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High-accuracy inertial measurements with cold-atom sensors [article]

Remi Geiger, Arnaud Landragin, Sébastien Merlet, Franck Pereira Dos Santos
2020 arXiv   pre-print
The research on cold-atom interferometers gathers a large community of about 50 groups worldwide both in the academic and now in the industrial sectors. The interest in this sub-field of quantum sensing and metrology lies in the large panel of possible applications of cold-atom sensors for measuring inertial and gravitational signals with a high level of stability and accuracy. This review presents the evolution of the field over the last 30 years and focuses on the acceleration of the research
more » ... effort in the last 10 years. The article describes the physics principle of cold-atom gravito-inertial sensors as well as the main parts of hardware and the expertise required when starting the design of such sensors. It then reviews the progress in the development of instruments measuring gravitational and inertial signals, with a highlight on the limitations to the performances of the sensors, on their applications, and on the latest directions of research.
arXiv:2003.12516v1 fatcat:fu2yal75fvc3hpdh4n5rvzmyke

Dépister et diagnostiquer l'insuffisance veineuse

Matthieu Grandin, Clémence Merlet, Amélie Leroux, Aurélie Launay, Sébastien Faure
2014 Actualités Pharmaceutiques  
L'insuffisance veineuse est un symptôme fréquemment rapporté, essentiellement par les femmes. Face aux plaintes caractéristiques des patientes, le pharmacien se trouve en première ligne pour dépister et diagnostiquer cette pathologie qui ne doit pas être prise à la légère, compte tenu des complications possibles. De nombreux facteurs favorisants doivent être pris en compte tels que le nombre de grossesses, la prise d'un contraceptif, le tabagisme, le surpoids, la station debout ou le port de
more » ... rges. Screening for and diagnosing venous insufficiency. Venous insufficiency is a symptom which is frequently reported, in particular by women. Patients will often describe their complaints to the pharmacist who is on the frontline for the screening and diagnosis of this pathology which should not be taken lightly, given the potential complications. Numerous predisposing causes must be taken into account such as the number of pregnancies, contraception, smoking, overweight, standing and the carrying of heavy loads.
doi:10.1016/j.actpha.2014.01.004 fatcat:xnfzf235bjgw7c6fajtpggntaa

A compact differential gravimeter at the quantum projection noise limit [article]

Camille Janvier, Vincent Ménoret, Sébastien Merlet, Arnaud Landragin, Franck Pereira Dos Santos, Bruno Desruelle
2022 arXiv   pre-print
Atom interferometry offers new perspectives for geophysics and inertial sensing. We present the industrial prototype of a new type of quantum-based instrument: a compact, transportable, differential quantum gravimeter capable of measuring simultaneously the absolute values of both gravitational acceleration, g, and its vertical gradient, Γ_zz. While the sensitivity to g is competitive with the best industrial gravimeters, the sensitivity on Γ_zz reaches the limit set by quantum projection
more » ... leading to an unprecedented long-term stability of 0.1 E (1E=1× 10^-9s^-2). This unique, dual-purpose instrument, paves the way for new applications in geophysics, civil engineering, and gravity-aided navigation, where accurate mapping of the gravitational field plays an important role.
arXiv:2201.03345v1 fatcat:pp6crlgmufbnjbgvrwsk4c23be

High-accuracy inertial measurements with cold-atom sensors

Remi Geiger, Arnaud Landragin, Sébastien Merlet, Franck Pereira Dos Santos
2020 AVS Quantum Science  
To cite this version: Remi Geiger, Arnaud Landragin, Sébastien Merlet, Franck Pereira dos Santos. High-accuracy inertial measurements with cold-atom sensors.  ... 
doi:10.1116/5.0009093 fatcat:mrwwvvxg3zdstnggotshnijjpu

Underground operation at best sensitivity of the mobile LNE-SYRTE Cold Atom Gravimeter [article]

Tristan Farah, Christine Guerlin (LNE-SYRTE, LKB - Lhomond), Arnaud Landragin, Stéphane Gaffet, Sébastien Merlet
2014 arXiv   pre-print
Low noise underground environments offer conditions allowing to assess ultimate performance of high sensitivity sensors such as accelerometers, gyrometers, seismometers... Such facilities are for instance ideal for observing the tiny signals of interest for geophysical studies. Laboratoire Souterrain à Bas Bruit (LSBB) in which we have installed our cold atom gravimeter, provides such an environment. We report here the best short term sensitivity ever obtained without any ground vibration
more » ... ion system with such an instrument: 10^-8m.s^-2 in 100 s measurement time.
arXiv:1404.6722v1 fatcat:y5qznrindnfq3gzm7b5i5b2ol4

Link between carrot leaf secondary metabolites and resistance to Alternaria dauci

