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SALT: Weaving the Claim Web [chapter]

Tudor Groza, Knud Möller, Siegfried Handschuh, Diana Trif, Stefan Decker
2007 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
In this paper we present a solution for "weaving the claim web", i.e. the creation of knowledge networks via so-called claims stated in scientific publications created with the SALT (Semantically Annotated  ...  We also describe a prototypical claim search engine, which allows to reference to existing claims and hence, weave the web.  ...  The authors would like to thank Laura Dragan, Renaud Delbru and Andreas Harth for their support and involvement in the SALT implementation.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-540-76298-0_15 fatcat:rx76zgkklffdfmnrzmi3zyd7pu


1857 Scientific American  
J:����r t 6 r � \�;' e �:l� � i : s g ��� ������ 1 if fresh water, having their roots buried in the I The study (for study it is) of Aquaria is bu t th i r� r �i r c l!  ...  1;,ade with sand ; and water is then added, and the whole yet in its infancy in this country; and we may its fillin� arran�ed at an acute an�le with its warp; nor' left for a week or more, until the plants  ...  These will weaving of a web on one side of an intended button I I f 11 k d f 11 f 1 hole or slit, and capable of being thrown out of action I success u y stoc e was 0 an octagonal answer very we or sma  ... 
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican09261857-19e fatcat:i5dkxbfcnnbunkk6zastqlquiq


1852 Scientific American  
. vVe made no over-statements about Prot: Page's engine, Salt  ...  JJOOMS FOR WEAVING FIGURED FABRIOS-By B. H. Jenks, of Bridesburgh, Pa., and R. B. Goodyer, of Philadelphia, Pa.(assignors to B. II.  ... 
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican04241852-253h fatcat:yhmacosk2fa53ap4yyb4k67eoq

Coastal Environmental Change and the Salt Farmer Marginalization in Kusamba, Bali

Mujiburrahman, Yety Rochwulaningsih, Singgih Tri Sulistiyono, Mahendra Pudji Utama, B. Warsito, Sudarno, T. Triadi Putranto
2020 E3S Web of Conferences  
This is because the entire production process in the traditional salt is carried out on the coastline.  ...  This traditional salt production technology highly depends on the stability of the coastal environment, especially the availability of land on the coast.  ...  Panyaupan is made of two rectangular wooden planks, while penyuunan is made of bamboo weaving in the form of a half-ball.  ... 
doi:10.1051/e3sconf/202020207046 fatcat:2lbvhpnjdbfj7lylozvyhbonuu

Duck Fever: Hunting Clubs and the Preservation of Marshlands on the Great Salt Lake

Jack Ray
2019 Utah historical quarterly  
bodies, see this article's web extras at  ...  A discussion of wild duck as table fare is in appendix B of this article's web extras at 7 Salt Lake Herald, September 22, 1892. 8 Salt Lake Tribune, December 10, 1887. 9 Salt Lake Tribune  ...  -The Mycophile 272 pp. 8 x 10. 372 color photos, 1 line drawing, 2 maps, 1 chart. Paper $29.95; E-book $26.96 An eco-centric approach to the search for mushrooms in the Rockies  ... 
doi:10.5406/utahhistquar.87.1.0024 fatcat:smhfakvr45goncgaafobm4ytde

The Salt Farm and the Fishing Industry of Bagan Si Api Api

John G. Butcher
1996 Indonesia  
food web.  ...  During a visit in 1908, Van Kampen, who was probably the first Dutch fisheries expert to report on Bagan Si Api Api, observed that "only in recent times" had the fishers begun weaving split rattan into  ...  However, those fishers engaged in the capture of prawns remained in groups headed by towkays, because, Haga suggested, more work was involved in the preparation of prawns for the market than was the case  ... 
doi:10.2307/3351394 fatcat:tgh5dqm7jbcxnfaazn3jy2ugci

Metals, Salt, and Slaves: Economic Links Between Gaul and Italy From the Eighth to the Late Sixth Centuries BC

Daphne Nash Briggs
2003 Oxford Journal of Archaeology  
This paper discusses the role of metals, salt, textiles, and slaves in the development of networks of reciprocal exchange that interlinked the élites of Etruscan Italy and Early Iron Age Gaul between the  ...  Certain regional specialisms in Gaul are discussed: metals in the west and centre, supporting prosperous HaD élites around the rim of the Massif Central, salt on coasts and in the east, perhaps in exchange  ...  Etruscans were involved in this too: Velthur Spurinna's descendants claimed he was the first Etruscan to take an army to Sicily (Camporeale 2001, 100) . 38Répertoire des importations étrusques et italiques  ... 
doi:10.1111/1468-0092.00186 fatcat:lcmfvsypbrah5l65vlpuwo4ake

Page 193 of Calcutta Review Vol. 102, Issue 203 [page]

1896 Calcutta Review  
The picturesque figure of Paul Jones has before now served as a centre-piece round which to weave a web of romance, but the author, nothing daunted, has chosen as his subject the conjectural wrongs which  ...  Simultaneously Paul Jones achieves the fictional object of his life, establishes his identity and his claim to the inheritance from which he has been wrongfully kept, but resigns all, and retires.  ... 

