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Notes on the First Digital Libraries

Юрий Евгеньевич Поляк
2021 Russian Digital Libraries Journal  
Digital libraries in the XXI century have become the most important sources of information in all branches of science and technology, the main direction of development of world librarianship, any information  ...  Hart dreamed of 10,000 digitized books, and by his admission, he achieved all the goals that he set for himself. In Russia, one of the first and most significant is Maxim Moshkov's library (1994).  ...  Public Library of America, имеющими поддержку благотворительных фондов.  ... 
doi:10.26907/1562-5419-2021-24-5-944-982 fatcat:l3nhfi6dpza2tov3tkdsj4ypg4

Russian Scientific Publication — 2019

Mikhail Mikhailovich Gorbunov-Posadov
2020 Russian Digital Libraries Journal  
The article presents the events that took place last year in the world of Russian scientific publications.  ...  This label is widely stigmatized authors and journals for repeated publications.  ...  Удастся RUSSIAN SCIENTIFIC PUBLICATION -2019  ... 
doi:10.26907/1562-5419-2020-23-3-382-389 fatcat:auip2t7d5vgsnppr2osvzgf3te

Teaching Mathematical Disciplines Under Digitalization

Alexander Sinchukov
2020 Russian Digital Libraries Journal  
The demand for digital technologies and digital products for the practice of mathematical preparation of the future bachelor is noted.  ...  From a methodological and research point of view, digital technologies are described that are essential for improving the quality of mathematical training.  ... 
doi:10.26907/1562-5419-2020-23-1-2-177-186 fatcat:3gbxyh5kizfflkgajwphjjcahq

Teaching Mathematical Disciplines Under Digitalization

Dmitry Anatolevich Vlasov
2020 Russian Digital Libraries Journal  
Under the influence of the digitalization trend, basic and variable didactic modules are highlighted.  ...  The main directions for improving the applied mathematical training of an economist for working in the digital economy are given.  ...  СПИСОК TEACHING MATHEMATICAL DISCIPLINES UNDER DIGITALIZATION ЛИТЕРАТУРЫ 1 . 1 Гамбаров Т.Р., Романцов А.Н.  ... 
doi:10.26907/1562-5419-2020-23-1-2-25-35 fatcat:o6cfr5i4kbajjojrglpuzti5he

Basic Services of Factory Metadata Digital Mathematical Library Lobachevskii-Dml

Polina Gafurova, Alexander Elizarov, Evgeny Konstantinovich Lipachev
2020 Russian Digital Libraries Journal  
collections into aggregating digital scientific libraries.  ...  A number of problems related to the construction of the metadata factory of the digital mathematical library Lobachevskii-DML have been solved.  ...  Кроме того, в статье приведен алгоритм автоматизированной подготовки метаданных электронной коллекции статьей журнала «Электронные библиотеки» ("Russian Digital Libraries Journal", по  ... 
doi:10.26907/1562-5419-2020-23-3-336-381 fatcat:nsurz3ruw5ccra5ho77wfnalzm

Digital Repository "Geologyscience.Ru": Open Access To Scientific Publications On Russian Geology

Michail Ivanovich Patuk, Vera Viktorovna Naumova, Vitaliy Sergeevich Eremenko
2020 Russian Digital Libraries Journal  
doi:10.26907/1562-5419-2020-23-6-1324-1338 fatcat:zynlxr372vbvjniwfa3girddxm

Library Network Communications: Trend of Modern Development

Julia Viktorovna Maslova
2020 Russian Digital Libraries Journal  
Libraries are not an exception, therefore, the author of the article believes that the creation of various forms of network interaction will significantly increase the activity and prestige of each library  ...  СПИСОК ЛИТЕРАТУРЫ LIBRARY NETWORK COMMUNICATIONS: TREND OF MODERN  ... 
doi:10.26907/1562-5419-2020-23-5-951-962 fatcat:csrud6r6tbg7hpqharqplqucge

Principles of Multitrading

Феликс Освальдович Каспаринский
2021 Russian Digital Libraries Journal  
Modern software and hardware tools provide unprecedented freedom for a variety of activities in the forex markets, from trading to analyzing the feasibility of models of nonlinear processes in self-organizing systems. To reduce risks and increase the efficiency of interaction with stock market instruments, it is proposed to provide variable adaptability of trading by combining trading strategies using several trading accounts of different brokers, multiple financial instruments, and Complex
more » ... ts, and Complex Indicators Tendencies of price changes. As a result of three years of experimental work, the basic principles of multitrading have been formulated and tested, and an information environment has been compiled, contributing to the development of an individualized trading system. The basic concept of organizing a multitrading information environment: the use of specialized hardware and software systems for strategic analysis and forecasting of price changes for an individual financial instrument, tactical selection of a promising financial instrument from the available set, and effective operating activities with orders of trading accounts. It can be expected that the evolution of the principles of multitrading will lead to the creation of analytical systems for predicting the kinetics of non-equilibrium changes in the characteristic parameters of self-organizing cooperative systems for wide application in biology, cybernetics, economics, and the social sphere.
doi:10.26907/1562-5419-2021-24-5-808-869 fatcat:ysd5tvt7dbeondwjwv2rmjutqu

