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Uncovering the Mystery of Gliding Motility in the Myxobacteria

Beiyan Nan, David R. Zusman
2011 Annual Review of Genetics  
Bacterial gliding motility is the smooth movement of cells on solid surfaces unaided by flagella or pili.  ...  About forty M. xanthus genes were shown to be involved in gliding motility, and some of their protein products were labeled and localized within cells.  ...  Acknowledgments We thank Eva Campodonico, James Berleman, Christine Kaimer, Im-Hong Sun and Linda Pan for helpful discussions.  ... 
doi:10.1146/annurev-genet-110410-132547 pmid:21910630 pmcid:PMC3397683 fatcat:rtflf5mxovhnjcibplumh3yrmi

Page 35 of Tribology & Lubrication Technology Vol. 4, Issue 1 [page]

1948 Tribology & Lubrication Technology  
, two relatively movable instrumentalities, one consisting of a rotatably supported drum cam having an endless helical peripheral groove char- acterized by reversely inclined reaches and of such shape  ...  , two relatively movable instrumentalities, the first consisting of a rotatable supported drum cam having an endless helical peripheral groove characterized by reversely inclined reaches and of such shape  ... 

Disc Tool Profiling for Air Compressor Screws with Complex Characteristic Curves

Tuan-Linh Nguyen, long hoang
2021 Journal of Machine Engineering  
From a technical perspective, this article proposes the disc tool profiling integrated solution for machining complex profile screws from their reverse engineering data, which contains crucial issues such  ...  The mathematics involved in disc tool profiling is quite complex and requires representing the machined surface by mathematical equations without any singular points and undercutting.  ...  .  Boolean method is slow when performing, cannot be used in reverse engineering.  ... 
doi:10.36897/jme/140054 fatcat:cniw2cbvhvbspk5p3za6736pdu

Uniform Rotational Flux Reversal of Ferrite Toroids

E. M. Gyorgy, F. B. Hagedorn
1959 Journal of Applied Physics  
at lower speeds and with uniform rotational reversal (the helical mode) at higher speeds.  ...  , and uni- form rotation for high fields.  ... 
doi:10.1063/1.1735337 fatcat:g3wtpavnxvcuhmeunj3fjj5tdu

ERRATUM—Corrosion of Steel in Dilute Solutions of Sodium Salts of Weak Acids

1954 Corrosion  
Lhe NBS data indicate that reversed bend- ing fatigue analysis of music wire will give the approximate fatigue strength at high stress levels of helical springs wound from that wire.  ...  and a second fixed plate approximately two inches below.  ... 
doi:10.5006/0010-9312-10.1.24 fatcat:uxafz4hdxnc5joe5l2wruzzvku

On gearing of helical screw compressor rotors

N Stošić
1998 Proceedings of the Institution of mechanical engineers. Part C, journal of mechanical engineering science  
Twin-screw compressor rotors are effectively helical gears. When these are formed from a hobbing cutter, the hobbing tool and the rotor together constitute a pair of crossed helical gears.  ...  Simplification of the main gearing condition leads to the meshing expression for helical gears which may be used for the design of screw compressor rotors.  ...  a generated surface 2, now the func- The coordinate system for crossed helical gears with nontion of both t and h.  ... 
doi:10.1243/0954406981521556 fatcat:tc4syj3jg5fxrbkdycbubyjsou

Wet-spinning of magneto-responsive helical chitosan microfibers

Dorothea Brüggemann, Johanna Michel, Naiana Suter, Matheus Grande de Aguiar, Michael Maas
2020 Beilstein Journal of Nanotechnology  
Due to these special features, helical fibers have become highly attractive for biotechnological and tissue engineering applications.  ...  Due to their ability to store mechanical energy and to optimize the accessible surface area, helical shapes contribute particularly to motion-driven processes and structural reinforcement.  ...  The authors thank the MAPEX initiative at the University of Bremen for financial support.  ... 
doi:10.3762/bjnano.11.83 pmid:32704461 pmcid:PMC7356321 fatcat:vhlt757p6jf4vjyyjqqe2e4icq

Line Geometry for 3D Shape Understanding and Reconstruction [chapter]

Helmut Pottmann, Michael Hofer, Boris Odehnal, Johannes Wallner
2004 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
Based on estimated surface normals we use approximation techniques in line space to recognize and reconstruct rotational, helical, developable and other surfaces, which are characterized by the configuration  ...  For the computational solution we use a modified version of the Klein model of line space. Obvious applications of these methods lie in Reverse Engineering.  ...  We want to express our thanks to Landesarchäologie Salzburg for the archaeological pottery artifact.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-540-24670-1_23 fatcat:gtszlv2iczda7eyxnoheejqexq

