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Investigation on Metal Adornments From Ancient Eastern Europe

Luminița Ghervase, Monica Dinu, Corina Borș, Laurenţiu-Marian Angheluță, Roxana Rădvan, Ioana-Maria Cortea
2020 Frontiers in Materials  
This study focuses on the investigation of certain bronze adornment objects from the First Iron Age (the so-called middle Hallstatt period), dating to the ninth–eighth c. BC. These objects are part of a bronze and iron hoard (labeled Cx 116) discovered in the present Romanian territory, at Tărtăria–Podu Tărtăriei vest archaeological site, in Alba County. Along with a second hoard of bronze and iron objects, this represents a unique discovery for the present Romanian territory, namely, for the
more » ... ner Carpathian area and the Lower and Middle Danube Basin, where no such votive discovery had been made by archaeological excavations. The objects, approximately 450 bronze and iron objects—weapons, tools, adornments, and harnesses—were found in the two hoards, in the Southern ditch, which outlines the archaeological site. Digital radiography has been used to assess the physical state of the objects and to identify potential specific craftsmanship details. It showed a fairly good preservation status, with incipient corrosion processes located in the core of some of the objects and some specific traces of the crafting process and subsequent mechanical defects were highlighted. The relatively good state of preservation of the objects can result from the fact that they had been protected from the humid environment by the ceramic vessel they were placed in. XRF and LIBS were used to identify the materials and to stratigraphically evaluate the objects. XRF scanned the surface of the objects, revealing elements related to both the raw material—a copper alloy with tin and lead, together with trace elements related to the specific mining location of the ores, and the depositional environment of the objects–such as iron. LIBS allowed a more in-depth stratigraphic analysis, which indicated a higher copper ratio—compared to iron—as the kinetic series advance, fact that sustains the idea that the major iron input was coming from the depositional environment. Both XRF and LIBS results were consistent with high elemental variability, probably due to the nature of the original material and the influence of the deposition soil conditions.
doi:10.3389/fmats.2020.600913 fatcat:fxbqleownbgwfogah42tsoaxz4

Concept extraction from legal cases

Marie-Francine Moens, Roxana Angheluta
2003 Proceedings of the 9th international conference on Artificial intelligence and law - ICAIL '03  
Effective retrieval of court decisions is important. Automatically identifying legal concepts in the decision texts would be very helpful. In this paper we investigate how a statistics for hypothesis testing, i.e., the likelihood ratio, can help in this task. We describe how this statistic can be used for detecting important multi-term phrases in the case texts, how it can be used to find correlated terms, and how it is a means for feature or topic signature selection in automated case
more » ... ation. The technology has been tested upon more than 600 US cases.
doi:10.1145/1047788.1047823 dblp:conf/icail/MoensA03 fatcat:3yno3afdhjhldicpin5vyoyoky

An Unsupervised Language Independent Method of Name Discrimination Using Second Order Co-occurrence Features [chapter]

Ted Pedersen, Anagha Kulkarni, Roxana Angheluta, Zornitsa Kozareva, Thamar Solorio
2006 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
Previous work by Pedersen, Purandare and Kulkarni (2005) has resulted in an unsupervised method of name discrimination that represents the context in which an ambiguous name occurs using second order co-occurrence features. These contexts are then clustered in order to identify which are associated with different underlying named entities. It also extracts descriptive and discriminating bigrams from each of the discovered clusters in order to serve as identifying labels. These methods have been
more » ... shown to perform well with English text, although we believe them to be language independent since they rely on lexical features and use no syntactic features or external knowledge sources. In this paper we apply this methodology in exactly the same way to Bulgarian, English, Romanian, and Spanish corpora. We find that it attains discrimination accuracy that is consistently well above that of a majority classifier, thus providing support for the hypothesis that the method is language independent. True Entity Created Labels Bulgarian (2 political parties) BSP Nikolay Mladenov, liderat Sergey, Visshiya savet, liderat Stanishev, vot nedoverie, Ekaterina Mihaylova, Sergey Stanishev, G n, Ivan Kostov, Nadejda Mihaylova SDS mestnite izbori, d r, Rakovski 134, politicheska sila, vot nedoverie, Ekaterina Mihaylova, Sergey Stanishev, G n, Ivan Kostov, Nadejda Mihaylova English (2 companies) IBM 5 8, BW GEN, 3 4, interest rates, Texas Instruments, Hewlett Packard, 30 Treasury, 7 8, Wall Street, billion dollars Microsoft vice president, million dollars, Windows 95, operating system United States, Bill Gates, Justice Department, personal computers, Wall Street, billion dollars Romanian (2 political parties) PD
doi:10.1007/11671299_23 fatcat:rczt6hc3yva35ekbxijcubpw2a

