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Robot planning and control

Oussama Khatib, Sean Quinlan, David Williams
1997 Robotics and Autonomous Systems  
This article discusses the ongoing effort at Stanford University for the extension of real-time robot control capabilities in the context of integrated robot planning and control.  ...  Planning and control are two basic components of autonomous robot systems. In recent years, significant advances have been made in both these areas.  ...  Acknowledgements The financial support of Boeing, General Motors, Hitachi Construction Machinery, and NSF (grants IRI-9320017 and CAD-9320419) is gratefully acknowledged.  ... 
doi:10.1016/s0921-8890(96)00078-4 fatcat:yclfj44izjhlnafjoe3ydgs4li

Robotic control and motion planning

2012 2012 IEEE International Symposium on Industrial Electronics  
Robot is based on various control motions which is controlled by planning, Electronic sensor, Digital signals, Computer mechanics, Coordination, Actuation, Learning and adaptation.  ...  A robot is a device which behaves like an artificial agent and it is also called as an electro mechanical machine which is based on autonomous control.  ...  This Paper Presented the architecture of the Motion Planning robotic control and the reconfigurable autonomous control robotic system which suggesting navigating mobile robotic along different direction  ... 
doi:10.1109/isie.2012.6237269 fatcat:y4pln2356ba3hmtjgrfpkanzdu

Cooperative Formation Planning and Control of Multiple Mobile Robots [chapter]

R. M. Kuppan Chetty, M. Singaperumal, T. Nagaraj
2011 Mobile Robots - Control Architectures, Bio-Interfacing, Navigation, Multi Robot Motion Planning and Operator Training  
-Control Architectures, Bio-Interfacing, Navigation, Multi Robot Motion Planning and Operator Training  ...  In view of the limitations summarized above, three important issues related to distributed formation planning and control of multiple mobile robots namely i) distributed layered formation control framework  ...  Cooperative Formation Planning and Control of Multiple Mobile Robots, Mobile Robots -Control Architectures, Bio-Interfacing, Navigation, Multi Robot Motion Planning and Operator Training, Dr.  ... 
doi:10.5772/26596 fatcat:z7gkeumfmvhi3praq4jfmd3nbe

Trajectory Planning and Control of Industrial Robot Manipulators [chapter]

S. R., Masatoshi Nakamur
2006 Industrial Robotics: Theory, Modelling and Control  
336 Industrial Robotics: Theory, Modelling and Control 1997), which slightly alters the corners of the trajectory so that to make sure that the end-effector actually traces the trajectory even with the  ...  Then, the rated velocity L v r r ω = , where L is the link length.Industrial Robotics: Theory, Modelling and Control ) . 60 /( . . 2 G r r N RPM π ω = , where r 340  ...  This book covers topics such as networking, properties of manipulators, forward and inverse robot arm kinematics, motion path-planning, machine vision and many other practical topics too numerous to list  ... 
doi:10.5772/5032 fatcat:c2qrdedsirasnjyc662olkfhry

Symbolic planning and control of robot motion [Grand Challenges of Robotics]

Calin Belta, Antonio Bicchi, Magnus Egerstedt, Emilio Frazzoli, Eric Klavins, George Pappas
2007 IEEE robotics & automation magazine  
Robot motion planning and control is the problem of automatic construction of robot control strategies from task specifications given in high-level, human-like language.  ...  sensors, and software programs such as embedded controllers.  ...  Acknowledgment The authors would like to thank the audience of the workshop on "Symbolic Approaches for Robot Motion Planning and Control" (held as part of Robotics: Science and Systems, 2006) for their  ... 
doi:10.1109/mra.2007.339624 fatcat:kbvbamvjxfhgxbzp65int5gyxu

Robotic Assembly Planning and Control with Enhanced Adaptability

L. Wang, M. Givehchi, B. Schmidt, G. Adamson
2012 Procedia CIRP  
and control.  ...  In particular, this paper presents our latest development using a robotic mini assembly cell for testing and validation of a function block enabled system capable of assembly and robot trajectory planning  ...  Using FB-enabled assembly planning and control system also leads to the generation of assembly plans that are resource-neutral (i.e. can be dispatched to a variety of machines and robots for assembly operations  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.procir.2012.07.031 fatcat:567uk22n3fdrtl65esiuggkkyu

Hierarchical Hybrid Symbolic Robot Motion Planning and Control

Ali Karimoddini, Hai Lin
2014 Asian journal of control  
robots (3-D symbolic motion planning) or ground vehicles (2-D symbolic motion planning).  ...  This paper addresses the motion planning problem using hybrid symbolic techniques.  ...  Now, the robot motion planning and control problem can be described as follows. Problem 1.  ... 
doi:10.1002/asjc.1027 fatcat:l7qm4eyhwfa5pn4ogrtog3n4ly

Motion planning and control problems for underactuated robots [article]

Sonia Martinez, Jorge Cortes, Francesco Bullo
2002 arXiv   pre-print
Motion planning and control are key problems in a collection of robotic applications including the design of autonomous agile vehicles and of minimalist manipulators.  ...  In this paper we overview recent results on kinematic controllability and on oscillatory controls.  ...  Acknowledgments This research was partially funded by NSF grants CMS-0100162 and IIS-0118146. The authors would like to thank Andrew Lewis, Kevin Lynch, MilošŽefran, Todd Cerven, and Timur Karatas.  ... 
arXiv:math/0209213v1 fatcat:3bpy5xfpd5e2loqlqkgxzn6j4q

