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Dynamical torques from Shiba states in s-wave superconductors [article]

Archana Mishra, So Takei, Pascal Simon, Mircea Trif
2021 arXiv   pre-print
Magnetic impurities inserted in a s-wave superconductor give rise to spin-polarized in-gap states called Shiba states.  ...  τ S,R (τ S,D ).  ...  t > < l a t e x i t s h a 1 _ b a s e 6 4 = " 0 p k W B m 4 C k a 0 z S 0 / z + z S j c 0 r F 4 + s FIG.1.  ... 
arXiv:2007.15392v2 fatcat:5lrgkra2grahthczk2q2zxljt4

A case of gastric carcinosarcoma

R. Kikuyama, K. Tanaka, S. Tano, T. Iguchi, K. Nishikawa, T. Harada, K. Uchida, S. Nagaya, N. Noda, M. Noda, Y. Takei
2009 Endoscopy  
Carcinosarcoma is a malignant tumor consisting of both epithelial and mesenchymal elements that rarely occurs in the stomach [1]. We present a case of gastric carcinosarcoma presenting as anemia and with interesting endoscopic features. An 83-year-old woman with a history of pulmonary tuberculosis underwent esophagogastroduodenoscopy (EGD) because of anemia (hemoglobin 6.3 g/dL) that had been diagnosed 2 weeks previously. EGD revealed an ulcerative lesion in the gastric antrum (• " Fig. 1 ). An
more » ... exophytic mass was protruding from the ulcer base and was covered with whitish exudates and clotted blood (• " Fig. 2 ). A biopsy specimen was obtained from the ulcerative lesion, and a pathological diagnosis of adenocarcinoma was made. The ulcerative lesion was suspected to be the source of bleeding and the cause of the patient's anemia. No other source of bleeding was evident. The patient subsequently underwent gastrectomy and extirpation of the affected lymph nodes (• " Fig. 3 ). Histopathologically, the tumor was seen to involve all the layers of the gastric wall and to consist of both epithelial and spindle cells (• " Fig. 4 ). The epithelial cells had a solid growth pattern with foci of tubular growth (• " Fig. 5 ). Proliferation of spindle cells with marked cytological atypia was seen across most of the tumor (• " Fig. 6 ). Histochemistry was positive for cytokeratin in the epithelial component. The spindle cells stained intensively for vimentin, although neither muscular nor neural differentiation was evident. The tumor was finally diagnosed as a gastric carcinosarcoma. Carcinosarcomas in the stomach may be polypoid, exophytic, or endophytic, with generally ulcerated surfaces; they frequently infiltrate the gastric wall in the antral or pyloric region and form large tumor masses [2 -5]. Gastric carcinosarcoma should be taken into consideration when a giant gastric tumor shows endoscopic features that are atypical of gastric cancer.
doi:10.1055/s-0029-1214937 pmid:19757363 fatcat:6qzrvtyhmfbb7gqumt4ary3bci

Helical Poly(aryl isocyanide)s Possessing Chiral Alkoxycarbonyl Groups

Fumie Takei, Hiroko Hayashi, Kiyotaka Onitsuka, Shigetoshi Takahashi
2001 Polymer journal  
Our previous results suggest that the chiroptical properties would be sensitive to not only the kind but also the position of the substituents on an aromatic ring in poly(aryl isocyanide)s. 5 b Thus, the  ...  effect of the position and the environment of the stereogenic center on helical structures might be appraised by using poly(aryl isocyanide)s possessing various chiral substituents with the same functional  ...  These results suggest that the position of a chiral center is closely correlated with the selectivity of screw sense of poly(aryl isocyanide)s bearing chiral alkoxycarbonyl groups at a p-position.  ... 
doi:10.1295/polymj.33.310 fatcat:yqj3atsqhne6rezyroenjmdg2u

Influenza and schizophrenia in Japan

H. Kunugi, S. Nanko, N. Takei
1992 British Journal of Psychiatry  
KUNUGI S. NANKO December 1991, at 12 mental hospitals around the  ...  O'CALLAGHAN, E., SHAM,P., TAKEI,N., et al(A. E., STEWART, W., CARPENTER, W. T., ci a! (1983) Risk factors in schizophrenia.BritishJournalof Psychiatry, 143, 389â€"396.  ... 
doi:10.1192/bjp.161.2.274 pmid:1521119 fatcat:cna3qi56bvaoxlomrdhmgqkmza

Lymphoproliferative response to membrane extracts of nasopharyngeal carcinoma

M Tsukuda, S Sawaki, S Yanoma, N Yoshimura, M Takei, M Takada, A Kawamura
1980 GANN  
The tumor-associated antigen (TAA) was extracted from cultured cells obtained from nasopharyngeal carcinoma (NPC), and the specific immune reaction was studied by utilizing the proliferation reaction of lymphocytes from NPC patients. The following results were obtained. (1) The stimulation of lymphocytes by membrane soluble antigen (MS-Ag) was significantly different in the group of patients with NPC and the control groups (patients with malignant tumors of the head and neck and healthy
more » ... als). Lymphocytes from the NPC patients gave a significantly higher stimulation index (SI) value with NPC MS-Ag, but a lower value with PHA, as compared with those of normal controls. (2) No definite correlation was observed in anti-Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) antibody titers. (3) As for the correlation with various histological types, apparently enhanced reaction was noted irrespective of the histological type of the cancer. (4) In connection with stage classification, the reaction was always negative in patients in stage IV. A particularly close correlation was noted between the degree of the response and the N classification. Some inhibitory factor affecting the LP reaction might appear with the progress of N and M.
pmid:6253346 fatcat:lojeni2jwrevnp43lkssfjr37e