"Multi- and inter- disciplinary approaches in the scientific documentation and monitoring of cultural heritage assets "

Laurențiu-Marian Angheluță, National Institute of Research and Development for Optoelectronics, Roxana Rădvan, National Institute of Research and Development for Optoelectronics
2018 Annals of the "Dunarea de Jos" University of Galati. Fascicle II, Mathematics, Physics, Theoretical Mechanics  
This paper synthesizes several aspects of the trends of the multi-and inter-disciplinary strategies regarding both research and applications in the scientific documentation and conservation status monitoring of cultural heritage assets such as museum items, monuments, archaeological sites or even larger cultural landscapes, using modern technology. A comprehensive understanding of all physico-chemical, natural, social, and historical factors that had or still have damaging effects on the
more » ... l heritage assets is necessary and requires a different approach to the hyperspecialization mindset that tends to take over the academic disciplines. All these factors are interrelated and cannot be separated nor can a preventive conservation strategy be successfully implemented by considering just one aspect of the problem. Along this line this paper presents our own solutions and their evolution during time. Multi-disciplinary projects in collaboration with research groups coming from different disciplines (natural studies or social and humanities areas) will be discussed. E-learning courses for joint groups of students coming from different disciplines will also be described together with online platforms with customized databases for the management and dissemination of the scientific data resulted from the project activities.
doi:10.35219/ann-ugal-math-phys-mec.2018.2.01 fatcat:g6vjvqiugjd5dcojezdlg7sro4


Laurentiu Angheluta, Adrian Moldovan, Roxana Radvan
2011 U.P.B. Sci. Bull., Series A   unpublished
In această lucrare este prezentată o platformă de teleoperare prin Internet pentru un dispozitiv de investigare a fluorescenţei induse cu fascicul laser, utilizat în investigarea suprafetelor pictate ale operelor de arta. Partea hardware a sistemului este alcatuită din dispozitivul de investigare transportabil şi un calculator personal utilizat ca şi server şi panou de control. Aplicaţia software utilizează arhitectura Client-Server pentru controlul dispozitivului şi recepţia informaţiilor
more » ... ns. Interfaţa cu utilizatorul este realizată cu ajutorul tehnologiei web-server a platformei LabView. Dispozitivul este operat de la orice distanţă, în timp real, prin intermediul unei pagini web HTML. In this paper it is introduced an internet-based teleoperation platform for a laser induced fluorescence device used in the investigation of the painted surfaces of artworks. The hardware of the system consists of a transportable laser scanning device and a personal computer used as server and service control panel. The software employs the client server architecture for device control and feedback data. The user interface is built for the purpose of interaction, using the LabView web-server technology. The device is operated from any distance, in real time, through a embedded HTML web page.

Improving name discrimination

Ted Pedersen, Anagha Kulkarni, Zornitsa Kozareva, Roxana Angheluta, Thamar Solorio
2006 Proceedings of the International Workshop on Cross-Language Knowledge Induction - CrossLangInduction '06   unpublished
This paper describes a method of discriminating ambiguous names that relies upon features found in corpora of a more abundant language. In particular, we discriminate ambiguous names in Bulgarian, Romanian, and Spanish corpora using information derived from much larger quantities of English data. We also mix together occurrences of the ambiguous name found in English with the occurrences of the name in the language in which we are trying to discriminate. We refer to this as a language salad,
more » ... find that it often results in even better performance than when only using English or the language itself as the source of information for discrimination.
doi:10.3115/1608842.1608846 fatcat:4uzlnwtpe5ctnio7rufxk4hfyu

Semantic case role detection for information extraction

Rik De Busser, Roxana Angheluta, Marie-Francine Moens
2002 Proceedings of the 19th international conference on Computational linguistics -   unpublished
If information extraction wants to make its results more accurate, it will have to resort increasingly to a coherent implementation of natural language semantics. In this paper, we will focus on the extraction of semantic case roles from texts. After setting the essential theoretical framework, we will argue that it is possible to detect case roles on the basis of morphosyntactic and lexical surface phenomena. We will give a concise overview of our methodology and of a preliminary test that seems to confirm our hypotheses.
doi:10.3115/1071884.1071895 fatcat:elvonjos6vfv5oy72plhcusatu

Table of Contents

2018 2018 11th International Conference on Developments in eSystems Engineering (DeSE)  
Based on Hyperspectral Imaging and Complementary Techniques 117 Roxana Radvan (The National R&D Institute for Optoelectronics -INOE 2000), Lucian Ratoiu (The National R&D Institute for Optoelectronics  ...  Radvan (The National R&D Institute for Optoelectronics -INOE 2000), and Laurentiu Angheluta (The National R&D Institute for Optoelectronics -INOE 2000) Multi-step Approach for Characterization of Artworks  ... 
doi:10.1109/dese.2018.00004 fatcat:s5jurakinrcz5nvbz3gnp7yt5i

