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Informatics Research, Development, and Training at the Lister Hill National Center for Biomedical Communications

A. T. McCray
2003 IMIA Yearbook of Medical Informatics  
Acknowledgments I would like to thank all Lister Hill Center research staff for their contributions to the content of this report.  ...  All components of the SPECIALIST system rely heavily on the linguistic and domain knowledge in the Unified Medical Language System knowledge sources.  ...  Our language and knowledge processing research involves basic research in medical language processing and medical knowledge representation, and image processing research involves the development of algorithms  ... 
doi:10.1055/s-0038-1638162 fatcat:6tfw2xpcuff27am4aitytgf7ha

Ontology for fMRI as a Biomedical Informatics Method

Toshiharu NAKAI, Epifanio BAGARINAO, Yoshio TANAKA, Kayako MATSUO, Daniel RACOCEANU
2008 Magnetic Resonance in Medical Sciences  
Ontological engineering is one of the most challenging topics in biomedical informatics because of its key role in integrating the heterogeneous database used by biomedical information services.  ...  In developing clinical functional neuroimaging, which requires the integration of heterogeneous information derived from multimodal measurement of the brain, these features will be indispensable.  ...  `R elational info'' supports handling of the instances and knowledge for user interface and semantic indexing.  ... 
doi:10.2463/mrms.7.141 pmid:18827457 fatcat:z4qijfvlqzfojllunm47furzkq

An Identification of the Image Retrieval Domain from the Perspective of Library and Information Science with Author Co-citation and Author Bibliographic Coupling Analyses

JungWon Yoon, EunKyung Chung, Jihye Byun
2015 Journal of the Korean Society for Library and Information Science  
The purpose of this study is to identify the knowledge structure of the image retrieval domain by using the author co-citation analysis and author bibliographic coupling as analytical tools in order to  ...  More specifically, the user-oriented approach contains six specific areas which include image needs, information seeking, image needs and search behavior, image indexing and access, indexing of image collection  ...  adopted for providing access to image research questions are: how users assign index terms for future uses, the differences between index terms given by users and professionals, how to develop a user-centered  ... 
doi:10.4275/kslis.2015.49.4.099 fatcat:aiuim4uhuzepnasanitmn5rpcu

Towards knowledge-based retrieval of medical images. The role of semantic indexing, image content representation and knowledge-based retrieval

H J Lowe, I Antipov, W Hersh, C A Smith
1998 Proceedings. AMIA Symposium  
The development of these systems, storing a large and diverse set of medical images, suggests that in the future MEMRS will become important digital libraries supporting patient care, research and education  ...  Within the Image Engine multimedia medical record system project at the University of Pittsburgh we are evolving an approach to representation and retrieval of medical images which combines semantic indexing  ...  Arnott Smith is supported by National Library of Medicine Medical Informatics Training Grant number 5-T15-LM07059. http.//www.cml.upmc. edu  ... 
pmid:9929345 pmcid:PMC2232296 fatcat:6vftit4monawva4cit2c7g473a

The MedGIFT Project: Global Perspectives of a Medical Doctor

2007 Medical Imaging Technology  
Medical image retrieval covers an important and wide application area in medical imaging, with one major goal being in providing assistance in medical diagnosis.  ...  With the availability of image data in the electronic patient records and thus to all medical doctors, the need to search and retrieve images efficiently and accurately from large image databases such  ...  The ImageCLEF benchmark was established in 2003 and provides tasks for both system-centered and user-centered retrieval evaluation within two main areas: retrieval of images from photographic collections  ... 
doi:10.11409/mit.25.356 fatcat:jk7zzyejpzgrjj36pgkr2obs3y

The National Library of Medicine and medical informatics

D A Lindberg, H M Schoolman
1986 Western Journal of Medicine  
The NLM has sponsored several training and research programs in this area and is now developing the concept of "centers of excellence" in medical informatics.  ...  The National Library of Medicine (NLM) began classifying the medical literature and publishing the Index Medicus in 1897; in the early 1960s, the growth of the index gave rise to MEDLARS, the first successful  ...  The NLM has sponsored several training and research programs in this area and is now developing the concept of "centers of excellence" in medical informatics.  ... 
pmid:3544508 pmcid:PMC1307151 fatcat:om4awrz5vjcjjmwbfxibh2llna

Artificial Intelligence in Library; Managing Bibliographic Data withKnowledge Base System

Jazimatul Husna
2022 Zenodo  
It is not as easy as turning the palm of the handto bring artificial intelligence in the library. But once it is done, the library becomes a center of knowledge that is not boring.  ...  This study discusses Artificial Intelligence in Library; Managing Bibliographic Data With Knowledge Base System In library activities such as indexing, cataloging, literature selection, archiving and references  ...  MedIndEx Popular software in this index field is one of the prototypes of a research expert system for interactive knowledge-based indexing of medical literature using Medical Subject Heading (MeSH).  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.6513528 fatcat:e7keocqvnzbkbgrjaa225knpei

Medical Informatics Research and Training at the Lister Hill National Center for Biomedical Communications

A.T. McCray
2000 IMIA Yearbook of Medical Informatics  
Introduction The Lister Hill National Center for Biomedical Communications was established by a joint resolution of the United States Congress in 1968 as a research and development division of the National  ...  Some recent projects of our trainees have involved image processing for extraction of quantitative information, speech recognition for image-based systems, development of a palm-top computer-based medical  ... 
doi:10.1055/s-0038-1637947 fatcat:djfi2wvxerbatahehefdvkqnxy