Cystic Prolactin Secreting Tumor

Masahiro KURISAKA, Gary S. PEARL, Yoshio TAKEI, George T. TINDALL
1982 Neurologia medico-chirurgica  
Two cases of pituitary adenoma associated with large cyst formation were described. Ultrastruc turally, the cyst lining cells resembled those of Rathke's cleft, whereas the adenoma cells were of the prolactin-secreting type as confirmed by immunocytochemical examinations. In addition, an apparent transition between the cyst lining cells and the adenoma cells was identified. These findings suggest that these cases represent an extremely rare form of adenohypophyseal tumor which has been termed " transitional cell tumor" by Kepes.
doi:10.2176/nmc.22.453 pmid:6182485 fatcat:ckumae4f6fb5xdkqudbuvd6dbu

Sjögren''s Syndrome Yes Autoreactive Lymphocytes, Why? Virus or Gene?

Shigemasa SAWADA, Masami TAKEI
2002 Internal medicine (Tokyo. 1992)  
doi:10.2169/internalmedicine.41.75 fatcat:ddd7eutxuzgnnksnrnjo6ak7sy

Targeting transcription factors in acute myeloid leukemia

Hisashi Takei, Susumu S. Kobayashi
2018 International journal of hematology  
G-CSF enhances ICCB280's ability to induce myeloid differentiation, suggesting that ICCB280 can be combined with other chemicals or cytokines as well.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s12185-018-2488-1 pmid:29956082 fatcat:xppvs6mdc5bk7ghe7n6nmx7dza

Summary of Toxicology Studies with Butachlor

Alan G. E. WILSON, Ayako S. TAKEI
2000 Journal of pesticide science  
(Nikon University of Veterinary Medicine and Zootechnology, 1971) S.  ...  The NOEL for butachlor chronic toxicity in S-D rats was considered to be 20 ppm (1. 0 mg/kg/day for males and 1. 2 mg/kg/day for females).  ... 
doi:10.1584/jpestics.25.75 fatcat:54awyyddqjfhnjvymhvomh7xsm

Aroma Characteristics of Citrus iyo

1980 Nippon Nogeikagaku-kaishi  
; k, hexanol; 1, methyl octanoate; m, hexyl butyrate; n, linalooloxides (furanoid); o, octyl acetate; p, linalool; q, a terpene alcohol; r, terpinen-4-ol; s, citronellyl acetate; t,  ... 
doi:10.1271/nogeikagaku1924.54.21 fatcat:7jb6nrxwknhche24i55m6gk32q

Stigmatisation of people with schizophrenia in Japan

N. Takei, S. Takagai, N. Mori
2005 British Journal of Psychiatry  
Lee, S., Chiu, M.Y. L., Tsang, A., Lee, S., Chiu, M.Y.  ...  Lee, S., Lee, M.T.Y., Chiu, M.Y. L., Lee, S., Lee, M.T.Y., Chiu, M.Y.  ... 
doi:10.1192/bjp.187.6.589-a pmid:16353414 fatcat:slzley4gnfevlmjvcvtyahdkhq

Pyogenic granuloma mimicking a colon cancer

Yasuhiko Hamada, Kyosuke Tanaka, Syunsuke Tano, Takashi Kitade, Masaki Katsurahara, Noriyuki Horiki, Yoshiyuki Takei
2014 Endoscopy  
doi:10.1055/s-0034-1364955 pmid:24756270 fatcat:7uaxcfww2zaztlvmkvh3atjtpm

Nonequilibrium electron spectroscopy of Luttinger liquids

S. Takei, M. Milletarì, B. Rosenow
2010 Physical Review B  
Understanding the effects of nonequilibrium on strongly interacting quantum systems is a challenging problem in condensed matter physics. In dimensions greater than one, interacting electrons can often be understood within Fermi-liquid theory where low-energy excitations are weakly interacting quasiparticles. On the contrary, electrons in one dimension are known to form a strongly-correlated phase of matter called a Luttinger liquid (LL), whose low-energy excitations are collective density
more » ... , or plasmons, of the electron gas. Here we show that spectroscopy of locally injected high-energy electrons can be used to probe energy relaxation in the presence of such strong correlations. For detection energies near the injection energy, the electron distribution is described by a power law whose exponent depends in a continuous way on the Luttinger parameter, and energy relaxation can be attributed to plasmon emission. For a chiral LL as realized at the edge of a fractional quantum Hall state, the distribution function grows linearly with the distance to the injection energy, independent of filling fraction.
doi:10.1103/physrevb.82.041306 fatcat:qyb4hxbw4fhl3mrv2ka37xvuhe

Head circumference at birth and schizophrenia

H. Kunugi, N. Takei, S. Nanko, K. Saito, H. Kazamatsuri
1994 British Journal of Psychiatry  
. & Lawis, S. W. (1987) Is schizophrenia a neuro developmental disorder? British Medical Journal, 295, 681â€"682. ― This conclusion is, therefore, exactly the opposite of what Ballard et a!  ...  Instituteof Psychiatry& King's College Hospital London SE5 8AF S. N@xo K. SArro H.  ... 
doi:10.1192/bjp.165.4.551b pmid:7804676 fatcat:i3uhukktjngkrcdasg4rgh22iq

Paddy Field Dermatitis in Saitama Prefecture

S. Ozu, C. Aida, S. Takei, N. Suzuki, T. Ishizaki, D. Kojima
Studies on "S uiden-byo" a paddy-field dermatitis, in Aichi Pre-  ... 
doi:10.2185/jjrm.21.3_361 fatcat:tvfbawgirrghxivk2sglysqsiq
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