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Predictability of finite state machines for smart fire emergency management

Gabriella Fiore, Alessandro Marucci, Elena De Santis
2018 GEOSAFE Workshop on Robust Solutions for Fire Fighting  
In this paper we present an ongoing research activity dealing with predictability properties for complex systems.  ...  The long-term objective of this research is to optimize the fire emergency management decision support system.  ...  for the propagation of fires.  ... 
dblp:conf/rsff/FioreMS18 fatcat:njpoy2s465f4dk5mxu4bdmlwym

The probabilistic k-center problem

Marc Demange, Marcel Adonis Haddad, Cécile Murat
2018 GEOSAFE Workshop on Robust Solutions for Fire Fighting  
First results deal with explicit solutions on paths and cycles, and hardness on planar graphs.  ...  We propose a probabilistic combinatorial optimization model for this problem, with uncertainty on vertices. This model is inspired by a wildfire management problem.  ...  for which fires occur on the other vertices (called the body).  ... 
dblp:conf/rsff/DemangeHM18 fatcat:twv4usyh6rgqtmmi5yw5exf7u4

Swarm of autonomous drones self-organised to fight the spread of wildfires

Mauro Sebastián Innocente, Paolo Grasso
2018 GEOSAFE Workshop on Robust Solutions for Fire Fighting  
This paper comprises an initial proof of concept to demonstrate the feasibility and potential of employing swarm robotics to fight fires autonomously.  ...  Given the hazardous nature of the activity, fighting fires by means of disposable and relatively inexpensive robots in place of humans is of special interest.  ...  Acknowledgements The authors would like to acknowledge the financial support of the Institute for Future Transport and Cities.  ... 
dblp:conf/rsff/InnocenteG18 fatcat:rwhrddg6srbf3ddkm5de6npff4

Computer vision system for fire detection and report using UAVs

Pablo Chamoso, Alfonso González-Briones, Fernando de la Prieta, Juan M. Corchado
2018 GEOSAFE Workshop on Robust Solutions for Fire Fighting  
This article also presents a simple proposal for fire detection and alert using UAVs and computer vision.  ...  UAVs can be used in fire control due to their ability to manoeuvre rapidly and their wide range of operation. This article presents a review of the main uses of UAVs in combatting fire.  ...  UAVs and drones are a low-cost option for monitoring, detecting and even fighting forest fires.  ... 
dblp:conf/rsff/ChamosoGPC18 fatcat:vi72azqxafdx5asuwj6f4udx3m

Locating fuel breaks to minimise the risk of impact of wild fire

Adan Rodríguez, Begoña Vitoriano, Marc Demange, Ignacio Leguey
2018 GEOSAFE Workshop on Robust Solutions for Fire Fighting  
Introduction The problem consists in provide a tool to decide where to locate a FSZ (fight support zone) in order to minimize the global risk of fire.  ...  al., 2016] , it is possible to provide a couple of wind scenarios, and provide a solution for the problem avoiding loop issues.  ... 
dblp:conf/rsff/RodriguezVDL18 fatcat:cbbds5cs6fdkzdmcdc4gtmbdlq

ForeFire open source wildfire front propagation model solver and programming interface

Jean-Baptiste Filippi
2018 GEOSAFE Workshop on Robust Solutions for Fire Fighting  
area simulators, such as FarSite [Finney(2004)] for which the fire font is defined as the contour of the burning area.  ...  Users of the code can therefore easily extend it to use it as a numerical testbed for new models. The code includes a solver that tracks the propagation of a fire front line.  ...  For example in wildland fire the discretization of the fire front is carried by approximating only the fire front line which is a 1D object, whereas front-capturing methods would have to approximate a  ... 
dblp:conf/rsff/Filippi18 fatcat:2viahdbsevc6pozluyzy4ek5ny

Data instance generator and optimization models for evacuation planning in the event of wildfire

Christian Artigues, Emmanuel Hébrard, Yannick Pencolé, Andreas Schutt, Peter J. Stuckey
2018 GEOSAFE Workshop on Robust Solutions for Fire Fighting  
As a first contribution, an open-source data instance generator based on road network generation via quadtrees and a basic fire propagation model is proposed to the community.  ...  This paper present a new optimization model for evacuation planning in the event of wildfire aiming at maximizing the temporal safety margin between the evacuees and the actual or potential wildfire front  ...  Finally, we believe that coupling our approach with simulation and/or stochastic-robust optimization will lead to useful decision support tools in case of response to wild fires.  ... 
dblp:conf/rsff/ArtiguesHPSS18 fatcat:5s7k777qobb2jno6g3xyn2b72m

Developing forest fires robust tools from first-responders experience: HEIMDALL Multi-Hazard Cooperative Management Tool for Data Exchange, Response Planning and Scenario Building