3D shape recognition and reconstruction based on line element geometry

M. Hofer, B. Odehnal, H. Pottmann, T. Steiner, J. Wallner
2005 Tenth IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV'05) Volume 1  
Line element geometry, which generalizes both line geometry and the Laguerre geometry of oriented planes, enables us to recognize a wide class of surfaces (spiral surfaces, cones, helical surfaces, rotational  ...  This paper presents a new method for the recognition and reconstruction of surfaces from 3D data.  ...  invariant surfaces), and rotational, helical, and spiral surfaces.  ... 
doi:10.1109/iccv.2005.2 dblp:conf/iccv/HoferOPSW05 fatcat:m62g3sf7xrbxjar57lz77h73qi

Page 44 of American Society for Testing and Materials. Proceedings - American Society for Testing and Materials Vol. , Issue 194 [page]

1953 American Society for Testing and Materials. Proceedings - American Society for Testing and Materials  
way at the National Bureau of Standards, has re- sulted in the development of a reversed bending analysis method for predicting the approximate fatigue strength of helical springs wound from music wire  ...  Both machines operate on the principle that a rotating curved wire must reverse its points of maximum compression and tension once each revolution.  ... 

New twists for bacterial flagella

Christopher R Calladine
2010 Nature Structural & Molecular Biology  
Thus, for example, reversed rotation, as described above, would somehow cause a lefthanded helix (e.g., 9L, 2R) to switch into a right-handed one such as 5L, 6R.  ...  But from time to time, this smooth swimming is interrupted by the cell's control system, and one or more motors switch into reverse rotation 3 .  ... 
doi:10.1038/nsmb0410-395 pmid:20368723 fatcat:sqjvy6uctngubbwixui3kll4we

Computational Fluid Dynamics Modeling Studies on Bacterial Flagellar Motion

Manickam Siva Kumar, Pichai Philominathan
2011 International Journal of Fluid Machinery and Systems  
Clear understanding of such swimming motion will not only be beneficial for biologists but also to engineers interested in developing nanorobots mimicking bacterial swimming.  ...  This swimming motion is characterized by very low Reynolds numbers, which is unique and time reversible.  ...  Each flagellum extends from the cell body and is rotated by reversible flagellar motor situated at the base.  ... 
doi:10.5293/ijfms.2011.4.3.341 fatcat:4kfuphbot5czlcswxxcnlzeizu

Cooperative manipulation and transport of microobjects using multiple helical microcarriers

Tian-Yun Huang, Famin Qiu, Hsi-Wen Tung, Kathrin E. Peyer, Naveen Shamsudhin, Juho Pokki, Li Zhang, Xue-Bo Chen, Bradley J. Nelson, Mahmut Selman Sakar
2014 RSC Advances  
We report a cooperative transport strategy that uses engineered microbars and multiple helical microcarriers.  ...  Acknowledgements We thank Dr Roel Pieters and Soichiro Tottori for insightful discussions on this work and the FIRST lab of ETH Zurich for technical support.  ...  This paper is funded by China Scholarship Council, National Natural Science Foundation of China (60874017, 71371092), and the European Research Council Advanced Grant "Microrobotics and Nanomedicine (BOTMED  ... 
doi:10.1039/c4ra02260b fatcat:eauhsdowcffzplr37t2dfd7z3u

Operating Range Enhancement by Tip Leakage Vortex Breakdown Control of a Centrifugal Compressor

Isao Tomita, Masato Furukawa
2020 International journal of gas turbine, propulsion and power systems  
Furthermore, it was clarified by unsteady numerical calculation that the rotating stall occurred with circumferentially non-uniform reverse flow.  ...  means for the operation range enhancement.  ...  The reverse regions consisted of the broken tip leakage vortex and reverse flow coming from the secondary flow on the suction surface.  ... 
doi:10.38036/jgpp.11.2_38 fatcat:lewr4mav2bhhhn4ecqlj4skdje

Active Profiling and Polishing Model and Validation Based on Rotor Spiral Groove

Guo Yu, Feng Li, Yong-Min Yu, Shou-Xiang Zai
2018 Chinese Journal of Mechanical Engineering  
direct use, and the surface quality and accuracy of the shape need to be improved through a finishing process.  ...  ball on its relative motion along a helical trajectory, are studied, and the polishing cutting process of an abrasive ball is reasonably simplified.  ...  Publisher's Note Springer Nature remains neutral with regard to jurisdictional claims in published maps and institutional affiliations.  ... 
doi:10.1186/s10033-018-0225-6 fatcat:yhwb6lrxzrgmtpfeifnwsutizq
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