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Page 40 of Collier's: The National Weekly Vol. 51, Issue 5 [page]

1913 Collier's: The National Weekly  
asked the _ colonel, coming up ‘Somebody’s monkeyed with his rifle, | sir,’ I said. ‘And—I’d like to speak with | | you for a minute, if you please.’  ...  Splendid 10,000 ton stean ers (classed by British Lloyds 100 Al). #110 Honolulu first-class round trip—Sydney $300.  ... 

Journal of the Society for Arts, Vol. 11, no. 547

1863 The Journal of the Society of Arts  
The thanks of the members are due to these gentlemen, who have given their gratuitous service in teaching The short-hand class, owing to the small attendance, lias, been discontinued, and a drawing class  ...  He thought a paper of a practical kind upon the prevention of rust upon metals would be of great benefit to them. Sir E.  ... 

Clustering Shoppers by Mall Experience for Emerging Indian City

Sanjeev Prashar, Sumeet Gupta, Harvinder Singh, Vijay T. Sai, Chandan Parsad
2016 Asian Academy of Management Journal  
There is less impact of these variables on aged service class segment.  ...  The younger segment pays more importance to variables like mall events and promotional schemes being organised by malls and/ or retailers.  ...  Cluster 1 identified in this research comprise of middle-aged, service class people with relatively higher income.  ... 
doi:10.21315/aamj2016.21.2.3 fatcat:2std47pwdfgpbks77hpzwothiu

Grammar of the Modern Syriac Language, as spoken in Oroomiah, Persia, and in Koordistan

D. T. Stoddard
1855 Journal of the American Oriental Society  
The general tendency of these letters is to make the vowels joined with them somewhat like short u, though this is not the uniform effect.  ...  VERBS OF THE SECOND CLASS CONJUGATED LIKE NOTE.  ...  Many of these verbs we have hitherto been unacquainted with, and every succeeding year will of course add to their number.  ... 
doi:10.2307/592220 fatcat:sapwhocm5jgwpjuvg552wrnz5u

Journal of the Society of Arts, Vol. 15, no. 769

Robert Mallet, Peter Graham, David S. Price
1867 The Journal of the Society of Arts  
That it was cracked when we borrowed it. 2nd. That it was whole when we returned it. 3rd. That we never had it at all."  ...  Tourists' tickets are issued from London to Dundee, available for return within one month, Fares -1st class, 138s. ; 2nd class, 102s. ; 3rd class, 56s. each. METEOROGRAPH AT THE PARIS EXHIBITION.  ... 

Journal of the Society for Arts, Vol. 15, no. 776

P. LE NEVE FOSTER, Henry Cole, William J. Thoms
1867 The Journal of the Society of Arts  
Paper Manufacture in Russia. -This industry is being very rapidly developed in Russia. In 1845 there were only 158 paper mills, producing paper to the value of ¿6450,000.  ...  change The drawing classes are open every night. The course of f EXAMINATION PAPERS, 1867.  ... 

Assessment for the Curriculum of 8th Grade Art Course Based on Total Quality Standards

2020 Journal of Education and Practice  
between Q3 2002 and Q1 2019 quarterly from zerocoupon bond maturities of 1, 3, 5, 10, 20, and 30 years, finding that all types of zero-coupon bond maturities to exhibit similar yield curve movements across short  ...  The researcher also performed a least-squares equation (OLS) test to addressing the identified multicollinearity problem aforementioned, finding the R-squared value of 29.6%.  ...  top class and convexity (Taylor, 1993) .  ... 
doi:10.7176/jep/11-24-02 fatcat:ylddfysczbaj3boq57a2i4uxyy

Prafulla Chandra Ray - A Profile

D. Banerjea
2011 Zenodo  
metals, silk, cotton, paper, cosmetics, perfumes, dyestaffs, glass, porcelain goods, etc., became much valued and preferred articles in many foreign countries those days.  ...  With Rakshit he published quite a few research papers and used to refer him as his "precious find".  ...  In Rasakalpa there is mention of minerals of three classes, viz., maharasas, rasas and uparasas and examples of each class are given, but what was the rational basis of this classification is not clear  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.5785208 fatcat:6akziz4fv5hxzo7bkpsbvk45nm

