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Robotics and Intelligent Systems in Support of Society

R. Reddy
2006 IEEE Intelligent Systems  
Underlying most of the advances is the unprecedented exponential Several applications of robotics and intelligent systems could profoundly impact the well being of our society, transforming how we live  ...  Although much of the research has targeted specific technical problems, advances in these areas have led to systems and solutions that will profoundly impact society.  ...  Acknowledgments This article is based in part on the Honda Prize lecture I gave in Nov. 2005. Praveen Garimella, Vamshi Ambati, and Hemant Rokesh helped prepare the article.  ... 
doi:10.1109/mis.2006.57 fatcat:qisxl6io5vezna6ryr3xjxp7ry

Ambient intelligence for network robot systems

Norihiro Hagita
2012 2012 IEEE Virtual Reality (VR)  
This talk focuses on the ambient intelligence for network robot systems including robots and/or sensor networks, smartphones, etc.  ...  Next, the robotic services of shopping support for elderly, touring supports for wheelchair users in real shopping mall are developed using the map.  ...  and The Robotics Society of Japan.  ... 
doi:10.1109/vr.2012.6180949 dblp:conf/vr/Hagita12 fatcat:oq7zzmulyzc4xp3t2klopy7tsy

Fusion of IT and RT: URC (Ubiquitous Robotic Companion) Program

Young-Jo Cho, Sang-Rok Oh
2005 Journal of the Robotics Society of Japan  
Especially, social and economical needs for intelligent service robots to support daily life of human are recently increasing with the advance of aging society.  ...  Oh is a member of IEEE, the Korea Institute of Electrical Engineering, the Korea Fuzzy Logic and Intelligent System Society, and the Institute of Control, Automation, and System Engineering, Korea. 2]  ... 
doi:10.7210/jrsj.23.528 fatcat:vribwwp46ne4lgpirizxdzw5pq

Development of an Intelligent Mark and Its Recognition Device to Support Robot Activities

Mitsunobu SHIBATA, Akio GOFUKU, Tetsushi KAMEGAWA
2008 Transactions of the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers Series C  
This study develops an intelligent mark and its recognition system. Robots need information about its environment and/or objects in order to do effectively the tasks required.  ...  Robots get the data of an object by the recognition system.  ...  of next generation IC tag (in Japanese), (2006), NTS Co.  ... 
doi:10.1299/kikaic.74.2331 fatcat:dcnlop5kdbb3rf34tkw6k5ml34

2020 IEEE Robotics and Automation Society Fellow Class Announced [Society News]

2020 IEEE robotics & automation magazine  
editors, and reviewers; and student volunteers for their strong support.  ...  Karray, University of Waterloo, Ontario, for contributions to intelligent systems • Evaluated by the IEEE Computa tional Intelligence Society: Yong Song, New York University Abu Dhabi, for contributions  ... 
doi:10.1109/mra.2020.2967013 fatcat:nrrnzrawyrcybd2pmo7sklap4q


2019 2019 International Conference on Robots & Intelligent System (ICRIS)  
Companion with intelligent robot and intelligent system is widely applied in many aspects of social life, greatly expanding the application range of the intelligent robot.  ...  On the other hand, the theory development of intelligent systems has laid a solid basis for future development of intelligent robots.  ...  In order to promote the basic theory research of intelligent robot and intelligent system, to provide a high level of academic exchange platform for experts and scholars around the world in this field,  ... 
doi:10.1109/icris.2019.00005 fatcat:e25aio5hfre37czlalmfbr6iii

Research and Development Towards Social Implementation of Communication Robots

Naoyuki KUBOTA
2019 Journal of Japan Society for Fuzzy Theory and Intelligent Informatics  
Interlocked Robot Partners for Information Support Systems in Sightseeing Guide," Proc. of 2016 Joint 8th Int. Conf. on Soft Computing and Intelligent Systems and 17th Int. Symp. on ] Z. Cao, T.  ...  Kubota: "An Interac- tive Support System for Activating Shopping Streets using Robot Partners in Informationally Structured Space," Proc. of 2013 IEEE Workshop on Advanced Robotics and Its Social Impacts  ... 
doi:10.3156/jsoft.31.5_147 fatcat:vnmjoulstradjnq2t2ovxhexje

How Portugal Celebrated AI's 50th Anniversary

C. Ramos
2006 IEEE Intelligent Systems  
/Dec. 2003 issue of IEEE Intelligent Systems, pp. 54-60), a multiagent system for supporting electricity markets.  ...  After these areas is a display of intelligent robots, including some from the Autonomous Systems Laboratory.  ... 
doi:10.1109/mis.2006.71 fatcat:drq2yzvhgbfvtczay4wbhj7wvy

