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A New Method Towards Speech Files Local Features Investigation [article]

Rustam Latypov, Evgeni Stolov
2020 arXiv   pre-print
There are a few reasons for the recent increased interest in the study of local features of speech files. It is stated that many essential features of the speaker language used can appear in the form of the speech signal. The traditional instruments - short Fourier transform, wavelet transform, Hadamard transforms, autocorrelation, and the like can detect not all particular properties of the language. In this paper, we suggest a new approach to the exploration of such properties. The source
more » ... al is approximated by a new one that has its values taken from a finite set. Then we construct a new sequence of vectors of a fixed size on the base of those approximations. Examination of the distribution of the produced vectors provides a new method for a description of speech files local characteristics. Finally, the developed technique is applied to the problem of the automatic distinguishing of two known languages used in speech files. For this purpose, a simple neural net is consumed.
arXiv:2006.03388v1 fatcat:xg2m5ren4vdnxazfci57xmhayu

New Radon Transform Based Texture Features of Handwritten Document [article]

Rustam Latypov, Evgeni Stolov
2019 arXiv   pre-print
In this paper, we present some new features describing the handwritten document as a texture. These features are based on the Radon transform. All values can be obtained easily and suit for the coarse classification of documents.
arXiv:1901.03068v1 fatcat:ryyxxznuxrekvitqzaoohibjjy

Mobile e-learning systems

Liliya Andreicheva, Rustam Latypov
2013 Material Science and Applied Chemistry  
doi:10.7250/eunis.2013.043 fatcat:p3s224z7x5dbfip6mybebtdmay

A new watermarking method to protect blockchain records comprising handwritten files [article]

Rustam Latypov, Evgeni Stolov
2019 arXiv   pre-print
A new type of watermarks for handwritten black-white documents is suggested. Insertion of the watermark in a document minimizes distortion of the latter. The method is intended for validation of handwritten records placed in blockchain database.
arXiv:1901.03065v1 fatcat:fzp4uqkquvdujnblvadnsaszee

ARCHAIN: A Novel Blockchain Based Archival System [article]

Albert Galiev, Shamil Ishmukhametov, Rustam Latypov, Nikolai Prokopyev, Evgeni Stolov, Ilya Vlasov
2019 arXiv   pre-print
In this paper, we propose a novel archival system called ARCHAIN, developed for the State archive-keeping committee of the Republic of Tatarstan (Russia). The blockchain is the primary part of the system, which stores transactions (facts of transfer of documents to the archive) in a protected form.
arXiv:1901.04225v1 fatcat:2ix2o3y2y5dbvir7xwcxqmzs5e

Speaker Diarization Based on Speech Signal Approximation by Step Function

Rustam Latypov, Evgeni Stolov
2021 Zenodo  
In this paper, we describe a new method for speaker clustering in an audio file. The main idea is to replace the speech signal with a step function having a limited number of levels. The research goal is to determine the signal characteristics obtained from the analysis of the step function produced. The step function is created by setting multiple levels that divide the signal range into non-overlapping strips. All the source signal values, which are inside a stip, are changed for the strips
more » ... rk. Using the sine function as a template, we get recommendations for choosing the sources best-keeping features. We employ the obtained results to solve the problem of speaker diarization. The developed diarization algorithm requires little computer resources. The experiments show the suitability of the developed results to the conditions of the online diarization process.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.4514965 fatcat:amrscxhrt5erzhpjmbslwul76q

Ternary coded melody as blind audio watermark

Rustam Latypov, Evgeni Stolov
2020 Telfor Journal  
Ternary Coded Melody as Blind Audio Watermark Rustam Kh. Latypov, Senior Member, IEEE and Evgeni L. Stolov D Paper received May 07, 2020; revised July 03, 2020; accepted July 04, 2020.  ... 
doi:10.5937/telfor2001028l fatcat:per3m6ubojgljac4sacfqkrbpu

Coloring Trees in Massively Parallel Computation [article]

Rustam Latypov, Jara Uitto
2021 arXiv   pre-print
We present O(log^2 log n) time 3-coloring, maximal independent set and maximal matching algorithms for trees in the Massively Parallel Computation (MPC) model. Our algorithms are deterministic, apply to arbitrary-degree trees and work in the low-space MPC model, where local memory is O(n^δ) for δ∈ (0,1) and global memory is O(m). Our main result is the 3-coloring algorithm, which contrasts the randomized, state-of-the-art 4-coloring algorithm of Ghaffari, Grunau and Jin [DISC'20]. The maximal
more » ... dependent set and maximal matching algorithms follow in O(1) time after obtaining the coloring. The key ingredient of our 3-coloring algorithm is an O(log^2 log n) time adaptation of the rake-and-compress tree decomposition used by Chang and Pettie [FOCS'17], and established by Miller and Reif. When restricting our attention to trees of constant degree, we bring the runtime down to O(loglog n).
arXiv:2105.13980v2 fatcat:uobjxa7wk5fjtb422pbde5szj4

