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Improving Reliability, Security, and Efficiency of Reconfigurable Hardware Systems [article]

Daniel Ziener
2018 arXiv   pre-print
In the area of reliability, countermeasures against radiation-induced faults and aging effects for long mission times were investigated and applied to SRAM-FPGA-based satellite systems.  ...  In this treatise, my research on methods to improve efficiency, reliability, and security of reconfigurable hardware systems, i.e., FPGAs, through partial dynamic reconfiguration is outlined.  ...  SCA, FIA and the RE would certainly render a physical characterization by an attacker difficult or even impossible.  ... 
arXiv:1809.11156v1 fatcat:6ttulp2tancyvds7fk2coxoptq

Computer Network Defense Through Radial Wave Functions [article]

Ian Malloy
2016 arXiv   pre-print
The research synthesizes quantum logic phase shifts in certain respects using the Dynamic Data Exchange protocol in software written for this work, as well as a C-NOT gate applied to a virtual quantum  ...  As has been seen in kinetic warfare, the use of landmines has been devastating to geopolitical regions in that they are severely difficult for a civilian to avoid triggering given the unknown position  ...  In terms of ECC, there is more necessary.  ... 
arXiv:1610.01734v1 fatcat:56ji7i5xqfhtjpk7umyiya7t2e

Side-Channel Analysis [chapter]

Marc Joye, Francis Olivier
Encyclopedia of Cryptography and Security  
Dozens of proposals, see Secure and Efficient Masking of AES -a Mission Impossible?  ...  security l One Time Programmable memory + watchdogs l No secure non-volatile memory l Cryptographic security in software History of SCA -The smart card world II Vulnerability and countermeasures for  ...  l Side-channel attacks and countermeasures are now relatively well understood in high security solutions and smart card world, but as always in security/cryptography it is an ongoing race. l The automotive  ... 
doi:10.1007/0-387-23483-7_394 fatcat:jrxde7cwevedjixvsbnk6spp3y

Wireless Sensor Network Security

An Liu, Mihui Kim, Leonardo B. Oliveira, Hailun Tan
2013 International Journal of Distributed Sensor Networks  
The information in this document reflects only the author's views, is provided as is and no guarantee or warranty is given that the information is fit for any particular purpose.  ...  Acknowledgements We wish to thank Alexander Becher and Maximillian Dornseif for many helpful discussions and the delightful previous cooperation in breaking sensors [6] which formed the basis of Section  ...  There have been some publications on AES software implementations including countermeasures for SCAs, e.g. [1, 26, 72] .  ... 
doi:10.1155/2013/362385 fatcat:2ph46uukonbtbdkc5q6t4mvgcq

5G System Security Analysis [article]

Gerrit Holtrup, William Lacube, Dimitri Percia David, Alain Mermoud, Gérôme Bovet, Vincent Lenders
2021 arXiv   pre-print
As a result, many security vulnerabilities of 4G networks are still present in current 5G deployments. This paper presents a systematic risk analysis of standalone and non-standalone 5G networks.  ...  In addition, the migration from 4G to 5G systems is taking place by first deploying 5G solutions in a non-standalone (NSA) manner where the first step of the 5G deployment is restricted to the new radio  ...  Then, the security context is potentially exposed through any software vulnerability in the application image.  ... 
arXiv:2108.08700v2 fatcat:7sqqetxxczhohisb5zrur2xnwi

IoT Frameworks and Complexity [chapter]

Sunil Cheruvu, Anil Kumar, Ned Smith, David M. Wheeler
2019 Demystifying Internet of Things Security  
ECC can accomplish the same level of security as RSA with key sizes that are 10-15% smaller. Key size is an important factor for constrained platforms as such many IoT standards require ECC.  ...  All other software and hardware components depend on the root-of-trust components in some way for their security.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-1-4842-2896-8_2 fatcat:amuzgyvgyjakvln6b5il2emsha

Investments in liberalised power markets

Stine Grenaa Jensen, Peter Meibom
2008 International Journal of Electrical Power & Energy Systems  
contributions to sustainable energy developments in the coming decades.  ...  .): The Risø International Energy Conference took place 23 -25 May 2005 and the aim of the conference was to present and discuss new developments and trends in energy technologies which may make major  ...  Present accessibility of feedstocks in meeting the demand of biofuels has been examined along with recent developments in the biofuel sector of the country.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.ijepes.2007.06.029 fatcat:vsx7p75yoff5rpllf4qpgp24r4

Safe spaces: human rights education in diverse contexts

Gabriela Martínez Sainz
2014 Teacher Development  
To be everything in one seems a mission impossible: My observation is that some 'overly-enthusiastic' scholars elevate research productivity and scholarly achievements as professional virtues to unwarranted  ...  This research draws on the results of data collected in September 2018 by means of an open-ended questionnaire developed in a cloud-based SurveyMonkey software.  ...  149, 155-156, 167, 170, 177, 184-186, 191, 202, 206, 221, 235, 287 liberal, 27, 55, 57, 134, 136, 170, 268, 270, 273-274 M marginalisation, 110, 120, 123, 176 media, 7-8, 23, 55, 75, 147, 248, 254, 308 mission  ... 
doi:10.1080/13664530.2014.938463 fatcat:vj5ofv3ya5ap7cwfdfpl6dfh3u