AI - Robotic Applications in Logistics Industry and Savings Calculation

Ibrahim Bora Oran, Haluk Recai Cezayirlioglu
2021 Örgütsel davranış araştırmaları dergisi  
In this study, we present the development of using artificial intelligence and robotic technologies in the logistics sector and differences of the change created by such technologies.  ...  The criteria for the analyses are about the numbers of the use and sales value of the service robots used in the logistics sector in the world by the years, differences of the regional use and savings  ...  CONFLICT OF INTEREST: None FINANCIAL SUPPORT: None ETHICS STATEMENT: None  ... 
doi:10.51847/juxqmvcvqf fatcat:svjh5m7p3rg3hmka2l3qch65ba

Matching technologies of home automation, robotics, assistance, geriatric telecare and telemedicine

F. Franchimon, M. Brink
2009 Gerontechnology  
the quality of life of older adults and decrease the healthcare burden in our aging society.  ...  Home automation, robotics, assistive technology, geriatric telecare and telemedicine can support independence in older adults and diminish the health care burden.  ...  Acknowledgement This contribution has been presented in a symposium (Gerontechnology for optimal health in a multidisciplinary context) at the 19th IAGG World Congress of Gerontology and Geriatrics in  ... 
doi:10.4017/gt.2009. fatcat:g54cdbb2pfdplev3ouelj5yfpq

Adaptability for Consciousness Society

Nicoleta Todoroi, Dumitru Todoroi
2019 Journal of the American Romanian Academy of Arts and Sciences  
To name just a few uses of Robotic Adaptable Tools, its can help in: (1) supporting definitions of new robotic intelligence entities, (2) its stratification, (3) its algorithmic representation, and therefore  ...  , Systems, Networks, and Complexes of Intelligent machines in Information Era; this literature review serves as the starting point of subsequent theorizing.  ...  Some of the next events in the robotic development process represent the common direction in the Evolution of the Society in direction of Creation the Consciousness Society, the Society which is characterized  ... 
doi:10.14510/araj.2019.4241 fatcat:llw3hhoudje3jas5hegjeyklem

Development of Intelligent Robot Cart for Mobile Services in Public Space

Masataka HIRAI, Tetsuo TOMIZAWA, Yousuke OHTANI, Satoshi MURAMATSU, Masanori SATO, Shunsuke KUDOH, Takashi SUEHIRO
2013 Transactions of the Society of Instrument and Control Engineers  
In this paper, we describe the hardware components and the software configuration of the robot platform.  ...  We also present the results of an open-field experiment in Tsukuba Challenge 2011 and evaluate the proposed systems.  ...  Kudoh and T. Suehiro: Development of a Collision-Avoidance Assist System for an Electric Cart, International Conference on Robotics and Biomimetics, 337/342 (2011)  ... 
doi:10.9746/sicetr.49.93 fatcat:3ja7igppe5e5pahc7rwbapvrza

Ubiquitous Networked Robots for the Elderly and the Physically and Mentally Challenged Disabled People

Norihiro Hagita
2010 Journal of the Robotics Society of Japan  
[ 2 tion of a Ubiquitous Robotic Space," Proceedings of Workshop on Network Robot Systems in 2008 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligence Robots and Systems (IROS2008), NRS-6, 2008.  ...  Toward Intelligent Robotic Systems In- tegrated with Environments in 2006 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligence Robots and Systems (IROS2006), 2006.  ... 
doi:10.7210/jrsj.28.1060 fatcat:gazhs676kjgj3fptbqr7kv5wia

Social intelligence design for mediated communication

Anton Nijholt, Toyoaki Nishida
2005 AI & Society: The Journal of Human-Centred Systems and Machine Intelligence  
view, into systems that support human activities.  ...  -Collaboration Technologies and tools-covering innovations to support interactions within communities, covering a range from knowledge sharing systems, multi-agent systems and interactive systems.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s00146-005-0010-9 fatcat:72ccgmph2jao3nnrirqugod4iq


2021 2021 IEEE 19th World Symposium on Applied Machine Intelligence and Informatics (SAMI)  
These groups of tools support such features as ability to learn and adaptability of the intelligent systems in various types of environments and situations.  ...  many other related fields supporting the development and creation of the Intelligent System.  ...  transfer learning in post-stroke rehabilitation assessment � The Impact of Braille Systems on Advanced Mathematical Geometry Zsíros Tímea, Miklós Kozlovszky Distance estimation using mono camera at  ... 
doi:10.1109/sami50585.2021.9378692 fatcat:i26uab5qzvgqjoaao2qjrkfbm4
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