Claude Koutouan, Valérie Le Clerc, Raymonde Baltenweck, Patricia Claudel, David Halter, Philippe Hugueney, Latifa Hamama, Anita Suel, Sébastien Huet, Marie-Hélène Bouvet Merlet, Mathilde Briard
2018 Scientific Reports  
Alternaria Leaf Blight (ALB), caused by the fungus Alternaria dauci, is the most damaging foliar disease affecting carrots (Daucus carota). In order to identify compounds potentially linked to the resistance to A. dauci, we have used a combination of targeted and non-targeted metabolomics to compare the leaf metabolome of four carrot genotypes with different resistance levels. Targeted analyses were focused on terpene volatiles, while total leaf methanolic extracts were subjected to
more » ... analyses using liquid chromatography couple to high-resolution mass spectrometry. Differences in the accumulation of major metabolites were highlighted among genotypes and some of these metabolites were identified as potentially involved in resistance or susceptibility. A bulk segregant analysis on F3 progenies obtained from a cross between one of the resistant genotypes and a susceptible one, confirmed or refuted the hypothesis that the metabolites differentially accumulated by these two parents could be linked to resistance.
doi:10.1038/s41598-018-31700-2 pmid:30213972 pmcid:PMC6137067 fatcat:2c7lq7tdjjfa3gan5eoppb53cq

A Multi Linear Regression Model to Derive Dust PM10 in the Sahel Using AERONET Aerosol Optical Depth and CALIOP Aerosol Layer Products

Jean-François Léon, Nadège Martiny, Sébastien Merlet
2020 Remote Sensing  
Due to a limited number of monitoring stations in Western Africa, the impact of mineral dust on PM10 surface concentrations is still poorly known. We propose a new method to retrieve PM10 dust surface concentrations from sun photometer aerosol optical depth (AOD) and CALIPSO/CALIOP Level 2 aerosol layer products. The method is based on a multi linear regression model that is trained using co-located PM10, AERONET and CALIOP observations at 3 different locations in the Sahel. In addition to the
more » ... un photometer AOD, the regression model uses the CALIOP-derived base and top altitude of the lowermost dust layer, its AOD, the columnar total and columnar dust AOD. Due to the low revisit period of the CALIPSO satellite, the monthly mean annual cycles of the parameters are used as predictor variables rather than instantaneous observations. The regression model improves the correlation coefficient between monthly mean PM10 and AOD from 0.15 (AERONET AOD only) to 0.75 (AERONET AOD and CALIOP parameters). The respective high and low PM10 concentration during the winter dry season and summer season are well produced. Days with surface PM10 above 100 μg/m3 are better identified when using the CALIOP parameters in the multi linear regression model. The number of true positives (actual and predicted concentrations above the threshold) is increased and leads to an improvement in the classification sensitivity (recall) by a factor 1.8. Our methodology can be extrapolated to the whole Sahel area provided that satellite derived AOD maps are used in order to create a new dataset on population exposure to dust events in this area.
doi:10.3390/rs12183099 doaj:21f34ca1aab344758a5c3e8774f47782 fatcat:h4w5opdw2zflvil2mjjcj3vb6a

Analysis of Suspended Particulate Matter and Its Drivers in Sahelian Ponds and Lakes by Remote Sensing (Landsat and MODIS): Gourma Region, Mali

Elodie Robert, Laurent Kergoat, Nogmana Soumaguel, Sébastien Merlet, Jean-Michel Martinez, Mamadou Diawara, Manuela Grippa
2017 Remote Sensing  
Merlet processed MODIS data, Jean-Michel Martinez contributed MODIS algorithms and granulometry data.  ...  Author Contributions: Elodie Robert, Laurent Kergoat, Manuela Grippa designed the study, performed the analyses and wrote the manuscript, Nogmana Soumaguel and Mamadou Diawara collected in situ data, Sébastien  ... 
doi:10.3390/rs9121272 fatcat:qrupklmkobfmno5uigrgrzqwjy

A prototype industrial laser system for cold atom inertial sensing in space

Romain Caldani, Sébastien Merlet, Franck Pereira Dos Santos, Guillaume Stern, Anne-Sophie Martin, Bruno Desruelle, Vincent Ménoret
2019 European Physical Journal D : Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics  
We present the design, realization, characterization and testing of an industrial prototype of a laser system, which is based on frequency doubling of telecom lasers and features all key functionalities to drive a cold atom space gradiometer based on the architecture proposed in [Trimeche et al, 2019]. Testing was performed by implementing the laser system onto a ground based atomic sensor currently under development. The system reaches a Technology Readiness Level (TRL) of 4, corresponding to
more » ... n operational validation in a controlled environment. The optical architecture of the system can be adapted to other space mission scenarios.
doi:10.1140/epjd/e2019-100360-2 fatcat:svcw7jrk5zb4dk7h4fzmixkype

The results of CCM.G-K2.2017 key comparison

Shuqing WU, Jinyang FENG, Chunjian LI, Duowu SU, Qiyu WANG, Ruo HU, Lishuang HU, Jinyi XU, Wangxi JI, Christian Ullrich, Vojtech Pálinkáš, Jakub Kostelecký (+16 others)
2020 Metrologia  
Geospatial Research Institute (FGI), National Land Survey of Finland FG5X#221 Mirjam Bilker-Koivula Jyri Nä rä nen 5 France LNE-SYRTE -Gé osciences Montpellier -France FG5#228 Sé bastien Merlet  ... 
doi:10.1088/0026-1394/57/1a/07002 fatcat:7kjl6jseqnd6le5f33a336mqqm

