... 
doi:10.7591/9781501723124-002 fatcat:xsngxecxkjhblnw6pjhb6s2hka

The Ambiguities of Belief and Belonging: Catholicism and the Church of the East in the Sixteenth Century*

Lucy Parker
2018 English Historical Review  
rested on an assumption that both belief systems were clearly defined ontological entities, and that consequently an individual could be categorised as belonging definitively to one or the other.  ...  Rather, Sulaqa had himself asked for such an envoy to be sent with him.  ... 
doi:10.1093/ehr/cey334 fatcat:jqq7yngkbnafhku6mzwgyr23ry
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