Ternary jitter-based true random number generator

Rustam Latypov, Evgeni Stolov
2017 Journal of Physics, Conference Series  
In this paper a novel family of generators producing true uniform random numbers in ternary logic is presented. The generator consists of a number of identical ternary logic combinational units connected into a ring. All the units are provided to have a random delay time, and this time is supposed to be distributed in accordance with an exponential distribution. All delays are supposed to be independent events. The theory of the generator is based on Erlang equations. The generator can be used
more » ... or test production in various systems. Features of multidimensional random vectors, produced by the generator, are discussed.
doi:10.1088/1742-6596/783/1/012064 fatcat:l6htorr5sfgyjnfcaie6b5otcy

Design of E-learning System: M-learning Component

Liliya Andreicheva, Rustam Latypov
2015 Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences  
Nowadays the progress in information technologies filed is opening great new possibilities for people in all areas of living. As education is fundamental step in every person's life we have to increase its' popularity, availability and convenience for everybody. Information technologies present a lot of new tools and approaches which expand the infrastructure of the educational process. Our idea integrates the simplicity and reliability of client-server architecture and usability of various
more » ... s of user interfaces. The design describes an e-learning system, which has an m-learning interface, and several new modules which increase the efficiency of the studies. For these purposes we propose module for preliminary homework checking, statistical module and feedback module that can be extended to the separate rating system. The variety of interfaces is supported by three components: desktop application, mobile application and web-based application. Although we concentrate on desktop and mobile forms as according to the statistical data they are more usable. The difference of European, American and Russian systems of education predetermine some aspects in the design approach. It allows to use the strongest advantages of every model in the solution and to share the multinational experience. The paper describes in details the highlighted moments.
doi:10.1016/j.sbspro.2015.04.580 fatcat:7u6dkqaudfh6fjs4ro2srlzcte

A New Method for Slant Calculation in Off-Line Handwriting Analysis

Rustam Latypov, Evgeni Stolov
2018 2018 41st International Conference on Telecommunications and Signal Processing (TSP)  
In this paper, we propose a new method for estimating the slant of word in handwritten text. The method allows a researcher to analyze snippets of a picture containing a few words in different lines. The main goal of the research is to present a tool to observe small changes of slant in the text during work. Student check sheets were used as a database for the research. Some changes in slant depending on speed of writing are discovered.
doi:10.1109/tsp.2018.8441457 dblp:conf/tsp/LatypovS18 fatcat:jmu6cplkdvhopapn2cbghh5dnq

Mobile Learning Systems in Software Engineering Education

Liliya Andreicheva, Rustam Latypov
2013 unpublished
The latest achievements in the information sciences area are mostly connected with the mobile technologies. The significant growth in this area attracts more and more users worldwide. In this paper we concentrate on the mobile learning aspect in education process, specifically in learning management systems. We propose a new design approach which consolidates different front-end representations of the learning system with the single back-end instance. To increase the efficiency of the system we
more » ... consider new module like preliminary homework checking module, which will be useful especially in software engineering field, and additional statistical and feedback modules.
doi:10.15514/syrcose-2013-7-15 fatcat:prrqibtvi5eklinernzufw2ue4

Brief Announcement: Memory Efficient Massively Parallel Algorithms for LCL Problems on Trees

Sebastian Brandt, Rustam Latypov, Jara Uitto, Seth Gilbert
Latypov, and J. Uitto 50:3 process that also orients the removed paths.  ... 
doi:10.4230/lipics.disc.2021.50 fatcat:7ra2wrnvrneedjlmtw3zbhzvnq

The Spiritual Industry of Central Asian Migrants in Moscow

Anna Cieślewska, Zuzanna Blajet
2020 Laboratorium  
Rustam, on the contrary, does not go beyond the Muslim circle.  ...  In order to expel evil spirits and heal the patient from bad energies, traditional healers use magic formulas and perform various rituals outside of mainstream Islam (Latypov 2010:443; Manichkin 2019:  ... 
doi:10.25285/2078-1938-2020-12-1-106-126 fatcat:usifoamisffd5cnhgoi46gfy5i

On the development of internal chemical zonation in small mafic dykes

2009 Geological Magazine  
Rustam Latypov is warmly thanked for assistance with fieldwork. The research was supported by grants from the Finnish Academy of Science and the Renlund Foundation, Finland.  ...  LATYPOV Figure 3. For legend see facing page.  ...  A similar trend was documented in small mafic dykes of Kestiö Island, SW Finland (Chistyakova & Latypov, 2009a,b) .  ... 
doi:10.1017/s0016756809990343 fatcat:nskrfsn25zds7bluphqyy72utu
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