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Successful School Change: Creating Settings to Improve Teaching and Learning, by Claude Goldenberg

Ruth Tinsley
2006 Catholic education (Dayton, Ohio. Online)  
doi:10.15365/joce.1001132013 fatcat:mv6xtwvyujh2fmjc7ncdl7ojqe

Prefrontal cortical abnormalities in currently depressed versus currently remitted patients with major depressive disorder

Giacomo Salvadore, Allison C. Nugent, Herve Lemaitre, David A. Luckenbaugh, Ruth Tinsley, Dara M. Cannon, Alexander Neumeister, Carlos A. Zarate, Wayne C. Drevets
2011 NeuroImage  
Previous neuromorphometric investigations of major depressive disorder (MDD) have reported abnormalities in gray matter in several regions, although the results have been inconsistent across studies. Some discrepancies in the results across studies may reflect design limitations such as small sample sizes, whereas others may reflect biological variability that potentially manifests as differences in clinical course. For example, it remains unclear whether the abnormalities found in persistently
more » ... depressed MDD subjects extend to or persist in patients who experience prolonged remission. The aim of the present study was to investigate gray matter (GM) differences in unmedicated, currently-depressed participants (dMDD) and unmedicated, currently-remitted (rMDD) participants with MDD compared to healthy controls (HC). The GM density and volume was compared across groups using voxel-based morphometry, a quantitative neuroanatomical technique, and high-resolution MRI images from 107 HC, 58 dMDD and 27 rMDD subjects. Relative to the HC group the dMDD group had reduced GM in the dorsal anterolateral (DALPFC), the dorsomedial (DMPFC) and the ventrolateral prefrontal cortex (VLPFC). Relative to the rMDD group the dMDD group showed reduced GM in the DALPFC, the VLPFC, the anterior cingulate cortex (ACC), the precuneus and the inferior parietal lobule. No regions were identified in which the rMDD group showed significantly lower GM compared to the HC group after p-values were corrected for the number of comparisons performed.
doi:10.1016/j.neuroimage.2010.11.011 pmid:21073959 pmcid:PMC3020249 fatcat:cxfsm7ypzbdt7lou7xenq3af4y

An ecological perspective on smoking among Asian American college students: The roles of social smoking and smoking motives

Michiko Otsuki, Barbara J. Tinsley, Ruth K. Chao, Jennifer B. Unger
2008 Psychology of Addictive Behaviors  
doi:10.1037/a0012964 pmid:19071976 fatcat:zdhnpyqelzb7zfbkuhhcprwzvq

Postsynaptic Abnormalities at the Neuromuscular Junctions of Utrophin-deficient Mice

Anne E. Deconinck, Allyson C. Potter, Jonathon M. Tinsley, Sarah J. Wood, Ruth Vater, Carol Young, Laurent Metzinger, Angela Vincent, Clarke R. Slater, Kay E. Davies
1997 Journal of Cell Biology  
Both proteins are thought to link the internal cytoskeleton of the muscle cell to the extracellular matrix (reviewed in Ahn and Kunkel, 1993; Tinsley et al., 1994; Campbell et al., 1995) .  ...  ., 1989; Tinsley et al., 1992) and is likely to have similar binding partners (Matsumura et al., 1992; James et al., 1996) .  ...  The 129/Sv library (kindly donated by Terry Rabbitts, Cambridge, UK) was screened using a 5 Ј -end human utrophin cDNA clone (89.2; Tinsley et al., 1992) .  ... 
doi:10.1083/jcb.136.4.883 pmid:9049253 pmcid:PMC2132499 fatcat:d6zwrehlufcwtoe5l3s6xm7su4

Catecholamine depletion in first-degree relatives of individuals with mood disorders: An [18F]fluorodeoxyglucose positron emission tomography study