FMCW radar for the sense function of sense and avoid systems onboard UAVs

Eric Itcia, Jean-Philippe Wasselin, Sébastien Mazuel, Matern Otten, Albert Huizing, Keith L. Lewis, Richard C. Hollins, Thomas J. Merlet, Mark T. Gruneisen, Miloslav Dusek, John G. Rarity, Edward M. Carapezza
2013 Emerging Technologies in Security and Defence; and Quantum Security II; and Unmanned Sensor Systems X  
Rockwell Collins France (RCF) radar department is currently developing, in close collaboration with TNO in The Hague, The Netherlands, a Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) radar sensor dedicated to Obstacle Warning function and potentially to air traffic detection. The sensor combines flood light illumination and digital beam forming to accommodate demanding detection and coverage requirements. Performances have been evaluated in flight tests and results prove that such a radar sensor
more » ... a good candidate for the Sense Function of Sense & Avoid Systems onboard UAV.
doi:10.1117/12.2028518 fatcat:bcwg2acxnrfrfducrdfil35zvy

Comparison of 3 Absolute Gravimeters Based on Different Methods for the e-MASS Project

Anne Louchet-Chauvet, Sébastien Merlet, Quentin Bodart, Arnaud Landragin, Franck Pereira Dos Santos, Henri Baumann, Giancarlo D'Agostino, Claudio Origlia
2011 IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement  
Merlet II. PRESENTATION OF THE THREE GRAVIMETERS The three gravimeters involved in the comparison are national references for their respective country.  ... 
doi:10.1109/tim.2010.2099951 fatcat:julssdtybfcybcqvvlhrz2bmqa

Multisite evaluation of phenotypic plasticity for specialized metabolites, some involved in carrot quality and disease resistance

Wilfried Chevalier, Sitti-Anlati Moussa, Miguel Medeiros Netto Ottoni, Cécile Dubois-Laurent, Sébastien Huet, Christophe Aubert, Elsa Desnoues, Brigitte Navez, Valentine Cottet, Guillaume Chalot, Michel Jost, Laure Barrot (+11 others)
2021 PLoS ONE  
Renewed consumer demand motivates the nutritional and sensory quality improvement of fruits and vegetables. Specialized metabolites being largely involved in nutritional and sensory quality of carrot, a better knowledge of their phenotypic variability is required. A metabolomic approach was used to evaluate phenotypic plasticity level of carrot commercial varieties, over three years and a wide range of cropping environments spread over several geographical areas in France. Seven groups of
more » ... lites have been quantified by HPLC or GC methods: sugars, carotenoids, terpenes, phenolic compounds, phenylpropanoids and polyacetylenes. A large variation in root metabolic profiles was observed, in relation with environment, variety and variety by environment interaction effects in decreasing order of importance. Our results show a clear diversity structuration based on metabolite content. Polyacetylenes, β-pinene and α-carotene were identified mostly as relatively stable varietal markers, exhibiting static stability. Nevertheless, environment effect was substantial for a large part of carrot metabolic profile and various levels of phenotypic plasticity were observed depending on metabolites and varieties. A strong difference of environmental sensitivity between varieties was observed for several compounds, particularly myristicin, 6MM and D-germacrene, known to be involved in responses to biotic and abiotic stress. This work provides useful information about plasticity in the perspective of carrot breeding and production. A balance between constitutive content and environmental sensitivity for key metabolites should be reached for quality improvement in carrot and other vegetables.
doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0249613 pmid:33798246 fatcat:tsy4ew2k2nfnxhmklgzz7putua

Distribution of ticks, tick-borne pathogens and the associated local environmental factors including small mammals and livestock, in two French agricultural sites: the OSCAR database

Isabelle Lebert, Albert Agoulon, Suzanne Bastian, Alain Butet, Bruno Cargnelutti, Nicolas Cèbe, Amélie Chastagner, Elsa Léger, Bruno Lourtet, Sébastien Masseglia, Karen McCoy, Joël Merlet (+10 others)
2020 Biodiversity Data Journal  
. ¶, Merlet J. #, Noël V. ¶, Perez G. §,|, Picot D. #, Pion A. ‡, Poux V. ‡, Quillery E. §, Toty C. ¶, Vaumourin E. ‡, Verheyden H. #, Vincent S. ‡, Vourc'h G.  ... 
doi:10.3897/bdj.8.e50123 pmid:32431559 pmcid:PMC7217980 fatcat:jughewxvorfsrajmea6oasn7sy

CCM.G-K2 key comparison

Olivier Francis, Henri Baumann, Christian Ullrich, Stefaan Castelein, Michel Van Camp, Mauro Andrade de Sousa, Rodrigo Lima Melhorato, Chunjian Li, Jinyi Xu, Duowu Su, Shuqing Wu, Hua Hu (+43 others)
2015 Metrologia  
doi:10.1088/0026-1394/52/1a/07009 fatcat:ow7okaqzcffarowgswhqbktfyu
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