Measuring aboutness of an entity in a text

Marie-Francine Moens, Patrick Jeuniaux, Roxana Angheluta, Rudradeb Mitra
2006 Proceedings of TextGraphs: the First Workshop on Graph Based Methods for Natural Language Processing on the First Workshop on Graph Based Methods for Natural Language Processing - TextGraphs '06   unpublished
For the second step we used the progressive fuzzy clustering algorithm described in Angheluta et al. (2004) .  ... 
doi:10.3115/1654758.1654763 fatcat:lfexs7lp4bhejbzdwdmejvy3j4

Economic-Ecological Analysis of Sustainable Development in Romania

Roxana Sarbu, Antoneta Marcela Niculescu, Ovidiu Andrei Cristian Buzoianu, Svetlana Platagea Gombos
2020 European Journal of Sustainable Development  
., 2009) (Angheluta et al., 2019) . The object of sustainable development is now also the concern for justice and equity between states, not only between generations .  ... 
doi:10.14207/ejsd.2020.v9n4p161 fatcat:yemyful7wbbflcwjwb6jcf2jpq

Section I: International Affairs and European Integration Subsection: International Affairs

Paolo Andrei, Stefano Azzali, Asem Belostecinic, Chişinãu, Maurice Chenevoy, Jacky Mathonnat, Bostan, Cornescu, Victor Ploae, Nistor, Elena Condrea, Sorinel Cosma (+12 others)
Pivodă Roxana Mihaela Labour Market, Where? 361 14. Pivodă Roxana Mihaela Sequences of Unemployment in Romania 367 15.  ...  Sava (Angheluță) Tița, Rizea (Pirnea) Ionela Carmen, Moisa Cristina Current Concerns to Ensure Sustainable Performance of Romanian SMEs 1151 79.  ... 

Early Fungal Contamination Tracking

L Angheluta, J Striber, R Radvan, I Gomoiu, V Dragomir, M Simileanu
Laurentiu Angheluta, Joakim Striber, Roxana Radvan and Monica Simileanu are with the National Institute of Research and Development in Optoelectronics INOE 2000, 1 Atomistilor Str., Magurele MG5, Romania  ... 

Signed Coreference Resolution

Kayo Yin, Kenneth DeHaan, Malihe Alikhani
2021 Proceedings of the 2021 Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing   unpublished
Roxana Angheluta, Patrick Jeuniaux, Rudradeb Mi- tra, and Marie-Francine Moens. 2004.  ...  supervised SCR, which we hope to extend to other ken languages, earlier works are based on a clus- signed languages, as all signed languages exhibit tering (Cardie and Wagstaff, 1999; Angheluta  ... 
doi:10.18653/v1/2021.emnlp-main.405 fatcat:e6atq6p46beoxpmbabtiyogqhq

A machine learning approach to sentiment analysis in multilingual Web texts

Erik Boiy, Marie-Francine Moens
2008 Information retrieval (Boston)  
We thank the Attentio team being Per Siljubergsåsen, Simon McDermott, Roxana Angheluta, Casper Davies and Frank Platteau for their valuable advise during multiple discussions and for the annotation of  ... 
doi:10.1007/s10791-008-9070-z fatcat:ez6qh5lpjfayxoiwjw2pkjzmr4


Dumitru Miron, Ase Bucureşti, Viorel Lefter, Ase Bucureşti, Victor Manole, Ase Bucureşti, Dan Redactori, Cristina Şerbanică, Cristian Morozan, Razvan Decuseară
Maria-Roxana, Dorobanţu 1 De asemenea, articolul de faţă face o legătură între schimbările care au loc la nivel local şi la nivel mai larg în comunitatea rurală sub presiunile globalizării permiţând  ...  ABORDARI PRIVIND ANALIZA MATURITATII SISTEMELOR DE MANAGEMENT AL CALITATII CA REZULTAT AL IMPLEMENTARII SERIEI DE STANDARDARDE ISO 9000 Tiţa, Sava (Angheluţă) 1 Cristina, Moisa 2 Rezumat: Evaluarea maturităţii  ...  APPROACHES REGARDING THE MATURITY ANALYSIS OF QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS AS A RESULT OF IMPLEMENTING ISO 9000 SERIES Tiţa, Sava (Angheluţă) 1 Cristina, Moisa 2 Abstract: Organization maturity assessment  ...