Page 319 of Radical Vol. 3, Issue [page]

1868 Radical  
Hot as the brackish waves of yellow spume weaving ‘ with the hair of many a tuined head ’ a web, which when ‘reeled off curls and goes out like steam ’: it is ‘crowned with gilt thorns, and dothed with  ...  It is said to stand over the head of Venus, wan as ‘foam blown up, the salt burnt sands.’  ... 

Page 490 of Christian Review Vol. 16, Issue 66 [page]

1851 Christian Review  
In history, we have, before all, Herodotus, the oldest purely historical writer, standing at the fountain-head of history, and unsealing the urn with his own hand, weaving into his web of gold the silken  ...  more striking and well-known instances of conflict between these laws, and lower claims, which they heighten by every art, developing by alternate dialogue and choral ode, by language and by music, the  ... 

Textile Bibliography

1913 Textile Institute Journal Proceedings and Abstracts  
STUDY OF THE COLOUR LAKES FORMED BETWEEN HYDBOXIL DYESTUFFS AND  ...  -As a stage in the process claimed in Claim 1, precipitating the finelydivided copper by a soluble salt of a lower oxide of a metal the resultant higher oxide salt of which can be again reduced to the  ...  higher oxide salt of which is again reduced to the lower oxide salt and re-used. 3.  ... 
doi:10.1080/00405001308658454 fatcat:pcm6snkpp5bvlpjp5sly4od6ra

Spidroin profiling of cribellate spiders provides insight into the evolution of spider prey capture strategies

Nobuaki Kono, Hiroyuki Nakamura, Masaru Mori, Masaru Tomita, Kazuharu Arakawa
2020 Scientific Reports  
orb-weaving spiders regardless of the prey capture strategy.  ...  Notably, the fact that there is a difference only in the prey capture thread proteins strongly supports the monophyletic origin of the orb web.  ...  Acknowledgements The authors thank Akio Tanikawa for the morphological identification of spiders, Anna-Christin Joel for the helpful comments about pictures of cribellate capture threads, and the anonymous  ... 
doi:10.1038/s41598-020-72888-6 pmid:32973264 fatcat:5x7huf4jhfbd7n3dstapga6czi

Molecular nanosprings in spider capture-silk threads

Nathan Becker, Emin Oroudjev, Stephanie Mutz, Jason P. Cleveland, Paul K. Hansma, Cheryl Y. Hayashi, Dmitrii E. Makarov, Helen G. Hansma
2003 Nature Materials  
To capture insects, the two-dimensional (2D) webs of Araneidae (orb-weaving spiders) need to be stronger than 3D web-networks of spiders such as the black widow.  ...  The structure of this remarkable material is still largely unknown, because spider-silk proteins have not been crystallized. Capture silk is the sticky spiral in the webs of orb-weaving spiders.  ...  Bensimon for helping us discover that the force-distance curves are exponential, and H.  ... 
doi:10.1038/nmat858 pmid:12690403 fatcat:osp5ipvxkzfibf2pyqlk7umb2a

Pyrophosphate of Iron

James R. Nichols
1862 Boston Medical and Surgical Journal  
exposed to the flowing Avater of the Merrima'c River, and showed me the results of such trials; the iron being much corroded both near by, and remote from, the protecting metal.  ...  conducting Avater generally ; for even when care is exercised, the metals dissolved in the water Avili surely be found in the food partaken of by families thus supplied.  ...  The life of man has been compared to a web, and the comparison is well borne out in ours. Wo weave away from day to day, ever repeating the same pat lern without the variation of a single figure.  ... 
doi:10.1056/nejm186203060660503 fatcat:arnl4gkwv5cuhgnmyjhno5iy44

Page 3 of Universalist Watchman, Repository and Chronicle Vol. 17, Issue 17 [page]

1845 Universalist Watchman, Repository and Chronicle  
.’ ‘| have some small shears in the loom,’ said I. * But we can’t spin and weave it in so short a time.’ *1 am certain we can, mother.’ * How can we weave it, there is a long web of iin- en in the loom  ...  I immediately turned to my younger brother, and bade him take a salt-dish and call them to the yard.  ... 
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