Planning and controlling cooperating robots through distributed impedance

J�r�me Szewczyk, Fr�d�ric Plumet, Philippe Bidaud
2002 Journal of Robotic Systems  
Force and position control actions are suitably dispatched to achieve both internal loading control and object position control.  ...  Extensive stability analysis is performed, based on a realistic model that includes robot impedance and object dynamics.  ...  Distributed impedance is basically a decentralized control approach. Thus, it provides simplicity and modularity in hardware development and task planning over centralized solutions.  ... 
doi:10.1002/rob.10041 fatcat:5epnfp4hdnhszittoqldc3odwm

Versatile Locomotion Planning and Control for Humanoid Robots

Junhyeok Ahn, Steven Jens Jorgensen, Seung Hyeon Bang, Luis Sentis
2021 Frontiers in Robotics and AI  
We propose a locomotion framework for bipedal robots consisting of a new motion planning method, dubbed trajectory optimization for walking robots plus (TOWR+), and a new whole-body control method, dubbed  ...  In addition, we introduce a new open-source and light-weight software architecture, dubbed planning and control (PnC), that implements and combines TOWR+ and IHWBC.  ...  ) Versatile Locomotion Planning and Control for Humanoid Robots.  ... 
doi:10.3389/frobt.2021.712239 pmid:34485391 pmcid:PMC8414409 fatcat:4iyw3y5w2ncv3cnpqukpvn7s7a

Safe and Robust Motion Planning for Dynamic Robotics via Control Barrier Functions [article]

Aniketh Manjunath, Quan Nguyen
2021 arXiv   pre-print
in perception noises and robot dynamics.  ...  This paper proposes a novel motion planning approach using the well-known Rapidly Exploring Random Trees (RRT) algorithm that enforces both CBF and the robot Kinodynamic constraints to generate a safety-critical  ...  However, this is a feedback control framework and it does not consider long-term planning under the presence of multiple obstacles.  ... 
arXiv:2011.06748v3 fatcat:6ippwagri5h5vk6eutae3xjmca

Visual Task Progress Estimation with Appearance Invariant Embeddings for Robot Control and Planning [article]

Guilherme Maeda, Joni Väätäinen, Hironori Yoshida
2020 arXiv   pre-print
Our experiments leverage this granularity to make a mobile robot move a desired number of objects into a storage area and to control the amount of pouring in a cup.  ...  A robot can then solve long-horizon tasks by using the trained network to identify the progress of the current task and by iteratively calling a motion planner until the task is solved.  ...  The authors would like to acknowledge Koichi Ikeda, Kunihiro Iwamoto and Takashi Yamamoto from Toyota Motor Corporation for their support of the HSR platforms.  ... 
arXiv:2003.06977v4 fatcat:f64ad6oxejei7pdfnnzybdpv34

Motion Planning for Multiple Mobile Robots Using Time-Scaling [chapter]

Istvan Komlosi, Balint Kiss
2011 Mobile Robots - Control Architectures, Bio-Interfacing, Navigation, Multi Robot Motion Planning and Operator Training  
Path of the robots Mobile Robots -Control Architectures, Bio-Interfacing, Navigation, Multi Robot Motion Planning and Operator Training Robot# Virtual time(s) Real time(s) () t Table  ...  -Control Architectures, Bio-Interfacing, Navigation, Multi Robot Motion Planning and Operator Training 270 should be solved, depending on the actual interval.  ...  Cooperative path planning, formation control of multi robotic agents, communication and distance measurement between agents are shown.  ... 
doi:10.5772/28104 fatcat:t3pgvwphtfag7ixmmirr6hforq

Planning and Control of Robotic Juggling and Catching Tasks

M. Buehler, D.E. Koditschek, P.J. Kindlmann
1994 The international journal of robotics research  
A new class of control algorithms—the "mirror algorithms"— gives rise to experimentally observed juggling and catching behavior in a planar robotic mechanism.  ...  We provide data from successful empirical verifications of these control strategies and briefly speculate on the larger implications for the field of robotics.  ...  Acknowledgments This work has been supported in part by PMI Motion Technologies, INMOS (a member of the SGS-THOMPSON Microelectronics Group), and the National Science Foundation under a Presidential Young  ... 
doi:10.1177/027836499401300201 fatcat:nlqbpnhmm5erzlerx4mdn3f2ia

Cooperative Path Planning for Multi-Robot Systems in Dynamic Domains [chapter]

Stephan Opfer, Hendrik Skubch, Kurt Geihs
2011 Mobile Robots - Control Architectures, Bio-Interfacing, Navigation, Multi Robot Motion Planning and Operator Training  
Central approaches This form of planning considers the individual robots as part of a single, coupled system, and uses a single, central planning unit for calculating the plans.  ...  Hence, all feasible approaches to path planning are a compromise between efficiency and accuracy of the result.  ...  Robot Motion Planning and Operator Training  ... 
doi:10.5772/26440 fatcat:3r4ffnrit5c7xjrkyt4spvfpb4
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