Jonathan Savitz, Allison C. Nugent, Patrick S.F. Bellgowan, Niara Wright, Ruth Tinsley, Carlos A. Zarate, Peter Herscovitch, Wayne C. Drevets
2013 NeuroImage: Clinical  
Endophenotype Positron emission tomography Major depressive disorder Bipolar disorder Ventral striatum Catecholamine depletion with alpha-methylparatyrosine (AMPT) has previously been shown to induce depressive symptoms in currently remitted patients with major depressive disorder (MDD) but not healthy controls. Thus sensitivity to catecholamine depletion has been hypothesized to be an endophenotype of MDD. Here we tested this hypothesis in the context of a randomized, double-blinded,
more » ... ntrolled design by measuring changes in mood in a group of psychiatrically-healthy individuals at risk of mood disorders by virtue of family history (high-risk subjects, HRs). In addition, we tested whether HRs differed from healthy controls with no family-history of mood disorders (low-risk controls, LRs) in their cerebral metabolic response when undergoing catecholamine depletion. Eight healthy LRs (6 males, mean age = 34.1 ± 7.1) and 6 healthy HRs (3 males, mean age = 29.3 ± 4.6) participated in two, 3-day-long identical sessions during which they completed standardized measures of depression, anxiety and fatigue and an [ 18 F] fluorodeoxyglucose (FDG) positron emission tomography (PET) scan. On one occasion participants received 4 weight-adjusted doses of AMPT and on the other occasion participants received 4 doses of placebo. The LR and HR groups did not differ from each other in their mood during sham depletion. However, during the period of peak catecholamine depletion, the HR group reported significantly more depression, anxiety and fatigue than the LR group. A region-of-interest analysis showed that during catecholamine depletion versus placebo the combined LR and HR groups displayed a significant increase in cerebral metabolic rate in the left and right ventral striata, left and right amygdalae, and left and right hippocampi (FWE-corrected p b 0.05). Whole brain voxel-wise analyses indicated significantly increased glucose metabolism in the left and right putamina (FWE-corrected p b 0.05) in the combined LR and HR groups in the AMPT versus the placebo session. In the LR group, alone, no significant elevation in glucose metabolism was observed in the regions-of-interest in the catecholamine depletion versus placebo condition. In the HR group, alone, the region-of-interest analysis showed a significant increase in cerebral metabolic rate in the left and right ventral striata (FWE-corrected p b 0.05). No regions-of-interest showed significantly different metabolism in the HR group versus the LR group in the placebo condition, however compared with the LR group, the HR group displayed nominally increased glucose metabolism in the left amygdala during catecholamine depletion (SVC-corrected p = 0.05). A region-of-interest analysis for the interaction contrast confirmed that catecholamine depletion had differential effects on HR and LR participants. Compared with the LR group, the HR group displayed significantly increased glucose metabolism in the left ventral striatum, left amygdala, and left lateral orbitofrontal cortex (OFC) (FWE-corrected p b 0.05). Our results suggest that sensitivity to catecholamine depletion may be a phenotypic marker of vulnerability to mood disorders that is characterized NeuroImage: Clinical 2 (2013) 341-355 Open access under CC BY-NC-SA license. at the neurophysiological level by disinhibition of the striatum and its efferent projections comprising the limbic-cortical-striatal-pallidal-thalamic circuitry.
doi:10.1016/j.nicl.2013.02.004 pmid:24179788 pmcid:PMC3778263 fatcat:x74twufkarcuphbiocb4befdoy

Page 689 of Guernsey Breeders' Journal Vol. 18, Issue 11 [page]

1920 Guernsey Breeders' Journal  
Nellie Ruth of Hill Side Farm 105212—J. S. Yoder to Ruth V. Yoder, Wooster, Ohio. Nelly Marih 69821—H. W. Johnson to C. C. Cum¬ mings, Guilford College, N. C. Noble’s Buttercup of Fair View 53303—L.  ...  Tinsley, Baltimore, Md. Myrtle’s France 3d 45672—Anderson T. Herd to T. G. Tinsley, Baltimore, Md. Myrtle’s France 4th 81435—Anderson T. Herd to T. G. Tinsley, Baltimore, Md.  ... 

Page 548 of Illinois Libraries Vol. 30, Issue 10 [page]

1948 Illinois Libraries  
Ruth E. Mills, Library Assistant. Ruth H. Parker, Library Assistant. Bertha J. Wikre, Library Assistant. Bookstacks— Lawrence Draper, Clerk. Kenneth Tinsley, Clerk. Mrs. Dorothy R. Williams, Clerk.  ... 

