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American Foreign Investments

Leland H. Jenks, Robert W. Dunn, Robert R. Kuczynsky
1928 Political science quarterly  
By RoBERT W. DUNN. New York, The Viking Press, 1926.—xiv, 421 pp. $5.00. American Loans to Germany. By ROBERT R. KUCZYNSKY. New York, The Macmillan Company, 1927.—xii, 378 pp. $3.00.  ... 
doi:10.2307/2143079 fatcat:nh2wvlo7qrd3hnvlf663s6xfkm

Toward a Mechanistic Understanding of Linguistic Diversity

Michael C. Gavin, Carlos A. Botero, Claire Bowern, Robert K. Colwell, Michael Dunn, Robert R. Dunn, Russell D. Gray, Kathryn R. Kirby, Joe McCarter, Adam Powell, Thiago F. Rangel, John R. Stepp (+3 others)
2013 BioScience  
., r = .6; figure 1).  ...  For example, Nettle (1996) noted a negative correlation between language range size and altitudinal variation (r = -.60, p < .001), whereas Currie and Mace (2009) concluded that topography (measured  ...  In addition, a wide range of language-internal factors influence the emergence of linguistic disparity, such as the influence of cognition on the architecture of language (see Dunn and colleagues [2011  ... 
doi:10.1525/bio.2013.63.7.6 fatcat:ihdblpulybei5putfocrj5smxa

Process-based modelling shows how climate and demography shape language diversity

Michael C. Gavin, Thiago F. Rangel, Claire Bowern, Robert K. Colwell, Kathryn R. Kirby, Carlos A. Botero, Michael Dunn, Robert R. Dunn, Joe McCarter, Marco Túlio Pacheco Coelho, Russell D. Gray
2017 Global Ecology and Biogeography  
BIOSKETCH The team for this project included researchers with expertise in: biogeography (Thiago Rangel, Robert Colwell, Robert Dunn, Marco T.  ...  pattern of language richness precisely matched the observed map (r 2 5 1).  ... 
doi:10.1111/geb.12563 fatcat:qvhmtlb6svg2bakhhxbwv7frgi

Modern Insect Extinctions, the Neglected Majority

2005 Conservation Biology  
For a time, both Passenger Pigeon lice were on the IUCN list as extinct, but both species have since turned up on living pigeons (Price et al. 2000; Dunn 2002 ), leaving us with no well-documented cases  ... 
doi:10.1111/j.1523-1739.2005.00078.x fatcat:mkphohhnfvg6lmueodqkrggczi

Recovery of Faunal Communities During Tropical Forest Regeneration

2004 Conservation Biology  
Spector, R. K. Colwell, R. Chazdon, B. McComb, G. Meffe, and one anonymous reviewer for helpful comments on the manuscript. M. Sanchez provided help throughout this project. I am grateful to J. G.  ...  The best-fitting line for ant recovery was y = 0.15 [log (x + 1)] + 0.19 (R = 0.69). The best-fitting line for the recovery of birds was y = 0.26 [log (x + 1)] + 0.12 (R = 0.75).  ...  Overall, the recovery of standardized species richness with time was relatively well described by the line y = 36.9 [log (x + 1)] + 49.3 (R = 0.66).  ... 
doi:10.1111/j.1523-1739.2004.00151.x fatcat:tcpuhfq6tvhy7f2ylpgcm27zle

The river domain: why are there more species halfway up the river?

Robert R. Dunn, Robert K. Colwell, Christer Nilsson
2006 Ecography  
Thanks also to the generous soul, whose identity RKC has disgracefully forgotten, who first pointed out middle-course peaks in richness along rivers to him. 258 ECOGRAPHY 29:2 (2006) Robert Dunn was  ...  funded during this project by an NSF predoctoral fellowship, and Robert Colwell by NSFDEB-0072702.  ...  There are few continents on which to test theories of diversity gradients, but many thousands of rivers. 1 Ecography E4259 Dunn, R. R., Colwell, R. K. and Nilsson, C. 2006 .  ... 
doi:10.1111/j.2006.0906-7590.04259.x fatcat:3p5naff4ojeljlxwsu3m2ajuv4

Reproductive phenologies in a diverse temperate ant fauna

2007 Ecological Entomology  
R.Dunn, Charles R.  ...  Cole, 1940; Dunn et al. , 2006 ) . Species of the litter ant genus Pyramica were poorly represented (one species out of no fewer than six possible, N. J.  ... 
doi:10.1111/j.1365-2311.2006.00839.x fatcat:esh72zrm5bbireguoishuml5ae

Donald Metcalf (1929–2014)

Douglas J. Hilton, Nicos A. Nicola, Warren S. Alexander, Andrew W. Roberts, Ashley R. Dunn
2015 Cell  
Recruiting a series of protein chemists and molecular biologists to the collaborative cause, including Richard Stanley, Tony Burgess, Nicos Nicola, Ashley Dunn, and Nick Gough, Don orchestrated a 30-year  ...  prizes, including Fellowship of the Australian Academy of Science, The Royal Society and the US National Academy of Sciences, The Bristol-Myers Award for Distinguished Achievement in Cancer Research, The Robert  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.cell.2015.01.017 pmid:25798467 fatcat:mzggacgekfbinksn7pcpiblzjy