The changing nature of teaching-related work and resulting professional security of the higher education lecturer [chapter]

Franciska Bothma, North-West University, J.P. Rossouw, North-West University
2019 NWU Education and Human Rights in Diversity Series  
This research draws on the results of data collected in September 2018 by means of an open-ended questionnaire developed in a cloud-based SurveyMonkey software.  ...  security of lecturers.  ...  149, 155-156, 167, 170, 177, 184-186, 191, 202, 206, 221, 235, 287 liberal, 27, 55, 57, 134, 136, 170, 268, 270, 273-274 M marginalisation, 110, 120, 123, 176 media, 7-8, 23, 55, 75, 147, 248, 254, 308 mission  ... 
doi:10.4102/aosis.2019.bk158.08 fatcat:dp76qsd2cjhytktyd74vixop24

Design of large polyphase filters in the Quadratic Residue Number System

Gian Carlo Cardarilli, Alberto Nannarelli, Yann Oster, Massimo Petricca, Marco Re
2010 2010 Conference Record of the Forty Fourth Asilomar Conference on Signals, Systems and Computers  
We study the implementation of DBNS recoding schemes in FPGA for secure ECC coprocessors.  ...  In this work, we study FPGA implementations of various recoding schemes for secure ECC coprocessors.  ... 
doi:10.1109/acssc.2010.5757589 fatcat:ccxnu5owr5fyrcjcqukumerueq

Special Issue: eGovernment in Balkan Countries

Matjaž Gams, Marjan Gusev, Božidar Kliček, Veljko Milutinovi´c, Milutinovi´c Brane, Vujiči´ Vujiči´c, Anton Železnikar, Matjaž Gams, Jožef Stefan, Drago Torkar, Jožef Stefan, Ivan Bratko (+38 others)
2007 unpublished
In Slovenia, like elsewhere in the European Union, the eGovernment is one of the features of the modern face of the public administration.  ...  The aim of this paper is to provide insights into the current state in the field of eGovernment in the Republic of Croatia.  ...  The authors thank all the members of the research team, in particular Jana Krivec, Robert Blatnik, Erik Dovgan, Boštjan Kaluža, Aleš Tavčar.  ... 

Online) International Journal of Network Security is published both in traditional paper form (ISSN 1816-353X) and in Internet

Min-Shiang Hwang, Shu-Fen Chiou, Chia-Chun Wu, Cheng-Yi Yang, Ajith Abraham, Korea, Wael Adi, Iqbal Sheikh, Ahamed, Vijay Atluri, Mauro Barni, Andrew Blyth (+93 others)
2017 An Investigation on Biometric Internet Security International Journal of Network Security   unpublished
In this context, this paper explores E-Security in terms of challenges and measurements. Biometric recognition is also investigated as a key e-security solution.  ...  Biometric recognition is discussed in detail wit pros and cons of the approach as a key e-security solution.  ...  Acknowledgments The research is supported by Ministry of Education Malaysia (MOE) and conducted in collaboration with Research Management Center (RMC) at University Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) under VOT NUMBER  ... 


Genovaitė Laugalienė, Milda Mironaitė
2008 unpublished
; ~ faktams nustatyti factfinding mission; slapta ~ stealth mission; taikos palaikymo ~ peacekeeping mission; vykdyti ~ą carry out/execute/perform a mission; vykti į ~ą go on a mission 2 (atstovybė) legation  ...  ; ~a užduotis impossible mission neįslaptint|as unclassified; ~a informacija unclassified information neišvažiuojam|as impassable; visiškai ~i keliai totally impassable roads neišvengiam|as imminent, unavoidable  ...  task; šaudymo ~ fire mission; žvalgybinė ~ reconnaissance mission; atlikti ~į carry out/perform/accomplish/fulfil/execute a mission; paskirti ~į task with; pavesti ~į assign a task uždusti choke, suffocate  ... 


Jono Generolo, Þemaièio, J Rasiulienei, L Gudënaitei, R Rasimavièienei, E Morozienei, J Kaziukonienei, A Apðegienei, H Kavaliauskienei, D Surplienei
OICC Officer-in-Charge of Communications OIS Optical Imaging System OJCS Office of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Operational System Control OSCE Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe OSE Operations  ...  EAPC European Atlantic Partnership Council EAT Estimated Approach Time EAU Emergency Action Unit EBA Engineer Battlefield Assessment EC Exercise Commander; Evaluation Center; European Command ECC  ...  the hatch uþdaryti liukà 5 uþtikrinti, garantuoti; to ~ safety uþtikrinti saugumà adj 1 saugus, apsaugotas, patikimas; ~ place saugi vieta 2 patikimai pritvirtintas; ~ foothold patikima atrama kojai security  ...