Refal on Server Side

Alexander Gusev
2020 Russian Digital Libraries Journal  
This work is devoted to the description of the project of updating the technology of algorithmic language application created in the USSR in the 60s of the XX century by V. F. Turchin. The language was originally intended for various logical transformations primarily of text material. In practice, the scope was wider: machine translation, optimization and compilation of programs, proof of theorems, modeling of complex electronic circuits, solving a number of problems of artificial intelligence.
more » ... icial intelligence. The language now has a sufficient number of followers, mainly in scientific circles.The objective of the described project is to create a product that allows the use of Refal in modern mass applications and to expand the range of its potential users to the entire Internet. A survey of the community of users and developers of Refal was conducted in order to get an idea of the current state of Affairs, current implementations and ways of language development. Possible means of project implementation were considered. No information was received on similar developments under way.
doi:10.26907/1562-5419-2020-23-4-697-707 fatcat:vm54quaty5cfrfi3dtb67xu4ji

Russian Scientific Publication for the Covid-19 Period

Михаил Михайлович Горбунов-Посадов
2021 Russian Digital Libraries Journal  
There is an impressive difference between the number of readers for Russian scientific articles in open access and in paid access. The policy of journals of the Russian Academy of Sciences.  ... 
doi:10.26907/1562-5419-2021-24-1-74-87 fatcat:k6oi3aqz3nfqvh3yj7yzgdmvca

Some Bibliographic References Tools

Алексей Викторович Ермаков
2021 Russian Digital Libraries Journal  
In the Russian Federation, NEICON (a national consortium of Russian educational, scientific, and cultural organizations) provides technical and methodological support for working with DOI and other Crossref  ...  The article shows how the considered tools are built into the user interfaces of the IPM electronic library. Additional features provided by the specified tools are considered.  ...  Russian Digital Libraries Journal. 2021. V. 24. No. 1  ... 
doi:10.26907/1562-5419-2021-24-1-88-100 fatcat:y5hntmbtprg45aa4m4ys6pv35q

Varieties of Video Lectures

Феликс Освальдович Каспаринский
2021 Russian Digital Libraries Journal  
Дорогие радиосистемы ($200-$2000) используют цифровые аудиопроцессоры (DSP, Digital Sound Processor) с компандерами, учитывающими сложную динамику звука как в передатчике, так и в приёмнике.  ... 
doi:10.26907/1562-5419-2021-24-1-116-156 fatcat:advgj7tabrdvvhenzfdgzo64c4

Digital Learning of Mathematics for Engineering Students: Preliminary Experience

Tatyana Vladimirovna Dmitrieva
2020 Russian Digital Libraries Journal  
The conclusion section contains general expectations in respect of the quality and effectiveness of digital education.  ...  This article presents the results of a systematic literature review on the matter of universities' experience with implementation of digital learning.  ... 
doi:10.26907/1562-5419-2020-23-1-2-36-48 fatcat:inc72pkjjfchpg7y3svws5nfgm

Autograph Books in the Library of Musa Jalil

Nazira Gazizovna Fattakhova, Leysan Fandiyarovna Harasova
2020 Russian Digital Libraries Journal  
The article is devoted to the study of autographed books from the personal library of the famous Tatar poet-hero Musa Jalil, which is exhibited in the Museum-apartment of the poet.  ... 
doi:10.26907/1562-5419-2020-23-5-977-983 fatcat:4z4cpuqgdzbixivpg3ggh7426i

Searching business information in digital information systems of Russian libraries

A. V. Kulikova
2021 Scientific and Technical Libraries  
The possibilities of information search in electronic platforms of russian libraries // The Journal of Encyclopaedic Studies. – 2019. – No 2. – P. 30–52).  ...  The key characteristics of library digital information retrieval systems are discussed. The computer systems of 113 regional libraries were analyzed within the study.  ...  На сайте НБ есть раздел «Электронная библиотека», при наведении на который мышью, можно выбрать «Электронный каталог» ( Search/Ext).  ... 
doi:10.33186/1027-3689-2021-10-63-80 fatcat:3745ipkbxrealk4tdsurhyctiu
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