Page 511 of The Athenaeum Vol. , Issue 2712 [page]

1879 The Athenaeum  
Christmas Number of TINSLEYS’ MAGAZINE.’ [ Shortly. TINSLEY BROTHERS, 8, CATHERINE-STREET, STRAND.  ...  RUTH EVERINGHAM. By Jessie Sale Lloyd, Author MARGARET DUNBAR. By Annabel Gray, Author of of ‘ The Hazelhurst Mystery,’ &c. 3 vols ‘Estella,’ &c. 3 vols.  ... 

Page 289 of Illinois Libraries Vol. 29, Issue 6 [page]

1947 Illinois Libraries  
Murray, Reference Librarian Ruth H. Parker, Library Assistant Bertha J.  ...  Wikre, Library Assistant Bookstacks Lawrence Draper, Clerk Joseph Hurst, Clerk Kenneth Tinsley, Clerk Part-time James Staab, Clerk TECHNICAL SERVICES Acquisition Unit Mary E.  ... 

Author Index for Volume 259, Number 1

1999 Virology  
., 154 -Singer, Ruth, 20 Tao, Binli, 166 Terajima, Masanori, 135 Tinsley-Bown, Anne, 148 Triezenberg, Steven J., 20 Triques, Karine, 99 Trojanowski, John Q., 20 V Vidal, Nicole, 99 W Walker  ... 
doi:10.1006/viro.1999.9815 fatcat:dkhkd2pbmvdc5l5n3booez4cqm

Page 244 of American Spirit Vol. 83, Issue 3 [page]

1949 American Spirit  
Ruth, W. 6,565) Ap- plicant served in Col. Roebuck’s Regt., 1781. His captain was John Lawson. LaucHuin, Leonard. Militia. (James Tinsley, S. 31,426) Applicant was Ist Lieutenant under Capt.  ...  (James Tinsley, S. 31,426) Applicant testified that  ... 

Page 44 of Illinois Libraries Vol. 35, Issue 1 [page]

1953 Illinois Libraries  
Tigue, Armenta Tinsley, Kenneth Tipton, Mary True, Ruth Vaughan, Evelyn L. Watson, Mary A. ILLINOIS STATE LIBRARY RESOURCES Books and bound periodicals............  ...  Jackson, Osborne Kane, Ruth J. Kavanaugh, Margaret Keefe, Mary Lawrence, Edward * Part time. ILLINOIS LIBRARIES Spence, Paul D. Stevens, Pansy N. White, Dorothy H.  ... 

Page 571 of The Modern Language Journal Vol. 34, Issue 7 [page]

1950 The Modern Language Journal  
Tinsley to Professor Mount Holyoke College, South Hadley, Massachusetts. Departments of French and German. Appointments: Gaspard E. Weiss—Assistant Professor Leave of absence: Helen E.  ...  Patch—Sabbatical leave, first semester (Research in Paris) Paul Saintonge—Sabbatical leave, second semester (Research in Paris) Ruth J.  ... 

Page 1965 of Social Work Education Reporter Vol. 11, Issue 6 [page]

1963 Social Work Education Reporter  
Moeller Harry Tinsley COMMUNITY ORGANIZATION CURRICULUM DEVELOPMENT PROJECT ADVISORY COMMITTEE Alfred J. Kahn, Chairman Joseph P. Anderson Nathan E. Cohen Norman V. Lourie James G. Banks Leonard S.  ...  Elisabeth Shirley Enochs Georgina Pastor Ruth M. Williams Charles E. Hendry Joan M. Smith ADVISORY COMMITTEE TO THE CORRECTIONS PROJECT Milton G.  ... 

Page 642 of Academe Vol. 27, Issue 5 [page]

1941 Academe  
McGary, Ruth Novel, Sofia I. Pietri; Illinois Institute of Technology, W  ...  Tinsley; Bradley Polytechnic Institute, Clara Krefting, Marvin Mundel; Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute, Emil Lengyel; Bryn Mawr College, Fritz Karsen; Bucknell University, Ernst W.  ... 
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