Knowledge Representation and Sharing Using Visual Semantic Modeling for Diagnostic Medical Image Databases

A.S. Barb, C.-R. Shyu, Y. Sethi
2005 IEEE Transactions on Information Technology in Biomedicine  
Index Terms-Content-based image retrieval, knowledge exchange, knowledge representation, medical image database, radiology, semantic query.  ...  This framework uses semantic methods to describe visual abnormalities, and offers a solution for tacit knowledge elicitation and exchange in the medical domain.  ...  He from the School of Information Science and Learning Technology of the University of Missouri for fruitful discussions in developing the usability test.  ... 
doi:10.1109/titb.2005.855563 pmid:16379371 fatcat:yshs2iycxvezjkv6ucpcui5ktm


Simeon J. Simoff, Chabane Djeraba, Osmar R. Zaïane
2002 SIGKDD Explorations  
This report presents a brief overview of multimedia data mining and the corresponding workshop series at ACM SIGKDD conference series on data mining and knowledge discovery.  ...  It summarizes the presentations, conclusions and directions for future work that were discussed during the 3 rd edition of the  ...  The role of the user in the retrieval system was in guiding the mining process according to user's focus of attention.  ... 
doi:10.1145/772862.772886 fatcat:o5webn3qe5awhoqyfr2dgqxtri

Automated Dermoscopy Image Analysis of Pigmented Skin Lesions

Alfonso Baldi, Marco Quartulli, Raffaele Murace, Emanuele Dragonetti, Mario Manganaro, Oscar Guerra, Stefano Bizzi
2010 Cancers  
Recently, numerous systems designed to provide computer-aided analysis of digital images obtained by dermoscopy have been reported in the literature.  ...  In order to reduce the learning-curve of non-expert clinicians and to mitigate problems inherent in the reliability and reproducibility of the diagnostic criteria used in pattern analysis, several indicative  ...  user interests in terms of domain-specific applications to the low level signals acquired by an imaging instrument.  ... 
doi:10.3390/cancers2020262 pmid:24281070 pmcid:PMC3835078 fatcat:c3z55uhmorhrrfmyndsq4t4eym

Building a medical multimedia database system to integrate clinical information: an application of high-performance computing and communications technology

H J Lowe, B G Buchanan, G F Cooper, J K Vries
1995 Bulletin of the Medical Library Association  
We will evaluate Image Engine by initially implementing it in three clinical domains (oncology, gastroenterology, and clinical pathology) at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.  ...  Images stored in the Image Engine database will be indexed and organized using the Unified Medical Language System Metathesaurus and will be dynamically linked to data in a text-based, clinical information  ...  We will evaluate Image Engine by initially implementing it in three clinical domains at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC): oncology, gastroenterology, and clinical pathology.  ... 
pmid:7703940 pmcid:PMC225998 fatcat:lnkhij4lnjggpalfx5b7fc7yrm

Knowledge Modelling Framework - Towards User-Centered Medical Services Delivery In The Emergency Context

Julia Kantorovitch, Aggeliki Giakoumaki, Antonis Korakis, Homer Papadopoulos, Georgios Milis, Panayiotis Kolios, Toni Staykova
2016 Zenodo  
This paper presents a conceptual knowledge modelling framework that aims at facilitating the decision support functions in the emergency management domain.  ...  The EDXL-based group of standards is the most complete approach to address emergency information sharing and data exchange across various actors involved in the process of disaster management.  ...  ACKNOWLEDGMENT This research is co-funded by the European Commission 7 th Framework ICT Research Programme, in the context of COnCORDE project (607814).  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.1012304 fatcat:by44zxnjz5alxec3cgd3x7of2e

OPIC: Ontology-driven Patient Information Capturing system for epilepsy

Satya S Sahoo, Meng Zhao, Lingyun Luo, Alireza Bozorgi, Deepak Gupta, Samden D Lhatoo, Guo-Qiang Zhang
2012 AMIA Annual Symposium Proceedings  
OPIC has been developed using agile software engineering methodology for rapid development cycles in close collaboration with domain expert and end users.  ...  , (2) proactively ensure quality of data through use of ontology terms in drop-down menus, and (3) identify and index clinically relevant ontology terms in free-text fields to improve accuracy of subsequent  ...  This research was supported by the PRISM (Prevention and Risk Identification of SUDEP Mortality) Project (1-P20-NS076965-01) and in part by the Case Western Reserve University CTSA Grant UL1 RR024989 and  ... 
pmid:23304354 pmcid:PMC3540561 fatcat:b2di22dslbhwjjtawriov3rw6q

Automated neurosurgical video segmentation and retrieval system

Engin Mendi, Songul Cecen, Emre Ermisoglu, Coskun Bayrak
2010 Journal of Biomedical Science and Engineering  
Medical video repositories play important roles for many health-related issues such as medical imaging, medical research and education, medical diagnostics and training of medical professionals.  ...  Due to the increasing availability of the digital video data, indexing, annotating and the retrieval of the information are crucial.  ...  Limitations in accessing to the medical expertise may also exist in small regional hospitals & health-care centers in rural places in developed countries.  ... 
doi:10.4236/jbise.2010.36084 fatcat:4hm5r5a6everpk6rv62ipdfmti
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