Jordi Vendrell, Sefik Muhic, Bruce Farquharson, Edgar Nebot, Daniel Queralt, Lorenzo Stefano, Juan Caamaño, Núria Prat, Monika Friedemann
2018 GEOSAFE Workshop on Robust Solutions for Fire Fighting  
For example, one single forest fire event in Sweden consumed 15,000 Ha in the 2014 Västmanland forest fire.  ...  Also, spring droughts provided favourable conditions for the spread of fires in grasslands from Sutherland and Stirling in Scotland in 5 th of May 2017 to the Buskerud Oppland Fire in Norway in 7 th of  ...  Figure 1 : 1 Figure 1: Screenshot of the forest fire risk in Europe for the 1961-1990 period (left) and the predicted 2041-2070 period (right) based on the A1B emission scenario.  ... 
dblp:conf/rsff/VendrellMFNQSCP18 fatcat:slioshez4vcblb5tbs7iydtfqe

Applying a network flow model to quick and safe evacuation of people from a building: a real case

Claudio Arbib, Henry Muccini, Mahyar Tourchi Moghaddam
2018 GEOSAFE Workshop on Robust Solutions for Fire Fighting  
This computational component is the core part of an IoT infrastructure aimed at monitoring crowds in public spaces for planning evacuation paths.  ...  We solved problem (1)-( 8 ) for τ = 1, 2, . . . until a solution of value N is found.  ...  According to UK fire safety regulations, the maximum allowed density corresponds to 0.3 square meters per standing person, a value that increases to 0.5 for public houses, to 1.0 for dining places, to  ... 
dblp:conf/rsff/ArbibMM18 fatcat:s2sfifyie5fufk2t5wkljylftu

A spatial optimisation model for fuel management to break the connectivity of high-risk regions while maintaining habitat quality

Javier León, Victor M. J. J. Reijnders, John W. Hearne, Melih Ozlen, Karin J. Reinke
2018 GEOSAFE Workshop on Robust Solutions for Fire Fighting  
For that purpose we have also shown that a lexicographical approach can also be used to get a good solution in terms of habitat value without increasing fire risk.  ...  On the other hand, for fire-dependent species the 'maximum tolerable fire interval' is also important.  ... 
dblp:conf/rsff/LeonRHOR18 fatcat:pwca5lg7wfhtngtvuxyqr4kpxe

Fighting Fires Using Swarm Control Algorithm

Verma*, Reshma, Shrinivasan**, Lakshmi, Basavaraj Hiremath***, Siddesh G K****
2021 Zenodo  
fires and can also provide assistance by giving the fire fighter feedback from the robot's sensors for additional backup.  ...  They can also provide backup for other robots in the swarm should the need arise.  ...  One such example is the fire-fighting robots that are specifically designed to help humans, especially for firemen to extinguish fire.  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.5795806 fatcat:xj6tfug43ja6pj2sre2i2fgn3a

Pressurization systems do not work & present a risk to life safety

Simon Lay
2014 Case Studies in Fire Safety  
Design, installation and operational challenges are discussed and alternative solutions presented alongside guidance to building designers and approval authorities.  ...  Since the 1960s, pressurization has been a popular option for protecting stair enclosures in tall buildings, and the principle is relatively simple.  ...  Normally in the design process, a door at the foot of the stair is assumed to be open during fire fighting (for fire fighters entering the building) and also a single door on the fire floor.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.csfs.2013.12.001 fatcat:siycb2rajng3hbe7xmanlrxyum


2013 International Journal of Computational Methods  
of its solutions.  ...  Extensive simulations demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed approach in efficient resource allocation for fighting complex wildfires in uncertain and dynamic conditions.  ...  For each solution, the fire propagation model is run for 50 different scenarios.  ... 
doi:10.1142/s0219876213500357 fatcat:5wmzez7ztbay5oj64op7ipe2be

Assessment of Physical Properties and Fire Suppression Ability of Wildfire Foam

Donghyun Kim, Jihee Lee
2015 Korean Society of Hazard Mitigation  
Authors would like to express their gratitude to International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA) / Ecosystem Services Management (ESM) colleagues who gave an advice on this thesis.  ...  In 1936, the US Forest Service (USFS) initiated research on the use of chemicals for forest fire control (Truax, 1956) , and a robust wildland fire chemicals system (WFCS) has recently been established  ...  Fire suppression ability The fire-fighting capacity of wildfire foam may be assessed for direct and/or indirect extinguishing.  ... 
doi:10.9798/kosham.2015.15.6.223 fatcat:cqsagt5wffgbneypija5hrinf4

A review of operations research methods applicable to wildfire management

James P. Minas, John W. Hearne, John W. Handmer
2012 International journal of wildland fire  
, wildland fire, operational research, decision-making, management science 22 23 Summary for Table of Contents 24 25 Wildfire managers operate in a highly challenging decision environment characterised  ...  Thank Citatio See th Version Copyri Link to you for do on: is record i n: ght Statem o Published wnloading in the RMI ment: © d Version: this docum IT Researc ment from ch Reposit the RMIT R ory at: Research  ...  Gilless and Fried (2000) surveyed California fire-fighters and used their 158 responses to estimate probability distributions for fire-line construction rates for different fire-fighting resources under  ... 
doi:10.1071/wf10129 fatcat:yqxftmefivbsnekttpd25r3sle
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