Simplification of vector communities during suburban succession

Meredith R. Spence Beaulieu, Kristen Hopperstad, Robert R. Dunn, Michael H. Reiskind, Paul T. Leisnham
2019 PLoS ONE  
Writing -original draft: Meredith R. Spence Beaulieu. Writing -review & editing: Meredith R. Spence Beaulieu, Kristen Hopperstad, Robert R. Dunn, Michael H. Reiskind.  ... Methodology: Meredith R. Spence Beaulieu, Michael H. Reiskind. Visualization: Meredith R. Spence Beaulieu, Kristen Hopperstad.  ... 
doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0215485 pmid:31042734 pmcid:PMC6493735 fatcat:6chm6ttucvdzvfgblzupoiiuza

Appendix A from Human indoor climate preferences approximate specific geographies

Michael G. Just, Lauren M. Nichols, Robert R. Dunn
2019 Figshare  
., & Draxler, R. R. (2014). Root mean square error (RMSE) or mean absolute error (MAE)? -Arguments against avoiding RMSE in the literature.  ... 
doi:10.6084/m9.figshare.7824269.v1 fatcat:7opw6v7im5gkzgi5ntropcsm3m

Reduced cellular immune response in social insect lineages

Margarita M. López-Uribe, Warren B. Sconiers, Steven D. Frank, Robert R. Dunn, David R. Tarpy
2016 Biology Letters  
This pairwise phylogenetic matrix was incorporated as a random effect in a multivariate generalized linear mixed model using the R package 'MCMCglmm' [21] (electronic supplementary material, appendix  ...  We used an ordinary generalized least-square (GLS) model and a phylogenetic GLS with Pagel's 'lambda' correlation structure using the R package 'ape' [20] to quantify the effect of the predictor variables  ... 
doi:10.1098/rsbl.2015.0984 pmid:26961895 pmcid:PMC4843217 fatcat:ck36sof7xfhwfoio3ho7srzcgu

Ant-mediated seed dispersal in a warmed world

Katharine L. Stuble, Courtney M. Patterson, Mariano A. Rodriguez-Cabal, Relena R. Ribbons, Robert R. Dunn, Nathan J. Sanders
2014 PeerJ  
this study, there was a significant relationship between the ground-surface 282 temperature at which a species removed seeds and the critical thermal maximum of that species 283 (F 1,4 = 7.35, p = 0.05, R  ...  For 2011, a significantly positive relationship between the target 130 temperature increase and actual temperature increase was maintained (p < 0.01, R 2 = 0.99). 131 PeerJ 131 PrePrints |  ... 
doi:10.7717/peerj.286 pmid:24688863 pmcid:PMC3961163 fatcat:mm55dwlmuzcdral2tzfdxr7rby

Finite Rate Chemistry Effects in Highly Sheared Turbulent Premixed Flames

Matthew J. Dunn, Assaad R. Masri, Robert W. Bilger, Robert S. Barlow
2010 Flow Turbulence and Combustion  
This paper provides a description of the effects of finite rate chemistry on the structure of highly sheared turbulent premixed flames. Such effects are induced by steep velocity gradients enabled by the Piloted Premixed Jet Burner (PPJB) where a high velocity jet of premixed fuel issues in a low velocity co-flowing stream of hot combustion products. A small, stoichiometric pilot flame shrouding the jet helps to prevent lift-off from the
doi:10.1007/s10494-010-9280-5 fatcat:mttvn6ulh5gv3glceyivvsblxe

Collaborative engagement experiment

Katherine Mullens, Bradley Troyer, Robert Wade, Brian Skibba, Michael Dunn, Grant R. Gerhart, Charles M. Shoemaker, Douglas W. Gage
2006 Unmanned Systems Technology VIII  
Lethal UGV Ground Control Station R RF F L Li in nk k U UA AV V S Sp pe ec ci if fi ic c J JA AU US S I In nt te er rf fa ac ce es s JAUS/Evolution Translator Evolution UAV Operator  ... 
doi:10.1117/12.664613 fatcat:gjql2aexubat7orttyuprkqsrm

Outmigration and State and Local Appropriations for Public Higher Education

Robert R. Dunn
2015 The Review of Regional Studies  
Dunn is Associate Professor of Economics at Washington & Jefferson College, Washington, PA.  ...  Percent private enrollment(t-1) -5.15 (0.81) -5.15 (0.82) -4.98 (0.79) -5.00 (0.79) Republican control(t-1) -303.1*** (4.07) -305.8*** (4.11) -302.5*** (4.07) -303.6*** (4.08) R  ... 
doi:10.52324/001c.8054 fatcat:xvi5bckzgfaqblgenmfkg4vfzi
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