The Library World Volume 13 Issue 9

1911 New Library World  
like deeds.  ...  Quite the best shilling's worth of its kind in existence, with an added value in a literary and historical gazetteer and an adequate index. THE CONSCRIPT.  ...  With regard to the readers themselves, one is confronted at the outset by the fact that the majority of the memoirs of the early years of Victoria are aristocratic, not those of men of the working classes  ... 
doi:10.1108/eb008944 fatcat:xohxtgsz7ngvfpxwmvbkx5cxjm

Journal of the Society of Arts, Vol. 16, no. 825

1868 The Journal of the Society of Arts  
certificate in chemistry. 1868lst-class certificate in chemistry; 2nd-class ditto in freehand drawing ; 3rd-class ditto in olectricity and magnetism.  ...  Science and Art Department, 1867lst-class certificate and Queen's prize in inorganic chemistry. 1868lst-class certificate and Queen's medal in organic chemistry ; 2nd-class in magnetism and electricity  ... 

Estimation of Dynastic Life-Cycle Discrete Choice Models

George-Levi Gayle, Limor Golan, Mehmet A. Soytas
2015 Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, Working Papers  
This paper explores the estimation of a class of life-cycle discrete choice intergenerational models. It proposes a new semiparametric estimator.  ...  We compare our estimator with a modi...ed version of the full solution maximum likelihood estimator (MLE) in a Monte Carlo study.  ...  Reviewing this vast and diverse literature is beyond the scope of this paper; however, a short review of two of the literature segments will su¢ ce to illustrate the need to estimate these models and hence  ... 
doi:10.20955/wp.2015.020 fatcat:ykxnui7khzhfnahgd5t6jzri6i

Social-Psychological Dimensions of Ojibwa Acculturation

Bernard J. James
1961 American Anthropologist  
But without the 25¢ the dollar was worthless and thereupon he suggested I go with his wife to the nearby tavern where she could borrow a quarter.  ...  I told them I would see if I could borrow the quarter myself and left.  ... 
doi:10.1525/aa.1961.63.4.02a00040 fatcat:neyqhjel5bfyvnas3b5jvpa35m

On the Electro-Chemical Polarity of Gases

W. R. Grove
1852 Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London  
I experimented with an air vacuum (to borrow an expression of Dr.  ...  Iron was not oxidated until the receiver was nearly filled with air, and then a small spot of rust was formed which I could not reduce.  ... 

Digital distribution and the prohibition of resale markets for information goods

Benjamin Reed Shiller
2013 Quantitative Marketing and Economics  
This paper starts by presenting logical arguments suggesting this finding does not hold for goods consumers tire of with use, implying the impact of resale is an empirical question.  ...  First, demand parameters are estimated using a dynamic discrete choice model in a market with allowed resale, using data on new sales and used tradeins.  ...  To explain how, I borrow an argument from Nair (2007) .  ... 
doi:10.1007/s11129-013-9139-x fatcat:5dtnnfbpn5bhdir2taudjhub7e

Studies in African Linguistics, Full issue (Vol. 39, No. 2)

Editors Editors
2010 Studies in African Linguistics  
Languages like Yorùbá, which do not show agreement, mark plural syntactically and make use of a plural feature percolation mechanism, while languages like English, which show agreement, mark plural morphologically  ...  The paper proposes that these plural words possess a covert or an overt [PLURAL] feature, which percolates onto the NP.  ...  Class 11/10a Nouns, With Class 12/13 Derivatives Conferences, workshops, schools 2nd Department of African Language and Literature International Conference 12-14-Jul-2012 Gaborone, Botswana Contact Person  ... 
doi:10.32473/sal.v39i2.107536 fatcat:ulfghikevjb5ximxxkbhpuzdkm
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